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Realistic or Modern The Runaways. (bxb) (private with Quinnigan)


Plot- Running away can be caused by a lot of things. In this case, it's no different for these two. For Muse A, life isn't easy. He lives in the shadows of his two older siblings and is bullied in school. If he's not being compared to his siblings or being hurt by his classmates, then he's basically invisible to everyone around him. He wants nothing more then to just get away and finally have some peace. On the other hand for Muse B, there is no problems in his life. He has a good family and great friends. But he finds that everyday is the same and finds it boring. He wants something new and exciting to happen in his life. With he end up find that, when Muse B comes across Muse A as he's making his plan to run away? When the other begs Muse B not to tell anyone, he agrees not to as long as Muse A lets him come along. Will the two find an unexpected friend during the trip or something more?
(Muse A (me)- a quiet teen who plans to runaway to take a brake from his life.
Muse B (you)- comes across muse a and overheard their plan to runaway and joins him. (personality and stuff about him is up to you.))

No one liners. (If you're low on muse that's fine, I understand.)
Please don't abandon the thread.
If you have any ideas you would like to add for later on feel free to share. I always happy to hear ideas.


Kyle Lee Jones
Kai, Echo
Kyle is a fairly easy going person most of the time. He has a kind demeanor to him, that makes it easy for others to approach him. He's also a bit on the quiet side. Despite this, he doesn't have any trouble speaking his mind. He's loyal to those that he cares for and is always willing to lend a hand when needed. Kyle is very level headed person and is usually pretty calm most of the time. It takes a lot to make him mad, so it's rare to actually see him show anger. He's observant. Because of this, he's usually good at reading people when he's been around them for a bit. He's also clever, good at thinking head when plans call for it and at dealing with trick situations.
Other Information:
Lives with his mom and dad. Has two older brothers that are away at college. Is a bit of a loner at school, since he prefers to spend his time alone than around crowds. He isn't a athlete, he's a fast runner bit that's about it. His hobbies are music and art. He loves animals, the outdoors, the night sky, and rain. He does enjoy baking sometimes. He has a fear of thunder, though he would never admit it.

Schedule/Report Card:
⦁ Art - B+
⦁ Chemistry - B
⦁ French - A-
⦁ Language Arts and Composition - A
⦁ Algebra - A-
⦁ History - A
⦁ Gym - C+
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Hey. I hope it's okay that I reposted the thread here.

The beeping of an alarm clock filled the air, rousing the blond haired teen from his slumber. He slowly sat up in his bed with a yawn, before reaching over to his nightstand to silent the alarm. 'Time for another day of school.' Kyle thought with a sense of dread. He lazily brushed a couple stray strands of his hair from his face as he climbed out of bed. Stepping over to his closet, he picked out some clothes for the day. A simple light green t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and his favorite dark grey hoodie. With his clothes in hand, he headed to the bathroom to get ready. He washed his face, before brushing his teeth and hair. He then changed into his chosen clothes. Once he was all finished, he dumped his pajamas in the clothes hamper before the bathroom and headed down the stairs. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he paused for a moment to listen. A sigh slipped passed his lips when there was only silent in the air. Meaning his parents had already left for work without saying anything again. He stepped into the kitchen to grab an apple. He preferred to get to early when he could, so grabbing something light for the road would be enough. With his breakfast in hand, he headed to the front door. Grabbed his backpack with his free hand, he threw it over his shoulder before heading out of the door without a second to spare.

The walk to school was quiet and peaceful, He lived a bit away from the school, so it was good that he got an early start on his walk. It wasn't like he didn't have a car, he actually did. But he was trying not to use it much for the time being. Besides the sun was out shining, a clear cool day, prefect for a nice walk. Kyle couldn't pass that up. When he finally reached the building, he stared at it for a moment. He soon release a faint sigh and pulled the hood of his hoodie up over his head. 'Just need to get to my lock unnoticed, then I can go wait for class to start the the safety of the classroom.' He thought as he moved towards the front entrance. Pushing the door open, he stepped inside and made his way carefully through the crowded hallway.


I myself am strange and unusual
Eli had been ignoring his phone alarm when the sound of glass breaking echoed in his little bedroom. Anxiety, the kind of confused panic you can only feel when you're half asleep, swirled around in his gut. His eyes shot open, and he lifted his head from his well-worn pillowcase to scan his room in dismay. His dull blue eyes found a scruffy mass of fur perched upon one of his shelves. Of course. That bastard of a cat. Now what did he break?

