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Fantasy The Long Night


One Thousand Club
1278 Europe
In one moment all of the world fell into darkness as the remnants of a forgotten kingdom arose and attacked the mortal swine. They along with the monsters that fallowed them carved a bloody path through what is now known as Romania all the way to Germany.

Their leader Valius Draqul leads the campaign of total world domination to subjugate all that won't fall in line. Wether it he humans or creature.

An order that was created to stop such an invasion collapsed on itself due to infighting and corruption allowing the beasts of darkness to go further unopposed.

Now a new order must be formed to deal with this threat before all of the World falls into the growing darkness
No specific roles.

As for the kind it's up to you, you could be a regular weapon weilding human, physician, magic user, priest, monster, or even if you want you can be on Valius side. All up to you.
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Lore page it will be added too as things progress

well i am super into this. lemme know how or when we can sign up and all that!
Character sheet


The rp thread should be up in a couple of days just need to do some editing.

Do you people prefer the OOC thread here or discord?

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