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Vas had entered the hall shortly before the speech began and sat with the rest of his house. He chatted a little bit with some friends in the house but no one was really in a talkative mood and already sleepy from his work he was finding it hard to stay awake. A few seconds into the headmaster speech with the expected platitudes, his head was slowly drifting to the table. He had almost fully fallen asleep until Sabrina's outburst.

He jolted awake, sleep the last thing on his mind as he listened. She had a point, the faculty cant expect a few platitudes would whitewash the events of today snd previously. The students needed some action and if not that some genuine emotion beyond "buck up and move on. What action would make things up he wasnt sure and on second thought he doubted anything could really be dome at the moment. In the end he sighed and layed his head on the table and waited to be discussed. When it was given, there were few faster than him making his way out.


The Origin of The End.

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Morri was a bit relieved at Kat's reactions and reassurances. Morri looked at Kat with eyes of peace. When she embraced her, Morri didn't let go as if it was the last day on Earth. She could see Thomas smiling over Kat's shoulder at them. He was the type of kindred spirit that felt joy from other people bonding. Morri wished she could be like that sometimes, but such were the woes of the mystery girl of Ilvermorny. Morri felt like the only reason she was half as popular as she was in credit was dude to Ria. The Pocomtuc bloodline goes back to the very founders, so she was royalty. All she could think about was the girl's last words. No way Ria Pocomtuc said that, the most lively girl in existence. Morri still remembered when she first met Ria. 1st year, just getting used to the school and a bunch of higher years began to try and haze Morri. And then Ria, a loved 2nd year because of her bloodline came to her rescue. She'd be forever grateful. Unlike Hogwarts, Ilvermorny wasn't so elitist in factionists of house loyalty and what not. Here, everyone loved everyone's company. Morri rests along side Kat as she thinks on the moment.

"I feel like I should say this. It's not your fault Kat, we had no idea she was up there. Nothing done would have stopped her. You hear me? She felt like death was it...but why? Why Ria of all people? The most full of life. I don't get it...did she...did she say anything before she fell? Do anything?". When Morri saw Kat in pain from wanting to situate herself more, Morri placed a steel hand on Kat's shoulder to remind the girl to stop moving. Morri then lightened up a bit, feeling Kat's hand in hers. The tears were over and gone with Morri, but she knew Kat was more sensitive. Badass, but still sensitive. Nurse Chambers brought away the potion Kat didn't like, and the faint rumble of Morri's stomach shook her. Neither had eaten all day, one was too hurt and one was too dazed. Plus Morri left her Dragots in her room with the climb and all. She would often use her Dragots to buy extra snacks from the back or have Thomas get her some of the good treats. Chambers gave a nice smile to Kat and Morri and walked back to her duties of cleaning the beds and clearing the space for more students who would come later. However, she left Ria's bed untouched. She left everything as it was. Flowers, cards, the works. She also left Morri's wand on the counter too, not wanting to push anything until Morri was ready.


Headmaster Fontaine sobs silently and solemnly to himself as he shuts the door to his quarters, Hands balled in a fist. Agilbert was quite literally the most steel-willed being in the North American magical community, sufficient to say that this emotional state was unparalleled to anyone to see. Which is why he remained alone. His heavy huffs and deepened gruffs almost made him seem brooding, but he was far from. Lately he was on edge, rightfully so... but anyone who really knew Agilbert knew the man had a soul of diamonds. A knock on the door comes as Professor DeForrest comes to the edge of the wood, speaking through it. "Agilbert? I won't bother you long I just wish to know--"

The door opens, as Fontaine wisks it open with his wand. Abner finishes his sentence. "--know the syllabus for the JARVEY tests? The Juxtaposed Assessments for Reviewing Versatile Experienced Youth. I simply do not know why we don't just call them NEWTS and OWLS like The Ministry--" Headmaster Fontaine cuts him off at his classy jargon and accent. "The JARVEY's will resume tomorrow, MACUSA is coming first light to investigate this situation we have... so I need you as well as the rest of faculty to be cordial, and composed and offer assurances to students. I cannot have another death happen due to fear mongering and spreading of fallacy." DeForrest skips up on his tip toes in nervous thought, looking at the Headmaster with sharp eyes looking back at him, almost as if he wasn't weeping moments before Abner entered. "Well... the students believe they have a right to know what they're dealing with here... Buchanan told them to talk to the Heads, and that being blinded by such atrocities isn't deserving."

Headmaster Fontaine's face goes grim, a look of absolution. "Petyr likes to eat pomposity and call it nobility. Now is not the time for a political message or intrigue of inspiration, I am trying to save lives here and nothing can stand in the way of that. Nothing." Abner nods instinctively "Yes sir." Fontaine leans back in his plush leather chair, the weight of the universe seemingly on his shoulders. "Make sure that every faculty member knows the tact that must be placed in this VERY volatile situation. And as for Petyr.... send him to me." Abner nods in respect and takes his leave of the quarters, looking back and halting on his crisp heels and pivoting into a switch to face Fontaine. "...we are here for you Agilbert, you know that right? We're still a family, student or staff. I know your wisdom and judgement, so I know that if there's something we need to know, we'll have it.... just try to keep in mind there are those that are more... emotionally strived. I can't imagine what you have to house on the daily. Perhaps set up a date? I hear the No-Maj's have a thing called Tinder... I'm sure there's a magic equivalent?"

Headmaster Fontaine chuckles for the first time since he can even remember. Abner closes the door, as The Headmaster looks out of his window, down into the trees and woodlands of Mt. Greylock hundreds and hundreds of feet below. His face returned forbidding yet again now that he was back alone. All he could think was

It should've been me.
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We are Lord Buckethead

Eyes unable to break from Morri's Kat listened intently. Finally breaking her gaze Kat looked away for the first time. The feeling of guilt began to well up from beneath. Unable to just spill everything out she began to once more clam up. Eyes closing she let out a large breath before slowly and steadily laying back down on her bed. Coughing a few times Kat shivered, the feeling of exhaustion flowing over her. Eyes opening once more Kat seemed alittle cloudy. The fall having taken far more out of her than she originally thought, the adrenalin she had been experiencing finally began to wear off.

Slowly wrapping her arms around Morri Kat winced once in pain before finally seeming to situate herself. Not able to vocalize anything at this point Kat just let her body do the talking. After a few moments she let go of Morri and let herself rest on her back, the least painful position for her. Looking up at the ceiling she let out a sigh. Eyes looking over at Morri then back over at Thomas she tried to once more speak, but she only mouthed the words out, which to her ended up feeling so awkward she didn't even finish.

Visibly fighting the inevitable Kat finally surrendered to her exhaustion. Eyes closing Kat pulled the blanket over herself, the feeling of cold air to much for her at this point.​
Vas fell asleep almost immidiately when his head hit the pillow. It was a deep peaceful dreamless sleep as normal despite the day's events. Though the suicide was tragic and concerning it the end of the day he didnt know the girl and it seemed to have little to do with him. There would be some shaking up in his daily school life as the facility reacted to the suicide but in the end things will move on and return to normal. Not to mention others who suffered from the suicide will recover too. So why worry?

He woke up suddenly to the call of the captain of the Pukwudgie Quidditch team shock him . "Classes are called and the field is free for us to fit in some practice while the other houses still trying to recover." The captain said excitedly. "Hurry up lets go!" Vas groaned at beimg woken but didn't need convincing to get up. He got up quickly and got dressed in his team robes before grabbing his broom, a middle of the line but trusty 2010 Thunderstorm Rider, and rushed after his captain with some of the other crew.

They were in the field in 20 minutes, the sun low in the sky barely seen through the murky clouds which threatened rain. He barelybslept it seemed forva couple of hours. However for the moment it was dry and the captain began immidiately barking exercises for them to do. Vas kicked and he was off on his broom, ďoing a couple of laps of the stadium before moving to do his exercises with the keeper.
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Leo Fischer
Leo sat with his elbow propped against the table, his head resting in his hand and his face firm as he listened to the Headmaster speak. He was sat at the Thunderbird house table, surrounded by people he couldn't really call friends, even after years of knowing them. However, today that didn't seem to matter. The Thunderbirds were nearly silent, one a few whispers passing between friends, seeking comfort from those who'd experienced the same as them. The entirety of the house was intensely focused on the Headmaster's words, waiting for an explanation that never came.

It was good to hear both Morri and Katalina were ok, but that's not what the Thunderbirds wanted to hear. They wanted to know why their house was being torn apart from the inside. Why they, who were supposed to be the souls of Ilvermorny, were losing themselves in a sea of darkness, on edge and waiting for the next tragedy to occur. Leo wanted to know too. And Sabrina had clearly heard enough.

Leo could understand the Headmaster's position. The man couldn't show any sign of weakness, and if even he didn't know what had truly happened that night, a vague explanation would likely only harm the students in the long-term. But the man was going too far.

