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  • 'Some Girl'


    Location: Sitting in some hallway. Amber lights flashing.
    Mood: Shock, fear, confusion.
    Attire: TBD

    Waking up...


    Ewww... What is that stink...?

    Another sharp inhale. Dark eyebrows knit together instantly. A soured look took over, rearranging the freckles across her tan face. A moment longer she held that look, face scrunched up in reaction to the invasion of her sense of smell. The sourness faded as dark lashed lids fluttered. Once. Twice. Then with the ease of a breaking dawn, green eyes opened slowly, taking in the unblurring sight before her.

    She was staring directly at a face not even a foot away from hers. Just face. No body.

    A scream formed at her mouth at the same time the gag reflex set in.

    {{Choices at the end}}

    The young woman had been laying on her side, but immediately, she sat upright, scrambling away on the cement slabs of the floor, desperately trying to get the hell away from the disembodied thing. Her eyes were scrunched closed again but she could not unsee that which would haunt her nightmares for nights to come. Those clouded eyes still stared at her, empty and devoid of life, its final thought frozen, shaped by the silent screams from its bulbous lips. Bare feet could barely gain any traction as they slid and slipped on a warm, sticky substance. But she had managed to pull away. Against the cold concrete wall she sat, bolt upright, back flat against it, heart pounding in her ears.

    Her entire body shivered, however, it was not due to the damp and cold of the tunnel. Green eyes were stuck wide open, both trembling hands covered her mouth as she stifled yet another scream. The amber lights above her whirled and flashed, leaving her in darkness at a regular interval. Each time the light shone for her, she noted another body. Another body. And still some more. All without heads. All bathed in amber lights and all surrounded by pools of thick liquid that reeked of sourness and old metal.

    In the distance was the wailing of a klaxxon and a kerfuffle of voices and motion. Just then she noted the glint off her fingers. Green eyed gaze fell upon the lengths of her fingers and wrists; they were adorned with shiny and expensive looking jewellry.

    For but a moment she was no longer strangled by fear and panic. Eyes narrowed as she held both dirty tanned hands, steadied now and directly in front of her face. A lone eyebrow raised whilst she inspected the lavish and exquisite trinkets. What the actual eff in the face...? Where did I get all this from...? Green eyes popped wide again as both hands then worked away: patting, pulling, squeezing, stroking, as she inspected as much as she could about herself, from top of faniced up hair to dirty but freshly pedicured and painted toe nails.


    πŸͺ : She had screamed and found herself completely intact including her dancing outfit
    β™₯️: She had thrown up and found herself completely intact including her dancing outfit
    πŸ’ž: She had screamed and found herself with minor harm but her dancing outfit intact
    πŸ–ΌοΈ: She had screamed and found herself with minor harm but her dancing outfit all torn up
    πŸ–‹οΈ: She had screamed, thrown up and found herself with major harm, dancing outfit all torn up and she threw up on herself. Eww.

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  • 'Some Girl'


    Location: Standing in some hallway. Amber lights flashing.
    Mood: Panic, fear, fight or flight.
    Attire: Torn black evening gown/costume with wings, fancy shiny jewellry, no shoes

    Time to act...


    Wow... these are so pretty...! I really think-- wait. Who even am I...?

    A deep breath. A pained grunt. And finally she stood upon shaky knees. Oh owwww...! There was a sharp, white flash of pain as the back of her head tapped the cold stony wall. Suddenly the hallway began to spin. Green eyes snapped shut immediately, eyebrows knitting them closed tight. One palm cupped her temple, the other pressed hard against the wall to steady herself. Several heartbeats passed.

    Within that moment she forced her mind to think, to work, and remember something-- anything about herself.

    {{Choices at the end}}

    A long drawn out exhale. Well, one thing was for certain, her dress was ruined. Despite the amber light, she could see that it was some kind of hybrid of an evening gown and a costume with wings. A fairy? A bug? She didn't spend too much time figuring it out, for it was the jewellry that held her gaze. If these were real they would be worth tens of thousands of dollars! But the connection to her costume gown and costume jewellry was not established; perhaps it was denial as the thought of being adorned with expensive, fancy jewellry did tickle her pink afterall. She did discover that her underwear was not the scant and lacy lingerie type one would expect to be hidden neath such a gown. No she was wearing the kind of underwear one would intentionally wear to a gym.

    The young woman had also noticed the bumps and bruises along her body. Of note was the bump on her head, the pain in her elbows and wrists, and the awful scratch marks on her. She wasn't bloodied but she felt like she had been in some kind of scuffle and her dress was proof. But her feet still felt icky with that viscous substance still coating them. Her nose crinkled again in distaste as she attempted to step away from the bodies, a slurping noise sounded out with each step.

    She was going to make her way over to a darker and covered area to hide in until she figured out who was in charge here. Green eyes popped wide and both hands flew to her mouth to stifle a scream. Down the way she could hear what sounded like gunshots but it was the pained cries of agony that startled her; whatever was down there did not sound like a person. Hands still pressed up to her mouth, she was breathing hard as she inspected the hallway in the opposite direction. It was pitch black. Saliva built up in her mouth and she staved off a dry heave; she knew exactly what coated her feet. In that was the direction where most of the... wet remains were scattered.

    There was a dirty, solid metal door with strange handles on them. 'XDS - 34TF34R' was stamped in bold on the name plate. 'XDS - 19' was emboldened above the frame. There was another of this type of door a ways down the hallway where the gunshots and inhuman screams came from. The difference was that this one had some kind of key sticking into the lock... a severed hand still holding on tight in a literal death grip.

