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Fantasy The Realms of Hymgaard -- OOC Link, Rules, and Character Sheets


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[Racial Information Spoiler, if necessary]
Class: (Name and short description)

Home Realm:
[Realm Information Spoiler, if necessary]

Abilities: (Racial and Class-Based)

Appearance: (Picture, Description, or Hybrid are all acceptable)

Personality: (Novel not required, just a few points are acceptable)

History: (Novel not required, how did they decide to become an adventurer?)
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Name: Enala Vega-Carthis
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Elpsilis
The Elpsilis are the native race of Algorithma. As a mechorganic race, their bones are metal and their blood runs blue. But mortal they are. They rear and raise children as other mortals do, and as mortals do they have desires and dreams, feelings and fears. The Elpsilis are a crafty race, skilled with their hands - especially when it comes to making technology. Their propensity for magic is low, but they are skilled at creating magitech shells and the cores that power the abilities. They are less adept at imbuing the magic within, but for those with the means, an Algorithmic magitech weapon is worth the expense.

The Elpsilis are known for an ability called techsense, which allows them to feel faint pulses from nearby technological sources. By touching one, a skilled technician can sense and diagnose any issues plaguing a drone or other tech-machine, at which point repairs become easier and quicker. To have an Elpsilis craft or maintain for you, while expensive, is well worth the cost as the quality and reliability of their items is ranked high among the mortal races.

EDIT: Elpsilis do not have a mouth, thus they do not communicate nor eat in a "normal" manner. For sustenance they drain nutrients and essence from foods (living beings cannot be drained in this manner). This is done through touch and the process leaves any remaining matter useless to another mortal, as it removes nutrients, shrivels organic matter, and even leaves it tasteless. (The Elpsilis do still taste the food. Less pleasing tastes are as unpleasant to them as to other mortals.)

The mechaorganic beasts of Algorithma are, as a rule, highly sensitive to sounds. To combat this the Elpsilis evolved sharp eyesight and the ability to survive without making sounds. This culminated in a highly empathic society that is sensitive to slight changes in stance, scent (Elpsilis 'smell' by absorbing scent through their facial skin as they breathe), and other markers of demeanor. For direct interaction the Elpsilis have an extensive sign language that is taught to every child at a young age. This is sufficient for communication between one another, but interaction with other mortals requires the use of interpreter drones. These drones speak on behalf of the Elpsilis and has near no delay. Those who venture away from Algorithma are given one, and most villages have a number on hand to assign to representatives when other mortals arrive.
Class: Alphatech (A mix between a beastmaster and a dronecrafter, an Alphatech is at home both with technology and the natural world)

Home Realm: Algorithma
Algorithma is a cold-temperate realm dominated by a central mountain range and otherwise a rather tree-covered land. Magic hangs heavily in the air and causes the morning mist to glimmer. But the oddest thing on Algorithma is the phenomenon known as Mechorganics. Every living thing on Algorithma, even the native mortal race, has a mechorganic makeup. They look somewhat like humans and their bodies work almost identically to mammalian mortals, but their organs, bones, everything are made of what other mortal races consider technical parts.

Algorithmic Acro-suit
Algorithmic Magi-Energy Bow
Hunting Knife
Survival Pack

Kete -- Tracking/Analysis and Interpreter Drone (Self-crafted)
Nym -- Algorithmic Mechorganic Wolf (Animal Companion)

Techsense (Racial)
Mechorganic (Racial)
Tracking (Class)
Survival (Class)
Beast Handling (Class)
Drone Engineering (Class)



History: Enala is a full-born Elpsilis daughter. Her father, Carthis, was a well-known drone builder and her mother, Vega, was the chief hunter of their tribe. As a child Enala spent her days with her father, learning the ins and outs of the drones that Elpsilis were known for. Her education included everything from the machining of the body to the implantation of the magitech core that gives them life. She learned how to maintain anything from a simple message drone to (rarely) a full-size combat mechanicite. She even ended up building her own, an analysis drone known as Kete that helped her learn more about anything he scanned.

As she grew into her teenaged years, Enala began to spend more time outside of her village alongside her mother. There she was taught about the mechorganic wildlife of their realm, their habits and patterns, their lifecycles... she learned how to track beasts and how to survive in the wild (Kete helped quite a bit when it came to edible plant life). She got her first bow at 14 and made her first clean kill after months of practice. At 18 she found an Algorithmic wolf pup alone and limping in the wilds. She took it home and nursed him to health, at which point Nym (as he had been named) followed her wherever she went.

Her village was somewhat isolated from other realms, but every once in a while they got visiting adventurers or merchants. Enala would always ask for stories from beyond the gates, and her love for adventure had taken hold at a young age. Many nights she would spend looking out into the expanse of the realms and imagining what was out there. On her 20th birthday her parents gifted her with the best bow they could afford and bade her to follow her dream, on the condition she sent them messages when she could - and maybe find a nice man along the way.

With her bow in hand and companions by her side, she jumped on a merchant caravan and rode her way towards the gate.​
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Name: Aydeen, Anointed Collector

Age: 53

Gender: Female

Race: Arathy

Race info:

The Arathy are a highly religious, ritualistic race of people. They worship their anscestors, who they believe exist in this realm so long as their possessions still exist in this one. Objects that are important to an Arathy, particularly articles of clothing, and the masks that all Arathy are instructed to make when they come of age, are treated reverentially during someone's lifetime, and like divinity itself after the Arathy has died. Disrespect by other races of an Arathy's possessions have caused bloody disputes in the past. Touching an Arathy is not taboo, technically, but since touching their possessions without permission is, and they are almost always swathed in their clothes and masks, it comes out to the same thing.