"...It's imperative you don't lose yourself because of it, like Ms. Andrews just displayed."

Leo forced his mouth to remain closed, but it was clear that he, along with many other Thunderbirds, weren't happy with those words. 'Lose ourselves? Sabrina's just trying to find herself again. We all are. He should be able to see that, but maybe he just isn't looking.' Leo frowned. They needed to be given something to do, some way to make sense of what had occurred, both in their dormitory and under the Snakewood tree, and Leo imagined that most of them wouldn't be able to move forwards until they understood at least a bit of what had happened this past week. He certainly couldn't, and as he looked around the table, it was clear most of the Thunderbirds were the same. But there was also a change in some of them since Sabrina's outburst. Leo could see a fire in the eyes of his housemates; the will to stand with Sabrina against Ilvermorny's attempt to forget.

He turned his attention to Professor Buchanan then, Leo having missed the first half of his words already. He was surprised at what the Horned Serpent Head was saying, his words raw unlike the practiced statements of Professor Goldstein and the Headmaster. And Leo appreciated the words, but he knew they weren't enough. He wanted to understand, and this assembly had seemingly proved that he couldn't get that from the adults at Ilvermorny. So instead, Leo turned his attention to the door Sabrina had forced her way through. He pushed himself up from his seat, exiting the Dining Hall, now in search of Sabrina, the one person in the school who knew Ria best.


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Professor Buchanan sauntered into his dormitories after the cataclysmic assembly. He knew his words would have a much larger impact than initially received by the teens of Ilvermorny, seeing as they were raw, unlike the others from Goldstein or Fontaine... Making his way to his bathroom, he quickly showered and shaved away the dreaded beard he wore for months. It was time for change...

Venturing into his closet, he quickly picked out a simple black suit, and a unbuttoned white dress shirt. He didn’t plan on much student activity for the evening, so a tie-.

Petyr’s icy eyes shot to the door as he heard a sharp knock, followed by a familiar voice.

“It’s Abner! Just spoke with the Headmaster and he wishes to speak with you! I’ve got to patrol the halls so I wish you luck ok!?”

Yes yes. Much obliged.” Petyr replied as he grumbled to himself. He couldn’t wait to get lectured...

No more than ten minutes passed before Professor Buchanan arrived to Headmaster Fontaine’s office. Knocking upon the door before entering, his hawk-like senses went to work. Noting the man’s puffy eyes, most likely from crying of sorts, he tilted his head quizzically.

You wished to speak with me Headmaster?”

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Professor Petyr Buchanan


The Origin of The End.
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The bland sky that had been spread among the heavens had still overcast the venue of Ilvermorny. The yards and grounds of the campus were emptied, and only the chatter of inhabitants among the halls and now dorms were drifting through the corridors. Ilvermorny was in a spiraling time, and with the death of a beloved, it only seemed more and more damp in despair. The winds start to pick up around the rural area of Massachusetts, with Mt. Greylock seemingly an epicenter of weather anomaly and rushing climate. Only a few were permitted to be among the environment of the outer castle, and among the prefects and faculty that would patrol the halls while the rest of the school domained in their chambers, there were a group of students trying to make the best of the day among the Quidditch Fields. The Pukwudgie team had seemed to be practicing and playing around, as the students on brooms started to fly around the field and do some laps, and then into their exercises. Head Carnerius watches from a soft overlook in the hallways, before deciding it's best not to say anything and let the kids play. After everything that's happened, they needed some semblance of fun and normalcy in these conditions. No teenager.. no person should have to go through what they have. Carnerius grips her wand tightly and proceeds to her quarters. The woman was still an active Auror fr a reason, her skills were unmatched when it came to magical utilization and MACUSA still needed her skillset to be of service. What better way than to uphold America's most caliber magic school? Even then, even she had her own battles inside, as she thought: I could've done something... why didn't I know?

But away from the emotional turmoil of the students and faculty in the castle, there was something in from the annals of the woods with set gaze. Watching. The vision on a group flying around on brooms; The Quidditch Fields. To anyone that would take a venture to look out among the woods and outer rural of Ilvermorny Castle, there would be something to akin a shape... a figure. Fog set in among the woods, as anyone from the fields on campus would look to see.... something. Upon seeing it, for the split second it seemed to have been there... one would swear they could see space literally bending and folding around it, And then, just as swiftly there was nothing there. Just woods. Almost as if nothing was ever there... if it ever was.


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As soon as Petyr entered, Agilbert could see the clean shaven man had not know the gravity of his actions. In all the years they've fellowshipped and kept a cordial respect for each other, The Headmaster looked at Petyr for the first time in seemingly forever with a muted look, one that shot right into the Head of Horned Serpent's spine. Even a squib would feel the resonance coming from such a stare. Agilbert takes out a quill. "Close the door." After Petyr obliges, Agilbert simply looked at him for a moment before saying anything. "All the semesters you've been staffed here I never asked why a ministry official would wander over to America and take up a teaching job. I've watched grow a kinship with your students, a fun favoritism even. I've seen you enforce your morals and ways of magic onto others... all that time, I respectfully entrusted us to have the same level of kinship. But now, I think you've confused respect with authority. Head with Headmaster." He then stood from his chair, broodingly taller than remembered. "I'm only going to say this one time. One Petyr. There's a magnitude of which is beyond out kids... and frankly... even you. When I tell you to spread peace and only peace, assurance, and security. That's what I expect. *sigh* I know it's been hard, hell it is hard. But this isn't Europe. We don't do politics in school affairs unless it's superlative. Period. I really wish I could make you understand son, but you have to heed me when I say I am trying to save sanctity. It's costing me a lot. MACUSA will be here first thing in the morning, and you will share all the information you have. Not opinion, not speculation, not political intrigue or egotistical machinations. Pull what you did in that dining hall again you'll be applying for Salem Institute. You may have just put more of our kids in danger than you know."

Buchanan had did a dangerous thing. He'd made the Headmaster curious, and skeptical. When the most prominent figure in the American magic community save the President gets you in radar, best believe it was something to never be taken lightly. Not one time did Agilbert remove gaze from Petyr, nor did his demeanor shift. He was steeled. "With that being said, if you need anything, from assistance to support on something come to me. I give you my word I'll do my absolute best to accommodate." Fontaine then starts to write on parchment, signing Head Goldstein's name and writing him a message. It was the equivalent to a No-Maj text: a simple spell that sends the contents of the message to the subject's parchment for them to view in real time. He'd signaled Head Goldstein to send for Sabrina Andrews and send her to his quarters. He looked up at Petyr, and slightly raised a brow surprised he was still there. "Oh, you can go."

The sun starts to set over the paled sky.



RPN’s Residental Villian

Professor Buchanan tucked his hands neatly behind his back after closing the door, preferring to stand rather than to sit. Locking his icy emotionless eyes upon the Headmaster, he buckled himself in for the lecture... From questioning his past, to trying to relate the death...

Wait. Why hadn’t he cared about the poor girl? Just earlier he felt as if it were his fault... Now it was as if it was dust in the wind...

Petyr snapped back into thought when Fontaine called him “son”, a term that made his blood boil momentarily. “With respect Sir, these children should know the truth, and be prepared for whatever you’re hiding from them... You mentioned my career in Europe, so I’ll bring up this point. Those kids at Hogwarts knew the truth of the darkness that overcame them, and they were able to defend their school valently. How are we supposed to have our students prepared if something were to occur here?”

“And don’t bullshit me and say that won’t happen, because we both know it will.” The professor took a deep breath, staring to work himself up. “While you sit in here and wallow in self pity because you don’t know what do you! You mourn for a death that will shortly make a marauder, you cry for a darkness you haven’t done anything to block. It’s quite pitiful really... The mighty Ilvermorny Headmaster quaking in his own boots at the face of reality...”

Petyr’s icy eyes had a spark within them, enjoying the moment of honesty more than most really should... He could be relapsing... No. He would never revert back to that...

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Professor Petyr Buchanan


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Nurse Chambers, Morri
Hosp. Wing

Thomas Richard Holiday

Thomas soon sat up from his position, now truly not tired. He rubbed his eyes. At least the draught was still working and he was well aware of that fact. He wondered when it would wear off. No, not wonder... fear. He was scared of what would happen once it was gone. He had gone numb earlier - only thinking about his job at healing Kat and Morri. It was enough to keep him away from facing reality. That she was gone. That nothing was 'good' right now. He curled his fists and then placed his head on top of his knuckles, taking in deep breaths. Thinking about it was not doing him any good. Thinking about it wasn't doing him any good. Thinking about it-

"Here you go Thomas."

