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THE SENTIENTS [Sci-Fi, Superhero, Dystopian, etc.] {CURRENTLY OPEN!!!}

Lady Astra

The Sorceress of Smiles


Hello there! You've certainly come a long way. Welcome to Midfield, the last known human colony within the United Delegation of the Americas, better known the U.D.A.!

Here, we respect all living beings great and small from all forms of life, especially Golems, human-like lifeforms with metal-alloy-strengthened skeletons built beneath their skin. If not for their evolution, it would not be possible for us humans to continue repopulating our beautiful country. After the Deadly Ravage during World War III, almost 2/3 of humanity was killed, either by the war or the radiation that surrounded us from all sides. Thanks to our advanced technology, we built Midfield as a final defense and produced outer armor for our Golems so that they could work to protect us, serve us, and help us continue the human generation safely and without contamination. Each has a specialized armor and power that goes with it, some models rare and unique depending on their creators and status.

The Sentients, our most trained group of Golems, deal with all forms of crime within our dear colony, protecting it from any signs of harm or corruption. Established during Year B01 following the National Restoration, our government trained these Golems for years on end so that they alone can act as our national defense force. With their help, we hope to permanently restore the peace of Midfield and of humanity, so that our race may continue to flourish under Her Most Honorable, Chancellor Evelyn Doll---

*static* *the hum of radio channels changing* *roughly pre-recorded female voice, cold and void of compassion*

So you think, you disgusting Organics. -S.S.

*static* *previous announcer voice returning but with more gravel and not as clear*

WANTED: Runaway Sentient for the murders of four known government officers, three citizens, as well as the attempted murders of both Sentient Code:AL∏HA and Our Dear Chancellor. Should you stumble upon it, proceed with caution. DO NOT APPROACH! Find your nearest Sentient Beacon immediately before seeking shelters indoors. The current award for it is 20,000,000 al∏has, also known as 200,000 bĒtas depending on District Lines (updated after Census: Year B09). The Sentients are currently working to send a bounty hunter into our fair city in search for her, but do not be afraid to assist if your life is not in danger.

Please continue to support peace within Midfield, good citizens, and may we reach our first Tranquility Decade in the oncoming months. Praise be to Chancellor Doll!


  • S.S. (F) / Anti-Hero / 8+ Lines --> LADY ASTRA

  • Bounty Hunter (M) / Love Interest / 8+ Lines / Once a Day
  • Sentient Code:AL∏HA (F/M) / Rival to S.S. + Previous Love Interest / 6+ Lines / Every Other Day
  • Dr. Silva / Flashback Creator of S.S. / 4+ Lines / During Flashbacks
  • Sentient Team (M/F) / Superhero Squad Min. 4 OCs / 4+ Lines / Once a Day Unless Called For
  • Chancellor Doll (F) / Antagonist / 4+ Lines / When Called For (could appear more often depending on participation)
  • Citizens (M/F) / NPCs / 3+ Lines

  • Full sentences, minimum of your part.
  • Appropriate use of grammar
  • At least 6 months of RP experience
  • Must be able to follow reply speed requirements (unless compromise met, or you request a change)
  • Must make a character sheet
  • No cursing unless censored (i.e. F**K or B*TCH)
  • May need to make a character sheet so must follow formatting
  • Details, details, DETAILS!
  • ... also the basics. Those are important for characters.


Lady Astra

The Sorceress of Smiles
Thanks, guys. Speed Reply requirements depend on which character(s) you're interested in being.


Forever Lost
I would be interested in playing Chancellor Doll if you don't mind. But I am also open to other characters if she is taken.

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