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Fantasy The White Rabbit Act I



Deadly Thorns
The Curse of Tears Act I

I have chosen you heroes to save this world from destruction.

To be the guiding light of Magnus in it's darkest time.
There will those who aim to corrupt the world.
Men and Women who seek to control others, conquer the continents.
I need you all to be strong. Find the White Rabbit at the well of tears. Deliver it to the edge of the world.


Selene had been wandering for a time now. Last night was different. Usually they were nightmares about the man in the armor. Not this time. She had seen the Goddess Akroa. The Goddess had warned her about these dark enemies that she and others would have to face. What was this white rabbit? There was only one well of tears she knew about. It had been deemed that after Selene had fallen into it as a younger witch many years about and the encounter with the strange man in the armor that she wasn't sure was something that actually happened. The Well in that one ghost town in Amityville. It was something that became famous throughout the land. Selene didn't however. The Temple of Akroa had kept Selene out of the tale of the well. That well actually nourished the land surrounding it, turning it from a Ghost Town into a thriving garden of fruits and vegetables.

Selene wondered if the Strange Man leaving the well had caused this to happen. What could have caused the well to spring forth life?
Selene had been trekking towards the well for three days. She didn't know how to feel about revisiting the one place that ruined her life. The whole incident had caused her to fall out of favor with the Witches of Mysticroft. She was a wanderer now, a nobody. A lost witch out of the records of Mysticroft. Nobody who was raised in Mysticroft after she left would ever know of her existence. At one point she was seemingly on the rise, unstoppable. One of my the most gifted witches of her generation. And a fatal mistake had ruined that in a short time. So when the Goddess Akroa had told her to go back to this place, she didn't exactly feel enthusiastic.

High on the rise of the hills she could make out the overgrown buildings. Overgrown with vegetation. Vines and thorns and bushes and ferns now went over what was once a abandoned village. Nobody still lived here but occasionally merchants from Mysticroft would make the dangerous journey to try to get the fruits of the garden of the well of tears. It was too dangerous. One needed something special to get by. She was only ever able to get here as a child due to her training in the Temple of Akroa. A regular citizen would never survive the journey. What had once been nothing had arose a sort of maze-like garden with a well at the center.

Selene had sighed. Where would one find a White Rabbit? Those had extinct for centuries. Didn't they get all killed during the invasion of the first ones? She strictly remembered hearing about it from the Librarian of Mysticroft Temple. That old man had really been obsessed with Rabbits. She always what was so interesting about such a weak and pathetic extinct animal. Now she felt like she was the one who was weak and pathetic.
Certainly the others would be here somewhere? Who were these other heroes? They would likely be special people if the Goddess had chosen them. So then what was so special about a failure such as her?

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to eat a fruit or vegetable. She didn't really have much left to eat after making such a long journey. Grabbing an apple from a nearby tree she had sat under it and began to eat.
Perhaps one might've thought it could've been dangerous to eat something in the middle of nowhere but as far as she could tell nothing magical was going on and although her grasp on science wasn't the best she was pretty sure it didn't involve apples being bad in someway. Maybe if it was rotten, but the apple was in perfect condition, a perfect harvest it would've been if it had been easier to get here.

Perhaps it was best to document her journey more. She had been keeping track of her journey since her dream, or was it a vision? Taking a quill and a bottle of ink she had begun to continue documenting her journey.

Day 3. I have finally made it to the well of tears. I have yet to see any of the other heroes. I hope they made it here okay. I still can't see any White Rabbits, who knows, maybe I'm going crazy.
Maybe I already am crazy. Akroa did say the Rabbit would be at the Well of Tears. I decided to take a break and eat a nearby apple. And here I am documenting this now.

Selene out.

She would just have to wait for the others. Whoever they were..
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Skip felt at peace. For the past two days, he’d made the ruins his home. The land welcomed him. It teemed with life. Trees heavy with fruit provided a feast fit for a king. The underbrush hid wildlife both deadly and tasty, just the way he liked it. If he lived to grow old, he might retire in this place. It had a certain wild charm. It would have been worth the trip even if the goddess had called him here just to bless him with knowledge of this place.

The other arrived a while back. Enough for the sun to move about a thumb’s width. He could see her sit, blissfully unaware, scribbling in her book. She had yet to notice him.

To be fair to the newcomer, Skip didn’t stand out much. The sniper lay down on the ground in the ferns. Between them stood the crumbling remnant of a brick wall, with a gap at ankle height that he currently peered through. With enough distance between the newcomer and Skip that he needed a scope to see what she was up to.

If he was totally honest?

It was a good view. She made it here unmolested through either raw power or guile. She was intelligent enough to write and confident enough in her abilities to write here and now of all places. Her figure was pleasant on the eyes, and she had a good sense of fashion. Any self respecting witch had a good proper pointed hat, both because the cone shape was excellent for certain rituals and because it just looked damn good if properly worn. There was just this one niggling doubt at the back of his mind. He’d seen her before. But where? When?

He breathed in deep. Time to reveal his presence. The call that led him here promised there would be others. The witch was likely just the first. Whatever past they had, they would sort it out while they hunted this ‘rabbit’ thing.

Skip rose from hiding. He appeared as harmless as he could. The rifle stowed away on his pack, the pistol in his holster, and both hands open and in clear view. Even his helmet was off, strung up to a strap on his backpack. He brushed a few spiky black strands from his face.

“Hoi there! I come in peace!” he called out.


Deadly Thorns
It seemed the others had arrived. Looking up from her journal she was glad to see Zhen and there was also another man there as well. Who he was Selene wasn't sure. Was this everyone? just three people. That didn't leave Selene with high hopes of some great quest being a successful journey.

At the very least Zhen had made it here after he had to do something involving his family. Selene had long wondered about what family he had. She never felt like prying into his life too much especially when she had always been secretive about her family. Could she even call the witches at the temple, her family? Was Cordelia her family. In a sense Cordelia was like a mother to Selene, but she had always been more of a teacher in the way she operated in Selene's life. That's what their relationship was like. Teacher and Student. Cordelia did raise Selene but it was never out of love. She always was making sure Selene was learning something and focusing on magic rather than giving Selene love.