He looked up to see a glass of iced tea. Thomas gratefully accepted the drink and he just stared at it. He wondered what kind of comfort something like a normal drink like that would give him. No, he did wonder. Because panic began to set in again, so soon after the draught. When you're thinking about it, it would seem that even the potion would be useless. Useless. Just like him during Ria's fall. Just like him. Looking. Watching. He could have done something. Maybe. "Nurse Chambers? Do you think I... uh... do you think I could borrow some of the books you used while training as a healer?" He asked.

The stern nurse looked at him with creased eyebrows. "I suppose you may. But many of those spells are advanced. I'll make a note of them." She replied as she turned to continue making her potions. "I'll give you a book tomorrow and make sure you consult with me anything that I have made a note with. Healing spells are dangerous if not casted properly." She reminded him. The lesson had been drilled into him for a long time now; ever since he had come to work for her as her pupil. This was her first lesson. Do not underestimate healing spells because it will backfire if you do. It was a good thing he was part of the Transfiguration Club that also practiced the same rule.

Thomas nodded. "I will. Thank you, Nurse Chambers." He replied with a smile before taking a drink from the iced tea. Soon enough, he drank the entire thing. He stood up and then headed to Morri and Kat after giving them their moment. He swept his gaze from Kat - who was now sleeping - and then to Morri. "Is there something I can do for you?" He asked politely with a small smile.
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Vas flew aroumd the hops having one on one match with the keeper, Constance Micheal, another witch from a normie family and in the same year as him. She joined the team this year and the captain was bragging about her. At first sight Vas wasnt convinced, however he had to admit she was a good keeper with a sharp mind tongue that give him a ran for his money. He hadnt interacted with her much before but certinly he felt like he wanted to know. They bantered as the practiced and found her quite funny too. In a few minutes of play they were both equal in scores and blocks.

The captain called that this was going to be the pairs last p,ay before they went to another exercise involving the bludgers. They to smiled at each other knowingly, last chance to prove who was better. He held the quiffol tightly and lowered himself on the broom charging at her and the hoops. She came forward to challenge him but he zigged zagged left and right trying to confuse her on which hoop he was after. He suddenly went left and she did as well. This was feint though as he made a sharp turn right and passed her. She seemed to concede defeat, not going after him so he stopped in front of the hoop and readied himself to through.

However a sudden rush of wind made his broom shake almost making him lose his balance. As he corrected himself he noted a figure in the distance or what he though was a figure. Barely his mind processed what he saw when suddenly light seemed to shift in a wierd kaleidoscope manner. "What the..." he muttered before he heard Constance call.

"Hey! Stop rubbing it in and through the ball!"

He turned her breifly than turned back to see everything back to normal. He paused fpr a moment and tried to make sense of it all. He gave up on the idea and attributed to his lack of sleep before taking the shot.


The Origin of The End.

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Magical History of The United States of America

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Morri watches Kat sleep for a bit, the poor girl was giving a lot even after she'd given a lot earlier the morning. Morri peered out the window to see a barring sky, getting darker and darker as the time progressed. She'd heard Thomas and Chambers talking as the audio started to fade slightly as Morri started to doze off herself. That was until Thomas came over and asked was there anything he could so, the smile on his face serving as a secondary solace for the Horned Serpent. He was so positive, even outside of the atrocity that happened. Morri had observed him in her years of knowing of him at Ilvermorny, he'd always been so full of light, at some points to some degree that annoyed the girl. It's as Tony Stark said in one of her favorite movies: I don't trust someone without a dark side. Or maybe it's just that Thomas doesn't show it, he tries to be one of those beacons of light for people that may be used to seeing nothing but dark things all the time. Morri wouldn't say it, but right now it wasn't so annoying. Perhaps it could also be the effects of the calming draught. She turns her head towards him and curls the edge of her mouth, the closest thing anyone would get to a smile out of her. "I'm okay, can you just make sure Kat's bandages are on good? And... never mind."

The sun starts to fall into the sky, dusk and night nearing. Morri could've sworn that she saw Sabrina Andrews storm past the infirmary, seemingly upset. After moments of rest Morri sits up on the bed, and takes a bite of some of the food Wayiso had brought in earlier, her blood warming and a pleasant sigh escaping her. She'd never let anyone see, but the food was damn good. She ate some more, and then maybe some more even after that. Not too long after, she peered near the doorway to students who were waving past the door, handing the cards to the nurse to deliver to Morri and Kat. She didn't understand why they didn't come in and talk to them, maybe the Headmaster had said something to give them privacy? Nurse Chambers then taps Morri on the shoulder. "You've been cleared, you can head to your room. Katalina needs more rest and recovery, you can visit her tomorrow." Morri shakes her head solemnly. "I'm not leaving." Nurse Chambers was about to object to the girl's demand, when Morri beat her to the punch and replied yet again, looking into the nurse's eyes. "I lost a friend today, almost a best friend. She's alive and hurt and you're asking me to leave because I'm physically okay. Would you leave..?"

The nurse finally relents, looking at Ria's old infirmary bed and all the flowers and cards on it from the week past. She looks back to Morri and nods, then continues her duties. Morri takes her school robes off, getting a bit hot. Just outside the window, students on brooms can be seen flying around making lights with their wands. It appeared to be the Pukwudgie Quidditch Team. Their silhouette in the well-warring sky showed the shape of a heart, followed by a magical message that says 'GET WELL SOON!'.



Head Canerius walks down the corridors of Ilvermorny's halls, deciding to dedicate her free time to assisting the school patrol and monitor the halls should a student need something or such an unorthodox occurrence pops up. She was also keeping a careful eye on the Pukwudgie Quidditch Team, who seemed to be having fun practicing, or at least trying to make the most of it in a drab time. She noticed it starting to get a bit dark, the winds blowing as she headed to the field to get her kids back to their towers. A spectacular flash struck across the sky however as the team on their brooms flew by the hospital wing, giving a positive message to the students in the infirmary, namely the Skopos and Romanova girls. She sees Petyr walking rather upset, she could always tell when his demeanor was off. "Look at that... such a beautiful gesture... Hm? You okay?" She asks briefly as she then heads towards the fields to get everyone back inside. "Pukwudgie athletes!! Put your brooms & gear up and get inside now! Getting dark!" She would make sure they'd get back safely, as a few students still roamed the halls before heading into their towers for the night.

After a bit of practiceand night fell through out the castle, Vas had a thought and spoke to the captain. The captain seemed uncertain at first mostly because he did not want to end practice just yet but Vas pressed the matter and therefore relanted. He gathered the rest of the team and explained the plan. Most of the team supported it especailly Constance was vocal in her support of it. Each climbed their brooms and began doing laps around the standium before suddenly making a beline for the castle, more accuraltyly the hospital wing. Vas lead the first spell casting, his wands letting out sparks of different colours with the rest following suit. Some of the team called out in support of those the infarmiry and those that passed.

He had planned to continue throught the castle but Canerius called for the return to the castle. He groaned and was tempted to defy her by the other obeyes which made Vas relant himself and followed the rest of them into the castle. He could use some more sleep anyways.
Leo Fischer
Leo made his way through the halls of Ilvermorny, his eyes moving down each corridor he passed in search of Sabrina Andrews' form. He made his way to the nearest exits first, understanding that some people found solace in the boundless solitude provided by nature. He saw the Pukwudgie Quidditch Team flying above the field, and he saw the forest that surrounded the grounds, but he didn't see any sign of the Thunderbird who had stormed from the dining hall.

He returned to his search inside the castle, this time heading for the Thunderbird dormitory. He listened to his footsteps echo across the halls, the majority of students having made their ways back to their dorms. The assembly hadn't seemed to lift the spirits of the students, at least not many of those who frequented this corner of the castle. Leo searched every secret passage he knew on the way to the dorms, and the young Thunderbird was very close to giving up his search when he heard it.

Quaking breaths, coming from a passageway that, while not a secret, wasn't commonly used as it was just a very roundabout way to the library. Leo poked his head around the corner of the corridor, his eyes catching the barely illuminated form of Sabrina Andrews. What Leo saw caused him to rethink his motives for seeking out the girl in the first place. Yes, he wanted to know more about what had happened to Ria, but Sabrina seemed to be shaking from either anger or barely repressed tears. Leo almost turned away, his previous motivations now seeming cold-hearted.

He pushed his back against the cold stone of the wall, now debating his next course of action. Maybe Sabrina just wanted to grieve in seclusion, or maybe it was just that nobody had come after her, or listened to her thoughts. But Leo didn't want to condemn the girl to isolation if that wasn't what she wanted, so he decided to give her the choice. He pushed himself from the wall, turning the corner into the passageway and moving slowly towards Sabrina.

"Hi," he said quietly. "Umm... I don't really know if you want me here, so if you don't just tell me to go, but I thought maybe you'd like someone talk to? Or even just someone to listen while you vent?" His right hand went to thread into the back of his hair, pulling just slightly -a nervous habit of his. "And, I mean, if you do want to talk, I don't really have anyone to tell whatever you say to, just in case you were worried about that. So... yeah." He shrugged his shoulders, letting out a nearly imperceptible sigh that he had finished speaking without saying anything too weird.


