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Fandom Transgressions: Flight to Utopia [NOT ACCEPTING]


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Partly based on the RP “Transgressions” by gwenpool gwenpool .

Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth stepped out of the prison transport and walked steadfastly through the door, flanked on all sides by guards much too heavily armed to constitute a reasonable use of force against a lone unarmed civilian. So this was the infamous containment facility that he had heard so much about, where the people of this world would send all outsiders without exception, regardless of any crimes they had or had not committed. There were far too many parallels for Edgeworth’s taste between this Taskforce and a certain other despicable group of human beings from recent history, but he had already spoken his thoughts in that regard enough times for one day.

The guards brandished their weapons in Edgeworth’s face in a pitiful show of brute strength, but the veteran prosecutor just eyed them and their toys with disinterest and continued walking. The cowards would no doubt have preferred for him to struggle, to give them a reason to make a public example of him. But he gave them no such satisfaction, and their faces burned with frustration as Edgeworth entered his assigned cell and politely bid them good day.

The time it took to bring Edgeworth here had been well-spent. The Taskforce’s case against otherworlders was weak from the very beginning, built on the same irrational fears that had traumatized this world’s populace with tyrannical governments committing unspeakable atrocities. All Edgeworth had to do was remind his guards of that fact, just as he had been reminding the people through countless broadcasts courtesy of the Resistance. Try as the Taskforce might to censor those broadcasts, their contradiction-filled propaganda was no match for Prosecutor Edgeworth’s cool-headed logic, and he had already gained a surprisingly large following in the Big 120. These guards were no different, and it didn’t take much for Edgeworth to prove to them that to harm him in any way would be political suicide for the Taskforce.

Even now, the best the Taskforce‘s press releases could do was try to spin Edgeworth’s capture against the Resistance, emphasizing that it was they who had sold Edgeworth out in the end for denouncing their terrorism. But that new bit of propaganda was doomed to crumble as long as Edgeworth remained imprisoned, and in the meantime would serve as valuable leverage should the need arise. And as for the Resistance, it was hard for Edgeworth to feel too sorry for them. Had they heeded his advice early on and refrained from such distasteful methods, they might have gained more favor in the Big 120 by now. But by choosing to embrace the path of violence and suffering, they had carelessly thrown away all the goodwill that Edgeworth had built up in their favor. Whether or not they would learn from the ensuing fallout was difficult to say, but it was no longer of any concern to Edgeworth.

For now, Prosecutor Edgeworth calmly settled into his new accommodations. Incarceration was not an entirely new experience for him, but this time there was no shame in his imprisonment, so he may as well make the most of it.
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"Eh...where am I?!"
Zenitsu Agatsuma woke up in a strange cell with white walls. This cell was different then the one he was before they took him for those horrible experiments again. He fainted again.

A few days ago,he was on a mission with his friends Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke Hashira...then there was this light. He was in a strange road along with Tanjiro's demon turned sister Nezuko. They were both lost.

To make matters worse,they were embushed and captured by strange armored men,and seperated.
He was thrown away in a cell. He was so scared. They call him and Nezuko outworlders, threats to this world. He still wore his Demon slayer uniform and haori but they took his Nichirin katana.

The training with Jigoro Kuwajima,the former Thunder Hashira of the Demon slayer Corps had been torture but he ment well,seeing the potential in Zenitsu and caring for the young man as if he was his own grandchild. Those agents,soldiers and scientists however, threat him like trash. They are just as worse as the demon back in his world.

" Please,this must be a bad dream..." the young demon slayer cried. Tears fell in his eyes. "I don't want to die here. I also failed to protect Nezuko!"
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The cries of a teenaged boy pierced the relative quiet of the cell block. Edgeworth peered through the bars of his cell and saw the boy in question - blond, no older than 16, wearing traditional Japanese garb - crying and wishing that this was some sort of bad dream.

Listening intently to the boy’s precise words, Edgeworth quickly made a mental note of each detail, and was able to piece together a few preliminary conclusions:


It wasn’t much to go on at the moment, but one thing was certain; this boy and his friend ‘Nezuko’ were two more victims of the Taskforce’s cruelty. For now the most important thing was to calm the boy down. Perhaps if he could get him talking first…?

