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Fantasy The Queen’s Guard (reboot)

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Action, Adventure, Magical, Romance


Time to murder the English language.
Hey everybody, friendly neighborhood Enolx here. I had the desire do my, whenever the mood strikes, reboot. The one I chose this time is the Queen’s Guard. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The kingdom of Alexandria was once a weak land ruled by wealthy corrupt landlords. People suffered and with the country at the end of its ropes hope had never even been thought of as an option. As crime, violence, and slavery ran rampant one woman came forward to oppose it. Armed only with strong convictions and an unbreakable will, she fought against the evil that plagued her land.

Her will, passion, and knowledge drew the attention of the landlords who saw their power threatened. Even with the threats on her life she did not waver. When the threats became actual attempts on her life it seemed like it would be the end of the countries one ray of light. Just when the woman was about to break, alone in her fight, one by one warriors came. The warriors came from all walks of life drawn to the woman for one reason or another but, they all had one thing in common they were some of the strongest warriors in the country.

With the countries strongest warriors at her side and a goal for the future, she pressed on. Landlord after landlord fell to her, and soon she had freed the country from its oppressive system. The people knowing who they owed their new lives to declared the woman queen. The woman took the position with pride, knowing that from here she could make real change and protect the land she cared for. She also knew that she did not get here alone and because of that the warriors that stood by her before became her personal guard.

As the kingdom of Alexandria started becoming stable, greedy people and neighboring countries constantly attacked trying to take control of the newly revived country and it fertile lands and prime location for trade. Whenever the country was in danger the Queen's elite guard always managed to protect it. Their skills and abilities made the warriors and the Queen they served the symbol of the country.

Now Alexandria has established itself and when people hear the name Alexandria they think of the great queen who leads and her master guard who defends it.

The Queens guard is an action, adventure, and possible romance story(I expect your character to live a little). It centers around the queen, and follows her choices for ruling the country and her interactions with her guards. As trial after trial is thrown at the queen will she remain strong or will her and the country fall? That's what we are here to find out.

There are three possible roles

Queen- There can be only one. She is the main character, so to be her you must be active since the story revolves around her. As said before the story is focused on you, so you run the world, your choices will direct the story and most of the other characters answer to you. You must be detailed and strong will. You are number one and everyone else writes off of you, so you can't write small single paragraphs. If you think you are epic enough to hold the world in your hands and shape it how you want, this is for you. As I said there can be only one so if there is more than one we will vote or I will chose who I believe will be the best queen.

Queen's Guard- One of the warriors that follows the queen. The guard is the support system of the queen. They will be sent on missions or directed to do other jobs the queen deems necessary. This is also home to possible romantic interest for the queen.

Enemy- If you want to try your best to topple the country, this is for you. You could be another Queen who tries to destroy the country by taking the guard for yourself, or a landlord who hires assassins to try to take out the queen. You could also just be a great conquer who seeks to take the country as yours, just because it's next on your list. These are just some possibilities, really, sky's the limit in this category. This is also the only role where your character has access to magic powers, creatures, or items. This role will also be limited to one maybe two at a time.


1. Aim for at least three paragraphs. I would like this as detailed as possible. (More is always welcome. This story is about the people, and there is a lot to learn about them, how they see the world, and how they interact with it. You guys are good writers, feel free to show your stuff.)

2. No killing off others without my and the other players say. (We are trying to make a good story, and make sure everyone is having a good time.)

3. Only enemies can have magic built in with their characters

4. If you are and enemy you characters abilities must be okayed by me. (Got to keep that balance. There will be a back and forth type situation as we work to level out your character.)

5. Please write in third person past tense.

6. If I ask you to redo a post please do so. (Some times we forget stuff that happened earlier, respond to something that didn't happen, or respond with stuff a character didn't know about. These are examples of reasons I would ask you to rewrite something. Doesn't happen often, but thought I would add the rule upfront in case.

7. More rules my be added at later times. (I typically forget things on lists like this)


If this sounds like something you might like cool, let me know. I wanted to be more selective this time so if you would, please make a character and write a little snippet for them. I look forward to writing with you guys.



Job Title/Profession:

Physical Description:

Personality Description:




Weapons and gear:

Character Notes:


While there is magic in the world only enemies can have it built into their characters.
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Quite interesting. What's the level of technology we're looking at? And is there a particular cultural basis for Alexandria, or is that for the players to develop?


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StormWolf StormWolf midevil fantasy for technology, and yea culture will be developed through the story.
I'm going to assume the "golden standard" of Late Medieval, then?
Unless someone is already working on a profile for the Queen, or really wants to play her, I could take a crack at it.


