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Realistic or Modern The Runaways

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, Romance


In 2002 a bomb went off in the middle of Denver. The bomb was said to have the power of a 100 megaton warhead. Two thirds of Colorado was destroyed and roughly 3.8 million lives were lost.
In the aftermath the people realized that it wasn't a bomb but a small kid that caused the explosion with his hands.
Since then the people with the forty seventh chromosome known as the meta gene have been hunted down and put into captivity. seeing what a small child could do they didn't want to take the risk with teenagers and adults.

What some people didn't know was that the heads of the organization tasked to keeping Metas away from the public were secretly experimenting on them.

A group of Metas banded together to runaway from the organization. This is their story.

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