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Lore thread for the Hunter’s Inn RP.

This will be a WIP thread as we’ll be worldbuilding as we go. 😊
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The Kingdom of Hartland is where our story is set. It gets its name from the original settlers to this land, who worshipped a woodland deity Known as Herne.

It is said that Herne would often appear in the form of an antlered deer, which is why the Kingdom’s Royal Family feature a stag in their heraldry.

The City of Colby (North)

Colby is a frontier city at the edge of the (known) world. This ever-growing settlement actually started out as one of the guard towers along Baylin’s Wall. Settlers built their homes and farms around the outpost, where they felt safe under the protection of the wall guards. They named their village after a brave Knight who was stationed there at the time, Sir Colby.

Today, despite its hazardous location, the City is now home to hundreds. It’s a friendly and lively place offering daily markets, and a variety of shops and eateries. The city is surround by farmland and a forest known as The Cackling Woods.

Baylin’s Wall (North)

History tells us that King Baylin of Renton once erected a great wall to separate and protect his people in the South from the unexplored, monster-filled Wild Lands to the North. In its hayday the wall was manned by the Kingdom’s greatest warriors, who would deal with any unwanted visitors or attacks from the other side.

However, the wall as it stands today is in a poor state of disrepair, with large gaping holes and its outposts left abandoned. Rulers come and go promising to fix the wall, but none stay true to their word.

The Wild Lands (North)

A vast and practically unexplored part of the world, the Wild Lands are home to all manner of beast, fae and demon.

Located in the North of the Hartland Kingdom, and contained (to an extent) behind Baylin’s Wall, The Wild Lands are an inhospitable place where very few dare to tread.

In the past entire armies have been decimated by its unforgiving terrain and horrifying inhabitants.

After Baylin’s Wall was completed (a few hundred years ago), any expeditions into the Wild Lands were made expressly forbidden, unless sanctioned by the Crown.

The Hunter’s Guild are officially licensed to go beyond the wall, but as the King no longer sends men to guard the border, practically anyone can enter unchallenged. However, only the bravest (or stupidest) warriors dare take the risk.

The Halfway Inn

The Halfway Inn is a crude, moss-covered little hut by the edge of the Cackling Woods. It is popular with travelers and hunters alike as it’s exactly halfway between the city of Colby and Baylin’s wall.

The City of Renton (South Coast)

Renton is the Capital city and Royal Seat of King John (The Deer King). This Large port city is located on the South coast and boasts clean, monster-free streets, with fine white-stone houses, castles and cathedrals. It’s citizens are wealthy and prosperous in trade. Mostly home to Humans, Elves and Dwarves. ‘Beast-Folk’ are tolerated in the city, but don’t always receive the warmest welcome - unless they have deep pockets of course.


A somewhat derogatory term for anyone who doesn’t look Human, Elven or Dwarven.

The Hunters Guild

The Hunters Guild was first established when Baylin’s Wall started to fail and monsters began to terrorise the kingdom once again.

The common folk despaired when their pleas for help (from the King) fell on deaf ears, so soon took matters into their own hands. The strongest and bravest from each town would band together and take up arms against their beastly tormentors, slaying or chasing them away. These individuals came to be known as Hunters and eventually an official Guild was formed (most likely so the crown could collect taxes).

Currency of the Realm

The currency used in Hartland is generally referred to as 'coin'. Hunters can be paid in Copper (c), Silver (s), Gold (g) and Platinum (p) coins.

Coin conversions:

5 Copper = 1 Silver
10 Silver = 1 Gold
5 Gold = 1 Platinum
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The Tamer’s Guild

A guild of master hunters (definitely not the place for the inchoate or the reckless reprobate) that endeavor toward the capture of exotic and fantastical beasts, rather than slaying them.

The Tamer’s Guild Headmaster: Lord Pylos
Aye, verily, old age is my lot. For even the great reaper ‘imself daren’t set foot in these halls with that poet, that harlot, and that stolid bloody mute lurking about.
- Lord Pylos


Detailed information in regard to appearance not available at this time…
It is with Lord Pylos’s jurisprudence that the Tamer’s Guild maintains its already well traduced place in society’s fringes. Having formed the lavish Tamer’s Guild in secret while under the purview of his once-benefactor and mentor Beryl, Lord Pylos takes great pride in his establishment, though he rarely expresses such sentiment to his cohorts, whom he regularly chides as “bums” and as “the sole causes of [his] frequent migraines”.

