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Vas had entered the hall shortly before the speech began and sat with the rest of his house. He chatted a little bit with some friends in the house but no one was really in a talkative mood and already sleepy from his work he was finding it hard to stay awake. A few seconds into the headmaster speech with the expected platitudes, his head was slowly drifting to the table. He had almost fully fallen asleep until Sabrina's outburst.

He jolted awake, sleep the last thing on his mind as he listened. She had a point, the faculty cant expect a few platitudes would whitewash the events of today snd previously. The students needed some action and if not that some genuine emotion beyond "buck up and move on. What action would make things up he wasnt sure and on second thought he doubted anything could really be dome at the moment. In the end he sighed and layed his head on the table and waited to be discussed. When it was given, there were few faster than him making his way out.


The Origin of The End.

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Morri was a bit relieved at Kat's reactions and reassurances. Morri looked at Kat with eyes of peace. When she embraced her, Morri didn't let go as if it was the last day on Earth. She could see Thomas smiling over Kat's shoulder at them. He was the type of kindred spirit that felt joy from other people bonding. Morri wished she could be like that sometimes, but such were the woes of the mystery girl of Ilvermorny. Morri felt like the only reason she was half as popular as she was in credit was dude to Ria. The Pocomtuc bloodline goes back to the very founders, so she was royalty. All she could think about was the girl's last words. No way Ria Pocomtuc said that, the most lively girl in existence. Morri still remembered when she first met Ria. 1st year, just getting used to the school and a bunch of higher years began to try and haze Morri. And then Ria, a loved 2nd year because of her bloodline came to her rescue. She'd be forever grateful. Unlike Hogwarts, Ilvermorny wasn't so elitist in factionists of house loyalty and what not. Here, everyone loved everyone's company. Morri rests along side Kat as she thinks on the moment.

"I feel like I should say this. It's not your fault Kat, we had no idea she was up there. Nothing done would have stopped her. You hear me? She felt like death was it...but why? Why Ria of all people? The most full of life. I don't get it...did she...did she say anything before she fell? Do anything?". When Morri saw Kat in pain from wanting to situate herself more, Morri placed a steel hand on Kat's shoulder to remind the girl to stop moving. Morri then lightened up a bit, feeling Kat's hand in hers. The tears were over and gone with Morri, but she knew Kat was more sensitive. Badass, but still sensitive. Nurse Chambers brought away the potion Kat didn't like, and the faint rumble of Morri's stomach shook her. Neither had eaten all day, one was too hurt and one was too dazed. Plus Morri left her Dragots in her room with the climb and all. She would often use her Dragots to buy extra snacks from the back or have Thomas get her some of the good treats. Chambers gave a nice smile to Kat and Morri and walked back to her duties of cleaning the beds and clearing the space for more students who would come later. However, she left Ria's bed untouched. She left everything as it was. Flowers, cards, the works. She also left Morri's wand on the counter too, not wanting to push anything until Morri was ready.


Headmaster Fontaine sobs silently and solemnly to himself as he shuts the door to his quarters, Hands balled in a fist. Agilbert was quite literally the most steel-willed being in the North American magical community, sufficient to say that this emotional state was unparalleled to anyone to see. Which is why he remained alone. His heavy huffs and deepened gruffs almost made him seem brooding, but he was far from. Lately he was on edge, rightfully so... but anyone who really knew Agilbert knew the man had a soul of diamonds. A knock on the door comes as Professor DeForrest comes to the edge of the wood, speaking through it. "Agilbert? I won't bother you long I just wish to know--"

The door opens, as Fontaine wisks it open with his wand. Abner finishes his sentence. "--know the syllabus for the Expertise Yield Evaluations? I simply do not know why we don't just call them NEWTS and OWLS like The Ministry--" Headmaster Fontaine cuts him off at his classy jargon and accent. "The EYEs will resume tomorrow, MACUSA is coming first light to investigate this situation we have... so I need you as well as the rest of faculty to be cordial, and composed and offer assurances to students. I cannot have another death happen due to fear mongering and spreading of fallacy." DeForrest skips up on his tip toes in nervous thought, looking at the Headmaster with sharp eyes looking back at him, almost as if he wasn't weeping moments before Abner entered. "Well... the students believe they have a right to know what they're dealing with here... Buchanan told them to talk to the Heads, and that being blinded by such atrocities isn't deserving."

