Cross Platform What is the best open world game to be open world in the known universe created by carbon lifeforms

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Caffeine Freak, Jul 3, 2017.


Also, what is your least favourite open world game?

  1. Definitely Minecraft.

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  2. Without a doubt, Minecraft.

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  3. I'd rather die than play Minecraft.

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  4. That's not even a question. Minecraft.

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  5. Roblox 2

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  1. Another good one has got to be Skyrim
  2. FALLOUT 4 or Final Fantasy XV
  3. I have 2 actually.
    1. Like many people, Skyrim.
    2. Elona, even though it's not a real open world game but I feel the need to mention it for the sake of roleplay capabilities :3
  4. Mine was Star Wars least before they turned it into a WoW clone.
  5. Ya all younglings dont know anything. WURM is the only one. Period.

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