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Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
None could count how many were in attendance for this year's graduating tournament, the arena was packed to the point one might think all of Indain was watching these fights. These fights being the sixty graduates looking to be recruited as a magic knight. Each graduate is split up into brackets where they will compete against each other in a one on one contest.

The rules being do not kill and do not harm the auidence, this was a duel to subdue via knock out or sealing or to make them verbally submit. Many graduates would be able to kill others but that is not the purpose of this tournament. For knights not only go to war for Morwhup but they also keep the peace and provide service for the kingdom in ways only a talented knight could.
The first match from bracket 1 was Jareedi welt vs Yahno Ohm. Two boys the same age but sadly not on the same level.

After a lengthy introduction both graduates were introduced by name and the mana they use.
After both graduates meet at the centre to speak with the officiate who oversees these battles, they proceed back fifty steps and wait for the signal to start. Or at least that's what should happen...
Yahno made a unusual start to the duel, "hold up, if we fight... I don't want to accidentally kill you, what's water against thunder right friend?"
The young man smiled a fake sweet grin as sparks emanated from his palms.
Jareedi took a moment and with a defeated look of anger across his face told the officate that he withdrew, causing the officiate to declare Yahno the winner by submission and that the next battle will proceed shortly. Yahno was walking back off the sand laughing a cocky chuckle.
That was until a man spoke to him "you think your the best yea?"
The man smirked cruelty
"you was gonna beat that boy easy... But you ain't gonna impress anyone acting like that. Know what? ima change the bracket, put you agaisnt something you come up weak against, like Haruka Xight... or that Rabart Shang guy... what's thunder agaisnt stone right buddy?"
Yahno scoffed not expecting to hear that blatant bias "what's flesh against steel right guy? Besides...why would I try an win anyone over? What good is impressing you? The tired looking middle aged guy who makes boring threats at graduates cause he..."
"I'm Waboe Shrouda." The man casually cut off the boy before he said something regrettable.

Yahno froze midway as he realised that name was a famous one held high in Morwhup academy, it was a brief moment in which Yahno was lost for words. "that's right... move along, try hard next time." Waboe pointed for the boy to run along,
Yahno laughed before managing to say "ok boss, bring on whoever and I'll show you what I can do"
A swift retreat with a forced facade of joy happened, It was the first time fear had been felt since that electric minotaur attack in Fieful city.
The next fights was more what people expected, two graduates tried to subdue the other with magic and combat skill, Rabart Shang being the memorable victor with a knockout blow that came from a flying rock in the shape of a large fist.
Yahno went to look at the first bracket and noticed Waboe had changed the order. Now he saw some names he recognised...
As each graduate would only have three or four fights it was easy to see who might be facing each other.
Shangs next, Haruka won't lose to Noki...so it's her or Endo...
Yahno burst into laughter before shouting for all to hear
"Lucks turned bad for some of you, as you have to face me and lose!"
Haruka was a tall girl with toxic mana, what's worse is she is considered quite adept at offensive magic aswell as indvidual. She wrapped a arm around Yahno's shoulder and the two proceeded to laugh and poke fun at the rest of their bracket. Their confidence could suffocate the entire room and almost would have until Haruka shoved Yahno to the ground
"How would I lose to Endo or you? I make it rain purple"
Yahno stood back up fast giggling in a smug manner...
"If he or i beat you, it'll be in the same way" This was stated as if the fight had been predicted already.
Haruka gave a more than playful shove before leaving to get ready for her match against Egatta Noki "y'all got no chance!"
Being her last words to everyone.
Heyo hope you like the first post and hope it set the tone decent enough.
You are allowed to win two fights but you must lose or withdraw from the third fight that leads to the championship.
You can control npc graduates in these battles so be as epic or anticlimactic as you want just follow the rule above and stick to your sheet, if it's said you are not good close up don't win by boxing etc.

If you want to have three matches in your first post or make it a battle described per post I'm ok with it. Just keep in mind how you write it as the fights wouldn't happen back to back.
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If you want to vs a player character let me and them know in the ooc

Post order is "1 2 than you" meaning let two people post before you go again. If i was to follow this rule (which I will unless GM posts have to happen) I need two people to post before I can again, makes sense right? Y'all go have fun now
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Vega steps into the middle of the arena, his opponent doing nothing to help calm his nerves. His opponent is a peasant, a 17 year old farmer, standing at almost 6’5. His opponent doesn’t wear a shirt, causing Vega to worry even further.
“This guy….”
The official commences the fight, and Vega immediately presses his palms against the ground, a 6 foot tall, wall of ice raising in front of him. It proves useless as the hulk of a teenager barrels straight through it, smashing his shoulder into Vega’s abdomen. Vega rolls along the ground for a few feet, dodging a series of punches the peasant throws. Each punch that misses connects with the ground, leaving cracks on impact. Vega leaps to his feet, jumping backwards to create some distance between him and the behemoth of a graduate. Vega aims a open palm at his opponent, and a small wave of ice rushes over the ground. The peasant doesn’t react quick enough, his feet becoming frozen to the ground. The crowd begins to cheer, and Vega starts celebrating, taking in their cheers. Vega approaches the peasant, holding his hand out. As soon as Vega grabs his hand, he begins feeling sick to his stomach.
“The match isn’t over…..”
Vega realizes this too late, as the brute swings him overhead, slamming him onto the ground. The ice shatters from the impact, and Vega can fill the air being knocked out of him. The Officiate calls the match, as Vega concedes. It’s now the brute’s turn to celebrate, waving his arms and flexing for the crowd. He yells towards the crowd, his voice full of excitement.
“I didn’t even need magic to defeat the son of a noble!!”
The crowd cheers even more, as Vega is carried towards the other fighters spectating.
The graduate continues as the crowd eats it up. Everything starts to fade to black for Vega, as exhaustion takes over. Disappointment and shame are the only things that fill his mind as he drifts to sleep.

