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it's big brain time (pfp by bedupolker)

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    the mystery club


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Do you believe in ghosts? Cryptids? Monsters? What about that eerie howling in the deep woods late at night? Sure, it could just be your local gray wolf howling but what if it’s not? Perhaps it’s a werewolf; it is the night of the full moon after all. And what about stepping into a cold, drafty house on a warm summer day? Could just be the air conditioning… if it wasn’t an abandoned house. Oh, and those weirdly large tracks left in the mud after the thunderstorm. Could just be a wild animal or perhaps some unknown beast. Well, if you believe in ghosts and in the supernatural, or perhaps not, then the Mystery Club is just for you! This particular club centers around a group of friends who have an interest in the supernatural, paranormal, and solving mysteries. Maybe some believe in ghosts and the supernatural while others don’t. There’s plenty of case files to go through and solve and now it’s time to pack up some camping gear and head off into the woods to investigate those gigantic paw prints and ominous howling. All in some good camping fun of course. Or perhaps you would prefer to head off to that old, abandoned mansion on top of the forest hill?

So, are you up for solving a mystery?

Hello everyone! It's me, juniper, and I am back with another group interest check! So today we have a roleplay centered around a group of friends who have an interest in solving mysteries as well as investigating hauntings and paranormal phenomena and the supernatural. Some might believe in the ghosts while others may not. But no matter, there are plenty of case files for the club to go through and solve! They'll tackle on various cases ranging from haunted houses, cryptids in the forest, a haunted park, maybe even tackle on the mystery of the Goatman!

LEAD INVESTIGATOR (CLOSED) - The leader investigator of the group! They are the one who will decide whether or not the club will take on a particular mystery, though more often than not they will accept the majority of cases. And, they're pretty enthusiastic about hauntings and mysteries!

ASSISTANT (OPEN) - This person is the lead investigator's assistant. They handle all of the equipment including cameras, speakers, recorders, etc. They set everything up and will usually sit around and monitor for temperature drops, strange activity, and more.

RESEARCHER (OPEN) - This person hits the books to see what the club is currently up against. They'll pull up old newspapers, history books, property records and anything of the sort to research what could possibly be going on.

INTERVIEWER (OPEN) - This person interviews clients and people who claim to have witnessed paranormal phenomena. They'll write everything down and bring the information they gathered back to the group.

SKEPTIC (OPEN) - This person is notorious for not believing in ghosts or the supernatural. Oh yes, they'll help the others out, but they'll be thinking that there is some logical explanation for the mystery they are currently solving. In fact, despite the many cases they've been through, they think it's some elaborate hoax or prank pulled off by the other members. The nerve of them!

BAIT (OPEN) - This person has the rather unfortunate task of being the bait for the group, as in they're the ones to lure the ghost or cryptid out for the other members. And while they might complain about their job, they're happy to do it.

NERD (OPEN) - This person is so enthusiastic about hauntings, perhaps even more enthusiastic than the lead investigator! This person is very fascinated with hauntings and anything dealing with the supernatural. They have no specific job, so they help out the others such as carrying equipment, helping out the researcher, etc. Anything to help the club move forward with their investigation!

JOURNALIST (OPEN) - They work with the interviewer. This person will gather up info of the mysteries the club handles and will then publish the information on the mystery club's blog website!

One - This roleplay is LGBTQ+ friendly! All genders and sexualities are welcome and encouraged here!

Two - This is an application based roleplay, not first come first serve. Multiple people may apply for the same role, and I will be choosing which OC will get the role.

Three - While applications are being done, there will be a temporary OOC here for us to chat. However, once we have our cast, there will be a Discord used for OOC chatting and plotting! So please ensure that you have Discord.

Four - Realistic Faceclaims only please! I will not be accepting anime, drawn, or Picrew FCs nor will I be accepting plain descriptions for your OC.

Five - This roleplay is semi-advanced to advanced. Please try to push out 3 or more paragraphs per post! Also, the posting timeframe for this roleplay is 7-10 days. I do understand that life comes first so if you are unable to get a post out within that timeframe then please let me know and you will get extra time! The timeframe is to keep the roleplay moving.

Six - Be respectful towards each other! Bigotry and Bullying will absolutely not be tolerated here! Let's all get along with each other. Furthermore, do not leave anyone out: that's not cool at all. If you see someone being left out, then please include them.



Let's discuss the contradiction
I'm potentially interested? I will need more time to think about whether or not to apply, but this premise is definitely fun and I hope it takes off!


it's big brain time (pfp by bedupolker)
Thank you for the interest so far!

Once we get some more interest, I’ll start working on getting the on-site OOC and applications up ^^

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