He sat up with a groan, squinting as his eyes adjusted to the light. Ah, it was the mug. Eli slid out of bed, shuffling over to the pieces of broken ceramic littering the floor. The mug had been a gift from his mother earlier that year. It wasn't much, just an oversized black thing with a picture of the two of them plastered onto one side. She wasn't even smiling in the picture. He frowned, more at the mess than the loss of the knick-knack. "Stupid cat," he muttered, kicking the pieces to the side with his foot. His alarm went off for the fiftieth time. Guess he was going to be late to class. Again.


The second half of first period went by at its usual, sluggish pace. He liked Biology; the teacher was very nice, and the subject matter came easily to him. He could have easily gotten an A+ in the class instead of his B average. But being awake this early in the morning would never be easy for him. Often times, he skipped this class entirely. He was most interested in second period anyway. Photography II was the best class he was taking this year, and Biology was the only obstacle keeping him from it every day. And, when it inevitably ended, it was difficult to return to the mundane status-quo of school.

Elliot skipped his Spanish class, instead choosing to get a head start on his next Photography II assignment. And when the bell rang for 4th period, he was early for Language Arts. His achilles heel. The bane of his existence. The only class that made him want to drink a toxic chemical to avoid the mental torture. He shuffled into the classroom with an internal groan, shrinking into his distressed hoodie.


"Oh, Kyle?" Mr. Bishop called to the boy as he entered the Language Arts classroom. He motioned for him to join him at his desk. He kept his voice low out of courtesy, so that hopefully the other kids in the classroom wouldn't overhear. "How are you doing today, Kyle? I have a proposition for you - or, maybe more of a favor. You've got a very good grade, you know. Your essays are always at the top of the class. I was wondering... have you ever thought about tutoring?" His eyes darted over to the boy in the corner. "You see, there's a student that is going to fail if he doesn't start shaping up. If you would be willing to help him out, I could compensate you for your troubles. I can drop your lowest grade in the class at the end of the year, regardless of what it is. And give you 5% extra credit on the final." His eyes measured the student's reaction, hoping he'd sweetened the deal enough. "What do you think?"


Kyle had his eyes to the floor as he entered the Language Arts classroom. He would've kept moving to an empty desk to sit down, if Mr. Bishop had not called his name. "Oh... I'm doing okay Mr. Bishop." He said simply as he stepped over to the teacher's desk. Of course that was a lie. He had been shoved against the locker after first period and have been shoved against the locker twice on his way here. Basically, he was dreading the day even more then he had this morning. But Mr. Bishop didn't need to know about that. Even if he did tell him, getting a teacher involve would hardly make a difference in the situation. 'It would also simply be a waste of breath to even bother.' He thought as he sighed internally. Regardless, he focused his attention but to the conversation at hand. Rising a brow in curiosity at the mention of a proposition or favor.
The blond was barely able to conceal his surprise continued speaking. Him? Tutoring someone? He honestly wasn't sure of what to think of that. He truly wasn't interested in that kind of thing. He preferred to be alone, so he was a bit uncomfortable with the idea. But he couldn't deny that Mr. Bishop did offer a good deal. With what he is planning on doing, this would insure his grade wouldn't be effected by it. He surely would be a fool to pass up an offer like that. 'Well... I haven't decided on when to go through with the plan.. So I guess I couldn't hurt to offer a helping head this one time.' He thought. All he hoped for, is that whoever Mr. Bishop wanted him to help, wasn't a jerk. "I'm not sure how much help I'll be... But I'll be happy to help tutor this student." He said, keeping his voice low so the other students in the room wouldn't hear him.


I myself am strange and unusual
The balding English teacher smiled at the boy, relieved that he might not have to fail another student. "You will? Excellent, thank you. That's very admirable of you, Kyle." He leaned in a bit closer. "The student you will be working with is Elliot Richards. His biggest problem isn't understanding the material so much as it is applying it. You remember the last book we read last month? He still hasn't turned in his essay. Help him apply the concepts from the book in a way he understands and I think he'll have a chance at passing the class." Mr. Bishop gave him an encouraging smile. "Just do your best. Thank you again, Kyle. You may take your seat. I'll let Elliot know after class."


