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Super Powers


Your Local Germophobe.

Life on Earth was normal. Everyone went about their boring lives, in the same boring way they always had. Life was normal. Until it wasn't.

One day, a huge meteorite crashed into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. On-board that space rock, an ancient virus, one that the Earth hadn't seen in hundreds of millions of years. The virus, undetected, infected fish and sea flora alike, replicating, multiplying, mutating. The virus didn't affect these creatures however; they were not its target.

Slowly but surely, the virus made its way to land, and began spreading to the humans.

The virus mutated the human genes, killing many people, doing nothing for many, and changing the rest.

For those who were changed, it was hard to tell if they were changed for the better or for the worst. They developed powers, random powers. Some good, some bad. Either way, their lives were changed forever. Would they use their powers for good? Would they use their powers for bad? Or would they just try to go about their live normally? Who knows.
I'm in! This seems super cool.


It’s Adventure Time
Cornelius James Rook
King, The Armored Tyrant, Master of Mass, Mr. GPS (testing nickname)
Telekinetic Exoskeleton: The user can form armor around their body or a shape it from telekinetic energy for protection and physical boost. The user can also use the armor in different intentional ways such as weapon manifestation, levitating, redirection upon contact. Telekinesis can ONLY affect self
Mass Magnification: The user can increase/magnify the mass of organic and inorganic matter, for example making something as light as a pebble become as heavy as a boulder. Only works one way by increasing mass, not decreasing. Density may increase as well. Needs physical contact.
And finally...the most powerful one of them all...
PATH SENSE: The user can sense any/all possible physical paths they can take and how to traverse them, AKA blindfolds aren't a weakness
2/3 are good so I'll take it
A broad shouldered man standing at a whopping 6'7" feet tall. Usually in a white suit with a, black on the outside but red on the inside, cape. With long blonde hair along with no facial hair to finish off the face. As for the body he has more of a strongman/bodybuilder type of body. Last but not least his crown as well is always within arms length of him.
Cornelius was always picked on for his height ever since he was little learning at a young age that being different didn't mean you're a freak but that you're just unique. At least that's what he told himself, with his determination and way of thinking he excelled in many subjects in school to prove that he was more than just a freak to his peers. Rushing to the modern day is where Cornelius is finally an adult who views himself as a leader and role model for what he had accomplished but with a faint piece of him still left that feels as though he always has to prove to others why he's a valuable asset. But once realizing that he had powers, well then that made him special in more ways than one. Feeling intimidated amongst his newfound brothers and sisters, Cornelius aims to prove himself once more that he is king. And oh so heavy lies the crown.
Cornelius is mostly serious with some dry humor
Previously a construction worker hence why he's in such great shape
Currently looking to prove to himself that he's worthy to be an enhanced human and perhaps seem like one of the most perfect one out there even though he probably isn't​
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That One... Thing
Oliver Wynthr
Absolute Reflexes
Target Lock Disruption

Oliver spent his early-early life relatively normal, despite his rather intense conspiracy theory filled mind. Last year, as a successful computer programming student in college. He was attacked after class by a rather deranged classmate. After fighting back and winning, a little too aggressively, he noticed another classmate had been recording the fight. They ran off, and Oliver was left to his own imagination of what could happen. Jumping to the conclusion that the government was now after him, he dropped college and took off, trying to hide in plain sight.
Currently on the run
Jax Astriom
Wax Shield Construction
Absolute Unpredictability

May or may not be causing mischief right now​
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Friend-shaped <3
Name: Milo Leon Locke
Age: 19
Gender: Male

-Undine Physiology
-Salt Generation

Appearance(will try to draw at some point maybe): Milo has complementary pale features: very fair skin, narrow grey-blue eyes, and a blonde mangled mess of hair. Often playing on this pale theme, he likes to wear contrasting dark colors such as forest green, maroon, and dark gray. His upper-body is lacking for muscle and he only stands at five foot seven, but his legs are stronger than ever and can easily carry him wherever he needs to go.

Backstory: Growing up in a fairly normal and healthy family, Milo didn't have too many issues or any grudges to hold. His parents were both very loving and caring, even to the point of not making a deal out of it when he ended up coming out to them as bi like a good number of other parents would've. Yeah, his dad was a little harsh on him sometimes but that was only to help him to become a more resilient and hardy person. Even his younger sister and he got along like absolute best friends. The only real problems that Milo ever had growing up was dealing with those that bullied him at school. At first, it had started small and was only name-calling having to do with his light German accent--which he'd learned from his immigrant father by complete accident. Then, they would spread rumors and try to kill off any chance for him to make friends. It only went to physical contact a few times, but those stung Milo's memory for a long while. For the longest time he'd try to fight back or match their rudeness, but after confiding in his father he learned to simply leave them be and to not sink to their level. Though it took a little while, the bullies finally left him alone and he learned a very valuable lesson in life. Once he moved on to high school, his days of being bullied were mostly forgotten and a thing of the past. Occasionally another student would try to defame him because of his focus on his schoolwork as well as his proficiency in track, but because he never gave them that sweet sweet reaction rumors would quickly be dropped. Just a year ago Milo Locke graduated at the top of his class and immediately took to furthering his education in college; currently, he's working his way towards becoming a physical therapist.

Due to some bad fights with bullies in the past, Milo gets startled and uncomfortable when touched (even slightly) by someone he doesn't entirely trust; this will often cause him to distance himself or emotionally shut down a bit.
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Friend-shaped <3
Lmk if I need to fix anything or if any of the powers still seem a bit much (more specifically the endeaver thingie since it has to do with time, I can always reroll for that)


After looking at what I had compared to the others i re-rolled two of the abilities to avoid being way OP.