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Direct -> Leo
NPC -> Sabrina | Head Goldstein

Sabrina sniffles and storms through the hall with sadness and fear. She'd really just did that, she stood against Headmaster Fontaine, a man who she'd idolized all her life. She knew she was wrong, but she was also right. Students deserved to know the truth. Granted, it wasn't the best way to showcase that, scaring the 1st years and 2nd years, maybe 3rd, but it had to be done.

"I'm so sorry Ria... "

Someone had shouted her name, but she continued to sob. It wasn't until a reclusive boy impeded her path that she stopped. She'd recognized him from around school. He didn't really have a group in particular he hung out with, but he was always around she remembered. He knew her by name apparently. She'd talk to him a few times before, but not enough for a name basis. She felt bad she didn't know his name. He begin to ask her what happened. After suggesting chat and offering a kind ear, Sabrina looked at him with sharp eyes, she'd never been one to be overtly compassionate, but these were rough times. He wanted to know what happened? To help? She saw he was too, a Thunderbird. Which meant he was in the towers that night. THE night. But even only he knew half the story. Something much, much more happened. It was time to spread what really happened.

The truth.

"Who are you? ... You wanna know? Not here. Come on." She sounded sharp and fed up in her tone. She walks to the Thunderbird Tower, knowing that only Thunderbirds are allowed in anyways. Every house was protected with security measures, the Thunderbird Tower's in the form of a riddle. Sabrina looks at the boy as he as well knew the password to Thunderbird. Sabrina answers the riddle and the door opens to the common room, aka Thunder Lobby. She hurries him inside as the door closes behind them, knowing Goldstein would probably be after her soon along as the other Thunderbird students to check on her.

"Don't have much time, hurry it up." She darts up the stairs towards her and Ria's room, in which magical tape stretched across the doorway to their room. Sabrina stops right in front of it, as anyone that breaches the tape will experience an alarm louder than a rock concert. A simple jinx. A red wall of magical energy blocked their view to the inside of the room, but Sabrina begins talking, tired from the display of emotion earlier. She was calm, but devoid of any real consciousness.

"This is what she said she saw... Darkness. I woke up and she was shaking, not like she was cold or anything, just fucking... shivering. She was cutting her wrist with her wand and I stopped her. She told me she saw it, but I kept asking what. I was so scared. I called Head Goldie, he ran in and healed Ria's arm. But Ria-- she just started crying uncontrollably. I'd never in my 7 years here seen her so weak. Ria kept saying the darkness is coming, in which the Headmaster was summoned. Mr. Righteous, hmph... my ass. He was just as scared as the rest of us. The entire Thunderbird dorm woke up from Ria's crying. This is probably the part where you remember, where you and the others came. You all tried to come to her aid, but froze with concern as you looked into her room. At first we all thought the same thing: Just a bad episode, maybe the girl had anxiety we didn't know about. And then it happened, she looked out the window as did us all. Nothing was there but I swear to god I felt it, it was like a collective consciousness. I was instantly feeling and sharing thoughts with every other Thunderbird there, even faculty. Did you feel it....?"

She looks at Leo deeply, almost searching for a connection.

"We all felt....so.....anxious looking out that window, like the sky was specifically looking at us. Something was looking back at us. And then it happened. She touched the Headmaster, and their eyes went pitch black. You saw it right? Some did. The room ripped apart... I'd never felt so much fear and finality of life. Thankfully much of Thunderbird was evacuated at the time, but I stayed behind. It was me, Headmaster Fontaine, Head Goldstein, Ria, some Prefects, Nurse Chambers, and whatever did that to Ria and Headmaster. The rest had moved downstairs by then, I think the other Heads were down to keep everyone calm. After the horror...Ria passed out, but her eyes were open. Listen, I swear to you. When I looked at her it felt like my roommate was gone. I was looking at a stranger."

A tear rolls down as Sabrina wipes it away before doing a stout sniffle, almost as to boost herself back into being strong.

"The Headmaster kept it from the school. How is it that he isn't in the same state as Ria? What if what influenced her is influencing him? I had to stand up and say something! He's hiding something. And I can't be here to watch another student become Ria. Like that Kat girl...or Morri. How are they by the way? I just... I can't believe it. I can't. Ria would never off herself EVER. I'm not saying the witnesses are lying but...she wouldn't do that! The way Morri was crying over Ria's body-- I can't see that again. And whatever darkness there is that Ria felt ....Fontaine is just fucking ignoring it. And no one will remember Ria as the legend she was. There. So now you know--"

The approaching sound of breaching doors & footsteps seem to get closer to the room, usually Sabrina didn't care, she was adamant about quitting this school, but why should Leo have to go down with her? She knew Head Goldstein or someone would be here soon, hell it was probably him at the door. But... it was so sudden and spontaneous she didn't know who it could be. No one was supposed to be in the vicinity. Sabrina didn't know what to do. This was Ria's territory, the quick thinking. Screw it. The corridor opens and Sabrina shoves Leo around the corner out of sight. She turns to see Head Goldstein, looking deeply concerned. She used the chance to lead him away so that Leo could sneak from the girls' section of the tower. "*sigh* I'm guessing you want to talk... come on then." She abruptly walks past him and down the stairs, with Goldstein looking back at the room... Ria and Sabrina's. He then took a deep breath and followed Sabrina away.
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Morri, Kat
Hosp. Wing

Thomas Richard Holiday

Thomas patiently waited for Morri to answer and then nodded when she requested for him to re-check Kat's bandages. "Alright." True, she had thrashed around earlier so that might have aggravated some wounds or the bandages might be dirtied. It was a good idea to check it again. He didn't want to get her wounds infected or anything to inflict any more pain on the poor girl. His smile faltered when Morri cut herself off - apparently, one of her favors just got lost in the wind. But Thomas did not pry. He didn't have the right nor the courage to ask. "Well, if you think of anything else for me to take care of, just let me know." He then gave her a small nod and then turned to look at Kat.

He took out his wand and then began to survey her bandages. Her wounds didn't tear open, thankfully, so he didn't have to make any sort of treatment aside from changing the bandages. Thomas worked meticulously, as well as slowly, so as to make sure that Kat doesn't wake up. Magic did work wonders and he watched as the bandage slipped off of her body without any difficulty. He tapped his wand against the roll of unused bandages and it began to carry itself over to Kat and began wrapping around her again, covering her wounds. This would have, in all honesty, been easier had she not had an aversion to potions. But, oh well, such was life. Once he was done, he put his wand back into his pockets.

Thomas had perched back onto his chair, but this time his head was facing the doorway where a seemingly sad (or was that anger?) Sabrina stomped through. He waited for any other students to come but they didn't come for another few minutes, which was odd considering Sabrina might have been the first one out but all would have filed out of the Hall by then. He should ask Vas what had happened there. The students who had come by the infirmary had handed Nurse Chambers with cards and chocolates and other 'get well soon' treats. Thomas couldn't help but smile at it. At times of sadness, people do come together, don't they? He even saw some of his fellow Pukwudgies come by, handing their own gifts. Some even stopped to wave at him but didn't dare enter. Was it because they thought it would disturb the resting girls?

He took out a piece of paper from inside his robes. A square paper. He began folding it up. Origami had always been a source of interest for the young Pukwudgie. Magic was amazing, but sometimes doing it the old Non-Maj way was fun too. Miss Reimi taught him all about it - being a half-blood and everything. While Thomas wasn't completely out of the Non-Maj world despite being a Pureblood, but there were many things that he didn't know about. Thomas looked up from his origami when Nurse Chambers tried to release Morri and get her out of the infirmary, but Morri did not agree to it. Nurse Chambers didn't argue any further and allowed her to stay. It was only for the night anyway, so this should be fine. Classes would resume tomorrow wouldn't they? He wondered if Morri and Kat would be stable enough to go through classes. Sometimes they can be too stressful, but they'll just have to see.

Thomas had turned to see the Pukwudgie Quidditch Team give their own 'get well soon' message to them - but in a more flashy way. He couldn't help but let out a warm chuckle. Truly, people do come together at the most troubling of times. He finished making the paper crane origami and then placed it on the bedside. A sort of get well soon gift from him as well. He's heard that in some cultures, it apparently grants a wish, or something along those lines.
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@OppositeInverse @AI10100 AND Kat's mother (Though shes a illusion in her dream.)

Slumped against a tree Katalina looked up to see the branches far above her. Feeling the pain shoot through her she let out a groan. A voice far away spoke up "Did you fall again Kat? Are you hurt.". Seeing her mother walking towards her she wanted to start crying up kept from tearing it. Kat knew he mother would know how she felt. Afterall, she got it from her mother. The cold that permiated her bones slowly began to leave her the closer her mother got. Shifting where she was sitting she tried to get up but couldn't manage the strength.

