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Realistic or Modern The White Lily Academy (Closed, 1x1)

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The White Lily Academy
(A closed RP between Dartwind and Naeva Ami)

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Clack, clack, clack.

The sound of heels clicking against the marble flooring of the Whitmayer Administration Offices echoed distantly as Iris stood, poised, by its entrance. The main entrance to the administration building had always been pretty - high-vaulted ceilings and decorative, quartz pillars framed the room, accented by gold gilding and an array of carefully pruned potted plants. Overhead, an array of soft LEDs and an expensive, crystal chandelier provided lighting for the room. A small fountain gushed crystal-clear water from its spot the center of the wide, polished floor, approximately twenty feet from both the front desk and the building's entrance.

Today, the front desk was unoccupied - unusual, but not unheard of. Iris was alone, and the foyer of the great, rectangular building was quiet, save for the fading sound of the door chime and the splash of water from the fountain. She felt strange, standing there in her formal wear and without an escort. But she was simply doing as told - nothing more, and nothing less. The headmistress had asked her to come to the administrative building by half past one, according to Iris's dorm mother, and Iris wasn't one to defy an order. She was a good student, and good students had to follow the rules to succeed.

The click-clacking of heels grew louder, and around the corner came a short, heavy-set woman with frizzy, auburn hair and a two-piece suit. Her cheeks were painted a rosy red, puffing out as she exhaled and flattening as she approached. The woman seemed quite out of breath, breathing as if she'd ran half-way across the academy's grounds. Which indeed was possible, considering the berth of the administration building - it ran along the entirety of the outside of the campus and had long, straight hallways allowing staff easy travel across the campus. But Iris said nothing on the woman's condition, for such a thing was frowned upon by the dorm mothers. Instead, she merely nodded politely, waiting for the woman to address her.

Upon seeing Iris, the woman smiled, "Ms. Iris, how wonderful it is to see you! Early as usual, aren't you? Very good, very good!"

Iris smiled back at the woman with a practiced sense of politeness, bowing her head respectfully as she approached, "Hello, Ms. O'Connor, and thank you. Are you well?"

The heavy-set woman sighed, stretching her both to the left, and then to the right as if she was warming up for a run. She chuckled after returning her hands to her front, clasping them together, "Oh, I'm well! Had a bit of a jog across the building to get to you in time, but I made it! Now, come come! The headmistress is waiting, and I'd do good to get you there early."

Iris dipped her head in acknowledgment, "Of course, thank you, Ms. O'Connor."

Beckoning for Iris to follow her, Ms. O'Connor started off in the direction from which she came. Iris followed, adjusting her stride so as not to outpace the shorter woman. As they moved through the fairly empty, white halls, Iris couldn't curb her curiosity. Her eyes greedily fell upon the grand portraits and tapestries on the walls, soaking up the sights as she passed them by. Not many students entered the administration building, Iris included. Although she hadn't let it show outwardly, being called here had filled her with equal parts fear and equal parts excitement. While the fear had been tempered by Ms. O'Connor's enthusiasm and the lack of seriousness the woman had displayed, Iris still felt a hot ball of anxiety growing in her gut as she was led to the headmistress's office.

Ms. O'Connor slowed, and Iris felt her stomach clench. Although she saw no fancy office nor elaborate signage, Iris sensed that they were close. Maintaining good posture, the teen stood a respectable distance from Ms. O'Connor as the woman knocked on the what was presumably the headmistress's door. It was fascinating - the outside of the office was unassuming, the name-plaque left unembellished and the door almost identical to all the others on the floor. To the uninformed passer-by, missing the office would be easy, if not inevitable and Iris, for one, was glad that she had a guide.

A muffled response came through the door, and Ms. O'Connor looked back, motioning for Iris to approach. The teen did so, and Ms. O'Connor stepped aside, smiling up at her, "Well then, there you go, dear! I'll be back in a bit to collect you - take care!"

With that, the woman left. Iris now stood alone, facing a tall, solid oak door and a faded gold plaque with the headmistress's name carved upon it. The prior ball of anxiety had morphed into a raging storm of fire and ice, curiosity and anxiety grappling for a hold. Such emotions were difficult to handle for the average teen, but to anyone watching, Iris was the picture of tranquility. Her face displayed nothing aside from calm neutrality, and her shoulders were loose and relaxed. It was a practiced skill, her neutrality, and she'd gotten quite good at it over time. Even in the face of great emotional turmoil, she could pull up a front and hold it up for as long as she needed - which, she found, was incredibly useful in situations such as this one.