What is publicly known of the otherwise obscure simoniac is that he is notorious for using guild funds to purchase highly esteemed public office positions for himself, thereby earning the accolade “Lord” in a comparatively brief period. He has been denounced on several occasions for leveraging his position as a “Lord Tamer of Beasts” to retroactively earn rapport with fellow nobility hungry for a taste of danger and savage exoticism, all while shielding himself from laws barring the capture and sale of dangerous monsters from beyond the wall.
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Tamer's Guild Members​

Mà’Qī “Martie” Li’Bian’Shu, the HemoVentriloquist and Blood Maestro
Race: (Appears to be...) Human (Eastern Blood Magician)
Age: ~14
Height: 4’1”
Weight: Error 404
Appearance: Short, squinty eyed bald kid from across the eastern sea. He rarely (if ever) speaks. Dresses in exotic red and white robes referred to as hànfú, with a fènguān on his head.

Never you mind what the kid mayn’t say. It’s what the kid may be thinking that keeps me awake at night…
- Lord Pylos

Mà’Qī(hereafter referred to as Martie)’s past is, in large part, a secret well and truly kept by the Tamer’s Guild. What is known, however, is that this ineloquent adolescent is by far one of the most ruthless killers of the Tamer’s Guild and, barring instructions of deterrent from lethal measures via the Guild’s Headmaster, would likely bypass any latent difficulties of his assignments with lethal consequences for all involved, typically in the name of sheer pragmatism.
Able to imbue a miscellany of deadly, wooden doppelgängers of his enemies with life, the young misanthrope, called “Martie” by his peers, has a track record for carrying out his duties with an inverse relationship between expression and efficiency. Curiously, the stolid child’s weight is disproportionately heavier than his small stature would otherwise imply.


Hyransaia “Hyra” Valentine, the Aquara (Water Witch)
Race: Human (Aquara)
Age: 28
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 173 lbs.
Appearance: Aesthetically pleasing woman. Big hair (Asami from A:LOK; Jessica Rabbit), curvaceous. Dresses in lavishly trimmed halter frocks decked out in jewelry, blood red lipstick is a must.)


Are you jealous yet? You certainly should be, as I’ve seemingly got it all: big hair, bigger style, the biggest heart...“
“O the joys of extra padding…”

- Brief exchange between Hyra and Griggs.


Immaculate fabrics, voluminous hair and porcelain skin have never been enough to sate the obdurate, rumor-mongering male from his canard about this ex-courtesan. In fact, they are probably the very reasons for such badinage. Libidinous as an alley dweller, and mercurial and demanding as even the most austere harridan queen, Hyransaia has a reputation for knowing what she wants, and knowing exactly how to get it. What she lacks in persuasion, she makes up for in décolletage, at least insofar as men need be concerned. In fact, her… “assets”… seem to affect nearly every man to whom she speaks, with the noted exception of Griggs, who takes a puerile delight in pointing out holes in the woman’s ostensibly well-laid plans.
“Persuasion” isn’t the woman’s only skill, however. Hyransaia is capable of manipulating nearby bodies of water, seemingly without magic circles and incantations, which vastly separates the woman from her compatriots. Her attacks are swift, unforgiving, and all too often lethal. Her abilities, however, make her an unassailable asset to the Tamer’s Guild, as she is the only member of the guild to date capable of capturing aquatic beasts without sedating them.


Grigorien “Griggs” La’Dantez Giovani Raskanov, the Potions Poet
Race: Human
Age: 32
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 209 lbs.
Appearance: Not terribly handsome but not terribly hideous either; well toned; and yet anything but humble...


Would you like to sample the latest rendition of my special draught of cantarella? Provided just the right spicule, the unlearned would be unable to distinguish if the victim was in his death throes or in some sort of dance!”
- Griggs

There was never a man whose presence augured death (or a really good time) than Grigorien La’Dantez Giovani Raskanov. Like those of his guild members, or “comrades” as he calls them, Grigg’s past remains enshrouded in mystery. An interesting specimen of the protean man, who takes a sociopathic pleasure in a litany of strange undertakings from apothecary to exotic beast exsanguination, he is expounded as the “sleeper”, responsible for concocting and distributing any number of tinctures capable of felling even the most hellacious of beasts (sometimes permanently, in unsalvageable situations). He is nonpareil in his craft, and is even more discreet in his delivery. Sleight of hand, a dosage, a dousing, Griggs would claim that simply breathing anywhere in his presence instantiates his control over one’s fate. Tendencies to slip cantarella into drinks aside, he is also an avid lover of poetry.
It should be noted, however, that the man also has a penchant for acrimony towards uncleanliness. No one is allowed near his place of work, and he would never permit anyone but those whom he trusts implicitly with carrying out his poisonings. It may be for the best though, for who would dare to carry a man’s poison who doesn’t always make certain that its cork is put on properly?
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Hunter’s Guild Contract