After another attempt she felt a hand on her shoulder. Eyes snapping up she saw her mother's hand keeping her from standing. "Why? Let me get up." Kat spoke trying to appear as resolute as she normally was. Smileing Kat's mom shook her head. "You always push. Perhaps you should give for once." Katalina heard her mother say. The bit of advice alittle cryptic yet it found its home. "i need to get up." Was all Kat could respond. "I cant lay down.... now..." Katalina felt her mind drift before her mothers hand pulled her back. Gasping she looked up at her mother before everything seemed to change. The walls around her collapsed and the feeling of weightlessness overtook everything.

Eyes locking onto what was next to her she thought she saw someone falling with her. However, the ground approached quickly. Unlike her actual fall... Kat was experiencing all of it. Eyes going wide the dream became inseperatable from reality, the very emotions mimicing what she felt while unconcious. It was then that the dream split with reality. Kat hadn't been saved and slammed into the ground in an impact causing enough backlash that Kat snapped awake. Almost snapping upright she was stopped by Morri's body.


Eyes staring up at the ceiling in a mixed horror she felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest. Heart rate fluttering like crazy Kat managed to grip ahold of the closest thing to her. Wrapping her arms around her best friend Kat seemed to have her in a deathgrip. Despite her body shaking slightly and her pale skintone Kat didn't end up crying. Instead she buried her face in Morri's shoulder. Her breathing slowly returning to normal as she realized that it had only been a dream... atleast her dieing had been a dream.



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Direct -> Kat | Thomas
NPC -> Headmaster Fontaine

Morri nodded to Thomas' request as he surveys Kat's bandages before moving on to his other duties. Moments pass as the sun was now faltering under a once bland sky. She was starting to doze off, maybe join Kat in the astral realm. Perhaps they would see each other and nod, realizing the escape from the material world. She starts to trail off... slowly. Now nightfall was becoming. Right at the precipice of falling into a subconscious state, she hears the small jolt and rattle of the bed next to her. Morri sharply gazes at a delirious Kat, once she realized she probably just had a nightmare, she smiles as her best friend wakes up. "You had a bad dream. And you missed the fireworks." Morri probably knew it was a kind gesture from the quidditch team deciding to pay respects after practice. It was thoughtful and washed her with happiness. Morri still felt like she was dreaming, and any moment she'd wake up back to the routine, mundane day of Ilvermorny. "Can I please wake up now.." Morri gripped her necklace her mom gave her when she was younger, the trusty Stardust. She looked at the magical glow inside, the luminescence complimenting the ice on her eyes. She noticed Kat's necklace too, she wished she could have a family enchanted heirloom like Kat, but all Morri's mother told her of Stardust was that it was to never leave her sight. It reminded Morri of her secret, one that no soul at this school knows, not even Kat. Many times she wanted to tell her, but many times she found that it wasn't the right time. Maybe now, while it's just them is the perfect time.

"Kat, I have something to t--"

She stops herself, looking around to the few students still inside as well as the Pukwudgies and nurse. She looks at Kat again, knowing her voice would probably be the focus of attention if she were to speak in such a quiet place. She couldn't. "--Something to talk about for tomorrow. Have you decided what JARVEY's you want to finalize yet? Tomorrow are assessments and I don't know how I'm gonna focus with everything that's happened. Maybe you'll stay in here and get a pass. Which is good, you need to be resting anyways. I'll probably do Charms and DADA... but... sigh nothing. "

Tomorrow was Ilvermorny's day to review everything learned in classes so far, but for 6th and 7th years, it was also the last day to finalize what JARVEY's a student would master. Morri was pretty good at alot of things, but some students were exceptional at a few things. One thing she knew was her spells. Most students had to re-read what a spell is or does, but Morri's fascination with information has embedded it in her mind. A wizard could cast a spell many times, but when that spells calls for another application, the lack of mind prowess could be the death of them. Morri did wish she could have her poem book with her right now, a softer side of her no one but Kat and a few Horned Serpents know about.

Anything to take her mind off today and the past week, but instead Morri confronted the feelings. She wasn't one to put off and avoid. Ria would fight through...or would she? She certainly didn't in the courtyard. Who was that girl? Morri struggled in believing that was Ria Pocomtuc. She'd seen Sabrina earlier, she looked understandably upset... Morri imagined how she'd feel if Kat was the one instead of Ria. Or vice versa... if she had bit the dirt with Kat left alive. Unfathomable.


Headmaster Fontaine had locked the doors to his quarters. Ever since the meeting he hadn't came out, with no one hearing from him the entire day. The gleam of the night moon and starts above breach through the windows with an illustrious hue. None the less, Fontaine remained in the darkness, no lights on, no lights needed. His hands clenched his school robes with distinction, as he solemly started at his Pensieve with undertones of remorse and also determination. He takes a deep breath, leaning back on his desk in thoughts of Ria Pocomtuc. He then looked up to the night sky as if to search for something, answers? Her? Anything. His weathered look becoming fixed as he walked towards his device of memories. Even as he approached, his hands trembled with resistance. The strongest figure in the North American magical academic community was reduced to an adrenal-charged walking heap of nerves and pure instinct. He felt as though his mind was in the backseat of a vehicle he did not recognize, yet also very much in control of the destination.

"I'm going to solve this Ria..."

He grabbed a piece of tissue he'd used earlier, with remnants of his tears on the material as he extracted the old tears from the cloth using a simple spell with his wand. The tissue glows neon blue, as the tears form into a neon liquid, as he drops it into the cloud like liquid & gas. He placed his hands on each side of the metal bowl, gazing into the depth of the substance as if looking into a portal of another world. He was going through the astral realm in his mind, a study and observation of his on recourse. A twinge of fear poked in his heart, as he took a moment to remember the decades and decades of work, skill, and expertise he'd attained, along with everything he'd been through. The good, the bad, and the ugly. He triumphed for a reason, he was Headmaster for a reason... all he had to do, was shake that one thought...

It should've been me.

No, it shouldn't have.

With a surge of courage, he prepared himself for the ride of his life... his own memories, the same ones shared with Ria on that dreadful night...

Headmaster: "What did you see?"

The silent sobs of the student is the only audible thing, as the Thunderbird house all gathered and piled outside the dorm room to try and see the commotion and horror that'd befell Ria Pocomtuc. The Headmaster didn't seem too worried about the Ria's well being and health, instead focused solely on the nightmare, as if he were searching for something deeper, almost as if he expected a certain reaction or piece of info from her. The Headmaster grabs Ria by the face, shaking her mildly to attempt to restore sanity and cognizance to the young teen. He bears into the eyes of the student, almost a fire behind his as he does.

Headmaster: "What. Did. You. S--"
Ria: "Unlimited Darkness...!"

Pensieve Headmaster: Hmm... what did you mean Ria? Unlimited? Was it vast? Or was it unending?

Abruptly, the horrified girl interrupts and comes back to Earth, tears streaming down her face. She begins to hyperventilate as she holds her chest as if she couldn't breathe, Headmaster trying to soothe her but it seems as if the effect is minimal. Students watching clutch each other in fear of the expression on their fellow housemate's face. Pure and sheer terror. Ria jumps and stares out the window, causing the other students to jump and become startled. They never took their eyes off the window as the student continues to speak in heavy but drained sobs. They could all feel it. Even Fontaine, especially Fontaine.

Ria: "I seen the end...it-it's coming...and I seen it..."

A grimace strikes the face of the scared girl as she stares into the night sky, seemingly sickened by the imagination behind the vision she'd witnessed.

Ria: "No matter what happens... it's over now *sob* w-we cannot stop this, b-because I've started the chain of events. Me telling you this has already sealed our fate. I'm so sorry!"

Pensive Headmaster: You felt that whatever it was was final, absolute. As if you saw a certain future... it started with you.

Ria breaks down as some students begin to panic, The Headmaster ordering faculty to escort the Thunderbird students to the loft where they can be away from the scary scenario before them. What started as a nightmare, lead to a scream, which led to rocking back and forth, which lead to the student trying to slit their own wrists, which summoned The Headmaster to investigate such a serious and surreal scenario. And now, moments later, IIvermorny was in the process of losing grip on their sanity and peace, as they couldn't help but wonder: Is this really just a nightmare?

Headmaster: "Remain calm, it's going to be okay. What can we not stop?"

Pensieve Headmaster: I was so worried about the threat... it seemed I overlook you, my dear. I'll trade places with you in a heartbeat. I'll fix this.

Finally, those words managed to bring Ria to stop looking out the window to darkness, and stare right into the eyes of The Headmaster with a blank stare.

Ria: "The Death of Magic."

