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Fandom The Untold Stories of Hogwarts - 1x1 HP RP

“Alright!” Xavier said, finishing up the sandwiches and putting the stuff away. He brought both plates over and set one at Aaron’s place and one at his. He sat down with a relaxed sigh. It was nice, being back home with Aaron and Princess. He took a bite of the sandwich, wondering how he was going to breach the topic of kids with Aaron. It was such a big decision and there really was no way to gently ease into it.
“Thanks Xaie,” said Aaron gratefully as he pulled his plate closer to him. As they ate, Aaron broke the silence. “Ya know, Adam’s kids love ham and cheese sandwiches,” he mentioned. “Their mum has to make it like all the time for lunch for them,” he chuckled.
“You’re welcome” Xavier said, his head turned to look at Aaron. “Do they? They seem like nice kids. I can only imagine making it all the time.” Xavier said. Well, now might not be a bad time to ease into it. “Have uh, have you ever thought of having kids Aaron?” He asked softly, before taking another bite of his sandwich. He was both curious and a little nervous to what Aaron would say.
As Aaron munched away, he nodded. Jack and Susie were certainly a treat. He then swallowed but suddenly froze for a moment, widening his eyes as he heard what Xavier had said. Aaron began to cough and choke on what was in his throat, spitting it out in a napkin, regaining his breath and calming down. His heart was pounding fast now. Aaron couldn’t believe that Xavier had mentioned it- children, of their own potentially. “K- kids? Of our own?” he repeated. “Well err,” he paused. “Yes! Absolutely yes!” he said quickly. “Xavier I’ve been thinking about this, like for a while. A long while,” admitted Aaron.
Xavier looked over worry in his eyes as he watched his husband cough, choking on the food before recovering. He felt bad that he’d been the cause of that. He felt his heart pound against his chest as he heard his words repeated then the pause. Did he not want any? Xavier would be sad, but would understand. Then he smiled wide. “R- Really? Me too.” Xavier said softly. “Especially being around my students. I kept imagining our kids walking through the halls and teaching them Charms stuff.” Xavier admitted.
“Yes really,” replied Aaron, nodding his head quickly. “For me, hanging around Adam’s kids, helping around the house and taking care of them- it’s really made me want children of my own,” he told him. “Nothing would make me happier than to raise children and be a father with you,” he said to Xavier passionately. “It’s just been a feeling building and building but I can’t hold it back any longer. I want to extend our family and bring even more joy into our lives.”
Xavier couldn’t believe his ears. The joy in his heart was high. “I agree. I’ve been thinking about it all school year. I think it’s the best idea in the world.” Xavier admitted. “I want to raise kids with you, and be a dad.” He said, finishing his sandwich and smiling. “I think we should also discuss getting a bigger place as well.” Xavier laughed. “Our little flat may be too small.” He added.
It made Aaron’s heart swell with joy to hear that Xavier too wanted to be a father and raise children with him. He was delighted at his husband’s response. He couldn’t wait to love, care for, and raise children with his beloved husband by his side. Aaron very much wanted to be a father. He then nodded as Xavier pointed out the small size of their flat. They had lived here for a few years now and it would certainly be too small of an area to raise a child or two. The good thing was that especially with Aaron’s professional Quidditch league contract money, they could certainly afford to move elsewhere and to a bigger place.
Xavier was over the moon at the moment, he was excited that Aaron shared in the fact that he wanted children as well. His mind started wandering, wanting to experience everything with Aaron when it came to children. Then he thought of his job, and Aaron’s. Who would watch the kids when they were at work or Quidditch. Now the nerves and worry set into Xavier.