Headmaster Fontaine's face goes grim, a look of absolution. "Petyr likes to eat pomposity and call it nobility. Now is not the time for a political message or intrigue of inspiration, I am trying to save lives here and nothing can stand in the way of that. Nothing." Abner nods instinctively "Yes sir." Fontaine leans back in his plush leather chair, the weight of the universe seemingly on his shoulders. "Make sure that every faculty member knows the tact that must be placed in this VERY volatile situation. And as for Petyr.... send him to me." Abner nods in respect and takes his leave of the quarters, looking back and halting on his crisp heels and pivoting into a switch to face Fontaine. "...we are here for you Agilbert, you know that right? We're still a family, student or staff. I know your wisdom and judgement, so I know that if there's something we need to know, we'll have it.... just try to keep in mind there are those that are more... emotionally strived. I can't imagine what you have to house on the daily. Perhaps set up a date? I hear the No-Maj's have a thing called Tinder... I'm sure there's a magic equivalent?"

Headmaster Fontaine chuckles for the first time since he can even remember. Abner closes the door, as The Headmaster looks out of his window, down into the trees and woodlands of Mt. Greylock hundreds and hundreds of feet below. His face returned forbidding yet again now that he was back alone. All he could think was

It should've been me.


We are Lord Buckethead

Eyes unable to break from Morri's Kat listened intently. Finally breaking her gaze Kat looked away for the first time. The feeling of guilt began to well up from beneath. Unable to just spill everything out she began to once more clam up. Eyes closing she let out a large breath before slowly and steadily laying back down on her bed. Coughing a few times Kat shivered, the feeling of exhaustion flowing over her. Eyes opening once more Kat seemed alittle cloudy. The fall having taken far more out of her than she originally thought, the adrenalin she had been experiencing finally began to wear off.

Slowly wrapping her arms around Morri Kat winced once in pain before finally seeming to situate herself. Not able to vocalize anything at this point Kat just let her body do the talking. After a few moments she let go of Morri and let herself rest on her back, the least painful position for her. Looking up at the ceiling she let out a sigh. Eyes looking over at Morri then back over at Thomas she tried to once more speak, but she only mouthed the words out, which to her ended up feeling so awkward she didn't even finish.

Visibly fighting the inevitable Kat finally surrendered to her exhaustion. Eyes closing Kat pulled the blanket over herself, the feeling of cold air to much for her at this point.​
Vas fell asleep almost immidiately when his head hit the pillow. It was a deep peaceful dreamless sleep as normal despite the day's events. Though the suicide was tragic and concerning it the end of the day he didnt know the girl and it seemed to have little to do with him. There would be some shaking up in his daily school life as the facility reacted to the suicide but in the end things will move on and return to normal. Not to mention others who suffered from the suicide will recover too. So why worry?

He woke up suddenly to the call of the captain of the Pukwudgie Quidditch team shock him . "Classes are called and the field is free for us to fit in some practice while the other houses still trying to recover." The captain said excitedly. "Hurry up lets go!" Vas groaned at beimg woken but didn't need convincing to get up. He got up quickly and got dressed in his team robes before grabbing his broom, a middle of the line but trusty 2010 Thunderstorm Rider, and rushed after his captain with some of the other crew.

They were in the field in 20 minutes, the sun low in the sky barely seen through the murky clouds which threatened rain. He barelybslept it seemed forva couple of hours. However for the moment it was dry and the captain began immidiately barking exercises for them to do. Vas kicked and he was off on his broom, ďoing a couple of laps of the stadium before moving to do his exercises with the keeper.
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Leo Fischer
Leo sat with his elbow propped against the table, his head resting in his hand and his face firm as he listened to the Headmaster speak. He was sat at the Thunderbird house table, surrounded by people he couldn't really call friends, even after years of knowing them. However, today that didn't seem to matter. The Thunderbirds were nearly silent, one a few whispers passing between friends, seeking comfort from those who'd experienced the same as them. The entirety of the house was intensely focused on the Headmaster's words, waiting for an explanation that never came.