Taking in a deep, grounding breath, Iris calmly grabbed the handle of the door and pushed it open.
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Naeva Ami

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From behind a pair of reading glasses, she glanced upward to see the great oak door swing open. Light from the hallway streamed inside, illuminating the otherwise mildly lit office. The whole room was white. The floors, walls, vaulted ceiling. All pure, pristine, white. Not altogether uncommon at White Lily Academy, though more so than the Headmistress herself had anticipated. In practicality, it was blinding. She clapped her hands together twice, and the lights brightened. While not her preference, a blindingly white room seemed to help her presence with the students.

The office was not all that large in the front, though there was a door behind her desk leading to another more private room. In the center was her desk. White criss crossed legs with a glass top that curved around her in a half circle, providing plenty of desk space that was for the moment quite cluttered. A nameplate sat on the end, labeled 'Headmistress Madeline Lavielle'. The walls featured an array of paintings, each landscapes of breathtaking vistas. Mountaintops, forests, cliffs, beaches, everything was a call to nature's beauty.

"A pleasure to see you, Miss Iris. Please, take a seat," Madeline invited, gesturing to one of two single seated couches before her desk. Both white, elegantly curved in their design with gold trim. Where they comfortable? She couldn't begin to guess. It wasn't like her usual guests would complain. A mixture of respect, adoration, and fear kept her status secure within the academy. For the most part, she'd been able to spin the narrative that she was the 'mother' of all the students, in a fashion.

Whenever she'd need to deal with students directly, which wasn't all too unusual, she tried to dress for success. Business formal, to provide students with an example to follow. Today's outfit consisted of a white and black pokadot sleeveless blouse and black pencil skirt. Black four inch heels and a white tied scarf around her neck completed the look, with her ginger hair pulled into a perfect bun. Her makeup was equally flawless with bright red lips, and her nails done to match. If she expected her students to look perfect at all times, she had to at least make an effort herself.

Once the student was seated, Madeline leaned forward on the table. Just enough to push her presence, without coming off too friendly, or commanding. Or so she hoped. "As I'm sure you're aware, you've proven yourself to be one of the top students. Your grades, your appearance, your composure. Everything is quite frankly, rather close to perfection. For that, you deserve praise," she started. Buttering them up was usually quite easy. Especially when it was the truth, as it was in Iris' case. "There's much that I can, and will do for you to reward your hard work. But today I'm actually looking for a favour from you. We have a new student joining White Lily today. She goes by Adelynn for the time being. Shes enrolling at an unusual time, but for her personal situation, it made the most sense to bring her into the family as soon as we could. However, coming in half way through a semester provides a number of challenges, as I'm sure you can imagine," she said, pausing a moment to watch. To let the information sink in, and for questions to form. Although the school taught obedience and trained away critical thinking, she knew that her students weren't mindless. Well, some of them were. But not those who truly excelled.

"In Adelynn's case, I thought it would be beneficial for her to be given a sister right away. Someone to help guide and nurture her as she transitions into her new life. A mentor to fast track her learning. She won't have the same foundational education that everyone else does, but its critical to her future that she's embraced and able to strive for perfection like everyone else. What I'd like, is for you to be her big sister, Miss Iris." She waited once more, allowing the information to sink in. Would she hate it? Would she be eager? Would she mask her reaction either way? It could be hard to tell with the intelligent ones. "You would be given the unique opportunity to guide your sister on her path, starting with her initiation. You would choose her name, as well as suggest her refinements of hair and body. Whether she would benefit from a clean shaven fresh start, or something more mature and perfected. Whether she should be enhanced, or slimmed down. Both a chance to bring perfection to your sister, and a chance to prove yourself. You'd also be rooming with her for the forseeable future, to help with her transition." Madeline at this point stood up from the desk, slowly walking around it. Her heels clacked against the tile, the only sound within the room. Stopping beside the student, she then seated herself in the other couch and crossed one leg over the other.

"Should you accept, and yes my dear, this is your choice, you'll be awarded with more choice over your own attire and hairstyles, and the opportunity to pick out new decor for your room, from our supplier's catalogue. The spa will also be open to you at any time. In addition, for the first month you'll be excused from your own studies as often as you deem necessary in order to guide and instruct your sister. Any resources or staff you require will be at your disposal. On the flipside, your sister's progress will reflect upon your own. Any failings or problems on her end are your responsibility. Her success is your success as well. And while you will have as much help as you ask for, she is your sister to raise," she explained, admittedly curious at how the young mind would react to the unusual situation before her.

