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Finished The Witches Inferno


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Zolgen was pleasantly surprised to hear Kalina of all of them compliment him to which he would give her a bit of a chuckle and a simple "Thanks, I try my best."

He listened to the construct chatter a bit idly, before he surprisingly once more he was being thanked by a non monster of all people, one which had hugged him no less.

"Well your assistance was appreciated as well, you heated me up and helped defeat our enemies, I couldn't have asked for much more. Despite our different 'circumstances' as you say, I appreciate that offer. Should we work together again, I Would have no problems with that if we can find a common goal, you've definitely proven yourself to be useful and reliable to me." He figured he would give some 'user' feedback to Viokii that hopefully she would appreciate. Of course in the future it might be hard to find a group like this who could at least tolerate a monster, but nevertheless there were definitely those out there who could as he had met some of them before.

He almost felt inclined to remind Viokii that not all monsters were nearly as cooperative as him, but he held his tongue for now, figuring he'd leave things on a positive note for now.

"Anyway I'll definitely keep that in mind." Knowing full well if he took her up on that offer it would probably have to be something mutually beneficial for others and himself to work, not like he could invite any of these people to a village assault or hunting prey after all..

He gave a nod to Scylla when she said he had done well. "Thank you for letting me come." was the best response that came to mind. So now he knew what happened, instead of Velvet getting freed..she was sent to Scylla's eye..but if she was telling the truth about a safe haven being available to him from here on out that wasn't the worst outcome..plus the ice magic potential he had unlocked, all and all not a waste of time for what he gained. For now he could be okay with that much even if he didn't get Velvet fully freed to come about and assist with monstrous things.

"I'll keep that in mind as well..that's generous of you." He'd say referring to the offer for a place he could be.

He would then go through the portal..and of course there were enemies on the other side, how had they even found out what was going on? It didn't matter too much as Zolgen drew out his blades quickly before he would make his way forward to hopefully be out of the way of his current party so they weren't in his 5 ft radius range before he would attempt to counter some of the incoming attacks with a Demonic Twin Sweep ability.

1. Move out of way of Party so not in 5 ft
2. Use Demonic Twin Sweep ability on attackers in 5 ft radius range to try to counter.
Demonic Twin Sweep - Fighting Style Fiendish Twin Blade E, Linked F, Area F, Energized F
Zolgen attempts to strike his target with one sword before quickly following up with the other slashing in a 5 ft radius around him. Grade E- 0 Post Cooldown.
Kalina Chivernu


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Upon Scylla making silly faces, a wave of relief washed over her, as she'd lunge forwards to wrap Scylla in a tight hug. “By the demons, you shouldn't be allowed to make me that worried ever again.” She stated, holding Scylla close as a few tears of relief found its way onto her cheeks. “Do you really think I care about any of these demons and their politics? The only one I care about is you.” She'd stated, keeping hold of Scylla as she started talking about messing up balances and whatnot.

It still didn't make much sense to her. “Why... would she wish to be in your eye?” It made no sense to her. None of this did. Sadly enough, Scylla was off to squeeze Viokii instead.

Before she could reply further, the portal opened and they were met with some cultists immediately after entering. “What a welcoming.” She sighed. She'd not even been able to really adjust to Scylla's change and had to face this bullshit already.

Figuring she'd leave the small fry to the others for now, she'd instead start sneaking again usingt [Stealth Mode] D to dodge the cultists that were inbound.

Stealth Mode: – Stealth D, Concealment F, Disguise D – Character quickly hides away and (where needed) disguises and conceals any traces of them having been somewhere. - Grade D – 2 Post Cooldown.

From her fresh hiding, she'd look around. With some luck, she'd find their leader and get this done quickly. That said, the one she wished to murder the most was Belial himself. That'd be bloody amazing after having seen him torture Scylla. It got her more excited to think of him being slowly murdered than she'd like to admit.


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Viokii gazed down at Scylla as she was squeezed by the girl, simply watching and giving the girl a light pat on the head in return.
"I am not speaking gibberish, Cutie. It wouldn't be very convenient to converse with people in a language they would not be able to understand, especially a non-conventional one that does not have an actual communicative speech structure" the construct corrected in kind. She wasn't expecting Scylla to speak about tricking Velvet as what had happened, considering if it could have cause for unfortunate circumstances within the future to do said sort of thing but at least glad that she was fine for the moment. Perhaps if it really became a danger, the problem could be removed through eyeball transplant or something of the sorts.

"It's nice to hear that you share the same thoughts. Hopefully we may cooperate on a future day, I'm sure it would be quite pleasant and productive" she answered in a soft yet pleasant tone, she couldn't actually comprehend what something feeling 'pleasant' was but assumed that it was good from what she understood. Looking to Kalina, she wondered if her being hugged like her and Scylla seemed to enjoy doing on the regular was something she would receive from the construct. She did hug Zolgen too, after all.
"Mistress, I can also comfort you through physical embrace, if that's something you may wish... " she softly suggested, though soon enough her attention was brought to the problematic cultists that posed a threat to them. Things couldn't so simply be over, for why did they still remain?

Nevertheless, at least they had plenty help on hand to deal with them. Drawing her gun, she aimed at a target to take fire with a sleeping dart. Maybe it'd be convenient to leave one alive, but she'd have to see if either Scylla or Kalina was interested afterwards. They could always kill them anyway.

1. Dodge incoming attack
2. Sleeping Aid - Sleep Tranq(F)(Incapacitating), Steady Hands (E), Fighting Style [Sniping Montage Datafiles](E), Snipe(E)(Range) - Viokii shoots at the target using a tranquiliser dart that puts the target to sleep instead of a normal shot - Grade E - 1 Post Cooldown
There wasn't much time to continue the conversations that had taken place. Scylla felt she had to get back immediately, there was much work to do and places to be. However, shortly after arriving back to the Lock and Key Tavern the very same cultists from before all appeared.

She'd begin to plea with them, "Right, uhm.. the eye right? Well you see, there was a bit of a problem and uh-" The leader among them stepped forward, it's spectral eyes glowing a fierce whisky green. "Give.. us.. the.. EYE!" He spoke growingly fierce. "Ah, gehe.. s-sorry but-" then the other cultists would attempt to strike the party down. Which they'd stood no chance against the well armed Zolgen.

Then Viokii would suddenly fire a sleeping dart at the lead cultists which would connect. Yet as the cultist fell Kalina ripped the specter to shreds. It would suddenly trigger the rest of the cultists to evaporate similarly. "I.. will.. find.. you." A whisper was heard as the specter disappeared.

"O.M.G we are soooo busted!" Scylla said in a panic. "Okay, okay, phew.. we'll figure this out. Uhm, from now on we don't speak about my eye ball alright? It's just a crude little catalyst that I fashioned from a piece of glass." She giggled at herself a bit.

"Ahem, well, thank you all for coming with me and getting my whole thing sorted out. Uhm, I hope none of you are hurt.. too badly." She chuckled nervously. "I uh.. I'm sort of forever a demon lord-ess now but uhm.. if you must know those creepy people are after all the heavenly AND the demonic artifacts to bring both planes of existence crashing down upon THIS one. I uhm.. sort of played along to get a free ticket there you see? It's quite difficult finding all the ingredients to open that portal. Much less to study all of that BORING magic vocabulary."

Scylla would then open the door. "Uhm.. how about a round on me?" She gave a smile.


With that the party would retire or disband yet Scylla would give Zolgen a rolled up parchment with words when recited would instantly bring him either to her or to Hasufers Chambers.



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