Master of Lava

Gods and mortals, fear my fury and my flames!

Endo Fushiro paced nervously as he awaited his name to be called. He watched through the main doors entering the arena as the other students would go in and go out, some with the joy of victory or confidence on their faces, others with the shock or sadness of defeat. After a long wait, his name was the last to be called among those in the first round. Endo stepped out into the arena, met with exuberant cheers, though he could distinctly hear a few boos from almost directly above him. He wondered what that was for? He shrugged and made his way into the center of the arena, where he was greeted by his opponent. Bakuto Mitsumura, not necessarily known for his power or his might, looked nervous as he approached Endo, shook his hand and bowed. As he reciprocated these gestures, he couldn't help but laugh to himself. Bakuto's air powers were no match for his fire powers, and he knew that Bakuto knew it. Endo suddenly found himself grateful for all his studies, that allowed him to land a spot in the top ten of the class, and by extension the tournament. He hoped that the rest of his fights would be just as easy as this one would be...

"Hey, good luck, Bakuto," Endo said with a sly smile as they stepped towards opposite sides of the arena.

"Oh... uh... thanks," Bakuto replied, assuming good intentions behind the remark.

But Endo knew differently. He'd just use this opportunity as practice for what would come in the championship. He knew he'd make it at least to that point, if the draw came to his favor. Just to show off his skills before the actual competition.

After a few seconds of anticipation, the signal sounded, and the match began.

Endo simply waited as Bakuto sent several blasts of air towards him, then ignited each of them as they were about to hit him. He laughed to himself again. What is fire without air, after all? he thought. Soon Bakuto gave up trying to blast Endo and instead charged towards him. But Endo knew instinctively, and once the young aerokinetic got into hand-to-hand range, Endo lit his hands ablaze and branded Bakuto's chest with them, enough to cause a little pain, but not too much so that the poor lad would get burned too badly.

After several minutes of this, trying and failing to land an attack on Endo, Bakuto finally capitulated.

Endo simply smiled, a bit coyly. He knew this would happen.

Not wanting to seem like a bad sport about it, he exited alongside Bakuto as preparations for the second round started in the center of the arena. "Hey, you did great," Endo comforted the young lad. "You may not look it, but you've probably got the strongest will of anyone out there. And who knows? Maybe one day you'll defeat me just as easily." He offered to grab some burn cream from his backpack to help soothe Bakuto's pain, as he once again waited for his name to be called for the second round.
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Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten

"First round and I already get pitted against you? I guess you do belong in the bottom tier."

"Oh my, Grandma Stella. What a good day to be beaten up. Isn't it?"

Right when the two participants entered the arena the mood immediately changed as they focused more on insulting each other rather than hyping up the crowd. Stella Bellatrix and Vania Garotte. Two noble girls who didn't have good history with each other. It seemed their rivalry stemmed way back before they even entered the academy, though rumour said it had something to do with one of Stella's brother who graduated two years ago.

"Can we start?" The referee was getting impatient with the two's bickering.

"Yes!" The bell was sounded and both participants quickly prepared their spells. While both of them were known for their offensive fighting style, the favor was tipped towards Vania for this one because of one simple things: she wields water magic. Vania pulled out a small vial seemingly filled with clear water but when she poured the content of the vial the water wouldn't stop flowing until a large blob of water the size of a horse was formed in front of her. Meanwhile Stella raised her right hand upward and dozens of small birds made of fire came out of it. Each of it let out a loud high-pitched shrieks as if celebrating their freedom while flying in a circle above their conjurer. The fact that she was having a disadvantage didn't seemed to faze her, at least on the outside. In her head she was actually cursing the situation, she planned to capitalize the arena's limited space and just turn the entire ground into a sea of fire but she wouldn't be able to do it now.

"Let's wash those poor suicidal birds away, eh." Vania's eyes followed the fire birds' movement for a bit before she pulled out her prefered weapon, a whip.

"I doubt your fat eel can reach them." Stella snarked back while keeping her sight on her opponent. The matchup forced her to play more defensively than she would like.

"It's a dragon!" Extending her hands forward. The water blob in front of her wobbled for a brief moment before a long water tendril bursted out from it, the tip of the tendril slowly changed its shape into something more akin to a sausage with eyes and teeth carved on the tip. Most people would agree with Stella with this one, it did looks more like a goofy fat eel rather than a dragon.

The serpentine water tendril charged forward towards the fire bird but it was too slow to catch any of it so Vania slammed her hand down and the tendril changed its target from the nimble birds to Stella herself. Having been waiting for it, Stella let out a burst of fire forward, dodging the attack by propelling herself to the opposite direction. Though she was caught of guard when the water serpent opened its mouth and let out another smaller serpent tendril that hit Stella on the chest, the girl was thrown even further.

