Video Games What are you Playing Right Now?

Im currently waiting for Gundam Breaker 4 to be released because the trailer was super hype.

In the mean time I'm just playing stuff on the GBA emulator for the Switch
I have once again started playing Persona 5 Royal for the billionth time thanks Persona 3 Reload for putting me in that mood
I am now playing OneShot again, as well as Indivisible, Helldivers, ULTRAKILL, and LoZ: Twilight Princess
Persona 3 Reload (late December, almost time for that decision) and Bravely Default II since my Switch version stopped working during Chapter 3 so now I have to do everything over on the PC version. Once I get Beastmaster to max level and start stocking up on monsters, we start breaking the game with massive stat boosts.
FF7 Rebirth. Only major complaint I have about the game is that there's way too many minigames. Some of them you're forced to play to progress the story as well.
League of Legends wild rift since I heard a moba game I play is a Rip off of it

It's so bad, the queues are so long and the matches take longer. I might delete my account
Bravely Default II and practicing my abysmal aim in Majora's Mask Randomizer against Twinmold with Fire and Ice Arrows for Scrubs Tournament practice since you won't always have Giant's Mask for that fight and it only takes 4 hits on each with arrows. The problem is my aim sucks and they're moving targets.
I just finished The Outer Worlds (loved it) and have been playing Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Beautiful visuals and immersive story! I might play the Titanfall 2 campaign afterwards
Fallout 2. Yeah. Being confused by all the janky controls and the dated graphics. I have a gripe against 90s games lol. But I like Fallout so I figured I might as well give it a shot.
after so many recommendations, i'm finally playing cyberpunk 2077!! i'm attempting to 100% it, so who knows how long that'll take! <:]
Multiplayer games aside, Yakuza 4, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, and technically Blasphemous though for whatever reason I haven't touched it in a long while. To add multiplayer games or games that never technically "end" because their gameplay is just built for infinite play or to keep returning then also Deep Rock Galactic, Valheim, Civilization 6, and Shogun 2: Total War.
"Werewolf the Apocalypse: The Book of Hungry Names" and "Unsupervised"

Both are text-based interactive games, no graphics or anything. It's basically a digital version of those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. That's the only kind of digital game I play aside from "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines". The werewolf one is, as you might guess, set in the "Werewolf the Apocalypse" tabletop world, and "Unsupervised" is about teenage superhero sidekicks who are now operating solo without the adults.

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