Eli kept one earbud in as they discussed their class material. Mr. Bishop knew better than to call on him and he took advantage of that, sifting through some of the photographs he'd taken in his previous hour. They weren't bad, but they weren't quite what he wanted either. His lighting was off. The angles were wrong. They were missing something important. His features twisted into a scowl as his irritation got the better of him. He snatched the ballpoint pen he had tucked inside the spiral of his notebook and scribbled an angry "X" on each photo. They were garbage anyway.

Finally the lunch bell rang. He grabbed his overstuffed notebook and hopped up to leave, Mr. Bishop caught him on his way out. He gave Eli and ultimatum; either take the tutoring and have a chance at a passing grade, or take his class again next year on top of his senior English class. Just the thought of two English classes scared Eli straight. He'd rather eat pencil shavings for breakfast every morning. He shot an unhappy look over at Kyle, his heart in his stomach. Tutoring was not his thing. He really wished the boy had just said "no" to the whole thing. Ugh. At least he wasn't one of the preppy popular kids. With a frustrated sigh, he "thanked" his teacher and stalked out of the classroom.

Of course, as the students shuffled into the cafeteria, he ended up reaching the lunch line at the same time as Kyle. Neither of them realized it until it was too late. It would have only made it more awkward if one of them left to head to the back of the line, and nobody liked being last in line anyway. Shyness disgised by discomfort clouded Eli's expression.

"Oh, uh... hey," he said awkwardly. "I guess you're my new tutor, huh?" Way to state the obvious, shithead, he thought to himself. No wonder nobody ever talks to you.


Kyle could feel eyes on him as students were leaving the room. He didn't looked up though not did he move to stand up yet. Yes he wanted to leave the classroom like everyone else. But being one of the last ones to leave was a safer way not to get caught by jerks in the hallway. Once he no longer felt eyes on him, he looked up to see most of the people had already left singling his cue to leave as well. Standing up, he gathered his books into his arms and headed out of the classroom. Bidding Mr. Bishop a goodbye as he left. After he was in the hallway, he immediately headed to his locker to drop his books off. Than was no point in holding onto them during lunch. He then made his way to the cafeteria. As he reached the crowded area, he thankfully managed to get a good spot in line. Well what he thought was a good spot until he realized that he got there at the same time as Elliot. There was already people behind them, so it would just be awkward if either of them tried going to the back of the line. But would it be awkward if he tried to say something to him. Kyle wasn't much of a talker at times... And since he usually spent his time alone, he wasn't sure of how to start a conversation with anyone.

As he was trying to think of something, he was caught off guard when the male spoke first. He looked up a bit to Elliot, barely able to conceal his surprise that the other was speaking to him. But Kyle then focused on what had been said. That's right, Mr. Bishop had said Elliot was the person he needed to tutor. He had almost forgotten about that detail. Still... He was thankful it wasn't some jerk from the class. Realizing that he still needed to answer the other, he became a bit sheepish. "H-hi.. Y-Yeah... That's me." He said quietly with a small nod. Mentally he groaned is his head. He probably sounded like an idiot from the strutter. He couldn't help it though! He had to respond quick, and stumbled over his words as a result. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves.

"I look... forward to working with you." He managed to say more calmly. He hoped this saved himself from some embarrassment. Gosh, he really hoped that he he didn't seem stupid right now.
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I myself am strange and unusual
Ah, Kyle seemed about as awkward as he did. Maybe even more. It was a shame, he seemed unassuming and normal enough. At least, from what he'd seen in classes. He was dorky, yeah, but there were kids that had worse attitudes than him and they all had friends. Why was Kyle so... afraid of him? Elliot was a bit of a jackass sometimes, but he wasn't a bully or anything. He never fought with anyone who hadn't asked for it and he wasn't outright mean to people. Not that the kid would have known any of that, but...

Eli scratched the side of his head, his fingers running through his feather-light hair in a nervous gesture. "You don't have to lie, dude," he said bluntly, shuffling a step forward and the line slowly moved. "Nobody likes tutoring, being in it or being forced to do it. If I had to guess, you're only tutoring me for one of two reasons. Either you have nothing better to do - in which case, I recommend picking up a hobby - or Mr. Bishop offered some really good incentive." He cracked a sarcastic smile. "Please tell me that it's the latter. Because if not... that's pretty sad, not going to lie."