Like always, he could find the smallest issue and worry about it forever. His parents would probably be okay with watching them, but it was time he’d miss from watching them grow. He didn’t want to pop this little moment, so he kept quiet on it. All that mattered in this moment was that they both wanted kids and that was it. “I can’t wait to raise these kids with you Aaron. I love you, so much.” Xaie said, looking at his husband with love in his eyes. They’d figure it out, they always did. When the two of them wanted something, they found a way and made it work. Always.
Aaron smiled, his mind too occupied with excited thoughts about raising children with Xavier. He didn’t even begin to think about needing to find someone to no doubt watch the kids while he and Xavier were out doing their jobs. Aaron was sure he’d come home from time to time in the middle of the season to spend time with the kids though. And perhaps he’d be granted paternity leave in the first year or so with the new kids. “I can’t wait either, love,” he replied. “Err I guess we should discuss age? Maybe gender? Do you have any preferences?” he asked. “I don’t mind the genders but maybe we could adopt babies,” proposed Aaron.
Xavier was always good at worrying, it was his biggest weakness and probably always would be. He looked at Aaron with a smile. “I don’t have a preference on gender myself love.” He said, and he didn’t. He would be happy just for the chance to raise them with Aaron. “I’d be perfectly happy with adopting babies.” He said with a smile. Would he be the worry wort strict one? Most definitely but he had Aaron beside him and they were going to raise kids together, that was all that mattered to Xavier in the end.
“Then it’s settled! We’ll adopt little babies!” Aaron declared. He was very excited to be able to be a father from an early age and to get the opportunity to raise children from practical birth. “We should plan going to an adoption center at some point,” he mentioned.
Xavier was thrilled at this opportunity for them. He was ready to become a dad, especially with Aaron at his side. That afternoon they had talked to an adoption center who would keep them informed of babies that would be available for them. Xavier immediately started to think about everything they’d need and what they’d have to get. Of course, Xavier had always tried to be prepared or over prepared if he was honest. The next two and half months went by fast unfortunately for Xavier. His short time home was weird, but he spent as much time as possible with Aaron and Princess.

He had started looking at houses out in the country side, but none had caught his eye. He wanted something that was near the forest, away from the big city. He wanted his kids to grow up like he did, exploring the woods. He wanted to explore it with them, teaching them how to climb trees and other things. Xavier just couldn’t help himself, all he could think of was how amazing it would be to watch their kids grow up, maybe even send them to Hogwarts. Of course, he’d be there to watch them, teach them and make sure they didn’t cause too much trouble like their parents had. He’d try and give them space too, so he wasn’t overstepping as a dad either.

When September 1st came around, Xavier was 23 and headed back for his second year teaching. It was still hard to say good bye to Aaron, and he still found that riding the train alone sad. Xavier adapted quicker this time to teaching. The school year was underway and many of the students who’d had troubles last year, were doing much better this year. Overall, he was pleased with how his students were doing. He still spent time helping Jenn, but she was a quick learner. He’d spent his free time in their storage room again, much like last year. Xavier also sent letters everyday to Aaron, telling him all about his school year.

It seemed like he’d just gotten to Hogwarts when it was time to leave again. He packed his trunk, headed to the carriage then boarded the train. The moment he got home, after the reunion with his husband on the platform and then Princess’ greeting at home, he started looking again. Then he found it, a beautiful home with a little bit of land that butted against a forest. It was perfect and somehow they’d managed to get it. Xavier and Aaron had moved in a week after Xavier came home. They’d been in their home a few days when they got the call from the adoption center. Two babies were available. They were three weeks old and their mother, a half blood witch, had put them up for adoption. It was July 2nd, 2004 when the couple was headed to the adoption center to meet their new babies.
It became clear that Aaron and Xavier were ready for a change, and that their humble London flat would not be big enough to raise children. So, in late June of next year in 2004, Aaron and Xavier had managed to purchase and secure a perfect home. It was a nice plot of land in the countryside with lots of space and a nice large house. Aaron’s professional Quidditch salary helped to pay for it, but he was certainly happy to do so to give themselves a more permanent home in a dream location and setting, as well as a good place to eventually raise the children they planned to adopt. By July of 2004, the two twenty three year olds had been settling in nicely to their new spacious home in the ideal location of the countryside, mostly undisturbed from others and with plenty of land.

It was the second of July when the couple finally received a much long awaited call from an adoption center that was specifically for witches and wizards hoping to adopt either fully or partly magical children whose parents had put them up. They hadn’t even been in their new home for a week when they got the call that would allow them to start a new and excited chapter in their lives. The adoption center had called and informed both Xavier and Aaron that there were now two babies for them to adopt. They were each three weeks old they had been told, one boy and a girl- twins. Their mother was a half-blood witch. Not much was known about the father but it was assumed that he was a muggle who ran off elsewhere. What that meant though was that these two babies had magical blood.