Human Form

Cyborg Form

⦿ Name: Robert Cadogan
⦿ Age: 25
⦿ Gender: Male

⦿ Powers:

⦿ Backstory

Everyone could write a biography on their life but in reality the majority would be the same basic story, fine upbringing with the occassional trying moment. Robert's was exactly the same as so many others. School had its occassional downsides but the truth was that he enjoyed it most days, particularly so when he realised what life was like in the real world. He left school with fairly average grades and decided to get straight into the working world instead of going to university. He got himself a job in an office doing office related things, the name of the business as beige as the painted walls outside his work cubicle. Up until the event that changed humanity forever, each day was a repeat of the previous and apart from his small group of friends. Weekends were a salvation, the prison he called worked was closed and he could let loose his restraints and party until the early hours of the morning.

All that changed after the asteroid...


Overcharged Energy Cannon


⦿ Themes

Character Theme

Battle Theme

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formerly pokemariofan64
Name: Gunnar Albers
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Moon Creation: The user can create moons of any kind to orbit around a planet, which could be Earth or another planet. The moon will then orbit around said planet the user made a moon for.
Corruption Empowerment: User becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. from corruption (including being corrupted and the corruption of others), possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing existing powers. Some users may be able to draw sustenance from the corruption or even slow or stop aging.
Appearance: Gunnar
Backstory: Gunnar was born in The Netherlands, but moved to Finland at an early age, mostly because of his father's new job in the oil industry. He was always a bit of a loner, and was never really that able to make friends. Personally, he'd always considered them to be holding him back. To be fair, he felt a lot of people were holding him back. He always figured he'd be going on to do great things, once he got out of the small Finnish town he was wasting away in. When he was 16, his father was killed working on an offshore oil rig. This devastated Gunnar, and for a long while he was convinced that this was some sort of grand gesture against him by the universe, taking away one of the only people he'd truly loved. Following this, Gunnar retreated into his head for the next few years. He graduated high school and began studying in offshore engineering, trying to follow in the footsteps of his father. However, in his head, thoughts were beginning to develop. He already considered those around them to be lower than he was, but soon he began developing a massive superiority complex, convincing himself that he was the greatest human there was, that everyone else in society was merely stifling his genius, that things would be right in the world if they could realize he was their savior. A year before his infection, he had an argument with his mother about his emotions, culminating in him attempting to kill her. Although this attempt failed, Gunnar was forced out of his home. He soon after dropped out of university, gathering up his belongings and deciding to leave his miserable hometown to stake it out on his own. He decided a good first step in his quest for independence was a hike across Russia. After three months of hiking across Finland, he reached the Russian border, however, soon after crossing, he was arrested by Russian border police, allegedly for crossing without a passport, although their intentions seemed suspicious even to him. For the past nine months, Gunnar has been held in a Russian prison, with all of his requests even for a phone call having been ignored. His mental state continued to decline, his hate for his predicament and desire to escape becoming the only thing that got him up in the morning. Eventually, mainly due to the prison's general disregard for its inmates, he caught the virus going around. Gunnar was left bedridden for days, although, as he begins to recover from the worst of the virus, he feels a strange new power beginning to flow through him...


A Faded Ghost
Lmk if I need to fix anything or if any of the powers still seem a bit much (more specifically the endeaver thingie since it has to do with time, I can always reroll for that)
I think it would be best if you did reroll the endeaver thing, mainly because time powers are always kinda difficult to work into a roleplay. Other than that, he's absolutely fine.


That One... Thing
Oh my gosh, they are so awesome! You're so good at drawing, much better than me, lol.
Thank you ^-^
I believe in your art abilities >•<

I’ve also finished the two pics and they’re added into the CS

Martin Randy

New Member
Gonna post my character sheets here just so everyone can see. Up first:

Name: "The Shadow" or "Shadow"
Age: 23
Gender: Male

A. Selective Intangibility
The user is simultaneously both intangible and tangible, being able to attack or make physical contact with their targets while their targets cannot touch or attack the user, even while the user is making physical contact.

B. Enhanced Condition
User's physical and mental abilities are above the peak human levels of other beings in their universe. This entails that they are faster, stronger, more intelligent and overall superior to beings at peak human level (in that verse), but not to supernatural levels.

C. Blood Empowerment
User becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. when they come into contact with or are near blood, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing their existing powers. Some users may be able to draw sustenance from the blood or even slow or stop aging.


Shadow wears a silver colored mask in the shape of a skull. Usually he can be seen wearing a black attire, like he's the Grim Reaper. Those who have seen his face describe him as pale, with no distinguishing features other than his pale blue eyes. His whole outfit kinda looks like this:


Originally a death row inmate imprisoned in the United Kingdom, "Shadow" had been imprisoned for brutally murdering a famous businessman. No one knows how he managed to sneak past security, but he did. Before the fall, he was about to hanged for his crimes, but he got out with the help of the meteor's powers.

After the fall, he became part of a group. This group is being trained to become criminals and assassins, partaking in crimes all around the world. In that case, Shadow opted to using a custom made sword and a pistol during combat. In terms of fighting style, he is very aggressive, not allowing his opponents a second to breathe. But he is also adaptive enough to formulate a counter against his foes. This aggression is perhaps both his strength and his weakness.



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Friend-shaped <3
Okay so unfortunately, I think I'll have to drop out of this (good thing I'm doing it before anything actually kicked off, I'm glad I'm not ruining anything by leaving). I wish you all the best and a wonderful time! <3

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