It was good to hear both Morri and Katalina were ok, but that's not what the Thunderbirds wanted to hear. They wanted to know why their house was being torn apart from the inside. Why they, who were supposed to be the souls of Ilvermorny, were losing themselves in a sea of darkness, on edge and waiting for the next tragedy to occur. Leo wanted to know too. And Sabrina had clearly heard enough.

Leo could understand the Headmaster's position. The man couldn't show any sign of weakness, and if even he didn't know what had truly happened that night, a vague explanation would likely only harm the students in the long-term. But the man was going too far.

"...It's imperative you don't lose yourself because of it, like Ms. Andrews just displayed."

Leo forced his mouth to remain closed, but it was clear that he, along with many other Thunderbirds, weren't happy with those words. 'Lose ourselves? Sabrina's just trying to find herself again. We all are. He should be able to see that, but maybe he just isn't looking.' Leo frowned. They needed to be given something to do, some way to make sense of what had occurred, both in their dormitory and under the Snakewood tree, and Leo imagined that most of them wouldn't be able to move forwards until they understood at least a bit of what had happened this past week. He certainly couldn't, and as he looked around the table, it was clear most of the Thunderbirds were the same. But there was also a change in some of them since Sabrina's outburst. Leo could see a fire in the eyes of his housemates; the will to stand with Sabrina against Ilvermorny's attempt to forget.

He turned his attention to Professor Buchanan then, Leo having missed the first half of his words already. He was surprised at what the Horned Serpent Head was saying, his words raw unlike the practiced statements of Professor Goldstein and the Headmaster. And Leo appreciated the words, but he knew they weren't enough. He wanted to understand, and this assembly had seemingly proved that he couldn't get that from the adults at Ilvermorny. So instead, Leo turned his attention to the door Sabrina had forced her way through. He pushed himself up from his seat, exiting the Dining Hall, now in search of Sabrina, the one person in the school who knew Ria best.


Young, Not Dumb, But Broke

Professor Buchanan sauntered into his dormitories after the cataclysmic assembly. He knew his words would have a much larger impact than initially received by the teens of Ilvermorny, seeing as they were raw, unlike the others from Goldstein or Fontaine... Making his way to his bathroom, he quickly showered and shaved away the dreaded beard he wore for months. It was time for change...

Venturing into his closet, he quickly picked out a simple black suit, and a unbuttoned white dress shirt. He didn’t plan on much student activity for the evening, so a tie-.

Petyr’s icy eyes shot to the door as he heard a sharp knock, followed by a familiar voice.

“It’s Abner! Just spoke with the Headmaster and he wishes to speak with you! I’ve got to patrol the halls so I wish you luck ok!?”

Yes yes. Much obliged.” Petyr replied as he grumbled to himself. He couldn’t wait to get lectured...

No more than ten minutes passed before Professor Buchanan arrived to Headmaster Fontaine’s office. Knocking upon the door before entering, his hawk-like senses went to work. Noting the man’s puffy eyes, most likely from crying of sorts, he tilted his head quizzically.

You wished to speak with me Headmaster?”

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Professor Petyr Buchanan


The Origin of The End.
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The bland sky that had been spread among the heavens had still overcast the venue of Ilvermorny. The yards and grounds of the campus were emptied, and only the chatter of inhabitants among the halls and now dorms were drifting through the corridors. Ilvermorny was in a spiraling time, and with the death of a beloved, it only seemed more and more damp in despair. The winds start to pick up around the rural area of Massachusetts, with Mt. Greylock seemingly an epicenter of weather anomaly and rushing climate. Only a few were permitted to be among the environment of the outer castle, and among the prefects and faculty that would patrol the halls while the rest of the school domained in their chambers, there were a group of students trying to make the best of the day among the Quidditch Fields. The Pukwudgie team had seemed to be practicing and playing around, as the students on brooms started to fly around the field and do some laps, and then into their exercises. Head Carnerius watches from a soft overlook in the hallways, before deciding it's best not to say anything and let the kids play. After everything that's happened, they needed some semblance of fun and normalcy in these conditions. No teenager.. no person should have to go through what they have. Carnerius grips her wand tightly and proceeds to her quarters. The woman was still an active Auror fr a reason, her skills were unmatched when it came to magical utilization and MACUSA still needed her skillset to be of service. What better way than to uphold America's most caliber magic school? Even then, even she had her own battles inside, as she thought: I could've done something... why didn't I know?