Arathy that live amongst other races have come to adapt, and realize that the occasional jostle is unavoidable, but even these react viciously when their mask is touched.

An Arathy, when completely uncovered, and in their natural state, has a body that is black skinned from head to toe, with minimal facial features and dark hair. They can, however, alter their appearance in any way that suits them, changing and expanding their bodies, altering their features and coloration. This is an ability they rarely use, however, as they prefer to stay completely covered unless they are with deeply trusted family. Using their natural abilities to deceive another is taboo, though Arathy that live amongst other races tend to 'forget' this rule sometimes, especially those engaging in criminal activity. The most common use is allowing the Arathy to grow taller or shorter, to gain slightly longer arms ect. To accommodate their needs while remaining covered.

Arathy tend to come of age at age 40 and can live up to 300 years.

Their most important anscestors are The Twenty, who they revere like gods. They were the only Arathy to fight against the swarm, but they were monsterously powerful. Unfortunately all fell in battle, and their masks, items of great power and the most sacred possessions of these revered anscestors, were lost. The Arathy choose, every so often, an Anointed Seeker to find these masks, but so far only one has been found.

Class: Seeker; Uses innate magical powers combined with the magical tech of the ancient relics in her possession to fight. Spell Caster type.

Home Realm: Haile

Home Realm Info: Haile is a cold, inhospitable land. Tall mountains and open tundras dominate the land, the forests that can survive here deep, dark and empty. Ancient crags where most of the life exists cross cross Haile, and this is where the Arathy make their abode, amongst the seemingly infinite cave systems. Most prefer to build their homes in the crags themselves, to give them a view of the open sky.

While the above world does hold creatures. Wolves, elk, Jackalopes, it can't compare to the diversity found below ground. Even the Arathy haven't catalogued everything that exists in the endless tunnels. Much of their diet comes from the bioluminescent mushrooms that exist here, and the earth dwelling creatures that they've managed to domesticate, though some do go above to hunt, though this is more for sport, as they can dark everything they need below ground.


Aydeen's coming of age mask (No magical power except as a very effective piece of protective head gear)

The Mask of The Planter: The only mask of The 20 that has been recovered. Gives power over the things that grow. When put on it rapidly begins to drain anyone that is not one of the Arathy, and slowly withers anyone who is, though it confers great power. Aydeen can wear it longer than most as she is trained and blessed as the 'anointed one'.

Staff of the Tundra: A staff that Aydeen crafted herself while trekking through the tundra to complete her trials to be the Seeker. It helps her focus her magic and doubles as a quarter staff.

Survival Gear: Cold weather clothes, a tent, a tinder box, a small amount of money


Water manipulation: Aydeen can warm or cool water, forcing it to boil or freeze, as well as being able to manipulate that water in certain ways, such as throwing it about. She can walk on water, sometimes, though she's still working on the technique and can occasionally fall through.

Quarter Staff Proficient: Aydeen is skilled with a quarter staff and can use it as a weapon effectively.

Arathy Racial Abilities: Aydeen can make herself taller or shorter by a few feet, as she wills it. It can make fighting her in hand to hand combat difficult as the opponent never knows how far she will be able to reach. She can also, if she's desperate, take off her coverings and mask, and take on the appearance of others, though her voice does not change to match.

Cave Survival: Aydeen has a good head for directions, the ability to see in the dark, and very little fear of right spaces. She's used to surviving underground, as she was born there.


Suspicious and haughty, Aydeen believes her purpose to be paramount. She is extremely proud of her culture and heritage, and is quick to fight any who mock her or her people's ways.

She was born to wealth, but has since learned what it's meant to struggle.

She doesn't believe that anyone would care enough to help her on her quest, and so has done little to make allies. She's hostile when you first meet her, and when you get to know her the hostility turns to arrogance. Despite all of that she has a strong sense of duty, both to her people and those she calls friends. She believes strongly in the 'greater good' and her intentions are always well intentioned, even if the results aren't.



Aydeen was born to the Seven Faces clan in the White Crag of Haile. Born to the ruling clan in the largest of the Arathy settlements, Aydeen was brought up in a life of relative luxury. At least, until she was 15 years old.

The Mask of the Planter, two weeks before Aydeen's 16th birthday, was spat out of a rift in the main temple to the 20, indicating that the previous seeker was dead without having been able to bring back a new mask.

Aydeen, a promising young mage and niece to the ruler of White Crag, was chosen and the Seekers successor. In the years that followed she was taught how to survive in the harshest of environments, how to fight, and how to control the power of the Mask of the Planter. More, she was taught about the 20 and their masks, especially The Mask of The Storm that her anscestor Penmar of the Seven Faces clan wore. It was this mask she would have the closest connection to, and should be the first mask she sought out.

For 38 years she trained, preparing to be the next Anointed Seeker, when the seer in the temple of 20 foresaw a growing darkness in her visions. It was decided then, that despite not taking the traditional fifty years if training, Aydeen would be anointed and sent out into the world to search.

Worried and not as skilled as she should have been, but determined to do her people proud, Aydeen has left through the gates, leaving her family and home behind to search out the masks that belonged to her anscestors, and perhaps get caught up in something even greater along the way.
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Name: Makh'Ko Yvny of Q'wyl Clan
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Ba'dosh
Lore; The Ba'dosh were once a proud species known for their political and magical might. When the Swarm invaded, they were one of the races that led the charge against them. With their might and wealth, they felt it was their duty to do the utmost to drive away the Swarm. This led them to delving into more magitech weapons and devices. By the time the Swarm was driven away and Hymgaard shattered, the Ba'dosh were greatly diminished. Their magitech had drained their lands and people of magic, making it's use rare and hard. Their wealth and resources were mostly spent, leaving the survivors in a difficult position.
For the following generations, the Ba'dosh attempted to rebuild. With limited magic available, they had to lean more into technology. The managed to stabilize their realm and civilization, but couldn't help but feel a shadow of their former glory. While most have accepted their new normal, others still attempt to resort their realm's magic. Some even look into more eldritch means to restore their perceived destiny...
Those Ba'dosh encountered out of their realm are generally merchants. A few seek adventure, but most feel duty bound to remain home.