"Do you accept?" Madeline asked, forcing a hint of pleading into her tone.


Iris took in the office's appearance with a discreet, curious look. She hadn't been there before, and most of the girls at the academy hadn't either. The administrative offices and the connected staff housing were closed to most students, requiring an escort or special note to enter. It was for "safety and privacy reasons," or so they were told. Iris never pushed - girls who pushed or attempted to spy on the staff received harsh reprimands and long punishments. Usually, they'd lose leisure time or be tasked with assisting with the cleaning of the facilities... a disgusting and often gross job that few would take voluntarily.

With that in mind, Iris dipped her head to the woman, "Hello Headmistress, the pleasure is mine."

Stepping forwards, Iris sat daintily on the chair. Every move was calculated, precise, and methodical. She knew better than to simply perch on the edge of her seat, or to sink completely into the chair as if she were boneless. Once seated right in the middle of her seat, her legs closed and her hands clasped in her lap, she looked up at her headmistress. Iris carefully maintained eye contact - she didn't stare too hard, of course, but she knew not to look down or avoid the woman's gaze. That would be disrespectful, and to disrespect the headmistress would be horrifically embarrassing. The praise that came Iris's way, however, took her off guard. The teen felt her cheeks pinken - a reaction she had yet to stamp out, though had hoped her foundation would cover.

"Thank you, Headmistress, you are much too kind - I simply follow what I am told and do my best to excel, as all students should. It is your institution that has taught me such manners, and for that I am grateful." Iris responded, almost automatically.

Although anxiety still swirled in her gut, Iris didn't forget her manners. She listened attentively, nodding along as needed. The prospect of another student living with her, admittedly, was not incredibly appealing. She hated her belongings being touched, and enjoyed her solitude. One of the main motivators for the successes of her first year was the desire to escape the four-girl dorm room in which she had been assigned. Breathing in the same air as them, dealing with their noisiness, and hearing their silly chatter had driven Iris up a wall. Her experiences with a two-person room hadn't been as bad, admittedly, but Iris had grown to like her space. Much of the rewards the woman had offered did not appeal to her. Decor, spa visits, and hairstyle changes... such things never interested her. She wore what was brought to her and seldom more. Fashion wasn't her strong suit, nor did it seem to like her much.

But saying no to the headmistress wasn't an option, not for her. Although it'd be difficult, Iris sensed that doing this would be the right thing to do, should she wish to succeed. Though... if she was to accept, she did want one thing. Steeling herself, Iris nodded, smiling serenely, "Of course, Headmistress, it would be an honor. Though, if it wouldn't be much trouble... would I be able to secure myself a study? I am aware some girls living with sisters have them, and I would be quite fine with simply that, should such a thing be a tall order. Of course, I would accept regardless, but I had to ask, as I am quite fond of my studies."

The studies were usually comfortable, with windows and a plentiful amount of sunlight. Iris didn't mind not having them in her own room, as her room was quite lovely, but with another girl there...? She wasn't keen on having distractions before assessment days and on days she was particularly busy.

Naeva Ami

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Madeline watched the girl before her like a hawk. Although there was still a good deal of time before Iris would be graduating, she was old enough now to take personal notice of. The headmistress' recommendations carried weight with the investors and clientele. She couldn't simply rely on grades for her recommendations, but she had to get to know the girls more precisely than usual. In the case of Iris, her poise and automatic manners were pleasing. The expectation, of course, but well refined within the girl. Her appearance was well maintained as well. Everything about her was close to perfect, by Madeline's estimations. She smiled at Iris' initial acceptance, though strained to maintain it as the question came out.

A question, or a demand? Students of Iris' experience and age never asked her for anything. They never replied with a 'yes, but...'. Something was wrong. Yet everything appeared fine. The girl's reasoning was sound as well. To focus on her studies, it was a good excuse. But it didn't feel right. In what way, Madeline wasn't sure. She wasn't the expert in human interaction and psychology. She paid professionals to handle that, after all. And if Iris was as good a student as she seemed, careful lying and manipulation was all part of her training. Would she dare lie to the headmistress? An interesting notion for someone so close to perfection.

