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Fantasy Time For Some Real Damage [Soulmates, Angst, Hurt, and Comfort][M/M]

Ghost Orchid

Kahn of Outworld
Roleplay Type(s)
Howdy, welcome to my partner search for some spicy sad things.

    • I typically write anywhere from 300-1,000 words. 300-500 words are typically reserved for role-plays where there is a lot more back and forth and frequent posts. Expect at least a reply every 1-2 days. 500-1,000 words are for role-plays where we post once every few days. Let me know your preferred posting speed and length. Longer posts will take more time for me to write.
    • I don't like excessive gore. However, character death is totally fine to write out.
    • M/M is what I typically write for both OC/OC and OC/Canon. Feel free to ask me about doubling if you're interested. There's a separate thread for that.
    • High fantasy is my go-to genre for most things, but I am open to something more grimdark, modern, or futuristic.
    • I ask that all my partners be over 18.

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