Physical; One of the main recognizable features of the Ba'dosh are their head tails. While their main skin tone is generally within normal human hues, their head-tails tend to be more colorful, with shades of red, green, and blue the most common. Those gifted with magic are know to have their head-tails glow from within when channeling. Hair in the form of eyebrows and beards for males is known and generally matches color with the head tails.
Another common trait is a small horn or pair of horns from the forehead.
Ba'dosh don't have visible ears, collecting sounds from various openings among the head-tails.
Ba'dosh are generally thin, with the majority considered scrawny by other races. Despite this, they are extraordinarily strong and hearty.
Body and facial tattoos are used to indicate clan ties, place of birth, and certain life accomplishments.
Class: Researcher of the Tak'ta Order (A monastic order concerned with the collection and preservation of knowledge. They balance a wealth of knowledge with a physical conditioning turning their body into weapons.)

Home Realm: Avadeaux
Avadeaux is a land mostly dominated by marshes and moors. Rain and fog are typical for the realm. There are ruins from before the world split that stand as monuments as to the former glory of the land and the Ba'dosh. The capital and oldest city of the Realm is Gal'th, a multilayered city built around the river Saj.

Travelers Supplies.
Satchel of books, writing utensils, and notes.
A magical audio recording device.
Magical "Wand" enchanted to fire arcane bolts (based on pre-Swarm design)

Enhanced strength and vitality (racial & ???*)
Photographic Memory (Racial)
Enhanced Hearing (Racial)
Advanced unarmed combat (Class)
Magical theory (Class)
Magical item use (Class)
Medicine (Class)
Free Running (Class)



Personality: Introverted, studious, driven, sarcastic when pushed, intelligent, observant, and strong willed.

History: The daughter of the prestigious Yvny family of the venerated Q'wyl Clan, Makh'Ko was born to successful merchant parents. Her path to take over her family business was all but assured, until she fell ill. As her body was unable to properly process her food, her time was projected to be very short by the doctors, desperate to save their daughter, the Yvnys tried everything. When science could not provide a cure, they turned to magic. Despite bringing in many famed healers from other realms, Makh'Ko was not being cured. As desperation and depression worsened, her parents were approached by a Ba'dosh group called Dal'Nul, a cult determined to reclaim the Ba'dosh's lost power and more. The promised a ritual that would cure Makh'Ko, which her parents jumped at. Makh'Ko doesn't remember much of the ritual, only staring into a starscape and feeling something cold seep into her.
Makh'Ko awoke to her parent's worried faces with no sign of the cultists. After getting some sustenance, she was firmly on the road to recovery. The next year was the best of her life as she and her parents celebrated her recovery. But things took a dark turn when she started hearing the voice. It whispered in her mind in a tongue she could not understand, but gave her chills. Soon it felt as if something within her was moving. Then the blackouts. Periods for which Makh'Ko had no memory. Things came to a head when she woke up form one of the blackouts in the middle of a moor surrounded by dead cultists. She managed to make it home to find her parents injured. Demanding to know what was going on, her parents told her everything. She was told the ritual that cured her implanted an entity called a Voidkin inside her and that it was keeping her condition under control. The Dal'Nul had said it was inert and harmless, but their real goal was to bring a Voidkin to Hymgaard for their goals of glory and conquest. The cultist had come to kidnap her to full awaken the entity, but couldn't control it, leading to their death.
Armed with this knowledge and the assurance that the Dal'Nul would continue to come after her, Makh'Ko ran away from home. After a few more blackouts, Makh'Ko woke up in the care of a Tak'ta monastery. Trying to find a way to stop her blackouts, she began studying under the Order as well searching through their libraries for answers of how to be rid of this entity. While the regiment of meditation allowed her the mental control to block out the entity's voice and control, she found nothing to help her condition or banish the entity. She spent many years moving between monasteries searching for answers. Within the last year, she had her first blackout in a long time, waking up to find party of the library she had been studying in wrecked. Realizing the entity was getting stronger, she made the decision to go looking for answers herself. Her skills and needs led her to the life of an Adventurer.

Name: Nyz
Age: Uncertain
Gender: seems female
Race: Voidkin
A race of beings that exist in the void of space. Made up of dark matter and energy, they exist only in obscure myths for the Realms of Hymgaard.
Class: Void Entity (Bound within a mortal, a Void Entity seeks to overcome it's host to unleash it's magical dark energy in destructive and chaotic ways.

Home Realm: The Void of Space

Equipment: None.
Magical manipulation of Dark Matter and Energy (Racial)
Ethereal Form (Racial)
Host Augmentation (Class)
Magical channeling (Class)
Possession (Class)


Personality: Chaotic, manic, impulsive, cunning, talkative, and angry.

History: (See Makh'Ko's Histroy)
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Name: Ardnish La Helmsna
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Felga
An enigmatic race hailing from the snowy realm of Narshala, the Felga are a blue skinned race of pseudo draconic psychics. The Felga live in a series of mountain top fortresses from where they brave the near constant snowstorms that plague their realm. Their society is highly communal with a heavy focus on the survival of the fortress put ahead of the needs of one person. As such sacrifice in the name of one’s family or fortress is a highly regarded form of martyrdom in their culture. Aside from their survival they are also a very close knit group due to their ability to communicate psychically with one another. Among a family group they are always in tune with the feelings of their fellows and know one another on a deeper level than most other races are familiar with. Specifically, they are capable of a short range telepathy with not only one another but also other species. The process is only possible if both participants wish it to happen, attempting to force oneself is not only impossible it is considered a serious crime as well.

