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Realistic or Modern With morals grey and blackened hearts ~ Romance from the ghetto

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Action, Dystopian, LGTBQ Friendly, Platonic, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life


Proud gf of a sweet angel!~
I've posted a ton of interest checks, I know. I've had an urge to use a particular character and setting I've had laying around for a while, so let's get straight to it.

This story will be set in an unnamed fictional city somewhere in modern-day USA. The city is in a constant state of disrepair, criminals and druggies running wild and stirring up trouble with the local gangs. City police can never seem to keep up, and so most crimes go unpunished. Anyone with a shred of street smarts carry a weapon on them at all times, and don't display any obvious signs of wealth. Heaven forbid you wear your expensive jewelry downtown and get robbed of everything you have two steps out the door.

My character is a 21 year old, genderfluid member of an infamous local gang. They're known only as Kurou, and are respected by most, with the exception of police, outsiders, and rivals. They have a long history of substance abuse and suicide attempts, as well as various mental illnesses that go untreated. They have an androgynous appearance, but most assume they're male, and they have no problem with it.

Living alone in a cheap apartment in one of the worst cities in America, they believe this life has nothing more to offer them, and spend their days getting drunk/high and taking their frustration out on other people. That's where your character comes in. They can be anyone, from any background, with any story or personality, but one thing must happen; they meet Kurou and notice something different about them.
Kurou still has a somewhat kind heart and will sometimes opt to help someone rather than hurt them. That could be a good place to start, if your character begins in an undesirable situation.

I am under 18 years of age. Do not inquire if that is a deal-breaker for you. I assure you, I am still a mature and capable partner. I will rp with any age as long as you maintain general maturity and respect.
LGBTQ+ characters and relationships are not only permitted, but encouraged.
Doubling not required, but encouraged.
1x1. No groups. I've tried running group rps and clearly am not cut out for it.

Must be active (replying at least once daily). If you have a job that causes you to be busy all the time, or life issues going on that'll affect your ability to rp, I'd advise against inquiring. FYI I am in the USA, Central time and can typically be online anytime between 6:00 AM - 10/11:00 PM (I believe that's 0600 - 2300 for our friends on 24hr clocks)
Not ghost-friendly. Do not inquire if you will ghost for any reason. Wishes to pause the rp for any reason will be heeded upon request. If more than 2 days pass with no activity, I will DM you to check on you.
Semi-lit ~ literate. I will try to write at least 1~2 paragraphs, and ask my partner to do the same. Proper grammar is a must, but mistakes are ok.

Dark themes will be prevalent. Main focuses of this story will include, but are not limited to; references of murder, violent threats, mental illness, substance abuse, general crime, gang crime, poverty, self-harm and/or suicide. (This rp and all related works/mentions are in no way promoting any of these things.)
Interested? DM me!

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