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Name/Aliases: Queen Amistasya de Tsilla, The Lioness, The Iron Maiden

Age/Race/Gender: 24/Human//Female

Job Title/Profession: Queen and Regent

Amistasya is not what one would typically expect of a Queen. She is neither frail nor soft, but supple with lean, earned muscle. Wide in the hips and stout in the legs, with sun-kissed skin and mane, she hold more in common with the working class in appearance than the aristocracy. Her hands are said to be gloved to cover the rough callouses earned from a childhood of rigorous work. Her eyes are as the sea; cerulean, stormy, and dangerous, yet holding beautiful and unfathomable depth.

With her rise to regency, Amistasya sought to separate herself from the decadent degeneracy of the landlords. Rather than gold or silver, her crown is one of brass. Instead of diamonds and rubies, her gems are opal and amber. Linen and silk make her garb, cut for riding, archery, and dueling. While the traditional ladies may balk at her choises of attire, Amistasya is ever the pragmatist, dressing conservatively to cover scars and blemishes from before her rise to power.
Her throne is carved of sturdy oak, each armrest ending with the snarling head of a lioness - the sigil of her rule.

Personality Description: Amistasya is a defector from tradition, for it was the vileness of tradition that forced her hand. Depending on whom one asks, Amistasya might be painted as a patient and flawless saint, or a she-devil in the flesh. In truth, she changes her performances and perceptions based on her audience. Among the commoners, she is earnest and honest, asking the same in return. With merchants, she haggles and jeers with a pearlesqe smile. Among the nobility, she is reserved and stoic. Yet, her guiding light is justice.

In her upbringing, Amistasya saw too many taken advantage of, their rights and humanities violated without any due course or repercussion. The service of self sickened her, and she responded in kind. When she took the throne and crown, the infamous "Elections" followed. Guillotines were erected to bring judgment upon those found guilty in the purging tribunal, no gold nor privilege would buy reprieve. If crimes warranted execution by the common law, it was blind in that long and bloody day. It was as her consul said:

"It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not."

Such simple words have guided her rulership since. She does not suffer her people the treacherous, the foolish, nor the weak. Unity is what her people need, and that will give rise to prosperity and dynasty.

Skills/Talents/Hobbies: Queen Amistasya all but vanished for a year and a fortnight when she took the throne, dedicating herself to study. In which she dedicated herself to the artistry and intricacies of state. She's fluent in four languages, competent in trade and commerce, but not enough to be without a minister of commerce. Amistasya knows the law, as she has made many revisions since her rise to power, dedicated to protecting rights and dignity of all her people. Yet, Amistasya is also a seasoned equestrian, hunter, and duelist. She cannot - nay, will not - embroider with other noble ladies, but what she lacks in needlework, she makes up with lethal skill in the blade and bow.

Amistasya is loathe to speak of her upbringing; a ward under a Landlord who was known for wicked appetites and violent delights. She was a prisoner in a gilded cage, working the Landlord's household and property, where even in the open country, she was trapped as in a cage. Her Landlord had groomed Amistasya for years, his intents obvious as they were vile. She frequently pushed back against the Landlord's lessons and unwarranted advances, which saw her as well as others in the household, punished for her impudence. To this day, she still bears scars from her Landlord's wrathful attention on her back, shoulders, and thighs. He never blemished her face.

One humid summer night, Amistasya was visited by her Landlord, furious in a drunken fugue. He was tired of her resistance, her facsimile of prudence and pride. When he tried to have his way with Amistasya, she opened his neck with a hair-pin. She didn't stop plunging the pin into his face and flesh until long after he stopped moving. Amistasya had friends among the staff whom had suffered their lord's attention, never to be seen again. She would not let that happen to her. Arming herself, the staff, and the slaves, Amistasya led for the first time. It was a night of slaughter, giving rise to a blood-red sun as the household was cloven in two.

From there, she began her conquest of liberation. Bondage was broken, liberties given, and the lands salted with the blood of tyrants. For her ferocity and temerity, Amistasya was quickly named "The Lioness" by her growing host of soldiers and subjects. It is an honorific that has long since cemented itself in her new nation, the crest upon her banners over castle, keep, and company. Even as her conquest came to a close, those who surrendered to Amistasya were put on trial. She would never abide another landlord like the one she suffered growing up. The liberated were glutted on the blood of their oppressors. Fallen Landlord households had their assets liquidated, their lands repurposed. Those who proved themselves with distinction were inducted into Amistasya's Guard, a brotherhood reserved for only the most loyal and capable.

Motivation/Goals: Purge the corrupt and raise the worthy, expand the territory of the Kingdom to Empire, equalize the magical and non-magical, lay roots for a long-lasting dynasty, see the world outside her borders.

Amistasya's sword is her one indulgence, for it is her scepter as well. A commission from a foreign blade-smith, wrought of enchanted crucible steel in blade and hilt, yet bearing the earthen humility that has been Amistasya's reign. Reflective of her fondness for horseback, her sword is a saber, rather than the typical arming sword. She as not named her sword, as no weapon nor tool should, in her mind.