Their psychic abilities are also able to be manifested in the physical world through special devices like the psychic blade hilt or less directly weapon like means. Felga aren’t a very aggressive race but will defend both themselves and loved ones with the power of a hundred blizzards. The Felga also have a habit of adopting other races into their culture if they discover travelers trapped in their realm’s blizzards. It is generally considered a death sentence to attempt to leave the fortress during the season long blizzard months and those saved often don’t leave as they grow accustomed to the culture of the Felga. The Felga’s fortresses are generally ruled by an elected council to best suit the needs of their individual fortress but several fortresses have been known to ally with one another during times of need. Some fortresses are even connected through a large system of tunnels maintained under the mountains.

Class: Psychic Knight (Mixture between a caster and a fighter, wears light armor and uses a unique psychic blade to cast battle spells)

Home Realm: La Nardul
La Nardul is a cold realm primarily made up of a large mountain range which spans the entire realm. Snow is present for most of the year with the spring and early summer being the exceptions though at the tallest peaks there is snow year round. The creatures of La Nardul have long adapted to its climate with the native Felga having developed resistance to extreme cold. Other creatures include the great wind beasts which ride the ever flowing currents of air almost like the fish of other realms. There are also land based predators in the form of snow lions which almost appear to be living ice in the shape of a predatory feline. Few plants are known to exist in La Nardul aside from the scarce crops cultivated by the Felga in their mountain top fortresses which dot the landscape all over La Nardul. Overall La Nardul is a cold and uninviting place, even for those born to it.

Psychic Blade Hilt, Ornate Light Armor, Ribbon Blade, Forearm Blade, Battle Mask

Psychic (Racial)
Cold Resistance (Racial)
Duelist (Class)
Battle Casting (Class)
Bladed Weapon Proficiency (Class)
Acrobat (Class)
Light Armor Proficiency (Class)



History: Ardnish was born in the mountain fortress of Shalka in La Nardul, he was raised in an already large family and as such was never alone as he grew. As he grew Ardnish felt a passion for defending others as he saw the fortress suffer attacks from not only aggressive wildlife but also raiders. So he inducted himself into the tutelage of a psychic knight, becoming his squire in order to help the knight in his duties and to learn. It would take quite a long time before Ardnish was fully knighted but on that day he swore to protect his fort as well as anyone who came to it in need of help. That said however, it become apparent that the fortress already had enough knights and Ardnish’s skills would be better served in places that didn’t have their protectors yet. So with the blessings of not only his master but his family, Ardnish would venture out from the only home he’d known into the world. He didn’t know exactly where to go but he was confident he would find someone in need of help before too long.


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Pike Everguard

28 years



Human-Mech Hybrid: A brutal, and poorly executed man-made mix in which a being (in this case human) is subjected to immoral experimentation that would result in the substitution of limbs and other parts of the body with machinery.

Home Realm:
Eracticia is a large cluster of drifting islands that once made up the realm of Hestia. Shortly after the invasion by the Swarm, Hestia was left scarred more so than the other realms that had drifted apart from Hymgaard. As a result of this, in less than a century the realm fell apart in a cataclysmic event that took the lifes of millions of it's inhabitants. It was then given its new name; Eracticia based of it's erratic collapse.

Very few dare to venture into it's unstable and unpredictable field of floating land masses. Even fewer dare to live on some of the more stable bits. The weather is just as unpredictable as the crumbling of the land is. Some islands get colder, wetter climates, while others can become blisteringly hot. Some of them are suitable for living (as suitable as they can be) and then there are some that are blatantly inhospitable. The only location that remains perfectly intact and unwavering within this decimated realm is a small stretch of land where the Gate leading too and fro rests.

- The haphazard Mech Suit that makes up most of his body. It is equip with:
~~A communication module located where the mouth once was. It is linked to his brain and automatically transmits his thoughts into words.
~~A magitech propulsion system, both for running quicker and jet-boosted jumps.
~~A lifeform analyzer taking the place of his right eye.
~~Magitech powered gauntlets capable of generating brief powerful bursts of energy.
~~A fuel cell that allows Pike to absorb solar energy instead of eating, since the mech suit does not have an opening for a mouth.

-Jump Boost (Class)
-Accelerated Running (Class)
-Photosynthesis LOL(Class)
-Weather Resistant (Class)
-Dexterous (Class)
-Walking Database (Class)

Pike Everguard.jpg



Pike's childhood didn't last very long. He was born a perfectly normal human, but there-in lied the problem. His father, a semi-famous (but mentally unstable) human scientist who studied Magitech fell in love with the Elpsilis; a race of biomechanical beings that resided on the Realm of Algorithma. In fact Pikes mother happened to be an Elpsilis.

Pikes father was distraught at the idea that his firstborn child had not turned out to be an Elpsilis. His whole life the man had wanted a family of Elpsilis that he could both study, and call his own. The fact that his son had turned out completely human drove him mad. This wasn't what he had wanted at all. He planned to resolve this issue by converting Pike into an Elpsilis through unnatural means. His wife would resent him for this, and he knew that. And thus he orchestrated the falsified demise of Pike and himself. In truth he actually took the boy away. They traveled to a Realm that nobody would bother entering; Eracticia. Here they settled down on a particularly stable landmass, and Pike was subjected to his fathers mad delusions.