While it was entirely possible either child or even both could somehow end up as squibs, what their magical blood meant was that one day, they might be eligible to go to Hogwarts once they got older and became of age. But Aaron would love them just the same- accepted to Hogwarts in the future or not. Aaron had been over joyed listening in on the call with the adoption center with Xavier. Finally, a dream of theirs could come true. They were going to adopt and raise children- two sweet little babies that were only weeks old. It was perfect. So, on that July 2nd day of 2004, the couple set out to the adoption center to meet and formally sign the adoption papers for the two twin babies.
Xavier was practically shaking with anticipation. He was excited to meet the two babies that they’d be raising together. He was ready, well, and nervous, worried, and excited. Several emotions swirling inside but he was ready for this, especially with Aaron at his side. They finally arrived at the adoption center, Xavier holding the door for Aaron before stepping in after him. They went to the front desk and told the woman at the desk who they were and what they were here for. She would lead them to the person handling the adoption for them, so they could sign the papers and then meet their son and daughter.
Aaron couldn’t remember a time when he was more excited. Perhaps when Xavier had asked him out to the Yule Ball when he was a teen? Or maybe when they officially agreed to start dating? When Xavier said yes to his marriage proposal? This pending adoption though was certainly going to rank highly amongst those exciting moments in his life. He was a mixture of eager to finally meet the babies and their children that they’d be raising for the rest of their lives, but also nervous. Aaron wanted nothing more than to be a good father to these children, and he wanted Xavier to see him as a great father as well. This was going to be a big step in their lives and something new that neither had experienced before.

The couple entered the adoption center and Aaron tried not to look too excited, but still couldn’t contain an eager smile on his face. His heart pounded as he approached the front desk with Xavier. In minutes, the babies would be brought out and he could meet them for the first time. After their identities were verified, the receptionist handed them off to the one handling the adoption process. Aaron looked over at Xavier and grinned with excitement, exchanging a glance with him. He couldn’t wait for the person to bring out both babies- only three weeks old. Aaron could just anticipate how adorable they would look.
Xavier smiled at Aaron, his own excitement mirrored on his face. They were brought into a smaller room with the woman handling their adoption. She slid two papers in front of them, a simple contract outlining that they’d provide a loving safe home, to care for them and make sure they were always healthy happy and taken care of.

Then the door opened and Xavier’s heart melted. Two younger girls came holding bundles. One blue and one pink. “Their mother hadn’t named them when she gave them up. It was something she didn’t have the heart to do knowing she couldn’t keep them.” The woman said, and the bundles were brought over. The girl holding the pink bundle motioned for Xavier to hold his arms open. She set the bundle in his arms and he held her tight but not too tight. He made sure to support her head. If Xavier thought he was in love with Aaron, he felt that just as intensely for this beautiful girl in his arms. “Rose.” He said, looking between her then over at Aaron. The other bundle was to be set in his arms.
First was the boring part. Before they could officially meet their new baby children, they had to formally sign the adoption papers and fill out the forms necessary in order for this process to go through and be complete. Once the paper work was filled out by the both of them and they agreed to give the babies a comfortable and loving home, the two children were now officially under the care of Aaron and Xavier. Finally, once that was squared away, it was time to meet the babies.

Two younger girls game out of a room. Each held their own little bundle of blankets. One of them was pink colored, the other blue. Aaron could then see the adorably small bodies and two cute faces wrapped up in each of the blankets. Aaron was a bit surprised to learn that the mother hadn’t given the babies names as the woman told them this. It was a little sad that they had gone three weeks without a name but it also excited Aaron that he and Xavier would get to name them and choose something on their own. The young female handed Xavier the baby in the pink bundle of blankets, and the other approached Aaron with the blue one.

Xavier was gently given the baby girl, and Aaron took the little baby boy in his arms, holding his new son for the very first time. It was a moment he would never forget- a very special one for a new father. Aaron held the baby boy in his arms firmly yet gently as he looked down and got a good look at his new son’s face. Aaron’s heart swelled with happiness as he held one of his bundles of joy. Aaron smiled down at the baby boy lovingly. His face was so tiny and the little boy looked very comfortable all wrapped up in those blankets.

Aaron felt an immense sense of pride now holding his beautiful baby boy in his arms. He would love both the boy and the girl forever and ever, along with Xavier, who he couldn’t wait to be a co-parent with. Aaron spent a silent moment smiling down at the baby boy in his arms, just soaking it all in. He then heard Xavier rather quickly say a name, and it seemed he had come to a decision on the girl’s name. Aaron looked up and over to Xavier and the baby girl he was holding in his arms. Rose- it was such a fitting name. Pretty like a flower. “Xaie, that’s a perfect name,” he said softly.

He then looked back down at the unnamed baby boy in his arms and took a moment to think. A name came to his head after closely analyzing the baby’s little face. The boy had a head of soft brown hair that was on the darker side- not light like Aaron’s own hair. “How does Logan sound, love?” Aaron asked quietly, running the name he had come up with by his husband. Both children were so perfect- two beautiful and luckily, healthy babies.
Xavier had been so excited and proud, that he realized he’d named their daughter without even asking Aaron if he liked the name. He was too busy looking at the little girl in his arms. She was perfect in his eyes. He didn’t want to look away, his heart was so full of love and happiness. Xavier heard Aaron say that the name was perfect and he was so happy to hear that.