“You feel your life is in danger. Why?” Edgeworth asked in a gentle, patient tone. “What have these people done to you?” He decided not to bring up ‘Nezuko’ just yet: not until the boy was comfortable enough to broach the subject himself.
Zenitsu jumped in surprise as he heard someone talk to him. He turned to nearby cell to face the man. "You're an outworlder prisonner too?!" he asked.
"I...I I'm always afraid..." he started. "Even since I became a demon slayer... But now ,even since I ended up in this world along with Nezuko...and then those soldiers captured us...It got even worse." He explained.
"That's the first time they got me in a different cell...I don't remember what happenned,just those horrible interogations and experiments not too long ago..." Zenitsu added,subbing. "I passed out,then woke up in this new cell. Though with my sharper sense of hearing,I did hear a few bad things...saying that I was a threat and that Nezuko was too and that i knocked some guards down while unconcious...I don't understand why."
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Edgeworth quiet listened and processed every word, at the same time giving Zenitsu the time and space he needed to vent. His initial deductions were correct, but now that he had more of the full picture, the injustice being inflicted on this boy and his friend proved worse than Edgeworth could have initially imagined.

The child mentioned being a demon slayer: a bit of a dangerous occupation for one so young, but noble by all accounts. And yet his captors called him a threat and mercilessly subjected him to all manner of interrogations and experiments, traumatizing him to the point of passing out and bursting into tears at the mere memory of it. And Edgeworth had little to no reason to believe that the hospitality shown toward Nezuko would be any better.

This would not stand. Edgeworth may not have been able to do much physically, but there was more than one way to correct this intolerable state of affairs.

”Quite frankly, I don’t understand it either.” Edgeworth replied, not shouting per se, but speaking loudly enough to ensure that every guard in the immediate area would hear him. “The only ones who would have anything to fear from a demon slayer would be… well…”

He adjusted his glasses and looked up at the nearest guard, who bristled at the thinly-veiled insult. Edgeworth met his gaze with a confident smirk, but he was not through with them yet.

”And even then, a trained demon slayer like yourself would surely know the difference between a truly evil demon and an innocent victim of a demon’s curse.” Edgeworth continued. “Ergo, only the most purely evil of souls would feel threatened by the likes of you.”

Now the guards by Zenitsu’s cell started shifting awkwardly, giving him and each other increasingly uncomfortable glances. Noticing this, Edgeworth promptly delivered the final blow.

”On the other hand, I imagine the innocent would greatly appreciate the friendship of a demon slayer, and would treat them with nothing less than the utmost respect. Even if only for their own personal protection.” Edgeworth said, casting a pointed glance at each of Zenitsu’s guards. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

One guard gulped audibly, while another hurried to wipe the sweat from his brow. Finally the latter turned toward Zenitsu with a semi-nervous smile.

”Umm… is there anything we can do to make your stay a bit more comfortable?” The sweating guard asked in a somewhat sycophantic tone.

With those words, Edgeworth knew his work was done and gave Zenitsu a reassuring nod. These guards would think twice before letting the demon slayer be mistreated again, and Edgeworth made a mental note to thank Prosecutor Blackquill for his psychology tips, if they ever meet again that is.
Zenitsu sweatdropped,confused as he saw that the man in the other cell gave him praise.
The first person to give him praise was his best friend and fellow demon slayer Tanjiro Kamado. He was stronger then he looked and a kind hearted person.

Zenitsu never though of himself as strong.
He then saw in Edgeworth's game and decided to play along.
"Yeah...I see now. There might be a chance that some demons from my world might end up in this one...who's gonna save you from them now?"
When the guards took pity on him,Zenitsu looked surprised.
"Well...I would like some sweets..." Zenitsu replied. He nodded back to Edgeworth.

"Seriously,you gonna fall for the brat who knocked over guards while sleepwalking?!" A young man with spiky red hair wearing a black suit and goggle spat at the guards."Demon slayer or not, he's still a dangerous outworlder. That's why he's in a level 10 cell,right?

"I might be otherworlder but I still follow and Taskforce and Shinra's rule's

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Zenitsu cried.
"Of course you can't you were asleep." said the suited man.