Over the course of two and a half decades, Pikes father transformed him into something abominable. Pike never learned about his mother. Only faint memories from when he was younger. By the time Pike had murdered his father and ran away, he was little more than a poorly designed machine with barely a trace of his human self left over.
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The local Devil Ship
Name: Myska
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Turenni

The Turenni are an unusual race, with bizarre proportions. They have heads and torsos that are normal sizes for elves, however, their arms and legs are very long for their body size. making them very tall and thin. Their long limbs and thin frames are much sturdier than they look, and it is what allows them to travel through the strange tropical landscape of floating islands in which they live. They are perfectly adapted to the tropical heat and humidity of their native realm, able to cool themselves with their very large ears, that look like large, flat triangles.

The Turenni have very close ties to nature, and are sometimes capable users of nature magic. They don't really believe in any sort of deities, however, they do believe in various spirits that can be good or evil. Some of these spirits are believed to be those of their ancestors, while others are believed to have been generated as a side effect of the chaos that created the universe. Hunting and living off the land are common ways of life for the Turenni, recognizing that nothing should be taken for granted.

Class: Hunter

Home Realm: Sy-Hyal

The realm of Sy-Hyal is an astoundingly bizarre place of floating tropical islands interconnected by ancient living vines. The islands themselves are covered in thick jungles of very large trees, with dense undergrowth interrupted by various trails. The plants and animals are often as strange as the islands themselves, with flying beasts and vicious arboreal carnivores. The trees are perhaps the least strange thing, as many of the other plants are often as strange as the animals. The weather in Sy-Hyal is either sunny, or heavy rain, but it's always hot. At night, things are somewhat better weather wise, however, that's when many a venomous creepy crawly comes out.

Equipment: Crossbow, hunting knives, cooking pots, water canteen, fishing rod.

Abilities: Hunting, fishing, general survival.

Appearance: Myska has black hair and emerald green eyes, with tanned skin and the very long limbs typical of his race. His clothes are earth tone colors and are slightly frayed, with the occasional mismatched patch. He also has a back pack for his supplies.

Personality: Quiet, shy, awkward

History: Myska was born to a very poor family, and is the oldest of four. He, his parents, and his three younger siblings, all lived in a house with only four rooms. Unless the family raised, hunted or foraged it themselves, they almost never had it. As time went on, Myska learned a variety of skills revolving around self sufficeincy and survival. Myska also learned from an early age that a person's worth is not in how much wealth or material things they have, but in how they treat and help others. Myska now finds himself getting ready to leave home not knowing who or what awaits him, in hopes of someday returning to better his family and community.

The True Plague

Lord Doctor of the Plague
"The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the second best time is today." - Anon
Name: Tyr
Age: 120
Gender: Male
Race: Sargti
The Sargti are avatars of nature itself, if you were to ask them, they were the favored of the Gods. Mortal beings put in charge of safekeeping the natural order. If their tales are to be believed, there was a group of Sargti in every land, wherever natural beauty could be found. Given their plant-like appearance, it's whether easy to believe such tales of being in some way related to the natural order of the world. However, do not mistake their peace for weakness. Many will tell you there is no being more terrifying in a fight than an enraged Sargti.

But what makes these beings so terrifying? Well, to answer that, one has to realize one thing. Every Sargti is implanted with an old magitech item, the Gardener's Shears. It uses charm magic to lull the Sargti into a peaceful state, keeping the lumbering giant calm. However, if one were to anger a Sargti, or the device fail due to too low of an ambient magic level, the Sargti begins to grow in height and strength. Massive fists, capable of felling even the most ancient of trees, or shattering even the most resolute of boulders. Massive vines rising from their back to lash out, allowing the brute to move with surprising speed as it lashed out to anchor itself to anything to drag forward. The only warning one gets before the wrath of nature is released, is the green lines criss-crossing the body in various symbols will flicker and fail as the magic running through these restraints run out.

Alas, the Sargti are, arguably, a dying breed.The Swarm wasn't exactly merciful to any race to begin with, but little could be done for these brutes against the Swarm. They gave as good as they got, but in the end, when your entire aim is melee with overwhelming strength, you will die by a thousand cuts. Thousands, if not tens of thousands had died during that war, decimating their population until it was merely a tenth of what it once was. A race that once allegedly spanned the entire world, reduced to a group barely hanging on in one heavily forested region, fighting against the wild beasts of Thurkiitu Grovisvi. With the creation of the Gates though, there is once again hope for the race. Although long lived, the Sargti take an equally long time to repopulate. Besides sacred elders, and their defenders, every Sargti is given a pouch of seeds, and instructed to go forth into the various realms to plant new Sargti. Every seed was precious, and in twenty years, each will sprout a full grown Sargti if planted somewhere safe. It is the newest generation, and possibly the last generation's duty to find special, safe spots to plant their seeds and restart their race's livelihood as protectors of nature everywhere it can be found.
Class: Barbarian

Home Realm: Thurkiitu Grovisvi
There is not much to say, that doesn't feel obvious about the ancient forest that spanned an entire continent. A wide variety of flora and fauna call this place home. From jaguars, tigers, even bears (Oh my!) to the Hamir Anon (Flower Spider), massive spiders with blooming flowers upon their back, capable of hunting down even the mightiest of bears if one blunders into their honey sweet webs. There is also Hemata Moss, a parasitic moss that will kill anything it grows on, sucking it dry of energy, ambient magic, or anything else keeping it up. Or, if you're truly unlucky, you may run into Darastrix Naushindal, a wyrm-esque being capable of spraying spores up to twenty feet away. Each spore that lands on an organic surface will grow slowly but surely into a tree. For some beings, that's not too bad if you can remove it when it's a sapling, but one can find many corpses and shattered skeletons at the base of trees, victims of the dreaded beast. Rumors say that this entire forest was created by the Darastrix Naushindal aeons past... But that would be ridiculous, surely. Otherwise, that'd imply this being is ancient... Regardless, this dangerous forest is also the last refuge of the Sargti.