    Green eyes then darted over to the darkened alcove where she originally intended to hide. There were some crates there that she felt she could squeeze behind. But as of right now, her mind was in complete meltdown, the reality of what exaxtly it was around her hit her smack dab right in the face the moment she lowered her hands to take a deep, deep calming breath. It finally registered to her that she was inhaling the soured smell of death. Lots of it.

    Both hands balled into fists clenched so hard they drained their natural tan colour. She tried to focus on them to keep from breaking down, collapsing and bawling like a baby. But her breathing strained and and her lower lips began to tremble. The young woman who didn't even know her own name shoved both fists into her eyes, but it was too late, bitter salty rivulets drained down her cheeks.

    But it was now or never. She needed to act or she was going to die here


    πŸͺ : She remembers that she is a dancer and she tries to hide behind the crates in the alcove.
    β™₯️: She remembers she has a brother and she finds it in herself to brave the dark hallway.
    πŸ’ž: She remembers some kind of doctor and she tries to open the 'XDS-19' vault door.
    πŸ–ΌοΈ: She remembers who made the scream and she finds the courage to search a body for a weapon.
    πŸ–‹οΈ: She remembers climbing in some kind of training room and so she decides to climb and hide.

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  • 'Some Girl'


    Location: Taking action in some hallway. Amber lights flashing, smells like rancid death.
    Mood: Arenalized, fear, fight.
    Attire: Torn black evening gown/costume with wings, fancy shiny jewellry, no shoes, geared up with a weapon.

    Taking a Stand...


    My gosh are they dead...? Are they dead?

    White teeth bit down hard upon her lower lip as she paused momentarily, staring at the motionless body.

    It was a guard or a soldier of some kind. Hard to tell in this dim light but they were lying face first in some dark wet liquid. A shakey breath escaped her, a rough swallow then she rushed the body. She did her best to bite back another scream for she was certain that the first time she did scream, the sound carried and alerted others to her presence. With eyes firmly snapped shut, she knelt down and blindly reached out to find the thing in the fallen sentry's grasp. Ugh. But the oldour that invaded her nose was horrid and rancid; she imagined taking a big inhale of a rotted potato coated in month-old sweet and sour sauce that was left out in the sun. The girl gagged but continued on, face fully scrunched closed.

    {{Choices at the end}}

    One hand pressed into what felt like lips and hard teeth behind it. Sputtering sounds was all she could do to prevent herself from absolutely losing it; the lips were squishy, bulbous and cold. Immediately she shook that hand out like a terrier with a rat in its mouth, revulsion clearly spread out across her face. But soon enough, a sharp gasp and exhale of relief she let out when her other hand grabbed firmly onto the stick-thingie the sentry held. But of course when she pulled it, it was stuck fast; it was held in place by a literal death grip.

    Voices, yelling, roars. Coming closer. But she couldn't tell just how far away they were for the sound of her thudding heart played a wicked beat in her ears. Her breath was tight and strained; panic was setting in. No matter how hard she wrenched, yanked or shook it, the stick-thingie would not budge free.
    That's because it's still alive... or rather it came back from the dead. And it was going to grab her, claw away at her gut, rip into her belly and tear her insides out. Green eyes popped wide and her mouth formed an awful sneer-- No, this ain't happening!! She knew it was just her imagination, but even more she knew she had to get this thingie free. She needed a weapon because she knew what was roaring down the hallway.

    With her other hand, she reached down and grabbed the first thing that she touched and ripped it free from the body. Then with a mighty swing she landed a resounding blow on to the hand that denied her her desire. A sickening crunch sounded out and the stick-thingie broke free.

    Trembling, sweating and blubbering like a baby, she took both items and turned to face whatever was coming to get her. Her dark hair framed her freckled face like a wild black dandelion as slowly she rose up. Breathing heavily, muscles tensed, vision bright, the dirtied girl in the torn black butterlly gown posed readying for the fight. Both hands steadied as she brandished stick-thingie in her left, helmet in her right.

    After seeing up close the bodies around her, it was becoming apparent what had happened in this rank, dank amber lit tunnel. There were soldier types dead on the ground, all with horrible wounds. Then there were the other bodies. The ones without heads. Those ones were not dressed like soldiers. They were dressed just like her; fancy, costumed and bedazzled in beautiful, shiny trinkets and jewellry. Something was killing them all here. And she had to find answers. It would start with that roaring she heard earlier. She knew exactly what that was about.

    Another racous sound of fighting, gunshots and roars. Men and women yelling, screaming, panic reaching a crescendo then stopping abruptly. A heartbeat of silence. Then she saw a silhouette rushing towards her as fast as her heart was racing.


    πŸͺ : She remembers that the roaring thing is a friend of hers and they need help. She grabbed a stun baton and sees a soldier type coming at her.
    β™₯️: She remembers that the roaring thing is a horrific killer monster and it heard her. She grabbed a elecro-whip weapon and sees the monster thing coming at her.
    πŸ’ž: She remembers that the roaring thing is a shapeshifter and she doesnt know if its friendly. She grabbed a sonic weapon and sees a weird shape coming at her.
    πŸ–ΌοΈ: She remembers that the roaring are soldiers that have been experimented on and they heard her. She grabbed a monofilament blade and sees a soldier coming at her.
    πŸ–‹οΈ: She remembers that the roaring thing is a clone of herself and she doesn't know if its friendly. She grabbed a pheremone spray and sees a cat coming towards her.

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