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When Gangsters Rule the World


| No BBcoding because I want this to be quick and to the point. Please read and let me know if you're interested or have any questions.

| Character sheets will be simple. I will have a skeleton and tab up when I find it necessary and tag those who've expressed interest.

| Basically, the end of the world finally came and the population decreased tenfold. The only order that's left in the world is the existence of four major gangs who battle between each other for victory, power, and reign. Each of these gangs claims territory where seldom civilians remain settled, collecting taxes and protecting them in return. We will be writing for their characters and seeing which gang or gangs depending on alliances come out on top in the end. There will be a lot of conflicts.

| More information can be provided, but I'll wait to see how this interests you so far.


Basically, you have four gangs, each name representing the leader of those gangs:

Black Spade's Group

Red Joker's Posse

White Diamond's Family

Ace's Hands

Characters/members of these gangs would refer to themselves as such: "I'm a member of Ace's Hands."--"I'm with Spade's Group."--"Joker's Posse, here."--"Don't mess with Diamond's Family."

^ This isn't a have-to; it's just an example of how the names work. ^

The gangs are in order from largest to smallest in terms of members, but the order for most land under claim would be:

1. Joker's Posse with a population of 742 members excluding Joker, the leader.

2. Spade's Group with a population of 1'004 members excluding Spade, the leader.

3. Diamond's Family with 693 members excluding Diamond, the leader.

4. Ace's Hands with 300 members excluding Ace, the leader.

Now, each of these gangs possesses a specific strength.

The group of Spade's are mostly intelligent and cautious. They plan their moves like a game of chess, assuring that the enemy is in their hands before executing any major decisions. The group is under a strict code of always consulting Spade before doing anything.

Joker's posse is of men and women who are utterly unpredictable. They are rash and to the point, a rather threatening bunch who even question their own leader whom they've never met--only heard of like a legend.

Diamond's family is loyal, fast, well-equipped and strong. You'll never find a member by themselves, as they travel in groups, using each others' abilities to gain the upper hand.

Ace's hands are mysterious. No one ever sees their faces if they even manage to encounter them. However, anyone who has seen one hasn't lived to tell the story.

Our characters will have powers, but very limited ones.

For example:

Sally controls ice and can create it. She must be touching something to do it.

Jamison can create deafening soundwaves with his vocals.

Aaron is able to manipulate and create fire but prolonged usage burns his body.

Lucy has super strength.

Tony's body turns to rock.

Morgan heals at a rapid rate.

Simple things like that.

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