-One pouch of seeds (20 seeds)
-Argyx (A normal axe, but named)
-The Gardener's Shears (A bunch of circuits inlaid into the body, leading into a symbol upon the forehead. Absorbs ambient magic to store to reactivate its calming effect when overridden. Glows green when active.)

- Photosynthesis (Race)
- Natural Armor (Race)
- Boundless Stamina (Race)
- Nature Sense (Race)
- Rage (Class)
- Survival (Class)

Peace Form: 5f544872955490c434d50e85c990568c.jpg

War Form: fa10aeb7d98a2f2960a30a352c6764ac.jpg

- Quiet
- Protective
- Stubborn
- Wise (Arguable)
- Slow to Anger

History: The life of Tyr was rather typical of a Sargti. For the first twenty years of his life, he would be kept safe, and for the most part rooted in one spot as he slowly grew. Once his feet could leave the safety of the soil, he was taught how to survive in the forest. From which fruits are safe, to the best way to cut through a Hamir Anon web to avoid getting entangled. He had witnessed one or two deaths in his years, an elder who had grown too old to move, rooting back into the ground to become a sacred tree, and another who had fallen victim to the Hemata Moss during a trek into the forest to find a new spot that they may create a grove to plant new Sargti. He sometimes could still smell the noxious fumes of the funeral pyre to ensure that the parasitic moss didn't spread. At the age of 115, he was gifted a pouch of seeds by his seed father, Skjall, and given a single directive. Explore the Realms, find a safe space to begin the renewal of their race. He took his axe, and made the relatively safe journey from Caesin, the last home of the Sargti, to the Gate. He has spent years wandering, acquainting himself to the world with few issues besides that one time he wandered into a relative dead zone. Recently, he has sought to take up a job to defend a caravan in the hopes of seeing more of the realms, and to perhaps meet more of other races to discover good spaces to plant his brethren with relative safety for the fledgling Sargti.


Name: Ambrus no Met’ble

Age: 42 (21 in human years)

Gender: Male

Race: Mereiapods

Mereiapods is a relatively newer race. After the sundering a group of humans and scolomares found themselves in a new realm without any land and relentless storms. To survive, the two races formed a mutualistic relationship. Able to pull from the magics around them, scolomares bound themselves to human legs, giving them the ability to breathe underwater, swim, etc while humans had the intelligence to build the underwater societies needed to stay alive. Eventually the two races evolved together, creating the mereiapods that inhibit Aegeadon.

One of the most distinguishing features of the mereiapods are their tails. Looking very similar to a water millipede, mereiapods’ tails wrap around their legs while in water, enabling them to swim. When they are on land this part of their body curls the opposite direction, forming a tail. The tip of their tail also contains a paralysis poison that is used to help hunt for food. Their other features depend on where they reside in their realm. Although looking mostly human, those who reside closer to the surface have darker skin tones and more colorful tails whilst those who reside in the murky depths of the water have light skin tones and darker, almost pitch black, tails. All mereiapods are blessed with the ability to lure their prey in by singing. On the very rare occasion, some of them are born able to wield water magic and thus are highly regarded.

Class: Fighter

Home Realm: Aegeadon

Aegeadon is an oceanic realm with relentless storms on its surface. What used to be a luscious area filled with jungle and biodiversity was no more after the sundering. Everything was covered with water. Creatures who did not evolve to survive quickly died out. Those that did evolved turned into monstrous creatures that vied for control of the ocean. At the bottom of its very deep seas are vast majority of valuable minerals. The mereiapods have taken to mining and trading these now with the magigates open.

Equipment: trident, satchel with basic necessities


Breathe Underwater (Race)
Siren’s Call (Race)
Water Resistance (Race)
Enhanced Strength (Class)
Proficiency using a Trident (Class)



Ambrus has had an interesting life. Abandoned at a young age, he somehow ended up in the mereiapod’s version of a gladiator ring after being found by an envoy for the ruling sea queen. Ambrus was a natural in the ring, winning fight after fight. However, after killing the favorite gladiator and current consort of the queen in a match, he enraged the queen. Despite wanting to kill him for killing her lover, the queen's court convinced her to banish him to the mines instead where he was supposed to work for the rest of his life. Desiring to do more with his life, Ambrus ended up stowing away with the latest mineral shipment to another realm. Ever since then, he has been travelling around and doing his best to stay out of trouble. He mostly sticks to areas with water in sight though. Despite not particularly enjoying his childhood, he could never not answer his body’s call to return to a body of water.


Herald of the Great Devourer
Name: Zavir

Age: 24

Gender: Genderless (uses male pronouns for convenience)

Race: Sentinel
Sentinels are an artificial race, created as a weapon to counter the biological horrors of the Swarm. Often called a machine race, Sentinels prefer to term themselves as digital beings. Physical bodies are of little concern to them, as the consciousness and memories of a Sentinel are digitally contained on a storage disk, and can be freely moved between devices of sufficient processing power.