"Of course, dear. You'll be moved to the penthouse level of the dorms. Your new room will feature a full wall of windows in a shared living space, with separate rooms for you and your sister. In addition, there's a small room with rounded windows on the corner of the building, accessible from the living area. We allow big sisters to use this space as they wish. Some turn it into a study. Others make it an art studio, sewing room, or music room. You're free to keep it to yourself, or share with your sister. The penthouse dorm will be your home, under your rules. Consider it preparation for the real world beyond graduation," she finished in explanation. While not every sister pair lived in a penthouse dorm, of which there were only four, they did have larger rooms at very least. The penthouse rooms were reserved for special cases. It seemed that Iris and her sister would be a special case. "The one downside I'm afraid, is being further from your classes, since your room is at the top of the building. But I'm confident this won't be an issue for you. And again, training for a potential future. I can't tell you the number of successful women out there who have a penthouse apartment in the middle of a busy downtown. The scale may be different, but the ideas is the same."

The headmistress made her way back to her own seat, lowering herself back in before again returning her attention to the student before her. Normally that would be it. But she was curious.

"Is there anything else I can provide? Or any questions regarding the arrangement? As I said, I'm at your disposal. Once you're ready I'll have her sent in, but I wish to ensure your needs are taken care of first."


Iris was acutely aware of the woman staring her down like she was nothing more than a rabbit. The stare unsettled her, slightly - she was careful not to let it show, but she was worried as to how the woman would take her request. Just because she didn't react outwardly didn't mean she wouldn't still suspect Iris of doing something sinister or improper in that study. Had students done that before, perhaps? Iris was unsure, but sincerely hoped the woman would see her diligence and her work ethic and understand how dearly Iris cared for her studies. Despite the uncertainty, Iris remained perfectly postured, smiling gratefully, "Thank you, Headmistress, that sounds lovely. I will do my absolute best to continue improving in my studies whilst I mentor my sister. A longer distance to walk would be no problem for myself - I've always strived to keep in good health, and I often wake up quite early before class."

She did, indeed, wake up early. Arriving semi-early to classes was an unspoken expectation for the girls. Although being "fashionably late" was required in some hemispheres of the world, such etiquette was not the norm, here. Iris was very conscious of her classes and her academic standing. As such, being late was considered a failure in her eyes. She had been late twice - first, when she'd helped wrangle a few stubborn horses for some younger, panicked first years, and second, when she'd encountered an injured girl a little ways into the garden. Her teachers frequently greeted her on their way to class, and Iris often spoke with them when she had the chance. Such talk was almost always academic, and she was always polite, even if her questions became too advanced for her teachers to give answers too.

Iris made sure to maintain eye contact with the headmistress, even when she went to sit back at her desk. She didn't stare, still, but she was attentive. Once the woman was seated, and began to speak, Iris felt a bit of anxiety crawl back into her chest. Would she meet her sister soon? And would the girl be a wild one, untamed and uncut? Or would she simply be docile, and somewhat timid? Iris had, although not found of gossip, heard of a few girls who were... much more troublesome than they were worth. Although the vast majority of girls were quickly molded into fairly polite, well-mannered young women, a few did not fit the academy whatsoever, and were sent away. To where, Iris did not know, but she hadn't much interest in finding out, either. Her parents had sent her here years ago, and she intended to make them proud of her and her accomplishments.

The young woman shook her head, "That is all, thank you Headmistress. I will be sure to reach out to staff should anything come to mind in the future, of course."

Naeva Ami

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Iris remained obedient and well mannered. She said all the right things, at all the right times. Only her question about the study stood out as unusual. Though whether the request was a good or bad sign, the headmistress was uncertain. She would be worth watching, for more reasons than one.

"Very well. Thank you for taking on this responsibility, Iris," she said with as much gratitude as she could muster. Madeline reached to the phone system on the desk, pressing down on a button. "Send her in." Within no more than thirty seconds, the door to the office opened up, and a girl stepped through. Footsteps heavy with hesitation beneath tattered black sneakers. "Welcome back, dear. Adelynn, meet Iris. Your big sister."

Adelynn paused in her tracks. Panic rose upon her youthful face. Bow lips frowned, and her shoulders tensed up. Sister. The word held deeper meaning and implication, she was certain of that. Nothing about this place seemed normal, so a 'sister' surely wouldn't be either. She'd met the headmistress once already, though she hadn't expected to be brought back to her in order to meet a sister. A tour guide perhaps? Were all students supposed to see eachother as sisters? She had little time to wonder. The headmistress beckoned her over, and she found herself complying.