Horn Bow - A compact re-curved bow with a devilishly strong pull.

Tempest - Amistasya's battle-hardened warhorse. A purebred percheron stallion with a silver-dappled blue roan coat. The horse fiercely loyal and temperamental, seemingly untamable by all but Amistasya herself. Foals of his lineage are worth their weight in gold.

Sharkali Obelisk - Worn on a modest chain about her neck like a medallion, Amistasya keeps the geas of one of her first guards close to her heart.

Attire - An exhaustive wardrobe befitting a regent, befitting changing seasons, festivals, and functions. Alas, here are some traditions that cannot be exhausted in so short a time. Amistasya still possesses her armor, but has gone almost a year without wearing it.

Character Notes: Amistasya has balked at many court traditions, particularly at the sour old men's badgering at her being betrothed and reduced to little more than a broodmare. She has worked too hard and her people suffered too much to give it all up to some milksop noble's son. The crown is *hers*, earned in scores of battle and political shrewdness. She'll never allow herself to be at a man's command again.
Amistasya has a great love of history and exotic locales. Since meeting Sharkali's she's dreamed of seeing his homeland.

Secrets: Amistasya pays lip service to the gods in order to maintain the support of the archdiocese, but she is lacking in faith.
She secludes herself frequently out a need to feel safe, but the loneliness is slowly gnawing at her.
Amistasya has a ruthless streak and a temper that she keeps under layers of willpower and propriety quiescence. However, once slighted, she never forgets a name nor a face.
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Name/Aliases: Sharkali/ Wind Dancer/Anu

Age Race/Gender: 22/Male

Job Title/Profession: Queen's guard

Physical Description:
Sharkali is 6.1 with tan skin, green eyes, and white hair. He has a slim but extremely well built body. He wears loose flowing pants and sash around his waist with a spiked chain over the top of it. For foot wear he is either in light comfortable shoes, or large specially made grieves. He doesn't wear a shirt unless his master requires it of him, but is typically seen wearing special bracers or his custom gauntlets.

Personality Description: Sharkali is a free spirit whenever he gets a chance. He is clam, methodical, and decisive. In his free time he is carefree and aloof but, on the battlefield he is a calculating and relentless animal.

Skills/Talents/Hobbies: Sharkali is a master of rapid movement and misdirection. This mastery is accompanied by his free running, spear, chain, and unique martial arts skills. He is a talented dancer, since his martial arts is based off dance. His hobbies are dancing, playing his flute, sleeping in unusual places, and free running. He also has a near supernatural keen sense of smell and sight.

Backstory: Sharkali was the son of the king of Dariuos, a kingdom across the sea far to the south of Alexandria. He would have been the prince there if he was not born as the underhound Anu. In his country it was foretold that a child would be born with white hair and green eyes, an appearance quite different from their normal black hair and brown eyes. This child was said to be the gate keeper of the after life, brought to this land by the evils of its people to deliver the souls of those around him to eternity. It is said that his master in the after life controlled him through the power of a jewel and that whoever had that jewel was the master of the hound. The fairytale was thought to be true, because when Sharkali was born, he was born with with green eyes, white hair, and a jewel in his hand. When word spread the country was sent into an uproar of fear and panic. Many people fought over the jewel, said to allow control over the gatekeeper, this fight not only destroyed the kingdom but also claimed the life of Sharkali's parents. For the rest of his life he was the possession of whoever had his jewel, The Obelisk. His masters used him for all manners of thing from cleaning the house to killing noblemen. During his time in Alexandria with his 59th master, a landlord in the area, he was sent out to kill a rival in the area. When he returned he found his master was killed and that his jewel had been taken. He found it later in the hands of a woman who had served his master. After telling her that she was now his new master and about the obelisk, she smiled and ran down the street. As she ran she gave him two orders, follow and tell no one about the Obelisk. The woman then walked up to the soon to be queen and put the jewel in her hand. As she did she said " Keep this with you at all times and neither heaven nor earth can stop you." The woman then walked off giving a wink to Sharkali as she left. He nodded to the woman and walked up to the woman who had his jewel and asked "What would you have me do my master?"

Motivation/Goals: To keep his jewel with the queen, find a way to free himself from the obelisk, and to make sure his 60th master is taken care of.

Weapons and gear: A green spear, spiked chain, leg armor, gauntlets, and bracers.

Character Notes: He is not permitted to take his own life, even if ordered, or hold his jewel.

Secrets: Since he was not allowed to tell the queen what the jewel was she does not know that it is what ties him to her. If the stone falls into someone else's hands they will become his master.

Here is my character. I’ll also get on making a character sheet page when I can.
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Time to murder the English language.


Time to murder the English language.
Character page is above. Feel free to post your character idea there.


Time to murder the English language.
Here you go.

I would still like 1-2 more guards, but we can at least get started. Queen you are up whenever you are ready.

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