But away from the emotional turmoil of the students and faculty in the castle, there was something in from the annals of the woods with set gaze. Watching. The vision on a group flying around on brooms; The Quidditch Fields. To anyone that would take a venture to look out among the woods and outer rural of Ilvermorny Castle, there would be something to akin a shape... a figure. Fog set in among the woods, as anyone from the fields on campus would look to see.... something. Upon seeing it, for the split second it seemed to have been there... one would swear they could see space literally bending and folding around it, And then, just as swiftly there was nothing there. Just woods. Almost as if nothing was ever there... if it ever was.


Direct -> Buchanan
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As soon as Petyr entered, Agilbert could see the clean shaven man had not know the gravity of his actions. In all the years they've fellowshipped and kept a cordial respect for each other, The Headmaster looked at Petyr for the first time in seemingly forever with a muted look, one that shot right into the Head of Horned Serpent's spine. Even a squib would feel the resonance coming from such a stare. Agilbert takes out a quill. "Close the door." After Petyr obliges, Agilbert simply looked at him for a moment before saying anything. "All the semesters you've been staffed here I never asked why a ministry official would wander over to America and take up a teaching job. I've watched grow a kinship with your students, a fun favoritism even. I've seen you enforce your morals and ways of magic onto others... all that time, I respectfully entrusted us to have the same level of kinship. But now, I think you've confused respect with authority. Head with Headmaster." He then stood from his chair, broodingly taller than remembered. "I'm only going to say this one time. One Petyr. There's a magnitude of which is beyond out kids... and frankly... even you. When I tell you to spread peace and only peace, assurance, and security. That's what I expect. *sigh* I know it's been hard, hell it is hard. But this isn't Europe. We don't do politics in school affairs unless it's superlative. Period. I really wish I could make you understand son, but you have to heed me when I say I am trying to save sanctity. It's costing me a lot. MACUSA will be here first thing in the morning, and you will share all the information you have. Not opinion, not speculation, not political intrigue or egotistical machinations. Pull what you did in that dining hall again you'll be applying for Salem Institute. You may have just put more of our kids in danger than you know."

Buchanan had did a dangerous thing. He'd made the Headmaster curious, and skeptical. When the most prominent figure in the American magic community save the President gets you in radar, best believe it was something to never be taken lightly. Not one time did Agilbert remove gaze from Petyr, nor did his demeanor shift. He was steeled. "With that being said, if you need anything, from assistance to support on something come to me. I give you my word I'll do my absolute best to accommodate." Fontaine then starts to write on parchment, signing Head Goldstein's name and writing him a message. It was the equivalent to a No-Maj text: a simple spell that sends the contents of the message to the subject's parchment for them to view in real time. He'd signaled Head Goldstein to send for Sabrina Andrews and send her to his quarters. He looked up at Petyr, and slightly raised a brow surprised he was still there. "Oh, you can go."

The sun starts to set over the paled sky.



Young, Not Dumb, But Broke

Professor Buchanan tucked his hands neatly behind his back after closing the door, preferring to stand rather than to sit. Locking his icy emotionless eyes upon the Headmaster, he buckled himself in for the lecture... From questioning his past, to trying to relate the death...

Wait. Why hadn’t he cared about the poor girl? Just earlier he felt as if it were his fault... Now it was as if it was dust in the wind...

Petyr snapped back into thought when Fontaine called him “son”, a term that made his blood boil momentarily. “With respect Sir, these children should know the truth, and be prepared for whatever you’re hiding from them... You mentioned my career in Europe, so I’ll bring up this point. Those kids at Hogwarts knew the truth of the darkness that overcame them, and they were able to defend their school valently. How are we supposed to have our students prepared if something were to occur here?”