Part of Kyle was relieved that the other didn't make any comment about his response. So maybe he had saved himself some embarrassment... or the taller male was simply being polite by not mentioning it? Either way, the blond was thankful for it. Honestly it was quite silly of him to have a hard time speaking to people. He could speak just fine during classes or to his siblings, but other than that he was usually quiet and kept to himself. 'It's for that reason, I'm somewhat a loner in this place.' He thought, feeling somewhat annoyed with himself. It wouldn't be hard to try speaking to others more, it's just he just preferred not to when he didn't have to.

His train of thought was broken when Elliot spoke. Pale blue eyes blinked in surprised at the blunt tone the other spoke with. Wow, usually people would try to beat around the bush in attempt to seem polite. Either to try getting what they want in the end of the conversation or to try and get themselves out of the situation swiftly. But Elliot went in hit the nail right on the head... and for some reason, Kyle took comfort from that. He relaxed a bit as he shuffled forward when the line moved. "I'll admit, you're not wrong. I wasn't really interested in the thought of tutoring." He admitted as he rubbed the back of his neck. He couldn't deny the fact that the other had a point. There wasn't anyone in this school that actually liked tutoring anyone, didn't matter what the subject was. As Elliot's last word, he looked up at the other with a slight frown. "I do have hobbies! My life revolve around only school." He said in a matter of fact tone. It wasn't long after, a noticeable light pink blush appeared on his face as he realized that Elliot had most likely said it like that to mess with him. He looked off to the side, in hopes of hiding his face. "It doesn't matter what my reason for agreeing was. What's done in done." He said calmly. "Only question to ask right now, is when do you want to get started with the tutoring?"


I myself am strange and unusual
He was surprised that the boy took his comment so seriously at first. He thought it has been obvious that his teasing was good-natured. What was with that reaction? If it were anyone else, Eli might have been offended. Being talked down to was a deeply established trigger of his, and most of the fights he'd been in started as a result of it. But for some reason he wasn't bothered by Kyle's defensive remark. Perhaps it was because he knew Kyle was being just that - defensive. He didn't seem like the type to spit thoughtlessly rude or degrading things. Granted, if it turned out that he was, he wouldn't hesitate to plant his fist into his throat. But somehow he just knew it wasn't like that. Weird.

He raised an eyebrow at him, silently questioning his response. Almost immediately though, Kyle caught on that he had only been teasing. The resulting look on his face as he realized that was priceless. Eli couldn't help laughing just a little. This poor kid must be so easy to mess with, he thought to himself. He hoped he wasn't bullied too badly.

Eli could only avoid the question for so long. His amused expression faded, his eyebrows knitting together with a small groan. "Doesn't matter to me," he said. "We've got what, two weeks until the paper is due? We could meet during free period or after school if you want. So long as I'm not stuck in the library after hours - the librarian hates me."


'Well at least someone thinks that was funny...' The blond thought when he heard the other's laugh. Usually he would feel pretty grim or annoyed by that. But for some reason he didn't feel either one at the moment. If anything he didn't feel on edge about it at all, he actually felt more at ease about it for some unknown reason. Maybe it was because Elliot didn't mean any harm from it? He simply meant it as a good-natured teasing. For the case, Kyle felt a bit of regret for acting so defensive. If he had realized it was harmless to begin with, then he definitely wouldn't have acted in such a manner. Should he at least apologize? Judging from the small laugh Elliot gave, he didn't sound offended. Still... It's the right thing to do right? "So.. Sorry for getting defensive." He said quietly, still turned away from the other.

When his face no longer felt warm, he turned back to look at Elliot. He remained silent as he listened to the male speak, an amused expression only appearing now his face when it was mentioned that the librarian hated the other. Huh, that's a first. The librarian always seemed kind to him, so he wondered what could've made her hate the other?
"Well.. I don't have any free periods after lunch. So we can meet up after school today to get started if that works for you?" He suggested after some thought, stepping forward a bit as the line moved. Two weeks was more than enough time to get the paper done. He still wasn't sure of what help he would be as a tutor, but he was good with these kind of projects. So at least he could offer some kind of help. He just needed to focus on getting through with the paper, then he can focus on his plan without any worries.

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