" I must admit Procecutor Edgeworth,you really good at this. My boss Rufus Shinra should really hire you as his lawyer once we return to our world.You're better then this,other then defending some brat who can fight in his sleep. Name's Reno,I'm part of the Turks,the Shinra corporation's enforcers and now one of the Taskforce's enforcers. Even since we crossed this world,Rufus Shinra made an aliance with the Taskforce,seeing commun goals and now some of us work here. So you two better play nice."

Zenitsu didn't like this man.
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The guards were just about to scurry off and fetch the requested sweets when the enforcer intervened, criticizing the boy for apparently knocking over some of the guards whilst sleepwalking. Outworlders choosing to align with the Taskforce for whatever reason were nothing new, but that this Rufus Shinra and his subordinates would share any goals in common with a group built solely on prejudice and persecution spoke volumes as to the man’s ethical standards (or lack thereof). The former Demon Prosecutor was hardly one to cast the first stone on ethics, but he had long since abandoned those old habits and dedicated himself to the truth, and no hired thug was going to change that.

In any case, this was going to be a bit more of a challenge than he had anticipated. All it took to sway the guards was to show them the truth of their folly, but that sort of tactic would not dissuade someone with no true allegiance to the Taskforce’s ideology.

He thought to say that the boy’s sleepwalking troubles would at most require psychiatric treatment rather than torturous experiments or interrogations, but the Taskforce’s idea of psychiatric treatment for outworlders was more likely to harm the poor boy even more.

This battle of wits would have to wait a bit longer. But Edgeworth could at least make one thing clear first.

“I’ll play as nicely as you do: no more, and no less.” Edgeworth told Reno. “That includes your conduct toward my fellow prisoners as well.”
"Well,you better play nicely Prosecutor Edgeworth!" Reno spat . " Or else you'll problebly end up as Professor Hojo's newest test subject. I still wonder why both Shinra Corps and the Taskforce let this guy work for them." he said with disgusted. " Right now Sleepwalking thunder boy over here and Demon girls are his current guimea pigs. Sucks to be you kid!" Reno told to Zenitsu,mocking him.
Zenitsu's eyes widened,but right now he was more concerned for Nezuko then himself.
"What did you do to Nezuko?!" he asked,crying.
"She's fine! Though I would be more worried about yourself. Hojo has more experiments plans for you." Reno replied with a mocking grin.
Zenitsu looked scared. Enough with the experiments!" Zenitsu cried.
Edgeworth’s face crinkled in distaste at the mention of Professor Hojo. In any civilized world, the madman’s insane experiments would have gotten him charged with crimes against humanity. There was no reasoning with that man; he had no interest whatsoever in anything outside of his own obsessive pursuit of science. And when Reno confirmed that Zenitsu and Nezuko were both Professor Hojo’s current guinea pigs, Edgeworth knew exactly what he needed to do next.

Professor Hojo could not be reasoned with. There was only one thing that might divert the madman’s attention away from the boy and his friend, even if only temporarily.

“If the good professor would have use for someone like me, then I say let him do his worst.” Edgeworth said to Reno, not backing down in the slightest. “Or is that just an idle threat on your part, meant to intimidate me?”
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"Why,are you scared?" Reno spat. "To tell you the truth. The guy is a real nutcase. Now that he has the opportunity to work with beings from other worlds...well." Reno didn't show it but he was intimidated by Edgeworth.
"That is enough Reno." said a deep voice. As an other man with a black suit,this one bald with a thin beard snd wearing shades came to him.
"Tsung and the Taskforce's higher ups want to see us." he yold rReno.
"Already ,Rude?" Reno said to his partner. " Very well.See ya Procescutor!"
The other enforcer,Rude,only gave a polite nod to Edgeworth,before both and Reno left.
Zenitsu was sitting in a corner of his cell,crying.
That didn’t quite end as well as Edgeworth had expected, but the battle was over for now. Zenitsu was now sobbing in a corner of his cell, and Edgeworth let his expression soften. Now that the battle was on hold, his next step was to try to ensure the boy’s comfort.