"Poor bird is all chirp and no peck. Ohohoho." Vania approached her opponent while making some loud noises by whipping the air. She seemed like enjoying her time seeing Stella's suffering.

"Your dragon is toothless. That boop means nothing." Despite her battered body, a wide mocking smirk appeared on Stella's face as she stood up and unsheathed her saber. She charged ahead while screaming but was quickly tackled by Vania's water blob and the dragon tendril was now pulling Stella's body into it. Having her body completely submerged in the water prison, Stella could only see the weirdly reflected figure of her opponent walking closer. Vania's mouth seemed to be babbling about something, but Stella couldn't hear it. Damn, she didn't expect herself to be defeated on the first round by Vania of all people...


She didn't want to lose here!

She still had her fire birds and Vania was busy mocking her. One more chance, one final gamble. With a weak flick from her finger, Stella commanded all her birds to dived into her opponent. Vania was so sure victory was in her hands she didn't notice the flaming birds until they hit her hard in the back and exploded. Knocking the air out of her lungs and shoved her forward, Stella didn't skip a beat and forced her hands to grabs Vania's collar and pulled her into her own water prison in a choking position, all while exerting mana to produce as much heat as possible.

The audiences grew concerned as the water blob where the two were in started having bubble on the surface. The water was boiling. Vania struggled to break free from the chokehold but Stella won't budge. In the end, Vania dispelled her spell and the boiling blob collapsed onto the ground. The two girl coughed out water from their lungs.

"Y-you crazy bitch. We can both die there!" Vania was having a hard time to speak and still continue coughing. A shadow loomed over her and she watched in shock as Stella stood next to her, holding the sheath of her sword over her head.

"... I know." Stella knocked out her opponent with a good scabbard slap on the head.
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This was Liru's chance to take the Goibniu family name to new heights and prove that they weren't just smiths, so how did things end up this way? He wasn't sure, but he was stuck behind a shield, getting wailed on by a stone man, but he wasn't going to lose

Liru had had a good day; he had been enjoying himself while watching the tournament and was looking forward to his moment to shine. Liru had been intently observing all of the fights and jotting down any information he thought was essential; if Liru was going to win today, it would be via technique and analytic ability rather than brute force. Liru wasn't a powerhouse in this tournament, and he wasn't even a name to watch in the school until last year; last year elevated him, but that just worked against him now that he was one of the names to watch in the tournament, and the graduates knew it.

The sound of applause caught Liru's attention; he had been caught in a day dream and had missed the previous few minutes of the fight; he knew his first opponent and it was someone he had recently fought. Daisuke was formerly a well-known figure in the school, ranking in the top ten, but his reputation was tarnished after an embarrassing defeat to Liru. Daisuke's mana type was Stone, and he was a fighter who was infamous for donning a thick suit of stone armour and pounding on everyone he faced. Fighters like that were the worst for Liru even though his weapons could wear down and pierce stone, it took a long time. Fortunately, he had a plan. The sound of cheering again, another fight another victory for one side another loss for another, it was now Liru's turn.

Daisuke was greeted with boos as he took the stage; he was well-known for being a bully at school, and it's evident that some of the resentment toward him was still present among the graduates. Liru's entrance was met with mixed emotions, with some cheering and others booing. Liru didn't have the best reputation in school, and some people thought his victory over Daisuke was a fluke because he never did it again, and he also never fought against anyone else strong. It was his moment to show them how wrong they were.

"I've been waiting for this opportunity; now, I'll be able to repay you for the humiliation you caused me the last time." The stadium resonated fiercely with Daisuke's voice, and Liru yawned in return. To some, this may appear to be him not feeling threatened by his opponent, or disrespecting him, but anyone who knew Liru knew that wasn't his style. This was a ploy to enrage Daisuke, because the less someone thinks, the more mistakes they make. "Oh look it's the dog barking again, you ever get bored of hearing your own voice?"

Daisuke's rage erupted, and a brawl ensued. Daisuke began by charging at Liru while utilising his magic to equip his usual armour, which almost looked like it turned him into a stone golem. Liru, on the other hand, remained still, his feet firmly planted and both hands in front of him, looking ready to grapple. When Daisuke got close enough, he raised his first back for a strike. This was the beginning of Liru's strategy. Liru's magic activated and a shield was constructed in each of his hands as Daisuke's fist rose back and began flying towards him. Now came the part he didn't want to do, the waiting. Liru's strategy required him to wait; it was stone vs steel. Every strike from Daisuke's fist sent shock waves up Liru's arms as hit after hit rained down, left shield, right shield, left shield, right shield again and again, yet the seemingly powerless Liru remained firm.

"What's the matter? Not so high and mighty now are you?" It was time for a counter-attack, as Daisuke spoke only earning a smile from Liru. Daisuke may not have noticed, but the stone around his knuckles had nearly disappeared, but that wasn't even Liru's intention. Another right shield hit, then a left, but this time as the left fist impacted Liru, he let go of the shield, enabling the power of the punch to boost Liru's speed as he whirled towards Daisuke's right side. A War hammer materialised in his now-empty palm and crashed into Daisuke's left kneecap, with added force due to Daisuke's own strike. The stone armour was cracked, and the kneecap was injured by the War hammer. His plan's initial stage had been completed, the momentum was firmly in Liru's corner.

