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Realistic or Modern The Dark times: The last days of human kind


One Thousand Club
Year 2053

Twenty years ago a French company Solane Incorporated created a serum that would cure everything from small pox to cancer.

The serum worked as intended except for 1 percent of those that used it. This flaw however wasn't discovered till months later as the one percent started to get sick. By this time the miracle drug had been given to everyone.

The one percent became violent, some were unable to say in the sun for long periods of times without burning. Som grew fur and are able to smell better than they use to. All of them grew to like the taste of humans.

This brought about the Dark times. As countries would fall and many would either die or be turned by them. What's worse is that it was discovered that these creatures could actually breed so humanity couldn't simply kill all of them.

Now twenty years later what is left of humanity are in areas known as Safe zones or on ships. The monsters haven't attacked in over a decade letting they're favorite meal multiple getting ready for their next harvest

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