“I believe the young man requested some sweets earlier.” Edgeworth said politely to the now-sympathetic guards. Despite Reno’s earlier warning, the guards soon nodded in agreement and hurried to fetch the sweets.

With that taken care of, Edgeworth turned his focus to the boy himself.

“I’ve done all I can for now, but rest assured that this is not over.” Edgeworth said softly. “I will not allow you the atrocities inflicted upon you and your friend to be tolerated any longer.”
"I'm so weak..."Zenitsu replied. "If I was stronger,Nezuko and I would be free. I failed both Nezuko and Tanjiro." he said. He then caught up to what Edgeworth said. "You would do that?" he asked. "But how?"
“It’s a long story,” Edgeworth said, “but let’s just say that I have a bit more leverage with the Taskforce than most of its detainees do.”

He didn’t let himself dwell on that particular subject for too long. Who was he to burden this boy with his own problems, when the poor child’s suffering was clearly far worse?

Edgeworth was just about to say something else, but stopped as he caught a glimpse of a silhouette in an overhead window, vaguely resembling an owl. Nothing in this strange new world was as it seemed, so best not to give away too much too soon, but there was one other thing he needed to say. Perhaps a separate story might give this boy the reassurance he needed.

“On a separate note, I couldn’t help but hear you blaming yourself for your plight.” Edgeworth said, his voice heavy for a moment. “It’s natural to feel weak or blame yourself when bad things happen to those you love. I myself know the feeling all too well.” He looked the child directly in the eyes, his own eyes slightly glazed over for a moment, but he quickly wiped them and straightened up. “But let me make one thing clear. You are not weak, and you are not to blame for any of this. Your very profession is proof of your strength; it takes a great deal of strength to battle demons and live to tell the tale, let alone slay them. Your friends surely know this, more so than I do.”
"I guess so..." Zenitsu replied drying his tears."I just to improve myself. Not being à cowardly crybaby anymore... he explained." I want to help others. I wish I could just escape this otherworldly prison and save Nezuko... "
“That’s very noble of you.” Edgeworth said sincerely. “A shame the Taskforce can’t recognize that, or more likely that they don’t even care. They speak for hours on end of a great inter-dimensional crisis, but they’ll never make any true effort to solve the conflict. Because if and when this conflict is resolved, their power would cease to exist. They need us all at each other’s throats to ensure their own survival, even if they must create danger where none exists. Bloody hypocrites, all of them.”

The owl in the window swooped down between the two cells. A bright light engulfed the out just before it would have landed, and then the light grew to human size and dissipated. In its place stood a woman with two dark brown braids and a small feather in her hair. She wore what looked like aristocratic finery, but the dress was sleeveless with two crossing rune-covered straps, with two detached sleeves covering her arms to leave her shoulders and a relatively modest portion of her chest exposed. An embroidered silk blindfold was wrapped neatly around her head, glowing in the front where her eyes should be. The sight of her immediately made Edgeworth turn tense.

“And if not for your simplistic obsession with the truth, you could be ruling over all 120 member nations by now.” The woman said, her British-sounding accent adding a distinctive sharpness to her deep, smooth voice. She turned to directly Edgeworth, clearly seeing him despite the blindfold. “You’re an intelligent man, Edgeworth, but far too naïve.”

“Unlike you, Ms. Eilhart, I have no interest in ruling over anyone.” Edgeworth said plainly. “But I somehow doubt you came all this way just to gloat.”

“I did have one other purpose for this visit, involving a certain friend of yours in Utopia. But then I couldn’t help overhearing the plight of your fellow inmate.” Ms. Eilhart turned toward Zenitsu and began to study him intently. “As it happens, I’ve been contributing my magic to Professor Hojo’s experiments at his request. That name you mentioned… Nezuko, was it? She’s held up remarkably well, all things considered. But in her current state, her usefulness to the Professor is nearing its end.”

“That’s enough, Philippa!” Edgeworth snapped at Ms. Eilhart. “Have you any proof, or is this just another of your cruel lies?”

“I’ll gladly bring her here as proof.” Philippa wasa as said. “But the Professor needs another specimen to take her place. The plans for his next experiment are quite ambitious, and it’s unlikely the girl would survive.”