Unlike most living races of the world, Sentinel origins and history are only tangentially related to the Aelari. First Sentinels were created by a mortal race. In an effort to stem the Swarm's advance, human island nation of Modris launched the Sentinel Project. The effort resulted in birthing the first of the Sentinels, artificial intelligences meant to combat the Swarm. Two factors contributed to the robotic soldiers' effectiveness in battle. First were their magic-draining capabilities. Sentinel combat frames were equipped with a module capable of draining artefacts and living beings of their magic power, allowing the machines to cast spells like an organic wizard would. Secondary to that, was the natural consequence of being an artificial creation. Sentinel frames could be manufactured in great numbers and possessed greater endurance and strength than biological organisms. Still, it came too little too late, and introduction of the Sentinels was not enough to turn the tide of the conflict. As Modris was ravaged by the Swarm, the Shattering came and Hymgaard was split into realms. Stranded on their own, remnants of the Swarm were hunted to extinction on Modris, but not before they all but exterminated the humans who lived there.

With the war seemingly over, and humans all but dead, Sentinels were able to create their own civilization in the ruins. Unable to generate magic on their own, they went on to replace magitech inherited from their creators with more sustainable solutions. The mechanical civilization prefers to keep to itself, guarding whatever new advancements are made jealously, and limiting contact with other realms to occasional exchange of materials. Despite this relative isolation, Sentinels are not blind to the world beyond their borders. They keep a watchful eye on any beneficial discoveries, or potential threats in other realms. Currently, the entirety of Modris is governed by a nation calling itself the Sentinel Council. Sentinel population is largely concentrated in Modris and several minor outposts established in bordering uninhabited realms, though some individuals have emigrated to seek fortune in other lands.

As beings of metal and code, Sentinels do not age, and do not reproduce regularly. The creation of a new Sentinel consciousness is an event of great importance, undertaken either on the behest of the Council, should it be decided that larger population is necessary, or whenever a close social group of existing Sentinels declares the intent to "birth" and raise a new consciousness. The second case, largely the more common of the two, is roughly equivalent to marriage and childbirth in organic societies. Once "born" new Sentinels are already conscious and fully capable of higher thought. They spend a period of minimum ten years in care of their "parents" as they develop their own identity and emotional responses.

Class: Sentinel drainer - A robot utilizing conventional firearms and melee weapons, adding to it spells cast with drained magic

Home Realm: Modris
Once a chain of large islands controlled by humans, its original inhabitants have been wiped out by the Swarm. Now, the realm is controlled by the Sentinel Council. Magical artefacts and creatures are almost impossible to come by there, as existing ones have been drained by the Sentinels to fuel their war with the Swarm, and the Council rarely sees the need to import more.

  • Mirka-3 rifle​
A regular bolt-action rifle, chambered 7.60x60mm round. A design used during the Swarm war, updated with a fully metal frame. Holds 5 rounds in an internal magazine. Its length and low rate of fire makes it unsuited to close quarters combat.
  • Arming sword
Regular steel sword, designed for one-handed use. Used in close quarters.
  • Utility knife​
Multirole knife, used as a backup weapon or a survival tool. Can be mounted on a rifle as a bayonet.
  • Tools
A small bundle of simple tools, carried in order to perform basic maintenance.

  • Magic draining (class)​
Zavir's current body is equipped with a magic draining system. With physical contact (even through a few layers of cloth) Zavir can drain the magical energy from an item or a being. This energy is the stored, and can be used to cast spells. Zavir is particularly fold of manipulating ice and electricity, as well as telekinesis and conjuring illusions.
  • Digital being (racial)
As a Sentinel, Zavir is a computer program inhabiting a mechanical body, with all the consequences that it implies. He can shift his consciousness and memory to any device that is powerful enough to run an artificial intelligence. Majority of Sentinel-made bodies are slightly stronger and about as fast as a typical human, though exhibit much greater reaction time, coordination and precision.
  • Marksmanship (class)
Trained in using firearms effectively. Emphasis on bolt-action rifles.
  • Hand-to-hand combat (class)
Trained in fighting in melee. Both armed and unarmed, with emphasis on swordsmanship.

Appearance: Zavir inhabits a robotic body, shaped like a human. It has very little in the way of decorations, being simply covered in metal plating on top of a flexible covering. His face resembles a human in shape, but has no openings, aside from two dull black lenses, covering cameras acting as eyes. He wears clothing mostly for its utility, as simply changing clothes for whatever reason is easier than having external plating replaced.

  • Pragmatic
  • Ambitious
  • Careful
  • Adventurous

History: Zavir was created as a "child" of two old Sentinels, Danyc and Vruk, a scientist and a military commander respectively. During his ten-year development period and later, Zavir tried several different careers he could undertake, starting with those of his parents. Scientific pursuits however held little interest for him, and with no clear threats to Modris, there was little need for military programs. After trying and failing to find a career that would present him opportunities he desired, Zavir came to a conclusion that there was simply not enough room on Modris for him to grow. As such, he decided to set out into the world, exploring other realms in hopes of finding his calling in adventure.

Quiet One

New Member
Name: Fielenza
Age: 40
Gender: Female
The Ignori are a race of former tree spirits turned into fire spirits after the catastrophic events of the Shattering. They have built elaborate bodies to contain their fire out of magandir antlers and bones. These bodies are mechanical, but not powered. Instead, the Ignori have to move their bodies with the subtle influence their flame bodies can exude on the world around them. In the middle of their bodies - where the stomach goes on other creatures - is a small pit for kindling to be placed in.

Reproduction for the Ignori is a sacred ritual. When two wish to join their flames they do so quite literally, constructing a simple body with a bundle of kindling waiting to be lit. They then light the flames together, the new Ignori a merging of both fires to create a new individual.

Class: Fire Druid

Home Realm:
Before the Shattering it was known as Arborfaeda, a lush, mystical forest. Thick, ethereal blue-green grass, massive trees with vibrant trunks and leaves that shined like colored stars. They bore fruit that was sought after all across Hymgaard for their delicious taste and healing properties. And the wildlife: deer with antlers that could be carved into weapons stronger than titanium. Mischievous fae-foxes that could steal from you and teleport away. And governing it all was a society of tree spirits, each tribe consisting of a different family of trees, all communing with each other. They were the spiritual heart of a far larger plant-based society, but when that land was split asunder, everything changed.