The crowd was ecstatic; they had all anticipated this fight to be one-sided, but it appeared to be a balanced and decent fight thus far, but appearances can be misleading. Daisuke's mobility had been reduced, and he could no longer rely on that kneecap to support the weight of his armour. But Liru wasn't done yet; seconds after the War hammer struck the knee, his shield smashed into the suddenly undefended knee. As a smile crossed Liru's face as Daisuke let out a cry of pain. From that moment forward, the combat was one-sided, with Liru in firm command. By concentrating all of his efforts on sticking to his opponent's left side, he was able to put more and more weight on Daisuke's left knee. Liru kept evading and pushed Daisuke to utilise his weaker kneecap more and more until it buckled and Daisuke collapsed to one knee in pain. Liru drew his own sword out of its sheath and pressed it on Daisuke's neck.

"Surrender otherwise you won't be able to walk properly again; your knee already is damaged; there's no sense wasting your talents over an old grudge." Liru spoke out, he didn't trust Daisuke not to do anything, so he was still on guard, but Daisuke dropped his armour and opened his lips. "I surren," Daisuke said as the words left his mouth. Liru let down his guard and began sheathing his blade, it was then that he noticed it. Daisuke's left arm was lifted, but Liru didn't realise until it was too late; Daisuke had exploited Liru's blind spot. Daisuke's arm instantly turned to stone, and Liru's body instinctively shouted counter-attack, his magic would take too long, and it was situations like these that he wished he was stronger with individual magic. Instead, Liru pulled his sword and sliced at Daisuke's closest portion, which was his already damaged knee, in one fast move. The punch connected before the sword, sending Liru flying a good five feet away, but Daisuke was not unharmed; the blade, while not fully hitting its target, managed to catch Daisuke, and the already injured knee was rendered completely useless, as Daisuke attempted to stand but merely fell to the ground.

Liru had taken a lot of damage. It wasn't life threatening or enough to knock the young man out of the battle, but it was enough to make him spit blood. Liru needed to put an end to this battle as soon as possible, but luckily Daisuke was immobilised. Liru summoned a chain and hurled it towards Daisuke wrapping around his left arm. In his free hand, he used his magic to create and held a large hammer and nail, which he used to drive a nail into the chain and then into the ground. He repeated the process for Daisuke's right arm. Daisuke struggled around, but without being able to move greatly, dodging the chains was too difficult, and breaking them, even if the guy could become stone, was challenging.

The contest was called with just one leg free and working, and it was evident who would win. Even if Liru didn't feel like it, he was the winner. With a simple sigh and a tiny mumble beneath his voice, he exited the stage abruptly, not celebrating or even looking at his opponent. "And I'm called the dirty fighter." Liru was not looking forward to his second fight; unless someone got to the second round by chance, he was going to lose, and his injuries from the first round were going to ensure that. Not that he wasn't going to try; Liru wanted to win, but after being injured, he wasn't going to be able to do so. After all, this was only a stepping stone for him and not something he needed to win, so simply turning up and putting up a decent fight would hopefully impress some of the captains out there.
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Neon Chilli

Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
Vega would find himself waking up under the warm glow of a talented healer. Her name was Helen Barrot and she is the academy's finest doctor. The sole reason graduates can attack each other without to much worry.
Even broken bones knit back together under miss Barrot's care...
"Your awake? They weren't exaggerating with you... Picked up and slammed down, like cleaning a dirty rug"
Helen smiled trying to get Vega to respond. After the standard questions one is asked after waking up from injury. (Can you see? How many fingers? Any colours etc)
Helen informed the young man of something either incredible or worrying, depending on Vega really.

"The captain of the Phantom blades, Waboe Shrouda came to see you... He asked me to tell you that a conversation between you two should happen sooner than later. So if your fit to run about go find him."
don don

The second fight for Yahno was starting, though Rabart Shang was a man, not the sort to be intimidated by a boy "Shang it's up to you, would you rather get stabbed by this long pointy dagger? Or one of these fine hunting tools?"
Yahno showed the dagger in his left hand and two metal boomerangs in his right.
"I will break you" Being the stoic answer given by Shang.
"I will stab you" Yahno mimicked in a derogatory manner but in a effort to motivate himself or demoralize Shang he kept talking until the officiate told them to move along.
"Big ugly creature playing with dirt and rocks, I've faced minotaurs bigger than you! I could take your head I ain't scared!"
Shang was not scared, but for a 6ft4 hulk of a man being called a ugly creature hurt his feelings. A grimaced face turned foul as they walked back in wait for the signal.

As the horn was blown both men began to run at each other, each step Shang takes resulted in more sand and stone forming around his body to create armour. Thankfully done quick as he needed to block two boomerangs which stuck into his raised rocky arm. Though by this point Yahno was electrically charged and moving akin to a flash of lightning in the sky.
It was easy to miss so one cannot be faulted for not seeing it, but the whole arena heard it.
It was like a thundercrack landed smack in the middle of the arena the noise coming from Yahno's feet meeting a stoney exterior resulting in both combatants falling over to look up at the sky. Shang roared from underneath his rocky helmet clapping his hands and the ground beneath Yahno shook before forming into a pair of hands that slapped together.