“I’ll do it.” Edgeworth said immediately, without hesitation. He looked past Philippa toward Zenitsu, giving the latter the same reassuring nod as before. Edgeworth was not one to make rash decisions, but he soon realized what Philippa was trying to do. If Edgeworth hadn’t volunteered himself to spare Nezuko, her severely traumatized friend surely would have, and it was simply out of the question to let either of them suffer any longer.
Zenitsu's eyes widened as he saw the owl changed into a woman.
"WHAT ARE YOU?!!!" he cried. "Are you a de...wait the sounds coming from you...You're not a demon..."
He heard Philippa talk about what they were about to do to Nezuko.
" No! They can't do that!! She'll the only familly Tanjiro has left!!" He cried,running toward the front of the cell." Let her go!!!"

When Edgeworth volunteered himself,Zenitsu looked shocked. "You don't have to go that far! There must be another way. I can hear it from her. There must be some lies in what she says!" he told Edgeworth.
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The slightest twitch of a smirk crept onto Philippa’s face as Edgeworth hastily volunteered to take Nezuko’s place. Only when the boy protested against it, his objections giving Edgeworth pause, did the smirk drop, though Philippa did not show any major annoyance.

“I certainly wouldn’t doubt it.” Edgeworth said, sternly returning Philippa’s ‘gaze’. “As I recall, Ms. Eilhart is guilty of far worse crimes than lying.”

“Believe what you will. The girl is scarcely an afterthought to me anyway.” Philippa said, now focusing directly on Edgeworth. “You, however, have been impossible to ignore as of late, what with the political mess you’ve made. The heads of state behind the Taskforce are so desperate to resolve matters they’ve now commissioned me, a sorceress from another world, to advise them on how best to deal with you.”

“Then tell them they have only themselves to blame.” Edgeworth said. “They can’t hide the truth anymore, and now they must prepare to answer for what they’ve done.”

“Again with your childish notions of truth. It’s starting to irritate me.” Philippa said sharply. “You’ve been summoned to a meeting tonight, with all 120 heads of state in attendance. Will you follow me to the meeting peaceably… or would you prefer to experience my magic firsthand?” She almost coyly reached through the bars of Edgeworth’s cell, looking mildly amused when he took a step back.
Zenitsu looked nervous as he witnessed what the sorceress was doing to his new allies. In a odd way,Zenitsu collasped,but was still up.
"Let him go..." he told Philippa,in a surprisingly serious tone of voice. He raised his head.
His eyes were close,but his expresion was more serious. The crying cowardly boy from earlier was gone.
" I'm warning you..." the still unconcious but sleepwalking Zenitsu said.
Zenitsu’s sudden change in tone instantly gave Philippa pause. She withdrew from Edgeworth and began to study Zenitsu intently, while Edgeworth could only watch, unsure what was going on.

After a moment, Philippa’s lips pursed slightly, but then she nodded cordially to Zenitsu.

“I’ve not come to harm anyone, I can assure you.” She said, with a cautious politeness she hadn’t spoken with before. “But should you require reassurance, you are welcome to accompany us if you would like.”
"Accompany...us?" Zenitsu asked,still sleepwalking."Please explain yourself. Know that I am not trusting you fully yet." He added. "Where do you plan to take us?" He hoped that it wasn't a trap. He focused his sharp sense of hearing on Philippa. It allows him to detect the emotions of other being among other things. That way,Zenitsu will be able to know if Philippa was secere or not.
“I had hoped not to let word get out so soon, but I suppose it can’t be helped.” Philippa said, not skipping a beat. This boy was testing her, but everything she was about to say was true. And in any event, politics was one of two things in life to be partaken cold, so the emotion in her voice was kept to a bare minimum. “I trust, Mr. Edgeworth, that you are well acquainted with one Phoenix Wright.”

“Wright’s here too?” Edgeworth asked. His eyes narrowed as he realized what Philippa might be referring to, but he kept his cool for now. “Wright poses no danger to anyone. Harming him in any way would hurt your cause all the more.”

“He’s of more use to us alive, I assure you… under the right conditions.” Philippa said. “He now serves as the Utopia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, and he’s been making it rather difficult for the Taskforce to expand its influence abroad. How convenient, then, that his dear childhood friend should find his way to us.”

