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A Faded Ghost
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Life on Earth was normal. Everyone went about their boring lives, in the same boring way they always had. Life was normal. Until it wasn't.

One day, a huge meteorite crashed into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. On-board that space rock, an ancient virus, one that the Earth hadn't seen in hundreds of millions of years. The virus, undetected, infected fish and sea flora alike, replicating, multiplying, mutating. The virus didn't affect these creatures however; they were not its target.

Slowly but surely, the virus made its way to land, and began spreading to the humans.

The virus mutated the human genes, killing many people, doing nothing for many, and changing the rest.

For those who were changed, it was hard to tell if they were changed for the better or for the worst. They developed powers, random powers. Some good, some bad. Either way, their lives were changed forever. Would they use their powers for good? Would they use their powers for bad? Or would they just try to go about their live normally? Who knows.

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"Jeez, who put that title there?"
"You did, ma'am."
"Ah, right..."


This idea stemmed simply from the question: What if superpowers but random? With most roleplays that involve superpowers, someone chooses the powers a character has, be it the person creating the character or the GM.

I didn't want that for this.

So I decided that it would be fun to create characters with random powers, that no one chooses. And how do we ensure that randomness is there? By using the 'Random Page' feature of the Superpower Wiki of course. As of writing this, it currently has 12,395 pages, which will definitely ensure both randomness and variety.

And of course the idea doesn't end there.

After that, I thought, what would make this even more unique? In answer to that, is this.

The story begins before the powers start appearing, to establish what our characters are like, and to kick off some interesting dynamics/potential plots. After the Event happens, our characters will 'branch off' into mini-plots. For example, one group may have a coffee shop scene, whilst another tries to take over the Netherlands. Each of these mini-plots will be in separate threads. After a while, there'll be a few major, world changing plots that include all of the characters. That will take place in one thread, whichever one contains the start of the major plot.

For this to work, it will definitely require proper communication between people who take part. As long as that happens, I believe it will be an absolutely brilliant thing.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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People can have as many characters as they think they can handle. This allows people to have good, neutral, and evil characters all at the same time, if they want.

Each character is allowed to 'start' with a maximum of three randomly generated powers. Over the course of the story, people are allowed to randomly generate more powers for their characters if they wish, up to a maximum of five total powers per character.

If you wish to join, simply fill out the character sheet template for each character you wish to play:


(This can be a description or a faceclaim. I am more than happy to draw something for you to use for a faceclaim if you want)
(This is optional)
(For anything that isn't covered in this template that you think is important)

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Name ~ Gender ~ Creator

"Shadow" ~ Male ~ Martin Randy
"Wraith" ~ Female ~Martin Randy
Steve Freeling ~ Male ~ Steve Freeling
Cornelius James Rook ~ Male ~ Raytian
Jax Astriom ~ Male ~ CherWiz
Oliver Wynthr ~ Male ~ CherWiz
Milo Leon Locke ~ Male ~ -Mork-
Robert Cadogan ~ Male ~ CaptainSully
Gunnar Albers ~ Male ~ crumbelivable
Neph Harrell ~ Female ~ Present-ish.jpg
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I'd also be down! Sounds really interesting so far though I do agree we'd really need to all be in synch to be able to not let one plot outweight the other(s). I'm excited to see if it'll work.


A Faded Ghost
I'd also be down! Sounds really interesting so far though I do agree we'd really need to all be in synch to be able to not let one plot outweight the other(s). I'm excited to see if it'll work.
Brilliant. I'm glad that people are willing to try this idea out.


Friend-shaped <3
This was what I got when I hit 'random' a third time in making my char... should I redo it or just stick with it?


Friend-shaped <3
Screw it, I think I'll just reroll my char's powers altogether since they all seem way too abusable


A Faded Ghost
Sounds fun. Count me in.
You definitely have my interest
Brilliant there's even more interest for this.

Is there a thread and all that for this yet, or is it just this page so far?
Yeah, it's just this page so far. A little later I'll make an OOC thread for this. I'm not gonna make a CS thread because those have a tendency to get a bit... Messy. So I prefer to make a sort of archive myself once enough character sheets have been submitted.
I submitted a Character Sheet, if that's alright.
That's alright. I love your CS.
Screw it, I think I'll just reroll my char's powers altogether since they all seem way too abusable
Lol. When I was rolling powers for my own characters, the first one I got was the most OP shit I had ever seen, so I had to reroll the powers for that one as well.

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