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Fantasy The Neath


Age: 20 Gender: male Rp style: 2 paragraphs to 2 pages (generally leaning twords the latter) Reply Frequency: normally at least 2 replies a day, often alot more than that. Time zone: G.M.T. (Texas)

SO this is a setting I cooked up in the last few hours-so please forgive me for a few spelling errors or grammer mistakes~

The goal here is for us to come up with a plot together, and go from there, this is just fuel for our brainstorm. Dm me if you are interested, feel free to drop an idea down in there along with it. Be it a character, plot idea, or some new race you think would go good with the setting~

PLEASE NOTE; none of this is firm. I want you to pick a race, make a new race, pick an aspect of the story, or what-have you, and run with it. Don't feel worried about adding on-its actually what i'm hoping for! Make this setting just as much yours as it is mine. I want to build off of this with you, not for you to watch me build on it myself. Lets make some crazy shit off of this-

So, some things about the scene before you jump in;

Loosely based on the game Sunless Sea (none of the races, just the premise of humanity falling into hell)

I see it as Victorian Era, steam-Punk esc technology, dress style, etc. But with some sparce futuristic tech.

The setting is ment to be bleak and sullen, with adventure tied in. Life is hard, even in the good empires, and it takes all you got just to scrape by.

In the Age Above, year 1808, humanity made a discovery that sent it to its doom. A portal to the Neath, then called 'Hell' was made. And when humanity ventured forth into it, they found a land unlike anything they had imagined. A bleak, vast, unending ocean, dotted with islands of splender and horror alike. Unlike their world, the Neath, as we call it today , had no open sky, instead being incased in a vast rock layer high above the waters. Instead of a sun, hundreds of blue cyrstals would light up during the "day", and dim at "night" as they call it. Though we now call it "Bright and "Dim." They found horrors, in place of their earthen creatures. Vast beasts that roamed the oceans, and small ones that hid atop the islands. They found fountains of youth, artifacts that would keep them alive through the ages. They found metals of strange and unknown abilities. They found enterprise, and reason for exploration.

But horrors lay all round, "Horrors" being creatures or demons that were smart enough to ensnare the humans. Be it spiders that lay in the Fungus Trees, or sirens just off the jagged shores, horrors were around every corner. But a particular Horror, found a way to ensnare the whole of humanity...

With a great ritual, an unamed horror plunged the earthen world down into the Neath. Entire cities fell into the vast seas, and bobbed barly along the surface. Others sunk and drowned in the deep depths...humanity broke apart then, fell to madening screams and endless wails. The whole of them couldnt take the endless terror and fear that the Neath held...even though cities survived, builds stood tall, humanity barly clung to life...their gods had left them. Their fate all but decided.

But humanity survived, barly, in this new world. Slowly learning the eb and flow of the tides in the Neath. Slowly growing accustomed to the fleash of beasts, and tricks of Horrors. Soon humanity grew, slowly edging across the great ocean, carving their names into the vast ocean. But humanity, when given time, always grows to dislike itself.

The moment they could survive the Neath, they turned on one another. The "Shinning Ship Wars" began, but we know little of the specifics, only stories from long craized sailors, but what is known is that four empires sprung up, and scattered among the vast Ocean. And as they scattered, they developed strange and unknown qualities.

But these new races, despite their pitfalls conquered the Neath in their own ways, and life, as it used to on Earth, settled. The vast majority of job lay on the Ocean, killing creatures, driving trade, or working as an explorer for the many kingdoms. Life is not easy, and it is easy to die at any stage, in any place. But it is life none the less.


The Zimmer, who fled to the many Fungal Island Atolls, developed plant like features. Their skin became soil, spungie and pale, for the plants they happened apon. And their people excepted their roots. Each Zimmer is a veritable garden, who can hold any number of plants species in it. The more plants, the larger it may grow, and easier it can live. It is said a Zimmer can grow twice the size of a human, if every inch of it is covered in plants.

Their people are rarly seen off their vast islands, and little is known of how their society functions. But some Zimmer are rumored to be slaves or pets to great captians. As the rumor goes, they are prized for the fruits they can grow and sustain, but this is far more a rumor than fact, as most who try to venture into Zimmer territory are consumed by great plants and vines...and turned to fertilizer...so the rumors go

The Junei are a race of humanoids known for two things. Their philosophy, and their powers. There powers are called 'Fassis" which is apart of their genetic make up. With it they can move things with thought, their words can physically injure one another, and their fingers can change the composition of what it touches. It is said a Junei who divotes their life to study of Fassis, they can turn an ounce of silver to gold. Though if such a thing is possible, it isnt known.
The Junei are average looking humans, with a few caviots. Rare is it that a Junei has matching eyes, nor hair color. Often the mustache, beard and...other hair, each are different colors, often complementary. And about half of the Junei are born with tails, often described as "Whispy lines of steel, with barbed tips." And a very rare few Junei have horns, and often it is royalty that carries them, often inbreading to raise the chances of it occuring in their family.

The Junei make their fame and fortune off of sea trade, and horror extermination services. It is common for a Junei to act superior to the other races, often labeling everyone but themselves as "Horrors in disguise". Yet despite the racism, likely due to their sheer power, trade is common with nearly every race. Junei have two rulling families, one residing over the Sea and one the Islands. The Estable family the Sea and the Equitai, the Islands. Each rulling in simular fashion, with royal armies alloted to each. Though they are friendly and always boast of one another, each family is constantly spiting and disturbing the other, clearly looking to over take each other.