“The Taskforce means to use me as a hostage.” Edgeworth crossed his arms, but relaxed a bit nonetheless. “But you don’t know Wright like I do. He’ll never betray his morals: not for me or for anyone else.”

“Every man has his price.” Philippa scoffed. “In any event, the heads of state simply wish for you to speak a few words to your old friend as proof of life: no more, and no less. If all goes well, you may even be moved into far better accommodations than these.”
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Despite still sleepwalking,Zenitsu looked both shocked and confused at what Philippa just said. "Utopia....what is this place?" he asked.
Was it possible there was a safe haven for outwordly foreigners like him and Nezuko? He noticed something in the corner.
Some guards dragging a cage like crate on wheels.
He could hear familiar but unfriendly and dangerous sounds from it.
It was enough to wake him up.
" A de...demon! One of Muzan's twelve Kizuki! How could....they end up...and they...captured...." Zenitsu studdered.
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Edgeworth and Philippa were both on high alert as the crate passed by. The latter could sense the intense, unfamiliar power emanating from the prisoner within the crate, and knew better than to let her guard down.

Edgeworth, for his part, watched the crate warily, stepping toward the frightened Zenitsu in an effort to reassure the boy. It wasn’t a very practical gesture on his part; he was a prosecutor, not a demon slayer, so there was little he could physically do to protect the child. But he couldn’t just leave him in this state either.

“Enough of this.” Philippa said to Edgeworth. “Now that you both understand the situation, it’s time we were on our way. As for you,” she looked at Zenitsu. “Provided you don’t cause us any trouble, I will not stop you from joining our meeting if you are still so inclined.”

“If that’s alright with you…” Edgeworth emphasized, keeping a respectful distance. This poor boy had nothing to do with this whole political mess, so Edgeworth would not drag him into it against his will. Although on the other hand, this meeting would be at least a much needed break from all the experiments and interrogations that the boy was being put through, so Edgeworth decided to leave the opportunity open should the boy wish to take it.
"I...I will come! I won't cause any trouble,promise!" Zenitsu replied,despite still worrying about the new demon prisonner. "I hope Nezuko will be alright."
At the 120 meeting....
"So this is what world meetings look like in this world?" A young man with messy black hair wearing a blue suit and a royal cape said. "Man,this is too much for me...I'm not up to the task." Noctis Lucis Caelum said.
"Utopia is not Insomnia,I agree but you are now the king of this new outworldly nation." another young man wearing glasses said to the young king. He waa Ignis Scientia,advisor,butler,cook,chauffeur and friend to Noctis.
"Yeah,I guess you're right. We need to free the other outworlders like us. I don't trust the 120 and the Taskforce. They're too much like the Niflheim empire was back home." Noctis added.
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“Very well.” Philippa said, and sure enough, the guards from earlier arrived in short order to escort them along. However, they did not forget the sweets that they were sent out for, and with a pointed glance from Edgeworth, one of them secretly slipped the sweets to Zenitsu.

Utopia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs thought to say something in response, but quickly decided against it. Technically there WAS a group out there dedicated to saving the otherworlders, but the way they went about it… the less he said about it, the better. And for Phoenix Wright in particular, it had just become personal in a number of ways, if the latest reports were to be believed.

There was no one else in the room with them directly, but 120 large, high-definition video screens lined the walls, each with a plaque directly below that was engraved with a person’s name and the name of one of the 120 member nations. Standing in the center was the seemingly holographic image of a blindfolded woman in a medieval-style dress, her hair tied in two braids with two feathers in the top.

As Noctis and his retinue entered, the video screens all turned on to reveal the person corresponding to the plaques beneath the screens. The woman turned as if looking toward Noctis, disregarding everyone else for now.

“Welcome, Your Majesty.“ The woman said politely to Noctis. “As you can see, the representatives of all member nations of the 120 Pact are assembled here today on the screens before you. I am Lady Philippa Eilhart, goodwill ambassador on behalf of the Taskforce Initiative. It is my sincere hope that this meeting will help us to clear up any misunderstandings and alleviate the tensions between our respective territories.”
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