"Hello Zhen. It's good to see you made it. And hello to you too..." Selene paused. She didn't know the name of this other man.
"Akroa gave you both the visions too right? I think we're supposed to find a White Rabbit here somewhere, I thought they went extinct hundreds of years ago."
It was true. After the invasion of the First Ones, the alien race that had tried to invade Magnus during the First Age, all rabbits had went extinct.
Many scholars had their own theories about what happened to Rabbits, and really what happened in more detail of the whole war that took place between the First Ones and the inhabitants of Magnus.
Some thought that the first ones killed off all the Rabbits but Selene didn't know what that would even be necessary. From the books at the Temple of Akroa, Rabbits were basically harmless rodents that ate plants and hopped around on small feet.
"Any ideas on where it could be? This is the well of tears unless..." Selene paused again and instantly became frozen, shivering with fear.
Selene looked back at where the Well was located. Were they supposed to go inside the well?

No. She couldn't... That whole incident involving this very well was the reason she was kicked out of the Temple of Akroa.
All because she fell into a Well, many years ago.
Selene began sweating profusely. Panicking as she was afraid they had to go into the well.
"We...don't have to go inside the well do we?" She asked both men.
It seemed like they did. One well overgrown with vines that spread throughout the garden.
"We could go searching around the garden instead... Maybe the Rabbit is located somewhere around here." Selene said hopefully
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Dmitri Tolenka

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Skip chuckled. He’d be pretty bad at his job if she did know him. The other man reminded Skip somewhat of a flashbang. A wonderful distraction to throw at enemies while he got into position for a shot. Both of them might also be fun to take along for a barcrawl.

“I’m just a humble messenger. I can scout and track, and I have some other miscellaneous skills. A pleasure to meet you both. My name’s Skip, and yes, our new employer has been beaming mental images at me as well.” he said. He looked up at the sunbeams shining through the ruins.

“I took the liberty to scout most of these ruins upon my arrival here. Where this rabbit is not, near as I’m able to determine. There are two options left, it has to be either down that well, or hidden in an area just due north-east. We should take care though, I think it was once a herbalist's shack or something comparable. There’s a veritable carpet of bloodleaf mixed in with the undergrowth which makes exploring it… difficult. Also it seems unlikely that our target is in there, though I do not quite know how rabbits handle poisons.”

He looked at the two of them with his head cocked to the side.

"I'm open to either option, but I'll accomodate your preferences. Where to first?"
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Braxton was sure he had at least forty thorns in his arms and clothes. He already wasn't too fond of this overgrown place, and he liked it even less every minute. He was also hungry, but he didn't trust any of the succulent fruits that seemed to be taunting him by looking so delicious. Eventually, after quite a bit more stumbling around through the dense vegetation, he found the well, along with some other people. "Uhh... Hey... Is this the "Well of Tears"? Also, is anything here edible? I'm starving."

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A man clad in silver armor with a red scarf slowly marched forward, Zhulwin: The War Wulf was the name of this hunter knight, slowly stalking across the ground, keeping an eye on a trail of blood in front of him, after awhile of prowling he finally arrived to end of the crimson trail. A singular werewolf pulled itself away slowly, dragging its limp legs behind itself whimpering slightly. Raising up his silver dagger before plunging it down to the neck of the beast, its blood painting across his chest plate.

Kicking the beast to the side he slowly marked off another strike on the backside of his gauntlets, lining up with hundreds of others, when he was struck by the same message he'd been receiving for days now:

"I have chosen you heroes to save this world from destruction.
To be the guiding light of Magnus in it's darkest time.
There will those who aim to corrupt the world.
Men and Women who seek to control others, conquer the continents.
I need you all to be strong. Find the White Rabbit at the well of tears. Deliver it to the edge of the world."

With his hunt finished he supposed there would be no harm in investigating the 'well of tears' perhaps it was a message from his diseased comrades to hunt a new monstrosity there, whatever it was he was sure there could be something gained from the trip, perhaps a moment of respite would restore his fervor of hunting and prepare him for later prey.

After awhile of traveling the scenery around him changed from ash covered hills to over grown trees and plants, slowly cutting his way through the brush and keeping his profile low he spotted varies tracks along the ground, one a smaller pair of foot prints and the others larger, and finally one of massive size, either way he assumed they were of no consequence, unless the message he had received was to be believed and they were fellow "Heroes"

Sheathing his blade and making his way out of the brush and toward the three, scanning them from afar. Neither seemed to show the signs of the usual werewolves, the woman didn't have an over abundance of muscle or body hair, and the man seemed fairly above average but not to an unprecedented level, while the second man was very large in size to a concerning degree
He'd keep an eye on them

if this message about the well and heroes was to believe he didn't have much need to explain his arrival, so he sat down by one of the fruit trees, drew his silver sword and a whetstone and began sharpening it. Keeping his eyes to his work he listened in on the conversation of these so called "Heroes"

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Deadly Thorns
Seeing more arrivals was certainly interesting. Selene wasn't sure what the Goddess Akroa had been planning for them. She had never heard of the edge of the world before. Selene was also thought of as the Goddess of Humans and Magic primarily although like all the Gods she was still worshipped by all the races to varying extents between individuals.
Whatever task of this rabbit, apparently needed such vastly different individuals. Looking up to the newcomers she spoke up greeting them.

"Um hello yes this is the well of tears. I see plenty of fruits and vegetables around. I can't sense anything wrong with them with my magic, I even ate an apple earlier and I'm fine."

Selene purposely left out her own history with the well of tears. One of her last missions regarding her time at the Temple of Akroa. Technically she was responsible for causing the well to go from a desolate abandoned village to the flourishing yet overgrown garden it had become now. The last time she had been here, there was nothing but eeriness and decaying village buildings. Now it was.. odd to see to see the place overgrown with vegetation. Did she do the right thing? After all she basically affected a place that had no inhabitants and turned it into a place of interest for merchants, yet it was such a heavily hard to reach place now. She didn't even have a choice in the matter when she first visited the place. That strange man in the armor had left. He caused the place to be so scary before?