Her hair bounced around her as she walked. She was a brunette, her locks falling to only a few inches above her waist now. Long overdue for a cut, and rather untamed. She had a great deal of natural curl going on, and plenty of tangles as a result. All one length without any bangs, or style to speak of. Her clothes were of a similar manner. Black jeans with frayed hems. A red tanktop, and a black zipdown hoodie overtop that was at least one size too big. A drastic contrast to the perfectly dressed women of the academy.

After what felt like forever, marching to her death, she arrived beside Iris. "Hey..." she said weakly, unsure what she was expected to do. Her focus returned to the headmistress. To her unyielding smile. She just looked so pleasant. Sinisterly pleasant.

"Now that we're all together, I will explain, Adelynn. As we discussed, the academy is a place of higher learning, with strict guidelines and standards. Its difficult for any young woman to meet our standards of excellence, but I believe you can. However, you're joining our family late into the semester, so Iris here is going to help you out," Madeline began, gesturing between them. "She will be your sister. She is in charge, and what she says, goes. She's one of our brightest students, and I'm certain she will be able to lead you to such a high standing as well. Know that she is responsible for you in totality. Any struggles you have will reflect upon her, just as your successes will. And should you need anything, no matter how big or small, Iris will be there to help. Understood?"

Adelynn looked at the woman, mildly bewildered. Still, she had a feeling it wouldn't do her any good to protest to the one in charge. Not when she was so in the dark at least. "I guess so?" she answered loosely, her voice soft, high, and delicate. Though her words messy, tone uncertain.

"Excellent," The headmistress said with finality. "Now, Iris, why don't you take Adelynn along to initiation and get to know eachother?" The woman prompted.


Iris nodded to the headmistress, a respectful smile remaining on her face. She adopted a curious, yet friendly expression at the mention of her new sister, however - it wouldn't do her well to appear stony and unfriendly to the girl, now would it? She made certain not to gawk as the girl walked in, though it was a rather difficult task. Indeed, Adelynn's appearance was not at all like the standard of the academy. Disheveled and messy, she looked more alien than human, in the instant Iris saw her. Iris imagined that should any girl in the academy walk out in such attire, their floor mothers would faint right on the spot.

But to anyone watching, Iris appeared to be the perfect picture of serene warmth. She dipped her head in greeting and smiled brightly at the girl. Inwardly, however, she suppressed a groan. Would she truly have to style her new sister, too? If the curls were anything to go by, getting the girl to comb them out regularly would be a struggle and a half if she didn't want to remove them... though, Iris supposed, maybe the threat of their removal may motivate her to find a better routine...? Either way, Iris was certain her hands would be full with that long, curly hair alone. The girl's outfit, while horrendously unfit for the academy, would be a bit easier. After all, the girls didn't have a huge selection of uniforms to chose from, and the headmistress did say help would be abound.

Another matter entirely was the girl's demeanor. She was... open, for lack of a better word. Every emotion the girl felt seemed to be shoved right out into the open for anyone to see. Iris doubted the girl intended to be such an easy read, yet still... easy to read she was. Iris picked up the hesitation and nerves with ease, inconspicuously watching how the girl moved and spoke. The girl was tense, and likely unsure of what was going on. Iris had some sympathy for her - it must be odd, entering the school in the midst of the year. Nevertheless, as Adelynn was introduced to her, Iris rose, standing up straight. She was tall, already surpassing six feet in height, and had medium-length hair she often wore in a bun or braid. While not particularly shapely, she had a certain grace about her, learning years ago the importance of movement. Although she had been rather clumsy in the past, practice and dedication had given her the ability to mask that clumsiness and replace it with a far more lady-like way of moving.

A hand, slender yet soft, was extended to Adelynn in a show of politeness. As her hand hung in the air, Iris looked down at Adelynn with as warm a smile as she could muster, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Adelynn. I look forwards to our time together as sisters, and I sincerely hope you'll come to love the academy just as much as I have."

Iris briefly returned her attention to the headmistress, bowing respectfully, "Of course, headmistress. I hope your afternoon is pleasant, and tonight treats you well."

Beckoning for Adelynn to follow her, Iris wasted no time in exiting the room. Immediately outside of the door, Ms. O'Connor awaited them, just as bright-eyed as before. She practically beams at Adelynn, her joy is far more genuine and infectious than Iris's, "Oh my! Hello there - Adelynn, was it? It's lovely to meet'cha, dear! Follow me girls, I'll lead you out."

