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hi !! i'm ray (any pronouns) and am presently looking for rp partners (18+). i'm hoping to find people with some common interests, and who are advanced writers. i understand "descriptive" is technically subjective, so i'll be transparent.

i only intend to write with people who are capable of plot progression and character depth, preferably people who are fully capable of doing 300+ words per post.

i'm more than happy to provide a writing sample, but i also have a public profile so you can see some of my threads through there as well.
that said, i'm looking for angst plots. i'm a uni student, so i'm a busy person. i value talking with friends and chatting. i'm fine rping in pms or in threads, it's up to you.

plots i'm presently looking to rp:
a is a queer boy who has just been kicked out of his home. a lives on the streets for a few weeks, trying to get by but his condition worsening. then, he is found by b who takes him under his wing and introduces him to a community of scrappy homeless queer kids who live together, moving from abandoned building to abandoned building to avoid being caught by social workers. a is hungry, sick, and scared, and he accepts the help. with b's support, he slowly becomes part of their small community. a and b open up to each other, taking care of each other despite their dire situations. slowly, they fall for each other, but will they have the courage to admit it?

losing you

I'm a first responder right out of med school, and its only my first month here but I've seen some messed up shit already that's making me question if I have what it takes to work this job. After having a lady who had been in a car accident - the bones in her legs shattered, ribs grinded to almost dust cause she was pinned by her seatbelt, with a metal rod stuck in her throat - die on the scene despite trying my damnest to save her. I'm scared to let anything else happen on my watch, so I'm on desk duty for a while to get a hold of my horrid anxiety. I get a call during the graveyard shift from you. You sound terrified, and as you explain the situation to me, I understand why. You tell me that you thought you wanted to die and you took all the pills you could find before painting your wrist with a razor blade. There's no EMT's at the station besides me and I'm terrified as I race over to a stranger's house because I need you to be okay - and I really can't take losing anyone else. When I get there I see you're not much older than me and fading fast on the bathroom floor. I know you think I saved you, but I really want you to know that you saved me. I visit you everyday in the hospital while you're recovering, and even take you home when you're discharged. I'm checking on you everytime I get the chance and there's a lot of late nights in your apartment talking and falling asleep on your couch cause I'm so exhausted from work everyday and - shit I think I'm falling for you.

forever and always

Person A; a witch or something supernatural
Person B; a normal person

Person A met Person B back in the late 1700s, and the two grew quite close. They went out together, had a little relationship away from everyoneโ€™s eyes, but it was found out shortly after it began. The people of the town they lived in knew that no matter what they did, the witch couldnโ€™t die, after being cursed to live forever, so they came up with another way to punish both of them. Person B was sentenced to death by hanging, and Person A was forced to watch it. Person A tried their best to bring the love of their life back, but no matter how much they tried, they couldnโ€™t.

Now, roughly 300 years later, Person A is still holding onto the memories of that time. One day theyโ€™re walking down the street, and see a familiar face. Could it be? Person B, in all their glory, is standing right in front of Person A. Person A breaks into tears, remembering and recognizing everything about their past lover and hugs them tightly, only to be pushed away by a very confused and freaked out Person B, who doesnโ€™t remember Person A at all, nor any of their time together, and doesnโ€™t want anything to do with them.

i don't wanna

muse a likes new things? he's also tired of his parents so he can't help but get caught up in dangerous situations.
i'm thinking he sees the new guy move in next door, ( muse b will be a little older than muse a! late teens 19-21) all by himself. maybe he's on the run from his past?
muse a gets a little too curious and decides to say hi but the door is unlocked and him being nosey!
otherwise known as muse a has violent tendencies/interests that muse b shares. criminal luv or whateva

dark academia

two muses attend a prestigious private academy located in the mountains of vermont. basically there this secret society of wealthy students who practice witchcraft. there's been talks of a student who went missing after alerting the headmaster that this secret society was actually a coven. muse a is already apart of the coven and is a high ranking member. muse b is new to the school and has arrived after their parents newly striked rich. muse a and muse b quickly become friends after meeting at rugby practice [ any class or sport tbh ] and muse b learns what the secret society is about after witnessing a ritual.


Muse A is a hero, they are loved by many people - hated by as well. None the less, Muse A tries to keep as many people safe as they can. Of course, it is a big burden on their shoulders as they have many enemies. Though one of them was the worst it seemed, and equal match though of course good always prevailed evil. Muse B had found themselves battling Muse A on the roof top of a sky scraper. Muse A got the upper man and soon enough the masked Muse B was strangely easily thrown down on the roof top. Muse A moved over to the struggling and tired Muse B, only to take off their mask and they never though it would been their missing friend/brother/crush who they were fighting the whole time and had beat up so badly. The only thing they knew what Muse B wasn't their arch-nemesis. Because Muse A had witnessed Muse B being taken and killed by his arch-nemesis years ago. But if Muse B is pretending to be the said arch-nemesis, then what happened to the real nemesis he had fought so many times and was certainly stronger than Muse B.


muse a is a shy popular jock who has a crush on muse b who is a semi-popular art kid/nerd/band kid (whatever you'd like). muse a doesn't act like he seems. he's shy, quiet, kind, and gentle. the only reason he's popular is that he's the star quarterback in the school football team. muse b is loud, confident, and doesn't care about what other people think. muse b is openly gay but muse a is still in the closet. muse a is afraid to come out because of his family, who he thinks that they won't accept him. only his best friend knows about him being homosexual even though there have been some small rumors about his sexualilty. as embarrassing as it is, muse a never really officially dated someone before. one day, the rumor comes around muse b's friend group. his friends decide to have a bit of "fun" to try and hurt the higher status so they try to get muse b to date muse a. muse b denies at first but then when his friends offer to pay him to do it, he hesitantly accepts for whatever reason (collage, family, or whatever else), thinking that he won't catch feelings for the other. he didn't like the group that he was in. muse b thought of them as kids who think that they are cool just because they're popular. he also found them rude and obnoxious. so muse b asked muse a out on a date and soon, they became boyfriends. the more time muse b spent with muse a, the more he started noticing things about the other that he didn't before like the fact that he didn't act like the other people in the crowd muse a hangs around with. he realized that he was catching feelings for the other. on the night of a school dance, muse a and muse b went together as a couple. they weren't afraid to show that they were together and of course, the whole school knew about them. muse a left to go do something (rather to get punch or to find his friends) and came back to muse b and his friends paying him and trash-talking about muse a. muse b joining in with the trash-talking to not make it suspicious that he likes muse a, not knowing muse a is listening to him right now and the whole scheme he was involved in. muse a interrupts the conversation, tears in his eyes and questioning muse b. muse a then ends their relationship right on the spot, creating a scene and then running out. what happens now?

you can view more plots here or bring your own!

about me:
i prefer to use realistic appearances, but can be convinced to switch things up. i will not respond to comments on this thread, please pm me if you're interested in rping. i value communication so please just lmk if you're disinterested or will be gone for a while. i lean towards m/m or nonbinary pairings, but am quite flexible. i don't like playing someone else's oc ! so if we double up, we will be making love interests for each other's ocs. i enjoy romantic subplots in rp, and more often than not, they're a must. it doesn't need to be immediate, but i enjoy a deeper connection between ocs !!

if you're interested, dm me and introduce yourself ! i'd love to get to know you. i love plotting and making playlists for rps as well so !! please reach out, i promise i'm not as mean as i seem <3
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