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Realistic or Modern Tis time.

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Just a girl, trying to find her way.♡☆
It's time once again, for me to find just about anyone to fill in the cracks of my boredom.

I work a full time job, so dont have lots and LOTS of time but I do my best once I'm HOOKED to keep coming back.

I'm craving, absolutely craving. A good ol' 2020 love story. Help me write about the things, we don't talk about. Give me the ultimate bad guy. I love, LOVEEEE a good romance. And I'm craving one something fierce. Drama, angst, GIVE IT ALL TO ME.

I can provide a writing sample if need be, along with actual pictures of oc's.
I do my best NOT TO double, or to write as Male oc's. [Sorry, just a preference...]

I'm up for like I said more modern stories, but the background, the actual settings and details can be discussed further.

(: Thank ya!<


The Red One
Modern setting romance? I'm in!

I have a few ideas I'd like to try out. The one I'm looking for the most is one about a lonely scientist who, due to a false rumor that's been running around town, is thought by most people to be some kind of wicked scientist who runs cruel experiments, when in reality she's just a nice person who's passionate about discovering new things. How that rumor began, no one knows, but the truth is that it has affected her social life, as most people seem to avoid her as if she really was the wicked scientist everyone thinks she is.

So one day she decides she needs a lab assistant, to help her out in her laboratory, but also to have at least someone to talk to the whole day she spends alone. So when some guy who lost his job and is completely broke sees this, despite the fear of the rumors being true, he decides he'd rather risk it and go see the scientist instead of just waiting until he starves. So he goes see her, and despite the fear that the rumors could be true, he discovers the kind and wonderful person she truly is, and how lonely she actually feels. He isn't much better off either, as he's stumbled across life alone as well, as he never had much luck in making friends either. This could be the beginning of a great romance!

But of course, once the people that live nearby realize that this guy no longer fears the scientist and spends more time with her, they all start to think she's got to be brainwashing him, and might do something horrible to him later on. So drama takes place, maybe someone who really hates her (like a rival or something) makes up fake evidence or something, and it'll be up to these two to overcome the obstacles together. As much trouble as there is for them, the truth is that they no longer fear it, as now they aren't alone anymore.

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