With that, Ms. O'Connor set off. Iris followed, of course, but kept at a distance. Curious of Adelynn's nature, she glanced down at the girl again, clearing her throat.

"I imagine that was a bit overwhelming, no? You can ask me questions if you have any, you know." She offered, wondering if the girl would bite at the conversation topic.

Naeva Ami

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Following Iris out of the headmistress' office and down the hall, Adelynn remained at a loss. Nothing about the situation made sense. And despite the headmistress' instructions, both before an hour ago and a minute ago, she really wasn't clued in on what was happening. She'd uttered a brief hello to Ms. O'Conner, but didn't know who she was either. She'd seen quite a number of different adults on her way here already, but Iris was the first kid like her.

Though, in every glance she caught of her, it was rather obvious that they weren't alike at all. Really, she didn't see her as a 'kid' either. She looked like an adult. Gorgeous in a way that even she felt a tinge of envy towards. The two of them weren't comparable. Like a goth and a cheerleader. Or a clown and a scientist. They couldn't be further apart.

Upon hearing Iris' question, she craned her neck to look up at her. For the first time she realized just how tall her new 'sister' was. She herself was far from tall, but had always wished she could be. Another reason she found envy in the woman's appearance. A great surprise, really. But she looked so poised, so perfect. Like a doll, yet mature.

"Overwhelming, yeah. You could say that." The slender girl shoved her hands in her hoodie pockets as they walked. "This place is crazy. I've never seen anything so... fancy." Adelynn looked Iris over once more. Fancy didn't even begin to describe her. Nor the school, when she thought about it. From outside, she'd been unable to even see all of it from the car. It looked like a curved outer building, maybe a ring. They'd passed through three sets of gates and checks to get in. Place was like a fortress.

"I have a hundred questions. Noone's freakin' told me anything," she grumbled under her breath. Hope was that the adult wouldn't hear her, though it wasn't like there was anyone in the hallway besides the three of them. "You might regret offering," she swiftly added. Wasn't her fault then, was it?

"I still don't really know... where I'm sitting. Like whether the school's adopted me, or if the headmistress did. But I guess, if you're supposed to be my sister, does that make you adopted too? An orphan?" she asked, hoping they could find some common ground. The reasoning seemed sound to her.


Iris continued to walk, though minded the other girl's shorter stature. She was less interested in their surroundings now that there was someone she was supposed to guide. The girl was quite a bit shorter than her, so eye contact wasn't exactly the easiest, but Erika knew of quite a few smaller-statured ladies who had both an incredible presence and were very good at maintaining eye contact. Although it was more difficult for those who did not have height on their side, Erika was certain that with practice, manners and a dedication, anyone could learn how to do it. Keeping a good, but not suspicious, distance from Ms. O'Connor, Iris kept her voice low as she spoke.

"Mm, it can be a lot to take in. But you'll get used to it, with time. I promise we aren't nearly as pretentious as this place would lead you to believe. There's nothing good that comes from being uppity, you know. Of course, manners and politeness are valued, but that should come with time - the dorm mothers and our teachers will understand you are new here."

She spoke more casually, now that the headmistress wasn't in the room with her. Iris definitely felt as if a bit of a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders, now that she had met Adelynn and left the headmistress's office all in one piece. She had expected the worst, and while Adelynn didn't seem to be from a particularly wealthy background, she didn't seem to be too much of a "hooligan," as some of the handful of younger rebels were called. Of course, even those girls were sorted out with time - most simply acted out due to anger of being brought to the academy without much of a goodbye said to their families. They calmed down with time and after finding new friends and family at the academy.

Iris chuckled at Adelynn's exclamation, "Is that so? Well then, ask away! I certainly don't mind - you're my little sister, after all. Here, sisters take care of one another. It's more of a mentorship than simply being siblings. We are to help one another and lift each other up, so to speak."

"In terms of adoption... I suppose you could call the academy your new family, in a way. I myself was sent by my parents, but quite a number of girls here come from orphanages and foster homes. None of them have parents here, specifically, but I do suppose the staff and our dorm mothers function as a sort of parent to those without them. The dorm mothers, if you were wondering, watch over the dorm floors in which the girls here live. They tend to have quite a motherly manner, though not all are fond of that." Iris continued, maintaining a more casual tone.

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