Ria suddenly touches The Headmaster's frontal lobe, as his and the her eyes roll back and a cloud of pitch black blankets their eyes. The room windows burst open as an unsourced wind rips through the room, the entire floor shaking with fury and velocity. The entire school would wake at this moment, not knowing the cause of such a tremor and calamity. Those who weren't Thunderbird can only clearly recall the rumbling of Thunderbird dorms from across the campus. They would soon come to investigate. The Headmaster's mouth gapes open with shock, as the flurry of visions flood him:

Pensieve Headmaster: This is it... show me again Ria.

  • A web of darkness, seemingly spreading throughout vast lands and areas.
  • A very large tree, old as Earth itself, with darkened skies above it. And a rumbling, almost like a growl behind it.
  • THOUSANDS of levitating bodies floating in the sky, unresponsive as a dark sky reaches down for them.
  • The flash of lightning, an army of dark robed beings lined up with wands in hand. They overlook a well lit and large urban city.
  • A cave, only complimented by sheer darkness and abyss. Deeper into the cave, a single hole, holding that same ferocious deep rumble growl within the darkness.
  • Finally, a silhouette. Of a person or a beast that pierced even the strongest of wills with unconditional horror. It seemed to have arised in size, with a faint, but sinister voice: "End.... I See You, Sacred Blood."

A Mask.

The Headmaster grunts into a loud scream as he fights as hard as he can to exit the Pensieve View, covering his eyes in fear of the reoccurring effects of the week prior. He snaps back to reality, as the bowl relents its glow and returns to normal, though for a split moment Fontaine noticed that the glow was replaced with pitch black, before returning to normal. He panted roughly as he fought to maintain his awareness and wits. The unending darkness... clouds and clouds of pure black. A surge of evil... and a figure. It felt like something, not someone. Agilbert knew in that moment what it took, and what had to be done.

Maybe this wasn't just a nightmare at all.
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Leo Fischer
Leo had half been expecting to be turned away, perhaps even yelled at, so when Sabrina motioned for him to follow, Leo's feet took a few moments to catch up. The two moved in silence, the portraits and busts passing by as they made their way through the halls of Ilvermorny. Their destination became more evident as each passing step drew them closer and closer to the Thunderbird Tower.

When they reached the entrance to the dorms, Sabrina spoke the password with Leo following suit. They went up the right set of stairs - the male dorms to the left - and passed the dorms of the younger years before stopping in front of the room Sabrina and Ria had shared. Leo hadn't seen the room since that night, but now there was tape stretched across the entrance and an angry red barrier preventing even sight of the room. Leo could feel the magic thrumming off it, leading him to guess that at least the Headmaster would be alerted if someone were to cross it, if not the entirety of the dorm. It made the room feel remote, like it was separate from the rest of the school, and Leo wondered where Sabrina had been staying for the past week, the girl evicted from her own room and denied any physical memento of her friend.

Then Sabrina began to talk, and Leo was riveted to the floor as he listened. At points he nodded in understanding and at others his eyes dimmed in remembrance. He recalled the events of that day, but what Sabrina said was somehow more. Even having been at the scene, Sabrina's words seemed to hold more power. The girl was filled with anger and despair, and all the other emotions that had taken root in the past week; not the surprise and fear that enveloped that night.

"Nothing was there but I swear to god I felt it, it was like a collective consciousness. I was instantly feeling and sharing thoughts with every other Thunderbird there, even faculty. Did you feel it....?"

Leo remembered that feeling well. He had already rushed away from their door at that point, but even as he was exiting the tower, he had felt it. It had been a surreal feeling, but it hadn't been a positive experience. There had been uncertainty and worry in the minds of every Thunderbird -feelings that had only grown as everyone realized that no one knew what was happened or what it would lead to, except that it would rock the very foundation of their house.

"When I looked at her it felt like my roommate was gone. I was looking at a stranger."

He recalled the sight of Ria earlier that day, and Leo understood Sabrina's words. Leo couldn't say he knew Ria well enough to say she was a stranger after that night, but she certainly hadn't been the person he remembered. He couldn't even say the Ria he'd seen had been living anymore. Yes, she'd been alive, but there hadn't been any soul behind her eyes.

Leo followed Sabrina's words, now more understanding of her resentment towards the Headmaster, his own disdain for the man growing. Something had clearly been in that room, something unnatural. Leo hadn't been there to feel it in the moment, but even through Sabrina's words, Leo felt like something was there, watching the school as it broke apart.

Then there were steps and the feeling disappeared. Someone was coming, and panic began to set into Leo. Not only were they not supposed to be near Ria's room, he was also in the girls' section of the tower. But Sabrina seemed in control of herself, maybe even more so than Leo at the moment. He saw her hands moving towards him, but he braced himself for the shove a bit too late. He stumbled back, around the corner, and landed on the ground, his hands just barely moving to brace his body. He hit the ground, a light thud sounding in the hallway, but Sabrina was already talking, covering up the noise.

He stayed on the ground for a minute more, listening as the two walked away and then to the silence. When their sounds disappeared, Leo picked himself up off the floor and peered past the corner. It didn't seem like anyone else was coming, so Leo at least had the time to listen as footsteps thudded across the different paths of the dorm. When he heard a lull in the sound, he sped his way out of the girls' section, catching only the raised eyebrow of another guy as he stepped back into the common room. Leo shrugged his shoulders at the question gaze, not looking at the guy's face, and then headed out of the dorms, making his way towards the library and wondering what to do with the information he had just received.


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Hosp. Wing

Thomas Richard Holiday

Thomas had been given a blanket and he had curled himself up in one of the chairs of the Hospital Wing. Thomas was a notoriously light sleeper and he woke up frequently either due to his body refusing to fall asleep anymore, or because of a nightmare. There were many factors - but it was still a useful skill when you had to look out for people during the night. At least he won't be too out of it, he assumed. Unlike Morri, Thomas had actually fallen asleep - eyes closed and head lulled to the side. It wasn't the best place to fall asleep in, but he certainly wasn't going to complain. He was a nurse, for crying out loud, this wasn't really supposed to be anything unusual.

It was Morri's voice that stirred him awake. Thomas turned his head from Morri to Kat - the latter now awake and seemed to be a little bit out of it. He curled his hand around his wand, thinking that Kat might have felt some sort of physical pain that she needed help with. But the girl never turned to him to ask for help. He settled back down, but his mind now fully alert. He wasn't going to sleep any time soon, it would seem. He leaned back but still kept the blanket around him. For some reason, it felt like it was colder than usual. It was probably just him. He idly listened to Morri as she spoke - so that he could respond when he is called.

She mentioned the JARVEY tests and Thomas paled. It was tomorrow wasn't it? Since he was aiming to be a healer, he needed to tackle all five core subjects - DADA, Charms, Transfiguration, Potions and Herbology. Thomas was planning on still taking Study of Ancient Runes as an elective on the side, but he wasn't even sure if he could pass his evaluation. Nurse Chambers would surely be disappointed. But Thomas has his own set of skills - and he doesn't let his grades fall below Exceeding Expectations, or at least that's what his professors tell him. Professor Carnerius had often reassured him of his grades in Transfiguration. Thomas had also borrowed some reference books for Ancient Runes during his third year out of sheer curiosity and found himself attracted to it - and that's not only because his Head of House was the one in charge of it.

He sighed. "Here's to hoping I pass." He muttered to himself. At least it was a distraction from what had happened earlier that day. At least then, he would be able to think about something that doesn't stress him as badly as... the Fall. At least now, he would be able to just focus on training to help others than wallowing in self-pity because he couldn't save a friend. Thomas didn't seem too keen in butting into their conversation so he kept his voice low.
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Direct -> Kat | Thomas
NPC -> Wayiso | Nurse Chambers

Morri's eyes got drowsy as nightfall came, easing the girl's mind but also inciting a mental riot in her head. Should she sleep? Or should she relax and look out for Kat? Morri sighs and looks at Kat. Morri looks down at Kat's amber necklace, knowing how much it means to her and the Romanov bloodline. Morri slightly smiles, conjuring an idea of her own. Kat's necklace was a family item, but it was enchanted. Stardust was apparently something of an entirely different essence according to her mother Gerra. She'd always told Morri to protect it as if it were her own child, as it was also a mechanism for Morri to hone and channel her magic as opposed to suppressing it. The magical bursts the girl used to have as a child were insurmountable. More so violent that it even had drawn MACUSA for her to have her a specialized wand made, the one she had at this very moment. Until she was of age, Gerra had to find some means of keeping her daughter channeled. Thus was Stardust's purpose. But now, Morri was stronger in will and mental fortitude, she wanted to make Kat feel at ease. Morri took her necklace off, and begins to slide it around Kat's neck. Like the drop on a roller coaster feels to a heart, an overwhelmingly potent essence of surging energy overcame Kat, way beyond the scope and concept of Empathy and emotions. It would fill the void in Kat's soul, its power shining through as it glows in the dim area.

