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The end times


~Forgotten by the light I loved~
"And so the sky opened, the ground shook, man, woman and child were taken to the sky, holes opened within the earth, beasts came from under, saviors from above. Those left behind have a choice, to step into the light or backstep into darkness, accepting the warm embrace of the almighty or the clutching hands of the unholy.. Tis not a crusade, but hell on earth, a battle to shape the ages, a battle for life, or eternal suffering."- Saint Kree, bible new Earth, post Armageddon, 2045.

The great war started in 2005, and there has been no end in sight, there are a few holy cities left in the world, our story takes place in Texas. In the holy city 'New hope'.

The war has been at a sort of standstill, with all fronts in the North being calm with a few skirmishes here and there. Though the war is far from over, there are rumors that there will be a massive push to the Holy city New Hope in the near future.

New Hope is a city where Houston used to be, with holy powers of God and angels, the area looks like it did before, with sunlight and night time. Tis a bubble of pureness. Keeping the outside away and allowing people to see the sky. The city harbors a total of ten thousand soldiers from the Battle Angels down to the Animals of the almighty. It's one of the safest holy cities on earth.

It was 2009 and the worlds military were performing quite well,one day, in God sent down holy couriers to the militaries that still stood after 4 years of war.. "God himself recognizes -insert military power- ability to fight in the face of evil, and would like to propose that you join his army as crusaders." said the messenger. They would all accept and be recognized as holy soldiers. Blessed with a sort of immortality. Death is but a reset, holy soldiers may die in battle but they regroup at heavens gates, there is no shame in failure, and there is no aging... Funny thing is, God allowed the USMC to keep their little title of being devil dogs..
The crusaders would prove themselves in 2014 at Moscow, Red square district, they were outnumbered during an invasion by a horde of demons and corrupted. They held off ten thousand and four hundred evil beings, to their nine hundred and fifty five. Losing only twenty soldiers that day, the battle would later be called 'The Day of Strength'. The soldiers there would later be known as 'The Holy Hand', an elite group of holy soldiers.


Ok so this rp will be about the christian bibles Armageddon, one that involves Demons and angels and what not.

The rp will most likely focus on battles between the Light and Darkness(heaven and hell). Think of any typical war RP set in a fantasy like setting...with more fire and red skies. And the plot will mainly focus on battles, power struggles with the occasional free time to enjoy just being in the setting. And also seeing if light or darkness wins.

Battle Angel( Self explanatory, but they usually lead an army of crusaders or small divisions, they are also sent to fight Angels of Darkness or powerful demons, large role. Will only accept a small amount depending of if i get enough people)

Citizen of Light(normal citizens within holy cities, with varying jobs, this role will be quite small, mostly NPC)

Crusaders(these people will be blessed normal humans dawned in varying styles of crusader armor. Depends on the weapon chosen-yes, im accepting guns and swords, makes things interesting-. Your role would be up there with battle angels.)

Holy Animal of the Almighty(large creatures that fight for the Almighty himself, quite a meh role, your character can be a hulking humaniod-ish- animal.)

Angels of Darkness(Corrupted angels either willing or unwilling that fight as the elite of the elite in Satans army. Sort of the same as Battle Angels. But since the people they fight don't use monsters, their job is to just command and slaughter.)

Beast of Darkness(Animals that fight for his unholiness. Same as the Holy animals, nothing really changes..)

Enslaved(Enslaved are unwilling normal humans made to work or live in the lowest and dirtiest areas within demon controlled areas, your role will also be quite small unless you plan to be a rebel.. And I'd suggest doing a rebel character when and if the RP progresses towards a 'hive' city, mostly NPC)

Unholy/Corrupted(people who have given into evil desires and embrace the darkness. Most made up of unwilling people. With willing humans either leading small armies or commanding small demon/unoly-corrupted hordes. Their roles will be up there with the angels.)

Demons(Mostly beings that no long resemble human and are usually beast like creatures or freakish humanoid beings. Any human that falls under this category has some sort of devilish feature that a normal human does not have. Their role would be.. really depends on what the demon character will be doing... Mostly NPCs unless the character presented is good enough and makes sense)

Black sheep(these are to be satans spy in holy cites who are almost impossible to detect as corrupt or false. They can be anyone, and will always look like any normal human.. Sometimes replacing people they have killed. Their roles are spies, infiltrators, their role will be just as big as the angels.)

Fallen angel(this means the person was once an angel but was cast down, and has a choice between trying their damnedest to prove themselves worthy again, or join Satan, which can become Angels of darkness, their role is neutral, this is for anyone willing to start from the ground up. They can also become Crusaders so long as their wings are removed-painful process regardless of their ability. PERIOD.)

The Militia(these are like the crusaders, but are made up of people who aren't heavy in the christian belief, but accepted as fine warriors. Their role might be small as they aren't ordered to help in Crusades unless it fits their ideals-freedom and just trying to survive without any sort of rule besides human rule)

Citizen of the forgotten(normal human out of holy cities, usually held up in strongholds or forts, militia personnel can be found in these areas, as they aren't responsible for holy city guard duty-as they'd be shunned or treated poorly, but not too poorly. Their role is...well might as well say it's only for NPCs)

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