"I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Selene. I'm a witch. I thought we could head down into the well and see if we could find this Rabbit in there? I don't see it anywhere here.. And I suppose the only place left to go is.. down?"
"Perhaps we could introduce ourselves and head down the well. I think we were all brought here for a reason. If the Goddess Akroa chose all of you then I suppose I trust you all." She spoke to everyone.

What an odd group they were. a hardened guy with a rifle, a bulky man, a witch woman and a man clad in silver armor with a red scarf.
"None of you have a rope or anything we can use to climb downwards do you?"
She said searching through her own belongings, sifting through her purse of strange objects, a voodoo doll, a bag of dust-like substance, some parchment. She tended to try to keep as many useful objects that could be used for magical purposes, although most who weren't witches or wizards really didn't seem to understand anything about magic or magical objects.
"I could probably cast a spell of some sort that could carry us down..."

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Estrilda couldn't remember the last time she spent days apart from her pack. She was almost glued to the hip to them , especially since a good chunk of her clan went missing many moons ago.
However upon receiving a dream from the goddess Akroa which came as almost odd to the werewolf. Wasn't she the goddess who gifted magic to humans? Why would she care about someone like Estrilda , someone who eats humans. So of couse she had to investigate.

And white rabbits? Estrilda had heard of these creatures before , tiny rodents who wouldn't even of filled her stomach if she ate ten of them. What significance could they possibly have in this dream of hers.

Estrilda didn't even notice that she had already arrive at the village that was teaming with life , buildings overgrown with green , the cicadas chirping and small birds flying around. You could almost consider this place a small paradise to those who like to dwell in nature. Estrilda looked around , the smells and sights almost intoxicating, Twirling around and taking in a big sniff and closing her eyes , if she was in her other form her tail would definitely be wagging. The redhead exhaled before continuing further into the village.

Her bare feet digging into the soil underneath before she noticed a well , and a couple of people surrounding it. The dream did mention multiple people after all.

Hesitating for a moment , she didn't think that her human form would startle the group , besides her long hardened nails , sharp fang like teeth and piercing yellow eyes. her bright red like hair was starting to become white at the top but other than that she looked like a normal human , at least she thought so , she always ate them and never took a good look at the creatures.

"Hello , I see I am not the only one who felt the need to visit this place hm? " Estrilda stated

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Dmitri Tolenka

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"Uhh... Hey... Is this the "Well of Tears"? Also, is anything here edible? I'm starving."
"Welcome all. As for food, I camped out here for a few days already. There's still some of my breakfast left if you want it. Stir fried tomatoes, a bit of the local garlic, onions, olives, and a bit of leftover duck. Also some goat cheese on the side."

It seemed prudent to mention the ingredients, just in case the burly newcomer had any allergies. He scanned the man head to toe. "Also, it may be a long shot but do you know how to craft long arm munitions?"

Captain Lycanroc Captain Lycanroc
The newcomer with the silver sword drew his attention next. The intricate design of the armour and the mantle twigged a memory somewhere. Nobility, obviously, but there was a story beneath all that steel. Something about an order of some description. Werewolf hunters perhaps? The silver suggested as much.

"Well hello there. What would your name be then?"

SomebodyElse SomebodyElse
Then Selene asked about rope. Skip blinked.

"I did not think it was possible to travel so far without a good solid rope. Give me a moment to get mine." he said, quite honestly surprised. Land was not flat after all.

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Just as he turned for his pack a newcomer burst onto the scene. Skip's eyes went wide. The wild woman radiated confidence like a small sun. Her appearance screamed werewolf.

What just so happened to be on the other end of the clearing? A knight kitted out specifically to hunt werewolves.

Either the godess sent her here or this would end in, oh, about as long as it took the knight to cross the clearing.

"We all heeded a divine call. Did you?" he asked sharply and quickly. This needed to be defused, right here and now. He flicked his eyes over to the knight, ready to simply pounce on the man to hold him in check for a bare moment.


Proverbs 17:9

How many years had it been since she set foot in Amityville? Emmaline thought and couldn't quite remember. Not the number at least. Several mortal generations ago, though. Enough time that all looked unfamiliar once more, even the bits she'd been to before. And the Well of Tears was certainly somewhere she hadn't been to before. Not out of lack of interest, given its purported properties, but because it was new. ...Well, at least new by her standards. By the time she'd heard of a well that had brought a garden into a dead village, well, Emmaline had been comfortably settled at the Panoptican Academy. In another five years or so, she'd probably have gotten around to making the trip in case this well had magical properties that could be appropriated to revive the dead.

Nothing like a Goddess to overturn the best laid plans.

Emmaline topped the last rise of a hill and looked down upon the remnants of a village, long since overgrown. Substantially overgrown, actually. The story was only a decade old or so, wasn't it? Abandoned places experienced wear and tear in a decade but at best there'd be limbs scattered about from tree debris, leaves everywhere, gardens gone to weeds. This vegetation seemed to have covered over most of the structures she could see, choking out the village with all manner of plant life. Some of it potentially not so safe.

With a nod to herself, she hefted her pack and took steady strides down the grassy knoll, following an old path kept alive only by the occasional visitor. Emmaline spent more time in cities than the country these days but her eyes still picked out places where feed had recently trod, turning over pebbles and flattening grass. To say nothing of the occasional footprint when the path's conditions were good. That path led right to the edge of a kind of hedge maze and, much as Emmaline liked a good puzzle, she was just as happy to track the path others had taken.

Several uncomfortable hours later, Emmaline emerged from the hedge maze to find a clearing at the heart of the old abandoned village. She immediately took note of the individuals there, arrayed around a well, standing with the kind of wary caution that suggested just-met strangers rather than traveling companions. ...That was a thought. The message from Akroa had implicitly mentioned others, given the use of plural phrasing. Had these people also received the same call?

In fact...

Emmaline's pale eyes narrowed as she took note of a werewolf on one side of the clearing and what looked like an armored warrior with a silver sword. A werewolf hunter? As she recalled, Amityville had a band of werewolf hunters, once upon a time. The War Wulfs? She thought they'd all perished, though. Then a young man in armor positioned himself between them. A smile curled up Emmaline's lips. Was he actually going to get between a werewolf and a very well armed knight?