I, the undersigned

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

in Mutual Agreement with my Brothers and Sisters of the Guild, accept the following terms and oaths:

  • I swear to uphold the fine reputation of the Hunter’s Guild.
  • I swear to aid and defend all my fellow guildsmen.
  • I swear to bring prosperity and wealth for the Guild to grow and swear to handle any property granted to me by the Guild with great care.
  • I swear not to partake in any acts of aggression or ill will against my guildsmen.
  • I agree to share my profits from the field with those who accompany me on a quest.
  • Sharing is to be made in equal portions, no exceptions.
  • I agree to pay a Tithe of 1/10 of my earnings to the Guild & Crown, which will be deducted in advance.
  • Any equipment, paraphernalia or treasures found on the field will remain the property of whomever finds it.
  • Should I perish on the field, I wish to Petition for Resurrection. Y/N

Should I break any oath or clause in this agreement, I accept that I will be punished accordingly or, in extreme circumstances, banished from the Guild and stripped of all titles and earnings.

This I swear in the name of all Gods above and below.
of Alchemical Components

(This will be a work in progress as we discover more while playing. If you feel any of them need editing or tweaking, please let me know)

A collection of fauna, flora and their properties in regards to alchemical concoction, digestive consumption, and uses in combat.

Basilisk Eyes:
•When the eyes of a basilisk are dried out, they can be ground into a powder that when it is breathed in might create a powerful hypnotic trance in the target

•If the eyes are liquified and mixed with carrots into a chilled potion, the user may discover that for a short time, their vision is significantly improved, and even may able to see in the dark or through magical illusions

Hag Blood:
•this toxic substance can be mixed with oil and applied to weapons for a minor poisoning effect when an enemy is struck, symptoms might include fever and necrosis of the wound

Hag Brains:
• when hag brains are cooked until the poison blood is ineffective, they become a savory dish that may, for a short time, increase the brain power of the eater. Such side effects might include increased intelligence and focus

Leshen Antlers:
•When Leshen Antlers have been mixed with any type of mammalian blood and turned into a paste which is applied as a salve on the head, the user can control nearby feral mammalian wildlife and make them do the users bidding for a short time.

Leshen Bone Fragments:
•When the skull of a Leshen is broken down and liquified into a potion along with one whole centipede, and tree bark, it creates a spontaneously generated natural armor.
The imbiber of the potion grows a second skin made of bone and wood that can repel severe physical damage.

Leshen Tendrils:
•When leshen tendrils are dried out with forest mushrooms and ground into a powder mixed with dirt, the user can throw this powder which results on impact in an explosive burst of plant and fungal growth. This explosive growth can break through stone and trees, but soon withers afterwards.
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Crimson Falls - Nyus's Primordial Forge.jpg
Crimson Falls - Forge of Forgotten Memories

Once the location for a divine temple built by the dwarves, the ruins surrounding the slopes and base of the active volcano now mark the location of the worlds most powerful forge. One can turn any collection of materials into weapons and armor here, whether it be a mace to crush the skulls of your enemies or a shield able to tank a blow from a small meteor. The forge itself rests above the lava pool residing within the magma chamber roughly 4 miles deep below sea level, the stone infrastructure and decorations enchanted with strong magic to protect the forge from melting into the lave whenever the volcano prepares to erupt. Above the forges anvil is the volcanoes primary vent, with hundreds of magically enchanted lenses focusing sunlight from the surface down into the massive crucible.

Though the dangers of the volcano hardly attract any visitors, the forge has seen some use over the years. However, most of the people that used the forge all recall one thing that happened after forging: A memory long forgotten bubbled up from the depths, before the fleeting feeling that came with permanently forgetting it followed. It is rumored that the forge uses forgotten memories to further enhanced whatever its users forge, though with how few have ever used it in recent times it will likely never be proven.