"Feel that? Pretty amazing huh? Kinda feels like being on a roller coaster huh? Except its calming. As long as we've known each other I can't believe this is the first time I'm trusting you with this." Morri and Kat had constantly hung out with one another in the summers between years. Sleepovers and the whole nine. Morri knew Kat lived like a queen, a grand lifestyle Morri wished her kids one day to have. For some reason though, Kat always wanted to stay at Morri's house, it was a nice apartment along coastal Massachusetts, just her and her mother Gerra, whom Kat thought was so cool. And in truth, she was. Even though Gerra was a Squib, her knowledge of the magical arts were downright scary. And the fact she played video games with Morri and Kat was cool too. She was the "hip" parent that was always trying to stay in the social loop with the kids. Wayiso comes with one last brew of potion for the night for the students to take, placing them at their stands beside the beds. Nurse Chambers cuts the lights off, as the night is starting to get close to indoor hours. "Lights out." She says, as she heads down a corridor into her chambers... pun intended. Wayiso stands by in a nearby area, waving the students a farewell for the nights in the nicest way he knew how: "Good night... you little twerps."

Morri's eyes gets heavy, as she looks at Thomas. It was dim and her eyes were so heavy she didn't know if he was looking back at her or not, but she was in that sleepy state where you imagine yourself talking to someone, only to realize you were too tired for it to actually happen. She should've taken a nap with Kat, with the weight of the day crashing into her greatly. Could it even be her without Stardust on her neck? It was just a magical pump of sorts, no way it could have that much effect on her. She came to the conclusion that after losing Ria and dealing with the day... she was just exhausted. "Th...Thomas... If you're here to worry about us....you're wasting time. A plummet from The Snakewood Tree, a botched attempt to save a life, and overall despair of an entire school won't keep us down...heheha" It was supposed to be sarcastic, but the fatigue in her made the inflection a bit off. Then Morri did something she wouldn't normally ever do. She opened up. With everything that happened, life was too short. Maybe all people need is just a little more light, maybe that would've made the difference with Ria. "Thomas... you're a good person.... please, don't...."

And with that, Morri was out like a light. Falling asleep as her head slumps down. She'd probably be out into the next morning, unless something drastic happened.


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Jolting awake Kat scanned the room intently. After hearing Morri speaking Kat managed to calm herself and once more lay back down. Looking over at her Kat felt exhausted. Despite that she still picked up on Morri's sudden emotional turn around. Though, after everything that happened and the fact that she lost her voice she decided not to prod. Thinking on Morri's question she knew immediately what she wanted to do. Without skipping a beat she began to spell out 'Charms' in the air without moving her wand. The excitement and flutter of her heart over the idea of her future made her smirk. Morri knew how much of a detective Kat was, never able to accept the surface answer. After all, Morri picked the one question that would derail Kat almost immediately. However, Morri's emotional turn made Kat snap out of her optimistic thinking.

Looking over at Thomas she fitted his answer to memory, unable to do anything about it the way she currently was. Reeling at her inability to speak Kat felt her blood begin to boil. The sadness beginning to shift into anger and frustration. Close to boiling over Kat felt Morri move her hands to her neck. Glancing over Kat hesitated and allowed Morri to take her necklace off. Watching as Morri placed the necklace around her neck Kat took a deep breath. The feeling struck her immediately. Letting out a quiet yet audible gasp the feeling of both magical items working in tandem nearly overwhelmed Kat. Clutching her heart Kat relished for a moment in the exhilaration before letting it wash over her. Kat felt the emotional feedback surge before mellowing out, the range of feelings she felt made her want to scream. But the feeling quickly left her.

Nodding, Morri was right, it was like a roller coaster. Settling down entirely she began to write down "That was incredible.". Seeing Morri become visibly tired she let her get ready for bed. After seeing Morri slump and pass out Kat began to move. Shifting closer to her Kat slipped her own amber necklace off and placed it around Morri's neck. Feeling alittle creepy for watching Morri sleep she laid back all the way before curling up. She knew she wouldn't be sleeping much. Focusing inward she latched onto the new sensations she felt, however within a short time Kat was fast asleep.

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Vas changed with his teammates quickly, it was gettimg late all of them were tired so the chatter was minimal. That is apart from the captain who seemed to not have lost his energy at least in rapidly firing instruction, future training plans and advice constantly. At one point vas and most of teammates left the captain in the chatting room as he unknowingly continued to speak. Vas did wonder how long it would take the captain to realise they had left. He and Constance walked together as they returned to the dormitory, teasing and joking amongst each other until the reached the dividing staircase between their respective rooms.

He fell asleep when his head finally hit his pillow, all the adrenaline from before melted away as the weariness from before the training combined with the exertion of training. He found himself back in the foggy hills around the castle, walking ontop of thick moist grass. Suddenly a figure began to appear within the fog surrounded by rainbows, its arms outstretched as if welcoming him in embrace. "Hey! Someone out there?" Vas called out before suddenly feeling a chill go up his spine. There was no answer from the figure. "Hey..." he went to call out again but the figure seemed to disappear. The world seemed shift and fold in kilodoscope like scene of colour, blackness and light. He felt an energy from it, like goosebumps through his entire skin. Unsettling at first but also energizing, his heart was warmed up. Energised. Than there was blackness.

His eyes opened, the early sunrise slowly trickling through the curtains of the dormroom. Sleep was totaly gone from his eyes and the energised feeling from the dream seemed to remain. Nothing he had seen in the magical could explain this and he was unsure what to make of it.


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Hosp. Wing

Thomas Richard Holiday

Thomas was drifting back to sleep - eyes half-closed when Nurse Chambers had deicded to close up the hospital wing. He was actually thinking that he would have to leave but Nurse Chambers said nothing. She simply closed the lights, practically told them all to go to sleep, and Wayiso bade them all good night in the nicest way possible for him. Which wasn't very nice. But hey, at least the effort was there. And that was all that matters, correct? "Good night." He called out, voice barely at its normal volume but was enough to carry over his own farewell to the two as they exited.

He decided to check up on Kat so he had actually stood up for a last look. It wasn't to change the bandages, but to simply check if she had needed anything. It was dark and he needed to get close to them to actually see if they were looking at him. Especially Kat, who couldn't speak thanks to the shock or trauma of the events. Though as he grew closer, it became more evident that it was Morri who was looking at him - as if trying to address him. He turned to her first, waiting for her to speak. Maybe she wanted some water or something? Morri had been cleared and could get it herself, but Thomas was more than willing to do his job as their nurse until they are out of the hospital wing.

The words that fell out of Morri's mouth made Thomas' head spin. Maybe it was the fact that she was trying to make a sarcastic quip even though she was mostly asleep - her speech was a clear indication of it. But maybe it was also because of the fact that he was praised by Morri. By Morri. He couldn't form words in his mouth as he flushed, not used to the compliment given to him. But he also couldn't help but want to argue. It was not a waste of time to look after them - to worry about them. Where in the world did she get that idea? He was, after all, looking out for them - his friends. Entirely voluntarily in his position. His lips pulled up to a smile. He waited as he heard rustling from Kat's side and when he was sure that both of them were asleep, he walked closer.

"It's always my pleasure to help my friends. This is not worry... or not just that I guess? This is just my way of extending help." Thomas whispered though more under his breath than anything. His thoughts were still jumbled and he wasn't sure if he was making sense... but there was no one to hear it. It didn't matter. He just wanted to let it out. "You're a strong person Morri, but even you need someone to listen to you. I can't do that, so the least I can do is worry about you wellbeing." Thomas gave the slumbering girl a small smile before turning around to get to Kat. "Sweet dreams you two." He mumbled before turning around and heading for the chair he occupied earlier.

Time to wait for morning to come. Who knows what'll happen tomorrow. Can everything really just go back to normal after all that? Well, Thomas wanted for that to happen, but he would never know. With those final thoughts in mind, he slumped down on the small table and promptly fell asleep. He knew some spells that would remove the soreness tomorrow anyway, so this should be fine.
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~Up with the sun, gone with the wind~
Name | Dominique LeFleur

Location | Horned Serpent Dorm: Bedroom
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Charms VI
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Martial Magic III
Caribbean Witchcraft
Advanced Runecraft II
Spiritual Studies I

Dominique stared up at the ceiling in her room from her place on her bed. The school was in a state of chaos following the death of the Ilvermonry’s beloved Ria Pocomtuc. Students and teachers alike mourned for the 7th year Thunderbird. A dark cloud had settled over the prestigious institution, emotions were running high from both the incident and the fact that MACUSA would be arriving at the school to investigate. Dominique wasn’t a fan of the magical government for the way they’d condemned voodoo, the magic that her mother and her mother’s mother had practiced and excelled in so long ago. For now she would put that aside. There was nothing that she could do for now so Dominique wouldn’t dwell on it when she could be focused on something more important. Her thoughts drifted back to the tragic death of her fellow student. Dominique had not been there to witness the scene herself. Instead she’d been in the library, Jarvey’s had been her main focus. Dominique was determined to study has much as she could in order to pass with flying colors. Shortly after everything had went down people began to talk. Word traveled fast in Ilvermorny and before long she’d heard of the death of Ria Pocomtuc.