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"That's a good assumption," she said, stepping out from the thick brush and trees to stand in the clearing with the others. Emmaline pulled a twig from her hair before raising her hands in an open, beckoning manner. "Well met, Champions of Akroa." Her pale eyes and paler skin suggested her nature, as did the brief flash of fangs when she smiled at the assembled travelers like they were long lost companions. That smile turned into a smirk as she lifted an eyebrow. "That is what we are, isn't it? Or what we've been asked to be? Not that I'm complaining, mind you. There are worse things in the world than earning the gratitude of a Goddess. Even if she's not my Goddess. Or yours, most of you, unless I'm much mistaken."

She dropped her backpack to the ground behind her, stretched and took another step forward towards the center, towards Skip and the prospective confrontation. His instincts were good but he was only human; he might be in need of saving in a minute.

"Perhaps introductions are in order? Nothing cures a misunderstanding like knowing someone's name. For example, I'm Emmaline Steele, late of the Panoptican Academy of History and Science where I taught archaeology to the good people of Dawnwall. Now I'm here, hoping to learn who you are and very much hoping one of you knows more about this business than I do."

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Zhulwin.pngThe silver-clad hunter stopped his equipment upkeep in an instant, the slight view of his face that the red scarf didn't cover showed his eyes narrow and brow furrow, sniffing the air slightly. The scent that was quickly approaching was distinct, the rotting stench of decay and the dried blood of man, perhaps his most recent hunt had called the attention of my abominations, following their kin's cries right to him. standing from his position he scanned the grove around them, focusing on the distant footsteps approaching, suddenly his focus was quickly lost when the man, suited out to be a tactical sniper broke his concentration to get more acquainted.

not breaking his scan of the surroundings with a response, Zhulwin instead grabbed his dagger from its leg holster, holding it down by his waist and the broad sword further up his body, keeping himself low to the ground, like a lion on the prowl preparing to leap on their prey, the scent was stronger now, right in front of them. Out it came, like an actor it wore the costume of a human to cover its ungodly true form, but all the detail was there. claw-like fingers, sharp teeth like the point of a knife, eyes like a demon. Not normally did his prey come to him, so the enjoyment of the hunt was spoiled- yet his duty remained.

Rising from his stance he bent his dagger arm under the arm of the broad sword, prepping the other up with the first, the length of the blade pointing toward the animal. his voice came low and slightly dampened by the crimson scarf that wrapped him, flowing like a river the garden's breeze. "My name is known by a handful of those who still wander the beast infested ruins of Amityville, I am Zhulwin The War Wulf. And it is clear why I've been tasked with this group of meager heroes. I should have guessed when the calling was to somewhere in the decay of Amityville, I'm here to defend you from this kind of creature. Now stand aside, I hunt beasts, not men."

Planting a foot behind him and preparing to leap forward with an overhead swing he stopped with a twitch of his muscles when another figure entered: a woman, seeming of quite high prestige, she had the air of a high born scholar about her, but an undertone of something... more. Referring to them all as "Champions of Akroa." as she drew closer the slight queerness of her character was revealed, a vampire, he had no cemented opinions on that lot, long as they kept their path away from his they wouldn't find a stake buried in their heart. The way she remarked her statements seemed as if she knew more about what was going on than he.

That was quickly revealed to be incorrect, as she said that she had as little an idea to their calling as they all did, but the statement of "Nothing cures a misunderstanding like knowing someone's name. " did pique his interest, did she know of his duty? the woman he now knew as Emmaline clearly had to know they were in the presence of an animal? perhaps it, for some baffling reason, was also called by the hands of fate to this location as the rest of them were.

Not a man to let a man-eating monster walk on free legs, he lowered his broad sword to its sheath, keeping his dagger in hand and eyes on the creature. if the beast even thought about attacking the group, most likely the frail-looking girl, he'd spring to action, and quickly release the beast of its hunger- forever. "Right... Champions. That was this is all about? Here I thought we came from a rabbit. though I am doubtful of such a thing. all were whipped out ages ago." his stance loosened slightly, but it was still quite rigged, Zhulwin refused to let his guard down.

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Deadly Thorns
"Yes hello! Are you here because of Akroa?" Selene asked the werewolf.

"I am Selene, a witch..." Unfortunately Selene didn't know of any great title to give herself. She USED to be the student of a literal DEMIGOD. But she was kicked out of the temple of Akroa.
What would she say? Oh hey I used to be the student of a Demigod till she kicked me out for failing as a student.

Yet another woman arrived, this one a vampire announcing them as champions of Akroa. This...might be an appropriate term.
"I suppose we are champions of Akroa? She certainly made it sound like she some sort of greater purpose. I think we should try to get along. We don't eachother's history or origins and have no idea what we're all capable of so let's not be quick to judge eachother's merits." She spoke.

The yet new...arrival seemed much more eager to work together than the strange knight in silver armor. Yet Selene knew that werewolves had a history of hunting humans. Something her magic was helpful against, but she didn't want to assume that she was hostile.

The man in silver armor did assume.
He seemingly got ready to fight the werewolf woman before she had brought up Akroa's call. So everyone here was here because of the visions.
When the knight heard that he stopped, lowering his weapon before making a remark about rabbits being extinct.
"It's true that they are extinct. But if anyone has the power to bring one back, it has to be a Goddess like Akroa surely?" She said.
"If anything such a creature would be here in the gardens due to all the vegetables and fruit, yet it isn't. Which means it must be trapped someone, which is why I assumed it might be inside the well."
She said, thought deep on her face. She paced closer to the well, as she had gotten closer she could feel radiant energy, there was magic coming from the well. It's energy was thick, so thick she could almost see what seemed to be glowing lights from the bottom of the well.
"Skip, how is that rope coming along?" She asked him.
"Also...Guys...I think you might wanna see this... I'm pretty sure I never read anything about glowing wells.
A glowing well was strange. It definitely wasn't ghosts. Which would be common in Amityville. However tended to be more like white, semi apparent entities that floated around, they didn't glow.

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"It's coming." Skip said. He took the first few paces backward, hand raised in a pacifying gesture. Once he was satisfied they would not immediately lunge for one another, he headed over to his pack and fished out a roll of plain hemp rope. Rather than try out if the wench for the bucket could support the weight of a man, he looked over to the biggest member of their party.