Connor Brazzinford was the most recent person to have forged inside of the ancient forge, being the ornate black armor she always wears everywhere she goes. However, it will likely be the last thing ever forged from its depths, as now the anvil used over the millennia has broken into several pieces. Perhaps her memories merely tipped whatever god the temple's people believed in over the edge, or perhaps the anvil simply became too damaged to use and crumbled apart from the constant heat. Regardless, the forge still stands awaiting another visitor, perhaps one who could restore the forges enchanted anvil back to its former glory.​


Herne is an archaic and powerful deity who is widely worshipped across the Hartlands. They go by many names, though are often referred to as the “Lady of the Woods”.

A nature goddess, it it believed that Herne alternates the seasons and maintains the circle of life. She is often depicted as a stag, deer or an antlered woman.

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The Brazzinford Manor.png
The Brazzinford Manor

Once Connor Brazzinford's home, it has served as the home for nineteen generations of the Brazzinford family. Due to various contributions to the crown that have been lost to time, the family tree split into several factions; three of them becoming nobility while the rest moved across the continent. Only one of the three factions had retained their claim to nobility thanks to their unique style of armor forging, and their influence has only grown with time. Up until ten years ago, it seemed as if the next generation would raise their rank and become dukes of their sphere of influence, cementing their legacy for years to come.

With Connor's departure the family was left in a precarious position. While she wasn't selected to become the heir to the estate, she was the best armorsmith the family never knew they had. Only a few of the newest generation were practicing the art of forging, with all of them having little to no interest in it. The prestige and honor that their name carried slowly withered away, and the enemies the family made with their rival factions had an opportunity to strike. The final nail in the coffin was news about Connor's whereabouts, as an armorsmith working for the adventurers guild in Colby; selling the finest armor on the market for cheap. Their claim to nobility was stripped and more members of the family fell victim to the other factions, leading to the Brazzinford Manor being abandoned and the remnants of the family scattering across the country. Now the manor lies desolate and empty, becoming an ideal spot for various bandits and criminals to seek refuge without knights or adventurers alike disturbing them. It's close proximity to Silverfrond has recently caused even the bandits and criminals usually hiding inside of it to flee, potentially making it a good place to take shelter for any daring adventurers seeking to deal with the threat.​

The Dogfolk are a race of magically uplifted dogs hailing from the Island/continent of Coventinia. While they are a documented species, they are rarely seen outside their homeland so many less learned people believe them to be a whimsical tall tale told by sailors.

The Dogfolk were created from the dogs of an eccentric wizard named Coventine. She governed a town on the large island which she’d discovered and led settlers to with the intention of making it its one sovereign nation. However due to disease and a rapidly apparent scarcity of resources, the population either died off or left for fairer pastures, one by one, leaving Coventine the ruler of a ghost town. Fueled by maddening loneliness and denial about the settlements failure, Coventine decided that her loyal beloved pet dogs- and she had a LOT of dogs- would re-people her little kingdom. She found a way to give her fur-kids human intelligence, possible thumbs, and the ability to walk on two legs, and after teaching them to speak, read, clothe themselves, and every other thing needed to know to be “people”, she set them to work tilling the land, running shops and smithies, and gathering coal and ore from the nearby mountains. (And naturally, they didn’t question any decree she gave. She’d been their master LONG before they became Intelligent and practically worshiped the ground she walked on). After her death, the dogs set up their own government and constitution, spread out around the island, and called it Coventinia in their masters honor. Eventualy, they began to do over sea’s trade with other nations, but otherwise avoided mingling with the outside world. Because, fearing their trusting doggy nature would get exploited, Coventine conditioned them to think that the other races would try to trick them into being slaves again, so the dogfolk were hyper paranoid about foreigners intentions and very few dared leave home.

Culturally, the Dogfolk are similar to the humans of Hartland, though with a… y’know…. doggie touch (mainly, they’re loud, rowdy, playful, and place HEAVY emphasis on family and civic duty). They dress in the usual Hartland fashion- modified for canine proportions of course- build with the same architecture, and speak the same language. Some customs are different, however, and their sense of etiquette is highly warped. Sniffing the rear end of a total stranger, for instance, is perfectly acceptable and a dead fish rubbed on ones fur is the popular cologne.

While there are no more recognizable “breeds” among them due to intermingling, they have kept to their basic categories, Hunters, Terriers, Guardians, Herders, and so on, forming a sort of cast system. Herders are commonly farmers but are often also shop keepers, business men, and community leaders (anything requiring organization). Guardians and Hunters have mingled and serve as soldiers and peace keepers. Terriers are miners. Water Dogs are sailors and fishermen. Mountain Dogs do heavy manual labor, Toy Dogs simply don’t exist. Sled Dogs- known as Runners- are the islands gypsies and roam restlessly from town to town, sometimes across the ocean.
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Members of the Legion of Lions

shield (2).png

  • download20221001180418.png

    It takes someone cruel to get the job done.