Xavier then heard him say a name, and Xavier looked over. “Logan is a perfect name for him.” Xavier said softly. “Rose and Logan Hoskins-Collins. Two perfect names for two beautiful babies. Our beautiful babies.” Xavier said with a soft smile, his eyes right back on his daughter. She was absolutely perfect in his eyes, and he couldn’t wait to watch her grow up.
Aaron smiled, delighted that Xavier had liked the name Logan for the baby boy. When Xavier said the children’s full names, it made his heart swell with joy to hear their last names both hyphenated and being used for their new kids. He loved the sound of that. Aaron nodded, agreeing that the names were beautiful and suitable for two amazing and beautiful children. And so it was settled: the baby boy was to be named Logan, and the baby girl, Rose. Aaron looked back down at his infant son and continued to smile fondly. He was adorable and looked so peaceful. Aaron couldn’t wait to watch him grow up into an outstanding and handsome little man. “This is amazing. Just perfect,” he whispered.

At that point, the baby boy, who was sleeping soundly, had just begun to wake up. Aaron could now see the baby boy’s eyes for the first time as he opened them up. Aaron felt his heart melt. The baby boy had a beautiful pair of brown eyes- a deep and dark color like chocolate, not too different from Xavier’s own eyes. Aaron gasped quietly as his baby son opened his eyes and looked up at him for the first time. Little brown eyes peered up at a set of hazel eyes looking down upon them. Although Logan woke now, he did not stir or seem to move around or show any signs of distress. The new father and his tiny son were still for a moment.
Xavier had looked over at Aaron, seeing the joy on his face. Perfect. His attention was drawn back to Rose. She too had started waking, almost as if she knew her brother was. Her eyes were a milk chocolate brown, a little lighter than her brothers. He watched as she looked up at him. Father and Daughter watching each other, taking each other in. Xavier couldn’t wait to see just who his daughter would grow up to be.

He was head over heels for his kids and his husband. He’d do anything for them, although he had a bad feeling that Rose would have him wrapped around her finger. And somehow? Xavier would be fine with that. “Hello there sweetheart.” Xavier said softly, his eyes never leaving hers. He had everything that he could ever want. A handsome husband, his dream job, and two beautiful perfect babies to love and raise with Aaron at his side, them doing it together.
Aaron couldn’t take his eyes off of his little baby son who was now awake. He cooed softly as he saw Logan bring a very tiny hand up to his nose to rub it, perhaps having a small itch. Their eyes were locked- it seemed that neither Logan nor Aaron could stop staring at each other. The baby boy meeting his father for the first time, and the adult man getting a look at his new son for the very first time. Life was perfect- a handsome and loving husband, his dream job, and now, two beautiful children.

After what seemed like forever, standing there and staring down at his baby son in his arms, Aaron finally spoke. “Xaie. He’s got your eyes,” he told his husband in a soft whisper. “Brown, just like you,” he added quietly, smiling lovingly at the tiny baby. Aaron then slowly and gently brought a free hand over to lightly stroke the boy’s head. His brown hair was soft to the touch. He then carefully grabbed Logan’s tiny hand and gave it the most gentle of squeezes with his fingers. Aaron couldn’t get over how small the boy’s hand was.
Xavier’s eyes flicked over to Aaron hearing him. “She has the same color eyes.” He said softly, his eyes back on his daughter. He took his hand and ran it down her cheek gently. She made a little coo sound and if Xavier’s heart hadn’t already melted, it would’ve at that moment. Such a soft sound that tugged at his heart strings. His entire world was there in that office, between Rose, Logan and Aaron. “We should get these two home love.” Xaie said softly. They had been planning for two babies so they at least had a crib for each baby. They each would have their own room but at the moment, they were both in one nursery.
Aaron let out an “aww,” finding it adorable that the twins shared the same set of pretty brown eyes. Aaron probably wouldn’t stayed in that adoption center forever holding his new baby son if it weren’t for Xavier telling him they should head home. Aaron nodded- they couldn’t stay here all day, and he wanted to bring their children back to their new home. “You’re right,” he replied softly, still holding Logan close to him. “Let’s go before they end up closing the bloody place with us inside,” he joked. Aaron could hear Logan let out a little yawn and he squealed a bit at the cuteness of it all. He looked at Xavier and began walking towards the exit.
Xavier let out a small laugh as he heard Aaron. He slowly stood up from the chair, holding Rose close. “Sounds like a plan.” He said softly, looking at his beautiful baby girl. He followed Aaron towards the exit, thanking the adoption woman. He came up beside Aaron, his eyes glancing at his son in his husband’s arms. He was ready to go home and start this new chapter in their lives.

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