"This isn't long enough to tie to that tree over there, so can you give me a hand cutting it down? We'll roll the stem over to the well and place it across, that way we can all rappel down safely ish." BloodInMyEyes BloodInMyEyes

He paused when Selene mentioned the glow.

"I'm sorry what?"


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Braxton had immediately picked an apple once he was assured that they weren't magical, poisonous, or alive, and picked up the food that was offered to him. "Thanks." He said as he began eating. As he was satisfying his stomach he noticed more people arrive. The one who caught his attention the most was one clad in silver. He knew instantly what he was. A War Wulf. He knew of them because once he and his teacher had repaired the sword and armor for one of them. The detailing in the silver that had been requested had been the hardest task for him, as he had still been learning at the time. Then, as he began to move and speak, Braxton's attention shifted to the silver-clad man's target of focus. She looked wild and ragged and smelled like a dead wet dog. He guessed she was a werewolf, as the man in silver had chosen to draw his blade. Hopefully, she wouldn't activate his allergies. Then, just as he was about to step in to prevent a fight, he noticed another stranger appear. She was pale like a ghost, but with unmistakable fangs. A vampire. She was beautiful and had a way about her with her words. He studied her as closely as he could to try and gauge her by her body language. She mentioned telling each other there names to "Cure a misunderstanding." and said hers was "Emmaline". "She makes a good point." He said. "I'm Braxton." Then he went back to studying the vampire, but his thoughts were interrupted by the other man asking him to help cut down a tree. "Uh. Sure." He said. "Let me just get my ax from my pack." Then after retrieving his ax from his backpack, he walked over to the tree, gave it a good twenty cuts, and pushed on it, causing it to break at the weak point. He made sure to knock it over away from any of the other people so as not to hurt them. "There." He said. "That about right?" Then he realized someone had mentioned something. "Wait. Did you say something about something glowing?"


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As Estrilda neared the group she could almost feel the tension of some of the other members as they laid their eyes on her. She was no fool in that her presence obviously bothered some. Estrilda frowned.

It wasn't until she noticed a man clad in armor. She knew of werewolf hunters , but not which one he may of belonged to. His stance , the blade he held in his hand made the hairs in the back of her neck stand. If it wasn't for a man seemingly trying to get in between the two. Was this supposed to be a gesture of kindness? Or was the man trying not to see blood spill and shredded bits of flesh and metal scattered around the area.

That was when a woman , one with pale skin and bright eyes also came into views. Her fang like teeth and youthful face made it obvious she was a vampire. Estrilda did not like their kind. Not only did they taste awful , like rotten coagulated blood but their arrogance was on par with those of the Fae race.

At this point in time Estrilda did not feel like even introducing herself , one man was one second away from trying to slaughter her. A vampire was in the same area as her , and she could tell by how some looked at her that Estrilda's presence was making them extremely uncomfortable.

Of course the meek feared things that where stronger than them. All of this internal thinking was making Estrilda hungry. She almost didn't hear the small human girl talk to her.

"You could say I came here because of a dream , But I see that my presence is unwelcomed. " She grimaced as she looked at Selene. Estrilda was seriously considering on heading back to her pack but maybe there would be something of use to her and her clan members.

"For the love of Yddite please let me get through this." Estrilda muttered to herself as she wiped her face in extreme frustration.

Hearing Selene mention a glowing well , she walked to it and inspected it , it was definitely glowing alright. But Estrilda knew nothing when it came to these sort of things , was it magic? ghost? Estrilda had no clue. She could probably just climb down herself but she felt as if her every move was being watched by some creep in armor. So she would let the humans struggle with rope.


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The silverclad knight drew another smile from her evidently friendly face. The affect of warmth was somewhat lessened by the presence of fangs but at least she didn't seem particularly predatory, if her relaxed posture was anything to judge by. "Aren't we Champions?" she said in response to his own question. "We are here about a rabbit. Or at least I am. But it was the Goddess Akroa who asked me to see about this rabbit. I'm here because a deity spoke to me and I listened. If that doesn't make me Her Champion, the only other job I know of that fits the bill is 'priest'." The vampire openly laughs at the thought before adding, "And I'm not quite ready to change my religion just yet."

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Emmaline nodded along agreeably to Selene's remarks. "Yes, exactly," she says at the witch's advice to deescalate the situation. "I don't know Akroa well enough to know how She'd respond if I were to harm another of Her Champions and I'd rather not find out. I don't imagine the rest of you do either."

The mention of the well was curious, though. And as the situation began to deteriorate anyway, Emmaline cautiously made her way across the field to inspect the round stone holding everyone's interest. "I can't say I'm familiar with glowing wells either," she admitted to Selene as she drew closer to the other woman. "But then, I've never seen a Well of Tears before either. It's new! I like new."

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The helpful human who came up with a rope and a plan for getting them down the well hadn't spoken to her directly, so she didn't return the favor just yet. Still, he had a good head on his shoulders and the vampire had that to approve of at least. "I'm not a werewolf but if you'd like a little extra muscle, just say the word. I'm stronger than I look."

She took the opportunity to sling her backpack off her back, revealing her own length of rope coiled up and strapped to its side.

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As the blacksmith introduced himself by name, Emmaline was close enough to at least offer a hand to shake. "A pleasure to meet you, Braxton." She otherwise left him undisturbed as he made short work of that tree.

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The werewolf proved to be somewhat less hospitable than the vampire might have hoped for. Still, at least the woman spoke and that was a start. Hopefully a start that could head off bloodshed for now.

"I doubt most here have much a love for Yddite, I'm afraid," the vampire said, her keen hearing picking up the werewolf's muttered, frustrated remark to herself. "No more than they probably care for Arkane. For love of Akroa, however, we might all get through this. Especially if we work together as that Goddess so clearly wants us to do. Perhaps starting with this rope?"

Hoping the knight will refrain from an immediate violent confrontation, Emmaline extends a welcoming hand to the werewolf, even as her other hand sweeps in the direction of the well and the hopefully secured, anchored rope waiting for them. "We're at the Well of Tears," she said. "I don't see the White Rabbit sitting on top so we might as well go in, glowing or not. I'm sure we'll come to no harm with a witch here, to say nothing of the rest of us."

