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Fantasy The Submarine Ball (Light Steampunk Fantasy Murder Mystery)

Sub Genres
Adventure, Magical, Mystery

Talk of The Tournesol Ball is all you'll hear from any high-class lady or gentleman this time of year. Along with being one of the most prestigious gatherings one could be invited to, it is one of the few such events in the grand city of Embark that any race is allowed to attend- as long as they received an invite. And lucky you, you've got one.
The ball is hosted on a large, beautifully decorated, golden submarine. Once the submarine is boarded, lowered into the ocean, and the engines start to pick up steam, there is no turning around, and no way out when The Royal Duke of Embark is found dead, stabbed repeatedly, in the kitchen. A murderer is among the attendees of the ball, and there is no time for dancing or socializing as the submarine is forced to continue on its predetermined hours-long route, the captains powerless. You must work together with your fellows to discover what is going on before anyone else is killed...

Playable races:

Although all races are found in near-equal numbers in Embark, humans make up a hugely disproportionate amount of the higher class. They are a "jack-of-all-trades" type- they can be good at anything, but typically do not excel in one specific area. They are not as mobile as daemoni, as strong as loups, or as proficient in magic as goblins, but they are decent at all of these things. They can be, however, quite tech-savvy and had a heavy hand in developing most of the technology that powers the world.

Goblins are small humanoid creatures with large batty ears and green, red, or blue skin, and they are exceptional with magic, tech, and magitech. Due to their short size they can squeeze through spaces other races would not be able to enter. They are, however, quite weak. Goblins have a rather solitary, independent spirit, and aren't as social with each other as other races, often squabbling when they're together. Nevertheless, they are often plucky and full of enthusiasm.

Loups are beings with the bodily appearance of a wolf- with a snout, fur, ears and a tail- but of the intelligence and stature of a human. Loups are typically quite strong and have fearsome appearances. But don't let that fool you- loups are no more aggressive than any other race. In fact, many are a bit shy.

Daemoni are creatures named for their resemblance to demons. They have horns of varying sizes and shapes, dark patches of fur along their shoulders and spines, digitigrade legs with long paws, hands with claws, and long, thin barbed tails. They are on average taller and leaner than humans, and are quite fast. They are feared and stigmatized. Their culture is mysterious and insular; they tend to be rather solemn and serious, and speak Common with heavy accents.

Rules and Mechanics:
- I will be the gamemaster; I will operate NPCs, move the story along, and narrate as we go.
- The RP has a loose plot with an ending, and is meant to be short-term, though of course player characters will have a great impact on the events that occur.
- The RP will be literate, with a minimum of one paragraph (three sentences) per post and at least SOMETHING to react to.
- Your character must be thought-out. Use your imagination and ask questions- why was your character invited to the ball? Were they even invited to the ball, or did they buy an invite on the black market? How will they react to the murder being committed?
- Sign-ups will not be first-come, first-serve.
- If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

I will post a character sheet soon if this gains enough interest!​

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