    Shakir Bitar [Former]
    Reks [Current]

    Lion Beastmen


    Unknown [Somewhere in his 40s]


    Ambitious | Calm | Observant | Charming | Manipulative | Prone-Backstabber | Adventurous | Energetic
    Somewhat Protective | Responsible | Active | Confident | Cunning | Can Be Harsh | Determined | An Honest-Liar | Daring |
    Loving (To A Few) | Greedy | Aggressive | Mischievous | Proud | Swindler | Selfish (Sorta) | Capable

    Heat/Hot Weather

    Vesh (To An Extent)
    Snow/Cold Weather
    Water (Somewhat)

    Muscular Strength

    Hates Water
    Feral Instincts (At Times)
    Prone Backstabber/Trust Issues
    Cocky For His Own Good
    Fears Dogs/Hatred Of Canines

    Stealth, Hunting, Hand-to-Hand, Climbing

    Haggling, Wrestling, Charm, Lying

    His claws and fangs

    Magic of Might?:

    Reks rarely spoke of his childhood, but all he could remember was working as a servant boy for a wealthy noble. Over time, he loathed his job and started to find ways to be free from servitude. At 18, he formulated a group of other servants and created the Legion of Lions, or an alternative, the Lion Legion. The servants grew relentless of their master, with the help of Shakir fueling the flames. So one night, the group murdered the noble family they once served and took over their manor for some time before departing to a different country to escape punishment. While sailing the vast seas, the boat was overturned by a storm, with the people back in his homeland believing that everyone on that ship was deceased. With the people back in Shakir's homeland think it was divine punishment. What they're unaware of is that Shakir and a few members survived.

    With his old life dead, Shakir took the name of Reks and set his group as mercenaries in a prominent country with freedom and wealth in his hands.
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Map (Hartland and surrounding territories)​

I've tried to keep the locations as true to canon lore as I could, but as the story progresses, there are bound to be some discrepancies. Any locations to be added on account of cast members are to be directed via DM to myself or to Genii Genii for clarification (though in the end, it's up to Genii to approve them.)

This is a topographical map. Regions become brighter in tone/luminosity with consecutive increases in altitude, but as yet I haven't lain out any measurements, I'm trusting that most here can use their best judgement in terms of height. Illustrated landmarks to be included soon.


(*) Capital
(—) Settlements; Towns; Cities; Principalities; etc.
(^) Landmarks; Hills; Rivers; etc.
(§) Significant Structures; Ruins; Temples; Palaces; etc.

*Not all of the locations listed below are to be found on the map, as it' still in its early stages. Apologies for any confusion!

Continent of WESHTAERA

The Wilds (North of Baylin's Wall)​

(§) Ruins of Bal’dak

(^) The Wilds (Wall Exterior)

(^) Mt. Herne

The North... (Nearest Baylin's Wall)​

(§) Baylin’s Wall
... (^) Wild Lands (Wall Interior)
... (^) The Cackling Woods

(—) Colby
... (§) The Hunter’s Inn
... (§)
Colby University

(—) Merton

(—) The Crescent
... (§) Castillo Manor

(—) )Arksall

(—) Arian
... (§) Arian Silver Mines

KINGDOM OF HARTLAND (Far South of Baylin's Wall)

SUTHERLAND (South Region of Hartland)
(*) Renton (Hartland Capital)

EASTWICK (East Region of Hartland)
(—) Isle of Ludera
... (§) Joanneson Manse

(—) Silverfrond
... (§) Brazzinford Manor

WESTSHIRE (West Region of Hartland)
... (—) Darby

Gulf of Sapphires

Garnet Isles

Cervus Sea

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The Isle of Ludera

Family seat of the Joanneson clan, last remnants of the Nericisian tribesmen. The layout of the principality is reminiscent of the domestic structures of the old world: a sprawling manse sits at the isle’s center that serves as the unilateral conduit for all commerce and communication on the island. The Joanneson Manse itself, however, is a lavish complex. reminiscent of earlier Nerician temples, though with a notably New World aesthetic due to limited limestone resources.
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Best image I could come up with on the fly. Apologies for signature trappings of modernity. 😳

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