Dominique wasn’t particularly close to her, yet she respected her as someone older and higher up than herself. Never had Dominique heard of someone taking their own life at the school. She was both surprised and saddened to a certain degree. The loss of life was always sad, especially when the person was so young. To Dominique Ria seemed like a wholesome person, someone who was kind to those around her. Dominique could only hope that she would be reincarnated and gifted with a better life. Along with the rest of her house she’d walked to the dining room for a mandatory meeting. She could guess what the topic would be about. The headmaster’s words were touching. Dominique could hear the sobs and cries of the students around her. The young girl felt awkward, as if she was intruding on a personal moment. She almost felt like an outsider looking in. She had shed no tears and her face could be described as passive. Dominique could hear whispers of other students, some wondering why she seemed to detached and others wondering if she cared at all.

Dominique had been pulled from her thoughts by a shout. She turned her attention to where the voice had come from. Her gaze landed on a girl blonde hair. The whispers around her let her know that she was Ria’s roommate and best friend. Dominique listened as she argued with the headmaster. Her mind focused on one thing only. What was he hiding from them? And how was it connected with Ria’s death. After the meeting Dominique had left for her dorm. Her mind was trying to come up with any possible explanation yet she could find none. Dominique had fallen asleep with a troubled mind when night fell. The last thing that she’d thought of was how long it’d take for her mother to try and convince her father to pull her from the school.


The Origin of The End.

Defense Against the Dark Arts VI
Charms VI
Martial Magic II
Magical History of The United States of America

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Morri's eyes squeezed in her sleep as Kat slipped her family's amber necklace on her neck, easing the girl's mind but also inciting a mental stirring in her head. Kat wouldn't be caught naked without that necklace, so it was a special moment, one Morri wasn't awake to cherish at the moment. Morri groaned very mildly and faintly, tossing and turning a bit, realizing Kat was scrunched up beside her. Kat had scooted up and slid herself beside Morri, as she felt a head of hair press down on her shoulder. Kat knew what she was feeling. All the hurt, the guilt, the loss. But that they have each other, and for seemingly the first time, they have others too. Morri was friends with a ton of people at Ilvermorny, but to call someone a best friend and close mate? That was only reserved to Kat. Morri didn't allow herself to let people in, and Kat knew the reason why. Maybe they sought a bit of comfort, in any event, Morri didn't mind. A little over a half a dozen students excluding Morri and her best friend rested in their infirmary beds as the night moved into midnight and well into the bowels of the coming dawn. A few snores from the sickly and treated students rung out through the quiet and dark room, as Wayiso provided one last check up, before resting a bit himself. "What. A. Damn. Day." He says as he turns it in for the night. Thomas sat guard by the entrances, in his chair as he rested as well. They were all tired, they had to be. How could they not be after earlier? After the week they'd had? A part of Morri wished they would just go to sleep in their rooms and wake up for JARVEY exams tomorrow, in the alternate reality that nothing had ever happened and Ria would be roaming the halls happy as usual. She blinks awake shortly to a silver tray with a wand on it. Her wand. She had forgotten about it all day today, and upon seeing it she felt sick. She turned away from it, she didn't...couldn't even look at it. She turned towards the door and looked at it, a gleam of moonlight bouncing off. And then she turned to the night sky with lost eyes. What did Ria and the others see? What did they feel? Her eyes got heavy as she starts to drift, faintly hearing Kat toss and turn. She didn't know what tomorrow would bring, all she could do was focus on the bit of peace she had left....


A seemingly endless void of fire. Miles upon miles of flames. There was no one else there. Only Morri. She alone stood in the fire, and upon achieving lucid awareness, she jumps and screams at the fire, but it did not burn her. She waved her hands in the fire, and experienced no pain. She knew it was a dream, but never in her 16 years has it ever been so clear...so real. She walks along the fire, calling out to anyone. Anything. Her voice echoes infinite times over. She walks as her school robes start to catch on fire, again no pain being done to her. Her robes disintegrate, as she is naked now walking in the fire, that felt more like pressured air at this point. She looks down at her hands, balling them into fists.

"Is this real..."

' Morri '

A voice called out to her mind. She turned in every direction searching for it.


She hyper-focused on one direction, walking adamant towards it as her body begin to sweat aggressively. The path of fire seemed to bend to her will, as she walked for what seemed like an eternity. And upon the end of eternity's destination. A figure. It stood tall, bold, a robed or dark figure Morri couldn't quite make out...who was he...or it? A shroud of darkness covered the head area. Morri approached, as a view of Earth was repeatedly being destroyed over and over again in a time loop. Morri's voice echoes to infinity.

"Who are you...?"

You're not ready yet.

"What? What is this? What does this mean?"

You are not ready for what comes. In time...

Morri had her wits about her, as clear as if she was in the real world, everything was so vivid and robust. She stepped towards the figure, fists balled.

"...Did you kill Ria??"

At that instant, a flash overcame Morri. He mouth gapes open, as her entire view was obstructed by flashes of images now. A man with grey hair and robes falling into the deep mist of Mt. Greylock, followed by a booming thunder sound that resembles a turbine churning; The sky rumbling with clouds moving rapidly as they turn dark, the view of breaking glass from above, and finally... it was an image of herself. She was in a dark area, everything was so dim... and her eyes.....

They were pitch black. Morri screams as the rush of images overload her brain.


In the breaking of the new morning, Morri sleeps in her bed in the infirmary. The sky shines through the clouds, and the suns starts to rise in wake of a new day. But suddenly, waking students started to turn towards Morri, whom was jerking sporadic like. Her body began to become warm. Too warm. Her skin becomes glazed with perspiration, as her hair starts to become drenched. Rather quickly beads of sweat begin to spread all over her body, streaming down her skin and dampening the sheets. Drips of sweat begin to drop from her finger tips. Her breathing was as calm and peaceful as can be, but her eyes... they were darting back and forth as they were still closed. She begin to tremble slightly, as her body temperature burns through whatever potions and composure she's had all day. And for a split second, the eyes stopped. She was at calm once more.

And then a deep gasp.

Morri shoots up from her sleep, the first two seconds not knowing where she was nor who was around her. The light or morning wasn't enough to keep her sane. Without hesitation Morri leaps from her bed like a werewolf and zips into the infirmary bathroom, practically lunging at the mirror and seemingly clawing at the skin around her eyes to make sure they weren't pitch black. Students in their beds immediately start to call for Nurse Chambers, with Wayiso coming into the room situation ready. Those that were sleeping in the hospital wing start to come to, all thrust into an alarming situation. Morri panted in the bathroom mirror, staring back at her were her normal crystal eyes, though a bit dilated. She sighed in relief as she then felt damp all over. She looked down at herself to see her clothes were drenched in sweat. And then the wave of what happened finally hit her. She began to hold her head with a grimace on her face.

"What the hell. What the hell....what the hell...what the hell..."

Realizing the fear and panic she'd probably incite, she shut the bathroom door and locked it, before returning a calm tone and demeanor. Just then Nurse Chambers rushed into the room as her and Wayiso knocked on the door. "I'm okay. Promise. I.. I just uh, had a bad dream."

Bullshit. Dreams don't make people sweat profusely and feel like they lived through an apocalypse. Morri slides down the wall and wraps herself up in the knee-cradle position, trying to process even more of what just happened. The girl was pulling all stops to keep it together. She whispered to herself. "What was that.. it was just a dream Morri. Right? Yeah! ... It's okay. Nurse Chambers said it's common in shock and trauma patients, but I'm not in shock. I'm fine. I am Morri Lillith Skopos. I will not be weakened by a dream or fear of a nightmare. Get it together girl..." She then takes a deep breath, before heading to the door, opening it to the very concerned and stricken faces of Nurse Chambers, Wayiso, Thomas, and from their beds Kat and the other students. She looked like she'd just walked in the rain. They looked like they did a week ago, when Ria was being carted off to the infirmary. Morri couldn't help but wonder....

Am I Next?


Meanwhile, in the brisk morning among Mt. Greylock, students arise and prepare for JARVEY testing, but a much more pertinent affair was at hand to the state of Ilvermorny. As students were waking up and getting dressed, as faculty and staff prepared for another day of attempted normalcy... however normal it could be. But, the morning wind shifted. They had arrived. The enforcers of magical security and prosperity; The heralds of prowess.

MACUSA was here.

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