"Shall we?"


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"Well if that's what it takes for all of us to get along then I think we should head into the well. Glowing things likely mean magic is involved in my experience."

Both the blacksmith and the man with the rifle had gotten the rope tied to the stem as the blacksmith had helped cut it down.
As they went down inside the well, they found a large cave system lined with glowing blue crystalline rocks on the walls. They had entered a large room the size of the garden with three differing tunnels with more glowing light which Selene assumed would be more crystals, each tunnel was connected to a large river of turquiose water, strange ingravings on the walls of each tunnel out of clear view, while a small boat had laid near the ground which they stood.
It was especially apparent to Selene, she felt magical energy surging through the cave. Selene would've activated a mage-light, however the cave seemed well wit. Still she had no idea what was here. The last time she had been inside the well, it was quite darker, and she wasn't sure if the expanse was always here or was simply another cause of her...mistake.
She still had no idea what the larger repercussions of awakening that strange man in dark armor. At some point she felt like she would have to explain that she had been here before, but she felt afraid of how the others would react. Was she at fault for causing something bad? She didn't exactly want to reveal she was the reason this place changed like this, in case they discovered something bad.

Looking around she spoke to the others..
"Well a large cave. Strange glowing crystals. Strange colored lake. I don't think we should touch anything. I'm pretty sure this is more dangerous than the garden at the surface. I can feel magical energy coming from deeper within the cave."
She didn't want anyone to get any ideas about taking any Crystals, while glowing crystals might seem like a valuable thing, she didn't think it was natural and therefore SOMETHING had to be causing it.
"There is three different tunnels. But I still don't see any Rabbit. I think we're supposed to take the boat and pick a path.

Upon further inspection of the ground, she noticed strange marks. Tracks. But of what creature? It had left blue substance in the tracks. The same color as the rocks on the wall.
Selene had opened her napsack and opened up a book trying to find a creature that matched the tracks, and one that might've had anything to do with blue crystals.

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With the added words of Emmaline the vampire and the interaction between the massive blacksmith looking man and The sharp-shooter, it seemed as though these people were quite eager to becoming fast friends with the other 'Champions of Akroa' as Emmaline had put it once more, Something the battle-hardened hunter wouldn't partake in. Zhulwin wasn't one to trust at a handshake or first meeting, trust and respect were meant to be earned, not given for free like handouts at one of the many soup kitchens of Mysticroft's streets, riddled with failed mages or sorcerers. Out of the four 'Champions' who had arrived, Zhulwin had only but a small amount of faith in two: Emmaline and the Sharp-shooter, Emmaline had an heir of calm about her movements and actions, seemingly ready to take the next step toward their collective goal, along with that her natural strength and durability would prove useful in the inevitable combat they'd face, but due to the same reasons, Zhulwin would have to keep his silver woven scarf secure around his blood filled neck. For what mortal could desern the signs that such a refined-looking woman would give off? the slight twitch of an eyelid or smirk showing off her white and deadly smile, before striking and draining a human of their life.

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The Vampire seemed to know what she was doing more than the newly identified witch, Selene. "Selene"... He could have sworn he'd heard that name talked about among the fallen War Wulfs, used in jest mostly for when one of them blundered remarkably, perhaps a failed magic student, rejected by her teacher for the blatant low stock in her own ability, he could tell by the body language something was off about her- clearly, she was uncomfortable about this place.

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Whereas the Sharp-shooter could clearly hold his own and keep pace with someone like himself, slightly scratched and dented gear, worn boots and a pack effects to his back that seemed chock full with helpful supplies, as well as the improvised use of a tree as their climbing anchor, the obtaining of which was secured by the hulking figure of Braxton, While having a large amount of muscle to sling power behind your strikes was an advantage the problem would come with being that man's size and weight, the man wouldn't survive a single hunt, too much noise from his steps, too large a frame to turn you weak points away from the beasts, a match of fisticuffed against Zhulwin, however, would prove much different, he dreaded the thought of coming on the business end of one of his steel mallet-like fists, the image of a watermelon collapsing under the pressure of a bolder came to mind. In terms of analysis, there was nothing to say for the abomination, other than it'd be an obvious threat to the group when it decided it didn't want to play along anymore and gave in to its hunger, that or just it would become bored and kill out of lack of interest, a feral mind had no place in a group of 'Champions.' So a watchful eye would stay on the creature and a guiding blade would stay close by the timid witch.

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following after Selene, he wrapped a spiral around his boot and around his arm, sliding down the length of the rope before his boosts hit the wet and hardened clay and stone of the bottom of this 'well' the inside of which was concerningly well lit with teal crystals, the glow of these gems gave a light to the inner workings of the strange series of tunnels and passaged that branched off across the mystical glowing river, the water of which was no doubt responsible for the spontaneous growth of plant-like and such a barren place like Amityville. Looking to the ground he instantly spotted tracks and markings on the floor of the well, accompanied by some kind of blue Ichor, by the naked eye it seemed the same color of the crystals, some kind of animal or abomination could be lurking here, and they'd all just invaded it's home. He listened closely to the sound of the cave, hoping to discern which direction the boat should take them. "We should follow the tunnel with either a sound of moving air or perhaps the one with the most crystals- either one will lead us to somewhere important. The current doesn't seem strong so if we meet with a dead-end we'll easily paddle back. Any thoughts?"

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"I'm not a werewolf but if you'd like a little extra muscle, just say the word. I'm stronger than I look."
"Appreciated, but it looks like we'll manage." he said. "I'd like to get to know each other better but we should really get a move on."

Selene volunteered to go first, followed by the man in armour. Skip slid down right after the duo, handling the rope with the ease of long practice. His eyes bounced all over the place, gauging where any predators could lurk. The others could handle getting down a length of rope without a baby-sitter, he trusted their competence at least that much. Ambushes concerned him more. The cave turned out to be empty of any wannabe assailants, and filled with comfortable shadows. His eyes glowed faintly for a heartbeat. Nothing. Satisfied nothing would jump out at them the second his attention turned away, he turned and studied the tracks intensely.