“And don’t bullshit me and say that won’t happen, because we both know it will.” The professor took a deep breath, staring to work himself up. “While you sit in here and wallow in self pity because you don’t know what do you! You mourn for a death that will shortly make a marauder, you cry for a darkness you haven’t done anything to block. It’s quite pitiful really... The mighty Ilvermorny Headmaster quaking in his own boots at the face of reality...”

Petyr’s icy eyes had a spark within them, enjoying the moment of honesty more than most really should... He could be relapsing... No. He would never revert back to that...

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Professor Petyr Buchanan

Nurse Chambers, Morri
Hosp. Wing

Thomas Richard Holiday

Thomas soon sat up from his position, now truly not tired. He rubbed his eyes. At least the draught was still working and he was well aware of that fact. He wondered when it would wear off. No, not wonder... fear. He was scared of what would happen once it was gone. He had gone numb earlier - only thinking about his job at healing Kat and Morri. It was enough to keep him away from facing reality. That she was gone. That nothing was 'good' right now. He curled his fists and then placed his head on top of his knuckles, taking in deep breaths. Thinking about it was not doing him any good. Thinking about it wasn't doing him any good. Thinking about it-

"Here you go Thomas."

He looked up to see a glass of iced tea. Thomas gratefully accepted the drink and he just stared at it. He wondered what kind of comfort something like a normal drink like that would give him. No, he did wonder. Because panic began to set in again, so soon after the draught. When you're thinking about it, it would seem that even the potion would be useless. Useless. Just like him during Ria's fall. Just like him. Looking. Watching. He could have done something. Maybe. "Nurse Chambers? Do you think I... uh... do you think I could borrow some of the books you used while training as a healer?" He asked.

The stern nurse looked at him with creased eyebrows. "I suppose you may. But many of those spells are advanced. I'll make a note of them." She replied as she turned to continue making her potions. "I'll give you a book tomorrow and make sure you consult with me anything that I have made a note with. Healing spells are dangerous if not casted properly." She reminded him. The lesson had been drilled into him for a long time now; ever since he had come to work for her as her pupil. This was her first lesson. Do not underestimate healing spells because it will backfire if you do. It was a good thing he was part of the Transfiguration Club that also practiced the same rule.

Thomas nodded. "I will. Thank you, Nurse Chambers." He replied with a smile before taking a drink from the iced tea. Soon enough, he drank the entire thing. He stood up and then headed to Morri and Kat after giving them their moment. He swept his gaze from Kat - who was now sleeping - and then to Morri. "Is there something I can do for you?" He asked politely with a small smile.
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Vas flew aroumd the hops having one on one match with the keeper, Constance Micheal, another witch from a normie family and in the same year as him. She joined the team this year and the captain was bragging about her. At first sight Vas wasnt convinced, however he had to admit she was a good keeper with a sharp mind tongue that give him a ran for his money. He hadnt interacted with her much before but certinly he felt like he wanted to know. They bantered as the practiced and found her quite funny too. In a few minutes of play they were both equal in scores and blocks.

The captain called that this was going to be the pairs last p,ay before they went to another exercise involving the bludgers. They to smiled at each other knowingly, last chance to prove who was better. He held the quiffol tightly and lowered himself on the broom charging at her and the hoops. She came forward to challenge him but he zigged zagged left and right trying to confuse her on which hoop he was after. He suddenly went left and she did as well. This was feint though as he made a sharp turn right and passed her. She seemed to concede defeat, not going after him so he stopped in front of the hoop and readied himself to through.

However a sudden rush of wind made his broom shake almost making him lose his balance. As he corrected himself he noted a figure in the distance or what he though was a figure. Barely his mind processed what he saw when suddenly light seemed to shift in a wierd kaleidoscope manner. "What the..." he muttered before he heard Constance call.

"Hey! Stop rubbing it in and through the ball!"

He turned her breifly than turned back to see everything back to normal. He paused fpr a moment and tried to make sense of it all. He gave up on the idea and attributed to his lack of sleep before taking the shot.

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