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who are you: school 2019 (CLOSED)

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Dear Students and Parents of Hana Academy,

We regret to inform you that our student Lee Na-young has passed away due to undisclosed reasons last night. Her family has requested privacy on the matter. They have also arranged a memorial for the end of this week for all students, and a funeral for those who were close with Na-young. She was a very bright and positive light in school and she will be missed. For those who need to talk with the school counselor, you are more than welcome to. Prayers to the family and friends of Na-young.

Principal Ryu Myungsoo

The news had shocked everyone. Nobody had expected one of the happiest students at the school to pass away just like that. Nobody even knew how or why it happened. Her friends that had been with her the day prior didn't think there was anything wrong with her when they parted for the day, so it came out of nowhere and it was difficult to believe. Many students missed school while others were in blatant denial. There was no way that she was gone. People that were that happy and successful didn't just die. It was upsetting and caused a lot of tension throughout the second years, but there wasn't anything they could do about it other than accept it. It was unfair and painful, but the students pushed through it.

A year passed in the blink of an eye and they were in their third year, the painful events of the previous year far behind them. Everyone had seemed to move on, even if it was difficult to do, but that's what people did when other's died. They had to move on. However, for some, it was easier said than done. This was mostly Na-young's class and friends that struggled with moving past the empty seat in the classroom which was continuously decorated with flowers and letters, and all the pictures they had with her right in the center, being loved by everyone. Her death didn't sit right with them. But they couldn't just outright deny her death or say it was something odd and almost sinister. They would get in trouble for talking like that.

The thing was, they didn't think they would be right. So when a letter arrived which gave more information behind Na-young's death, it caused the class to start second-guessing everything that had happened that year. Looking into Na-young's life and what happened to her seemed to be the only option so that they could set things straight and learn the truth behind their friend's passing. But sometimes ignorance is bliss...

hi hi ukiiyo here~ this is my first rp on here so the plot is probably really confusing right? well to make it a little easier to understand, i'll summarize it now. basically this really kind and popular girl, na-young, passed away one night after school and nobody was told the cause of death, only that it was ruled an accident by authorities and was treated as such. most people thought this was just a cover-up because there was no way she would do that because she was super happy and had a bunch of plans for the next day and everything. but a year passes and nothing really happens until her classmates/friends receive an anonymous letter that gives details about really happened to na-young and prompts them to discover the truth.

this isn't meant to be a super dark or angsty rp either, i want those to be kind of the minor themes of it because a lot of the plot is going to be about the classmates all developing and growing from these experiences and the loss of na-young. there will be a lot of mystery involved and angst, but i don't want it to drown out the lighter themes of the rp. also, if people want roles, i can happily make those, along with a discord if you would prefer to do ooc stuff on there. just let me know~ also this is set in seoul, south korea so east asian fcs are preferred by certainly not required~ (and yes, the roleplay is inspired by the kdrama school series!)

☆ keep everything pg-13 and follow rpn's rules
☆ try to keep numbers even with characters
☆ no more than two characters (but if this somehow is popular, one each)
☆ no god-modding
☆ please no perfect characters, everyone has flaws
☆ nothing overly dark or angsty. i still want there to be light themes
☆ no drama outside of the in-character stuff or i will shut it down real quick
☆ every in-character post has to be a minimum of two paragraphs and realistic face claims only!
☆ if you have any questions, feel free to ask~

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i can't believe i went on here after 5ever just to read old posts and delete cringey posts and found this? the plot is amazing ur a genius and i'm here for this owo

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