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  • Artist — TheColorfulCatStudio
    ACT I
    Dear child, be pious and good, and God will always take care of you, and I will look down upon you from heaven, and will be with you.

    After, happily ever after what happens? Before once upon a time who were they? All fairytale characters need to be somewhere; they’re people after all. Well, all of these fantastical characters were here in Satoria. Where all fairytale characters and mythology characters collect and live. Unlike some people believe, these people aren’t trapped in the stories they were born into. It’s 20XX after all; they should be allowed to wander around freely. They have lives aside from their stories, jobs, relationships, families, and all that it entails. Life for these people goes about just as you might imagine in your world. Although there are a few main differences from what you've been told. The stories are not exactly the same; each one is at least slightly different. People have a tendency to twist things up.
    ACT II
    So I mean this to be a sort of slice of life RP, but for fairytale characters. I don't think I made it quite clear, but I'd like your characters to be the children/descendants of the original fairytale characters. I think this would allow you to branch off from the original character concept however you'd like. The characters I have reserved for myself are in the next act; as well as what I expect from your characters. It is your choice whether or not to keep the original characters alive depending on how old your character is.

    Another very important thing about this RP, is that I want the stories to be twisted from the originals. They can be twisted as little or as much as you'd like. As long as they somewhat follow the original tale. These fairytale stories can be taken from any version of the fairytale that you'd like. (Yes this includes Disney versions, although I would prefer the Grimm tales of some) I do keep saying fairytales but I'd also like this to include other kinds of stories like Myths, folklore, and any other stories you'd like. (I'd like to include stories from all over the world, so don't be afraid to suggest any tales) Any stories are okay, but please ask first so I can approve them. Also include which characters descendants you'd like to play, and how you'd like to twist the story. There's many details to this RP, but I'd also like these characters to be aware of retellings of their stories. So please be prepared to do a little research on the tales you choose. If there aren't any retellings; that's okay. You can make up your own if you'd like.
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A bit more information that I think you will need to know:
I have characters from multiple stories, these stories are still open to use.
I would like you to include a picture of your characters house, or a description will work fine as well.
Stories can be mixed, but I'd prefer you keep mixing to a minimum regarding parents
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Bumping with facts:
Magic in Satoria is derived from a mother tree. It’s grows on an island off the coast of wonderland. If this tree were ever to be cut down the flow of magic would stop, and fairytale stories would cease to exist….. Maybe.
So about our fairytales, do we keep playing the role of a villain if our character is some man eating monster?
That’s another reason why I wanted your characters to be the descendants of the originals, because no you don’t have to. You can do whatever you’d like in that regard.
A lore page is up! More to come as I write it.

Character creation is open
So the character plays the same role in the original tale; it is the original tale that is slightly different than is told by tongue in the mortal realm. Here though is the "correct version".
In short, yes it is the original tale that is twisted.

As for your second question, it is modern days but you also must remember that this is an alternate world. Things are slightly different than they are in the mortal realm. I think that I'll do a post in Lore regarding current technologies. Would that be helpful?
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Lots of life happened, so we have not started yet. Feel free to join in before we begin!
But don't be too afraid, Character creation will still be open even after we start.

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