When Hymgaard was shattered the great forest was shaken and burned. But the nature of the Arborfaeda would not be destroyed by fire. They would be transformed by it. The lush grass was burned into thin grey nubs, hardened to seal in moisture. The fae-foxes lost their lower limbs, turning into teleporting, spectral fire-foxes. The deer became large and rocky, more like bulls with great antlers. And the tree spirits became the embodiment of their burning homes, living blue-green fires that wander the burning landscape of their home. The tree spirits became the Ignori-Submurga. And Arborfaeda became Arborignori.

The Ignori Submurga soon found themselves changed beyond just being fire spirits. As tree spirits, they lived for as long as the tree they called their home did. But now they live until their flame goes out. The Ignori were first trapped near a pile of kindling, each individual an island. But eventually they found metals in the lava that now poured out from the ground and forged, shaped, and molded it into bodies they could walk around in. Many also used the metal antlers of the magandir (flaming bull-deers).

A pack of dried wood to Rekindle herself (similar to food for her)
Dry seeds of the dead forest
Her hard black armor, decorated with silver-colored antler pieces

Abilities: (Racial and Class-Based)
Untouchable (Racial): At her discretion, Fielenza can leave her mechanical body at will. Free from the insulating armor, she burns hotter and can assume any flaming form she wishes. This tactic leaves her incredibly vulnerable to being extinguished and she can only travel where there is a burnable path.
Pyrokinesis (Class): Can shoot out fireballs at will, set weapons ablaze, and manipulate existing flames, such as absorbing a wildfire or generating enough heat to spontaneously light a candle.
Rekindle (Racial): A lot of an Ignori's abilities burn through the fuel in their fire pits. If their flame goes out, they die. Fielenza must be fed fuel (wood or other flammables) to recover her energy as if healing or taking a rest.
Reforged (Racial): While she don't feel pain from her metal apparatuses, an Ignori can be rendered immobile if their mechanical bodies suffer enough damage. Reforged allows Fielenza to heat her body to a high enough temperature to make her armor soft and malleable, so she can push everything back into its proper place. This ability is very energy intensive, and may require being Rekindled before being able to do it.
From the Ashes (Class): The ashes from Fielnza's fire contain some of the nature magic from her tree-dwelling ancestors, making the ash extremely fertile when mixed with the soil such that plant life grows there almost immediately.
Clear the Forest (Class): Fielnza can communicate with animals, but since it's dangerous for her to handle them, her ability is mainly dedicated to getting them out of the way of a potential firestorm.
Molten Land (Class): A clump of dirt can do a lot in Fielnza's hands. She can heat it into molten lava and shape it into obsidian weapons, ashen nutrient-rich soil or simply rocks.
Personality: Quick-tempered and a real fighter, Fielzna's idea of communing with the animals was very often engaging in wrestling matches with magandir or running through the fields of brittle grey grass with the fire-foxes. When it comes to defending nature, she does so with a closed fist. Also - while she's never known it living in Arborignori - upon traveling she will discover green is her favorite color.

History: Fielzna didn't have a true childhood. No Ignori does. When a new Ignori is created from the combined fires of their parents, their personalities and quirks mixing in a chaotic blend of the mind before someone new is settled in. Fielzna inherited a love for nature, a curious and adventurous spirit, and a fighting temper. Within her tribe she was on the fast-track to becoming a warrior, until the spirits of her ancestors intervened. It is rare but not impossible for some remnant of the Ignori's days as tree spirits to remain within the flames and become passed on to a new child. This happens on rare occasions, but it gave Fielzna her enhanced elemental ability as well as her stronger link to nature many Ignori believe they'd lost. Driven by this development, she decided she wanted to explore her connection to nature by getting more acquainted with it. Perhaps visiting other realms would yield more abilities, or provide a link back to her people's roots. Arborignori remains an infertile inferno, but perhaps new healing magic could be discovered outside their Realm, magic that could maybe even return Arborignori to Arborfaeda.

Ian Temero

Knight of Swords
Name: Geawalulay
Nickname: Gea / Moon
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Tsavosan
The Tsavosans are a race of tribal lion people. They live a rather low tech life and even actively avoid magitech and magic in general, believing in their own strength over the unknowns of mysticism.

Class: Altin'Mey
, or Spirit Dancers, are adherents of the Tsavosan Moon Goddess, Gea'Thiel. Spellcasters who make contracts with spirits and magical beasts and channel their powers to make their magics.

Home Realm: Tsavos
A small chain of tropical islands. The central island and the waters around it are surrounded by holy energy that keeps monsters away and makes the waters seem to glow at night. Despite the beauty and safety of the area, explorers fear stepping into Tsavos as the cat people guard their holy island jealously and are known to attack outsiders on sight.

Equipment: Little more than the clothes on her back, some fishing line, and an arcane focus.

Nightvision (Racial)
Enhanced Senses (Racial)
Agility & Acrobatics (Racial)
Claws (Racial)
Wyla (Magic) (Class)
Altinwyla (Spirit Magic) (Class)
- Toketsi
- Wakyą
Altinfalnor (Spirit Forms) (Class)
- Rasmak
- Auurnakalk

- Playful
- Naive
- Instinct Driven

One of the Geachi, moon children, and a practitioner of magic, Gea was always a bit of an outcast amongst her people. Her own sister had gone through the Realm Gate, much to the horror of their people, and Gea decided to follow after, more for the adventure that waited on the otherwise than anything...

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