The Regalia, often shortened to "Rega" are a race of creatures that inhabit the vast sealing above the oceans. They can tunnel into rock, and build great cities that few every see with their own eyes. They are know for mining the Blue Crystal that provides us light. Anywhere there is few crystal, likely there is a Rega city.
The Rega are larger humanoids, with great wings and large, black eyes. There are many types of Rega, from bat like creatures with big pointed ears and leathery wings, to butterfly-esc beauties with soft, colorful wings. The Rega are the most varried beings in the Neath, and because of that, often the race most often killed out of fear they are a Horror.

That alone leads most Rega to stay in their great cities above, but some still conduct trade with those bellow, often impressing saliors with just how much they can lift back to their cities with their wings alone. Little is known about how they govern themselves, but it is suspected, due to passing mentions of Queens, that they function simular to Junei, with royal families. But it is all speculation, few are carried up to the grand cities above...well. rumors say some Regalia feed off of other humanoids...and sadly there is some substantial evidence and accounts of horrified humans being dragged up into the vast caverns never to be seen again.

The Dedul are a race of humans who live under the vast Sea. A gifted race of mechanics that often appear in vast submarine cities known as "Iron Works." These vast, moving cities are often outfitted with massive lights, and these lights are what distinguish them. Often you can see an Iron Work hours before it appears on the surface.
The Dedul are small, green creatures, with long ears, and sharp teeth. They share a simular trait to the Junei, where in some Dedul are gifted with claws and horns, often labeled as "Stalkers" given that they are usually much taller if gifted with such traits. Each Iron Work is different, both in how it survives and how it govern's its people, but most Dedul societies revolve around trade, exploration, and servicing other races, often trading their machines for food and other island goods. Though, Dedul are prized for the battle tactics, and it is not uncommon for other races to employ an Iron Work in their military.

Angle, is the general term for "Relatively normal human" and other races often lump all Angles into one single group.

The Angles are actually a vastly varried group, with three major empires in it;

The Jewl Empire
The Hassinid Empire
And The Dailen Empire

Each functions with a royal family, each spread across many islands, each with different goals.

The Jewl empire focuses on trade, and is where the majority of captains and saliors hail from.

The Haasinid Empire focuses on conquest and military control, often working along side the Junei to defeat great beasts and horros.

The Dailen empire is the leading producer of food, with knowledge of how to till near any island. And produce wonders among it. The Dedul's favorite trading partner, and often the only place you will hear stories of Zimmers being off of their island.

The Zullen are a race of semi aquatic humanoids. With gills and even some small fins. They can escape many of the creatures in the deep, and often they inhabit the many sunken cities under the great crashing waves. The Zullen are hardly an empire, rarly more than a town's worth of Zullen will stick together. Most travel the vast ocean, simply surviving and exploring. Zullen can live above water, and often when they do, they work as guides through the ocean, and serve vital roles in crews as scouts or divers. Zullen can be found in most societies, and work well with just about anyone, except the Dedul, who they share a burning hate for. And the feel is very much mutual.

The Zullen are nearly as varried as the Regalia, some appearing shark like, others closer to dolphins, but most Zullen appear as humanoid forms, with Jellyfish like tendrals around a cap atop their head. Most have near clear skin, with pink or purple hues.

While some might protest, I am logging a few know 'human horrors', as there is substantial evidence that points to humanity actually integrating with Horrors, even some societies grew out of such things

Spiderlings and Halfbreads

Spiderling are a race of spider, human, hybrids that live atop islands, often the Fungle Jungles or Needle Atolls. They have the body of a spider, and the torso and face of a human.

But, there are rumors of Spiderling Halfbreads, with a fully humanoid body and simply arms simular to a spider. Eight small red eyes, and fangs, but human otherwise. Some say there are hidden societies of these halfbreads, but no clear evidence has been found.

I include Sirens in this list, as there is evidence of these creatures being friendly, and having societies. Sirens are shapeshifting creatures, known for leading sailors into the waters, or ships to the unseen shores. But, there is evidence of Syrians adopting trade and forgoing their tricks and murder. Even still, there are some Syrians who live with other Sentient peoples as a semi underclass of people.

These creatures can take on most any form, but withour their powers, or when they are dead, you can see their true form. They are a pure white humanoid with webbed appendages, and no mouth. Their hair, almost always a stark white, and their eyes almost always a deep red.


Savages are horrors in name only. They are known as "Simple Angles" and often are found on Fungle Atolls. These Savages are simple humanoids, often a bit bigger and more muscled.

Many savages are taken in by other races, and trained to be capable fighters. Royals of all races and famed for pitting savages against their royal guards in gladiatorial styled matches. But savages are known also for their remarkable knowledge on killing creatures of the deep. Often being able to kill massive monsters with a simple knife and bow. Truly an underestimated race.


The Devils are horrors that every island dwelling race knows of, and is one of the few horrors that Regalia encounter. The Devils, religious jargon from the Old Age, are a race of powerful and intelligent horrors. They are humanoid, often with dark purple or pink skin. They always have long and gnarled horns, and long, snake like tails. They have vast wings that work well underwater, and bright crimson eyes that can allow them to see in total darkness. It is rumored that Devils can spew some sort of pink toxin from their noses and mouths, but what it does is unclear.

The Devils are known for many things, and often are the boogeymen, blamed for any bad event in the Neath. It is rumored that they somehow conceived a number of horrors, and often are claimed to be the reasons for humanities fall into the Neath in the first place. Most devils are smart enough to trick even the wisest races. Many stories among the sea exist of Devils infiltrating royal families, seducing kings and queens, or luring entire nests of Regalia away from their cities. It is said their charisma, and their talent for words, rivals their fearsome power. It is rare, but not unheard of, to see a devil in service to a royal army, or as a guard for wealthy captians.

Allllright, after those several walls of text, go ahead and dm me, if you got through it and still want to continue
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