Space between steps indicated things like number of legs, which combined with the size of the stride gave a rough indication what the size of the whole beastie was. Depth of the indent gave a clue to the weight, what if any claws were present, etcetera. All manner of things that combined to give Skip a very rough indication if he was looking at something that wanted to eat him, or something he wanted to eat.

If Selene could find out what they were looking at in her book, all the better, but he preferred to verify anything found in a tome. He'd found that quite often, while writing in an ivory tower, one could forget details important for a person in the field.

"We should follow the tunnel with either a sound of moving air or perhaps the one with the most crystals- either one will lead us to somewhere important. The current doesn't seem strong so if we meet with a dead-end we'll easily paddle back. Any thoughts?"
"My preference goes to the tunnel with the air current. Airflow usually indicates a connection to the outside, and I'd prefer more than one way out just in case things don't go entirely our way. Once we have our exits mapped, we can venture deeper." He offered. Casually he rummaged through his pack and pulled out a small piece of ordinary chalk. "I can take point. Or actually-" he turned his head to Estrilda, "how about we let you and more importantly, your nose take point? You have one of the best chances to detect nasty we might run into. And if something nasty tries to run into us, well. Werewolf." he reasoned. On top of that, he doubted that the knight would object to her taking one of the more dangerous positions in the team.
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Once the team descended down the rope into the well, Emmaline took a moment to marvel at the glowing blue crystals lining the walls. "Wish I'd brought my excavation kit," she muttered to herself before drawing a dagger from her belt. The vampire positioned the hilt, carefully studied the angle and promptly slipped the gem into her pocket. For later study, preferably accompanied by a lab, some Fae scientists and possibly a witch.

At which point Selene suggested not touching things. Emmaline had the grace to look slightly embarrassed. To cover it, she turned her attention to the strange ingravings on the walls, drew out her journal and cheerfully made notes and copied specific sigils down for later study. The others could decide which path to go down, she didn't much mind given all routes were equally interesting.

If she finds herself finishing before the conversation wraps up, the vampire peers at the lake, replays the suggestions made by each person in her head and then says "The tunnel with the air flow makes sense to me. If there's something else down here, though, we should probably find it before it finds us."


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There had to be something regarding strange glowing crystals. Sifting through pages Selene wished she had documented more about monsters during her time at the Temple of Akroa.
Something felt strangely off about the blue liquid. She felt like she should know what it was. But she couldn't think of what it could be. All she knew was she really bad and that they would all likely die.
"I can't find anything. But these clues sound terrifyingly familiar. I think we should be careful. Let's not wander apart too much. I have a bad feeling about this."
She said to the others.

It seemed like the others thought they should go towards the tunnel that had the most airflow.
Both Skip and Zhulwin were of the opinion that they should do so.
When Skip pulled out a small piece of chalk, Selene blinked with surprise. Chalk was a common object but it was coveted among witches. It was effective for making deals with spirits or demons. Selene had always carried some chalk for that very reason, although she didn't really enjoy making deals with otherworldly beings so she almost never did it.

Just when Selene had mentioned nobody touching anything, the vampire had decided to take a crystal. She had also mentioned something about an excavation kit, which made Selene wonder just what exactly she did before arriving here. Perhaps they might all just have to spill their backstories at some point and get the uneasiness around eachother out of the way.
Although Selene was probably gonna regret telling others her history, she alone was responsible for this place. Was she also responsible for this whole quest? If the well of tears was important then she didn't want to be responsible for causing the entire world to go wrong. She hoped the others wouldn't draw the same conclusion.

Selene sighed at Emmaline taking a crystal. Well at the very least they had a direction.

It was obvious to see that the middle tunnel had the airflow. They would go through that one then.
"So the boat then." Selene said nodding towards the others.

Heading towards the boat with the others, they had all sat down in the boat. This boat didn't exactly feel big enough for this many people but somehow they had managed to fit in.
Heading through the tunnel they were met with darkness, which finally gave Selene a chance to use her magelight. Activating the light that emanated from her hands, they once again could see in the tunnel. Selene immediately regretted using the magelight however when she was met with crystallized Skeletons.

It seemed many individuals had wandered here before. She even saw other excavation kits and individuals with pickaxes, climbing gear and mining equipment everywhere.
The Skeletons were the worst parts. Werewolves, Humans, Fae and even Vampire skeletons lay crystallized with what seemed to be the same color as the crystals from the room before.
"This...is a group of archaelogists....I think. Or miners. It seems like we weren't the only ones who thought there might be a reason to go underground. And I thought the garden was the reason why so many merchants wanted to visit this location."
It had dawned to Selene that people had naturally thought if above the well was so plentiful with valuables, then there might be even greater wealth underground. Was this the reason that people tried to hard to get to the Well of Tears in the years since she had first visited the location?

The crystallized skeletons however only meant one thing. A Mirror-ling. A crystal monster that residided in the reflections of crystals. One couldn't be near the presence of a mirrorling for too long. Slowly their presence would drive individuals mad after a matter of days. This meant that those skeletons were people who had been trapped underground for awhile with no escape.
Mirror-lings were a problem when they popped up. They'd often grow in a cave till it started affecting the land. These blue crystal-like creatures would seem beneficial to a town when they provided the land with fertility. Until they turned everyone in that land mad. The one fact however was that mirror-lings were created from First Ones experimenting on Crystal Golems and Mind Flayers. The science of splicing together DNA was the basis for many mad scientists whose attempts were widespread. However only the first ones seemed successful in creating something new that was a stable monster that wouldn't fall apart shortly after creation.

"Guys...This is the doing of a mirror-ling. You know those common monsters that were the result of the first one's invasion. When the first ones experimented on monsters and created mirror-lings...
We shouldn't stay here long. I've never seen a mirror-ling, but I don't wanna have to encounter one if I don't have to."
They had to be getting closer to one if there were crystallized corpses. Selene wanted to get this rabbit and get out of here.
"Wherever this rabbit is, we gotta grab it fast. The magic required to trap a mirror-ling is something that is rare among even the best witches."
The process of trapping a mirror-ling was magic far above what Selene was capable of. A special spell that would trap it forever in a crystal. And Selene didn't even know how to trap ANYTHING in a crystal.

