The Growing Storm (1906 rp)

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  1. xD that last part slew me
  2. Hey, whichever ones one top bullies the other. China's doing it now, its just using NK.

    Also, I'm having a touch of trouble with the military. I can only find they had 13 divisions and 76 ships before the war. A division can greatly vary, and I might need a bit of help with the numbers and stuff on navypedia.
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  3. Hmm, not sure for Japanese divisions, but here's the link for the Japanese Navy page
    Imperial Japanese Navy / Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (Japan)
    What questions did you have on it?

    @general ostruppen
    Also seems I missed some ships for the German Navy, can I still add them in?
  4. @Keidivh @Master Hand
    ._. Obviously you guys need help so I'll send you both the link directly to your list of ships
  5. Thanks, but that's not necessary, just missed some capital ships and cruisers xP
  6. @general ostruppen
    For ships that were laid down in 1906 but not completed yet, would we be able to consider those under construction or ignore that?
  7. If Its laid down then yes
  8. Got it, thanks
    Edit: There we are, all ships accounted for
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  10. *German Empire capitulates*
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  12. Every nation that hasn't been taken by players will be NPCs and follow there historical paths and follow their status quo
  13. Don't worry, lil' Belgie, the Austro-Hungarian Empire invites you to a fancy dinner in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Free Napoleonic uniforms and outdated military doctrines on the house (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

    (Annexation intensifies)
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  14. Mein bruder!
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  15. D-Did... did you just assumed my ge- jk jk.
    Bruder fur Leben! Ein volk, ein reich, ein f- (oops, too early)
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  16. Blut und Boden!

    ..... Wait....
  17. When nations get ahead of their timeline (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃
    I am expecting a Civilization V scenario to happen in-RP.
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  18. *shakes head in disappointment as he knows that many treaties will be broken*
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  19. Don't worry, boss. I'll try to be as historically accurate as possible
    (cough) ...bad leadership... (cough) ...Hotzendorf... (cough) ...mismanagement of manpower and logistics...
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  20. .... Mein Gott.....

  21. ^ Sums it up for my historical path.
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