Shang stood as fast as a man encased in rocks could move, as he searched through the sand and dust in the air unable to see the flying thunder fool, Yahno was running around throwing boomerangs that did nothing but stick into the makeshift armor or clang off it in a useless manner. After dodging many rocky fists and the grounds attempt to clap him down or trip him up Yahno realised he couldnt keep running circles around the guy, he needed a way to break through the stone armour.
Collecting his three metal boomerangs first Yahno then gripped his largest boomerang with two hands to throw, though it was made of wood it was still heavy and dense. After getting closer Yahno threw all four boomerangs in succession, though instead of running in a circle again Yahno ran directly at Shang.
The wood struck Shang in the side chipping away a fair few chunks of stone, the other boomerangs each struck the same spot removing more protection from Shang's side.

In two flashes Yahno had rushed in and stabbed Shang, the only evidence of this being the handle of a dagger sticking out of Shang's side and Yahno standing infront of him. Rabart Shang moved to retaliate but found himself convulsing on the ground as he attempted to move.
The officate rushed on in to inspect the situation, "Yahno Ohm wins via sealing Rabart Shang."
Yahno picked up his weapons from the rubble around Shang stating "stop trying to move, I'll take the knife out"
Once the dagger was removed the electric seal was gone aswell.
Shang stood holding his wound but still offered his hand to shake "when did you cast a seal? I didnt hear you speak any phrases or even name a technique"
"dont tell anyone, but i had a little seal on the end of my knife... a little bit of mana is enough if it's inside"
"pre casted sealing? i figured you a cocky fool, but this proves to me your a cocky fool with enough stupid speed to back it up"
Yahno laughed in agreement and proceeded onwards to brag at others. Rabart Shang went to see a doctor about the stab in his side.
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Vega slowly stands up, thanking Helen as he walks away from her station. He can hear what sounds like thunder coming from the arena. He questions if it’s raining, but assumes it’s probably just another fight. His heart sinks at the realization that he lost. He won’t be going to round two. He won’t be receiving any more recognition.
“It’s over….”
Vega remembers what Helen said about Waboe, and his heart sinks even further. This wouldn’t be the first time Waboe rubbed salt in the wounds of graduates who were defeated easily. Vega trudges along, making his way to the viewing sections normally reserved for the captains. He walks behind them and their escorts, listening to the captains make remarks on the current fights and the ones before. He continues walking, and begins wishing Helen told him where Waboe would be at!! The current fight is almost over, and Vega hasn’t even seen a sign of where Waboe might be. He passes by the area reserved for graduates participating, and his eyes fall to the ground as he begrudgingly walks by. The very mage who embarrassed him stands tall after securing a second round victory. He spots Vega, his smile condescending, his eyes full of satisfaction at the sight of a noble looking so defeated. A few more minutes of searching pass by, and Vega gives up.
“Why should I find him? Just to embarrass myself again?”
Vega walks towards one of the exits. The exit he chooses has a perfect view of the fighters, despite being ducked off. He steps around the corner, and slams into a massive man. He falls down, and shakes his head as he looks up, his eyes widening in shock. Waboe Shrouda stands in front of him, cigarette smoke wafting above him.
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Zero Yakimura.

Watching the tournament he was fairly surprised by the valor a few of his classmates had showed, the short two years in the academy Zero only did the mandatory group trainings, so a lot of the moves he was seeing was for the very first time. Looking around during intermissions he seen other grads racking their brains to see who they would face in the tournament, Zero honestly could care less who he faced, he only cared about his Draftstock. Looking at Liru’s match ge was a bit relieved he didn’t have to fight one of the few who knew anything about his style of fighting, or Yakura would likely be fun but would definitely be a tough match to win without killing her, she makes it rain toxins, a hell of an Offensive powerhouse.

Growing annoyed inside he didn’t break face watching Liru drop his guard and pay the price of an unorthodox right getting his bell rung, “ he always says he likes to make it Dirty.” He said as Liru got back to his feet and chained him down cementing his victory. Watching Liru approach their seats he couldn’t hold back” could’ve led with the Chains huh? I hope you're ready for your next match is all I’m saying”he said a bit broody as they often bicker like brothers “Although you took a beat down it was still a great show of skill, now I just wish they’d hurry up and get the next one going!” He said growing annoyed and impatient

Hearing the announcer over the loudspeaker call out his name followed by tozami renju, an Ice style user with a more offensive type Mana. By Zero’s match the Arena was rocking with screams and roars of the crowd and the drowned out noise of the announcer looking over he seen the silver haired boy Tomazi a high ranking graduate a shoe in for the blue dragons, the fairly lanky frame of his opponent appeared to be turning blue.” How great, this ought to be interesting.” Zero said readying his two spears.

Hey Yakimura kid I won’t be able to take this easy on you, I have a reputation around these parts and I must keep face, hope you understand!” He said sarcastically, his arms now turning to ice.

The Horn Blaring loudly Zero was met with four bowling ball sized ice balls. Dodging three as they whisked past he smashed the last one with his spear. “If you're going to hit me it’s going to take a lot more than that!” He said blasting air out of his feet, launching himself at Tomazi like a torpedo.

