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Fantasy Two ideas Interest Check


Cuddly enby auntcle
I have two ideas that I want to see whether they attract any interest.

Idea 1: [Setting: Modern/High Fantasy] Plot: In a dictatorship, you were sentenced to death, but mysteriously in the last minute your sentence was commuted to a sort of exile. You are sent to a large island to live out the rest of your life. Though you seem to recognize people who were supposed to be dead. Additionally, there are no pictures of the dictator anywhere. Why is this place even allowed to exist? The island is very large and could virtually be it's own country. The surrounding waters are protected by the nation's military. However national army members or representatives of the regime are rare on the island. However what bothers you mostly is that there is someone among the residents who looks like the demon king who was supposedly executed on a live broadcast. Content: Adventure/Action/maybe slice of life

Idea 2: [Setting: High Fantasy] Plot: Every year, there is a ball for nobles who haven't gotten a partner yet to find a partner. Its like late 1800s style of nobility. Average premise of a romance webtoon/manga/manhwa. Magic exists. If you play a female character, you wont be the main character, at least not the only main character around. Idea is still in basic stages.

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