The truth was that only 2 witches had done it under documentation. Lilith the most feared evil witch in Magnus, and Cordelia, the demigoddess who was once Selene's mentor and mother-figure.

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There was nothing quite like sitting leg-to-leg with a bunch of people who were still just about nearly perfect strangers.

Emmaline settled in with a sigh, balancing herself with a practiced ease that suggested she'd spent a great deal of time in boats. Although with a vampire's lifespan, there was no telling how recently that'd been. The dark of the tunnels didn't particularly bother her either...but she frowned as she began to make out shapes ahead. When Selene raised a magelight, the vampire's frown deepened.

"Right," she said, nodding along to Selene's explanation. "Could be miners. I don't recall this area having anything famous enough to merit archaeologists or I would have been along quite a bit sooner! But whoever they are, there's an awful lot of them, aren't there."

As the boat continued on, Emmaline listened to the witch's explanation of a mirror-ling. Her father had allegedly killed one but she hadn't much personal experience with the beasts herself. Selene's continued suggestions made a great deal of sense and the vampire nodded along. Then the frown returned.

"By all means, let's find the rabbit and leave as quickly as possible. But that being said, I still wonder at this many victims. Most of these lot look prepared. I have a sudden and rather unshakable concern that possibly our host, Akroa, might have been their host too. After all, who's to say we're the first she's sent along to fetch this rabbit? Assuming it was her in the first place? I've never heard of mirror-lings being able to project thoughts at all, much less far away, but I don't wonder if something else here might have. Something with a use for crystallized victims..."

On that ominous note, Emmaline silently drew a knife so as to have it on hand if something out there moved.


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Emmaline had frowned quite abit especially after Selene had activated her magelight. Emmaline had commented about how many there were. This was likely a full on expedition. She had never heard about any crystals being found here however the miners might have not realized they were the result of a Mirror-ling. When she had mentioned Akroa being responsible for this, Selene shook her head. Akroa was not the type of Goddess to simply lead people to their certain deaths. However when she said something else could be here, then Selene frowned too. Was she right about Akroa being responsible for this? She didn't think so but there weren't a ton of things that could hang around a Mirror-ling and be fine. Even the two most powerful witches could only trap a mirror-ling. To hang near one for any extended amount of time would be very difficult to do.

Suddenly as if awoken by them, the crystallized Skeletons had rose up with glowing blue eyes, once again the same color as the crystals. They trudged through the waters seemingly drowning however their boat began to sway. Most of them had come up towards the side that Emmaline was on.
"So that's not good.... She said before noticing a pattern. One had swam right past Selene and instead heading closer to Emmaline.
"They're heading towards you?" She had said to the Vampire woman.
Selene blinked. Why were they ignoring everyone except Selene? What did they hate about Emmaline. Although it immediately dawned on Selene what had occurred. Emmaline had grabbed a crystal off the wall in the previous room. She had realized they were attracted to the crystal. However they had begun to notice the others too. The one who had moved past Selene began to turn around and slash at Selene. Selene had narrowly avoided the hit before her eyes began to glow with green energy, before blasting the Skeleton with her hand. She had decided if they survived this, that she would check the corpses belongings for any clues for what happened in more detail. They began to move through the water faster shaking the boat more.
"Uh, paddle faster?!" Selene exclaimed.

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The boat was far too cramped for his liking. No room to move or hide, and the group still counted too much like strangers. Skip's spot on the side just barely counted as 'in close proximity to an exit' and even then he didn't fancy this water.

"I know people are supposed to get closer to one another over the course of an adventure but this is ridiculous." he commented miserably. His eyes lit up as he scanned around. Mirrorlings didn't work their mind-melting magic instantly, and so long as he could spot the beast the group could at least try to stay away. It also gave him a chance to take his mind off the close proximity thing.

This made him the first to spot the movement.

"Humanoid, just behind us in that pile of skeletons. Figure... about. Waitaminute." he said.

"So that's not good.... She said before noticing a pattern. One had swam right past Selene and instead heading closer to Emmaline.
"I appreciate your accurate assessment of the situation. Practical solutions?" he asked.

At some point, he slapped a bayonet on his rifle. He know from experience on both ends of the gunbarrel that just a simple foot of water would block his firearms. So spearfishing it was. The trick was to just about let the skeletons near his range, then lunge quickly. Too far out, and he'd be unable to reach without falling into the water himself. Too close, and they'd start to rock the boat. He contemplated a long toothed skeleton. The opportune moment would show, it always did. Not yet. Just one more step. He struck, the skull shattered, and he readied himself again. An idea struck him.

"So how good is your throwing arm?" he asked Emmaline in the same tone one might comment that there might be rain soon.


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Estrilda hadn't even said her name and yet here she was shoulder to shoulder with the same people she was extremely uncomfortable with. Having to sweep her hair behind her so that it wouldn't get in anyone's face. Looking down at her feet , she grimaced , she felt as if one big exhale or sudden movement would make the boat tip. The mage light from Selene was particularly annoying making Estrilda have to shield her eyes.

Looking over her shoulder she could see skeletons , multiple of them and each of them covered in crystals. How long have they been down here to be crystallized like that?. By the looks of it it seemed that they died feeling some amount of pain as the position that the skeletons where left with their mouths wide open , some had their hands clenched and were shielding themselves. She didn't have much time to ponder over how exactly they died until Selene mentioned what would of caused their deaths.

"And why can't we just kill the damn thing?" Estrilda stated. "It isn't immortal right? Who's to say some brute force wont put it down. "

As soon as she said that she noticed everyone looked at where the skeletons were once at. Some had disappeared into the waters nearing the boat while other where on their way. Jumping up out of surprise she nearly tipped the boat. "Damn it... What is going on?!" First it seemed that the skeletons weren't so interested in the group so much so as they where Emmaline.

Skip had shattered the skull of one of them. If Estrilda tried to strike one of them with her hands there would be no doubt that at least one of them would fall into the waters.

"What do they want ?" Surely they would of just tipped the boat already by trying to get on or something if they had intentions to harm. But Estrilda didn't know what to think.

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