” You’re fast, well eat this!” he said, extending his hand forming a wall of ice.

Seeing the sudden thin wall of ice appear ahead of him Zero kick up his propulsion a notch and crashed directly through it ramming into Tomazi launching him back “ this is going to be fun” Zero said, dropping his golden short spear in the dirt. He channeled his Mana and kicked up his sensory cloud filling the air all around him with his mana allowing him to sense whenever a foreign object enters the airspace with a range up to 3 feet away from him

Blocking the strike Tomazi was sent back about 10 feet but never left his feet. You pack quite a punch don’t you, let’s see how you like it up close and personal! he said forming ice around his hands in the shape of blades rushing towards Zero.

Sensing the attack while seeing it he spun to the side dodging while launching one of his own cracking Tomazi in his back as he went past him forcing him to the ground immobilized “ It’s over.” He said walking away picking up his spear and heading towards the exit hearing tomazi growl before admitting defeat.

“You should work on your strategizing, you’ve gotten here simply by acting and reacting which is fairly impressive on its own, but if you’d had any type of plan you would’ve lasted a little while longer. “ he said leaving Tomazi with a few words.

coded by natasha.
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Waboe glanced down to find his first potential recruit "Vega Bodashi, hate to say you didn't do spectacular out there, just from my guess you lacked confidence... hesitation held you back. Even so I see room for improvement and becoming a magic knight will help you in that matter. Unless you refuse i offer you a spot in the phantom blades..."
Waboe helped vega to his feet saying
"You have until the tournament is over to decide"
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With that Waboe went back to observing the fights...


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Vega stands a few feet behind Waboe now. It’s been 5 minutes since he made the offer, and Vega still hasn’t given him a answer.
*He probably thinks I’m deaf at this point..*
Vega’s eyes wander to the fights in front of them, and the feeling of envy rises through him. He can’t help but to feel jealous of people like Endo and Yahno; people whose confidence never fails them. Envy is replaced with shame, and his head drops.
*Am I even fit to be a magic knight?*
Vega feels his body turn, as he now faces the exit to the arena. He takes a step forward, then another and another. He eventually stands just a few feet away from leaving magic behind. A few feet away from leaving, and becoming everything he’s worked so hard not to become. Vega slowly turns his head, looking back at Waboe. Even from here, he can see straight into the arena. His eyes fall on a hulking figure, the same peasant who embarrassed him. That same graduate lays sprawled on the ground, submitting to a powerful graduate wielding fire. The fire mage yells in triumph, and just his words alone ignite a spark within Vega.
“I don’t care how strong you are! The moment you declared that ice kid inferior, I decided I’d humble you myself!”
Vivid memories flood Vega’s mind, and his heart begins beating faster. He remembers when he first started learning how to use his ice magic; the feeling he had when protecting others, the feeling of wanting to protect as many as he could. His legs move on their own, as he sprints back down the corridor, standing at Waboe’s side.
“Captain Waboe! I’m ready to be a member of The Phantom Blades!”
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Endo, once again pacing through the lower levels of the arena, was brought out of his stupor by the announcement of his name. He shuffled through the crowds of students and staff taking care of the tournament, and emerged towards the main gate of the arena. One or two figures caught his eye as he entered out once again to exultant cheers, a hulking peasant man looking humiliated, as well as a young lad, evidently an ice mage, talking to an older man smoking a cigarette. However, as he stepped out into the arena, he was nothing short of surprised by the other student who met his gaze.


It didn't make sense. He thought he was among the best of the students, and as such he wouldn't have to face another of the best! But he was wrong, evidently. He let the thought slip from his head as he shook Haruka's hand and bowed.

He'd watched her previous round like a hawk. Despite his good showing last round, he was evidently and obviously the underdog of this fight, from what he'd seen. So unlike his previous round, Endo used his preparation time to simply calm down and prepare for a good fight.

And then the signal sounded.

Haruka Xight opened up with her signature poison rain, to which Endo responded with trying to protect himself with a shield of fire. But this was in vain, as most of the toxin slipped through his shield anyways. What? he thought to himself. Then he cursed himself. He should have known that this wasn't typical water, as he felt a jolting pain across his body as the burning toxin corroded portions of his skin and clothes. Endo had no other option than to back up, at least momentarily, and hope that Haruka would eventually stop the bombardment.

Every bombardment of the toxic rain, Endo tried something new in his arsenal to try to counter it, but each one had varying degrees of failure. Now mostly covered in corrosive poison, Endo could only try to wash it off of himself, or maybe use up a good chunk of his mana to light himself on fire to remove it. But it was too early to use that much mana, who knows what Haruka might throw at him next? So he eventually decided on hunkering down and just waiting it out.

Finally, after a few minutes of hell, Haruka approached closer to Endo. He shook off a little of the excess toxin as he prepared for her to get into melee range, but it never happened. Instead, she brought out her shurikens and threw them towards him. He managed to dodge the first one, but in the process, the second one hit him directly on his forehead, scraping all the way down the side of his face as it fell to the ground. He ignored the blood dripping into his eye as he rushed toward her in hopes to start melee combat.

Endo tried the same technique he'd used on Bakuto as soon as they were fully engaged, as he lit his hands aflame and attempted to brand Haruka with them, but he was quickly blocked by a swift motion of Haruka's sword, which managed to snag Endo's left arm. "Well, you've asked for this," he sneered. "Let's go weapon-to-weapon." He drew his own sword and parried her next swing, before lighting it ablaze, as Haruka added some of her own toxin to her sword as well.

A clash of steel and elements resulted, followed by another, then another. Each block resulted in a small explosion of boiling toxin, as Endo couldn't help but shield his face from being burned from it. Endo knew he was on the disadvantage, and that his time in the arena might be coming to a close soon. So with nothing left to lose, he concentrated a large amount of his mana into a fire blast, with no malicious intent, only to weaken Haruka's defenses. This triumph only lasted for a short few seconds, before Haruka was back swinging at him again. A carefully placed parry of Endo's swing meant Haruka directed some of her toxin straight into Endo's eyes, blinding him just long enough for her to place a direct stab straight and deep into his stomach.

Endo reeled back from the strike, coughing and clenching his stomach, and as he brought his hands away, they were stained dark red with his blood. He felt his legs give way as whatever mana he had active suddenly dissipated, and he collapsed onto the hard ground of the arena. "Damn it!" he shouted as he realized that his game would be over soon in one way or another.

"So, how does it feel?" Haruka came over towards him, a wicked smile on her face. "You like being the lesser? I told you you had no chance." She thrust her sword again, directly into his shoulder.

It's over, Endo yelled at himself inside his head, as he attempted to stand back up, but was too weak from his wounds and the sedative that Haruka had administered to him in the form of her toxin. I'm going to lose -- or worse, die. He coughed again, but this time it was more wet, and the cough brought up a little bit of blood.

But another voice in his head stopped him from giving up, from surrendering then and there. Remember, it simply told him. Remember us. Remember you. You are one of us. It was the voices of his ancestors, the great Fushiro fire mana wielders. He bore their mark, and he knew that they would never give up, not even in the face of death.

I remember, he repeated back in his mind. I am one of you. I won't let you down. He coughed again as, with what little energy he had left, he arose once again to his feet to resume the battle.

"Lesser? Maybe in your eyes. All we really are is different," he smiled sheepishly, as he picked up his sword and lit it aflame again. "And maybe I do have a chance."

Haruka shook her head and laughed. "Surrender, now. While you have a chance," she responded.

Endo stared into Haruka's eyes. "No."

He closed his own eyes and let his ancestors guide him. He felt a sudden surge of mana once again within him, as he distinctly saw in his mind's eye the image of a creature, the likeness being of a human, but more a living flame than human itself. So, channeling every last drop of mana he had left within him, Endo abandoned his fleshy form to transforming into a body of pure sentient fire, like he had seen in his mind. As he did so, his pain subsided and he stood fully once again before Haruka. "It's on. You against me. Got anything else up your sleeve?" he taunted her as he charged towards her, sword still in hand.


She hardly looked fazed from his transformation. "You bet," she said.

The swords clashed again as the burning toxin flared out from them as it had before. Haruka once again struck a few times at Endo, but due to his new fiery body each one simply passed through him as if it was a phantom sword. Not even the toxin could do much to him, only make his flames brighter. He swept around her, leaving behind a trail of flames until it surrounded her. His sword slashed at her several times, leaving large wounds, but his immense flames immediately cauterized each of the wounds. Then he turned to using his raw power, tossing aside his sword and striking Haruka repeatedly with his fists, burning her quite severely with each punch.

At this point, Endo didn't care about the rule of not killing, since it seemed like Haruka had ignored it as well. But he finally stopped as Haruka collapsed in turn, from the power of the punches, the burning and the open, cauterized wounds.

Endo sighed as he backed away from Haruka, waiting and counting down in his head the time before he would be declared the winner. That was the longest ten seconds of his life, he half-expected Haruka would get back up on her feet and continue the fight like he had done. But it never came.

Finally the announcement came overhead: "Endo Fushiro wins by downing Haruka Xight." As the crowd erupted into cheers, Endo could only breathe a sigh of relief, as now that he was drained of his mana, he reverted back to his human form.

The pain all came back at once, as his human side hadn't changed at all since his transformation. He found himself once again bleeding and weak, and he tried to carry himself back through the main gate, looking back to make sure Haruka would get up, and was relieved to find she did. He watched as she moved to the other gate and passed through, while he could barely drag himself, coughing up blood along the way. He barely kept up on his feet until he passed through the gate, and then as soon as he had entered back into the waiting area, he collapsed into the arms of the man whom he had seen smoking earlier. "You look pretty beat up," the man commented as he took Endo to the healer's office, and Endo blacked out.
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Waboe smirked at the sudden enthusiasm shown from Vega "training will start once we have all the recruits, til then watch the fights or practice making a box of ice"
After watching Endo's fight the captain was very much surprised. He had no experience of any graduate only knowing their names and mana and a few odd facts and rumours from word of mouth...
With Endo coming back a mess Waboe was quick to flick his smoke away and catch the young man.
"you look beat, come on let's go see miss Barrot"
Waboe carried Endo to Helens office while thinking about the match that just happened...

Kinda assumed that Xight girl would win with long range but Endo here is able to alter his being with a almost perfect technique. Much like that Yahno boy with his thunderous speed they for a trade in mana they alter their bodies to help in combat... their families most likely came from outside Morwhup with such strange individual magic... Waudi mages to the south are similar...
It wasn't long before he placed Endo on a bed for Helen and a small team to begin.

"Tell this one Waboe Shrouda wants to speak with him, same as before"
And Waboe went back to view the fights... though he came across Yahno speaking to a few other winners about monsters they have fought or slain.
"...no you aint killed a dragon i've seen the difference, a dragon is different to a drake, similar but much smaller not the same thing. People hunt dragons in groups or pairs for a reason but by myself I've killed plenty of drakes, I'm telling you... drakes are nothing, scariest thing I've fought and killed was a electric minotaur that ran into Fieful city... lost a sword and more in that fight"
Waboe looked over the graduates and mentioned quietly "minotaurs are scary to you huh? Good to know..."
He then spoke loudly to all the graduates
"I'm gonna be blunt with you guys, my name is Waboe Shrouda and I'm the captain of the phantom blades. I think some of you are good and under my instruction could be better... I'm watching your fights so win or lose try hard either way. More comes after this tournament and winning it, well not to diminish it winning doesn't mean much beyond beating four or five people and the king giving you a medal"
With a nod Waboe turned and lit a smoke walking out the entrance to be on the inside of the arena were he was watching previously.

Yahno coughed before stating "heard he's a considered one of the best when it comes to the magic captains..."
Noki who had lost to Haruka in the first fight countered that with negativity "yea but you and haruka are the only kids who need to worry about the captain's."
"Not true, that guy there got recruited I think... hes standing by ol Waboe right now hes gotta be around our age... Hey vega right?!"
Yahno called out to the ice mage with a wave once he looked back
"Come speak to the boys"
Yahno then turned to one of the older graduates blatantly asking.
"ay Zero you gonna be a phantom spear? Heh, after hearing about some of these factions and the pay some of the respected knights get I wouldn't mind becoming a proper magic knight. A phantom blade, a blue dragon..."
Yahno brought up the topic of knight factions and listed the top five but in order they would be
1) blue dragons,
2) Gold eagles,
3) purple mist,
4) phantom blades,
5) red bearcats

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I think all your characters were involved in some small way if your in the same area waiting/watching fights.
Feel free to have your character say something to Waboe before they enter that fight.


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Vega stands next to Waboe, feeling proud of himself for the first time in ages. It’s been years since he felt such a surge of confidence. Waboe walked off to help tend to Endo, leaving Vega by himself. He returned after a quick discussion with the remaining graduates, before Yahno suddenly called out to Vega.
He’s talking….to me? Yahno is speaking to me?
Despite being almost the same age as guys like Yahno and Endo, Vega couldn’t help but look up to them. They’re everything he’s ever aspired to be. They’re confident, charming, popular, not to mention very talented. Vega on the other hand was always in the background, acting as support that the REAL mages like those guys would need.
Stop it, Vega! Stop thinking like that!
Vega smiles, as he waves to Yahno, and walks forward to speak with him.
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Liru's battle didn't seem like a win, or at least not in the way that his body made it feel. Liru's durability and defensive capability would be his weaknesses in combat, and this encounter demonstrated it. A pit of anger welled up in his gut; he shouldn't have let his guard down like that, but he still came out on top, although a little beaten. He was certain he would never hear the end of this from Zero. Liru could hear Zero's voice and the words he expected to hear, as if the younger man could read his mind."Wouldn't have worked, without killing his mobility I would have ended up either being dragged around or missing completely."Liru's initial idea was to attempt to seal the victory with the chains, but there were too many things Daisuke could have done to stop Liru. Without a leg to stand on, though, it was a different game. "Awhhh whats the matter concerned about little old me." While Liru's reaction was sarcastic, the reality was that he was worried about his next battle. His next battle was against another opponent he had fought before, several times in fact, and the two knew each other's fighting style well enough to help each other learn to fight the way they do...if Zero won, that is, and knowing both the opponents, the odds of that happening were high. Liru was taken aback by Liru's compliment at the end, but it was a welcome change. "I appreciate it, it was a good lesson to learn, however next time i'll just take their heads off." Another sarcastic remark from Liru, but this one had a grain of truth to it; if this were a genuine battle, Liru would not have offered his opponent the option to surrender; instead, he would have knocked him out; he only wanted to show the captains watching that he could be merciful and gain some extra points with them.

The next battle was called, and it was a magnificent display of Zero's prowess, with Zero knocking down his opponent in a swift and effective manner. It made Liru a little envious since he understood what Zero's mana was, what it did, and how he used it; if Liru had that power, his right eye would no longer be a problem. Not that Liru thought his power was weak, far from it; with the flexibility it provided, it was a useful mana type to have. It just took a lot of practise, which Liru had already put in, and the right opponent to show it off properly, but that was Liru's problem right now; all he had to do was defeat Zero."That was most impressive, great display of skill and satisfying to watch can't fault you over that win."Liru said, his comments were true, and that with Zero's skill set, he couldn't have found a better way to win. "Guess it's me and you for round two." As he talked, Liru's voice became softer. It was just how it had been in the past. It would be a war of tactics, a mental struggle; the two understood how each other battled and had sparred numerous times over the previous decade, but never in front of such a large crowd.

Endo's battle came after Liru's, and if Zero's was a display of ability, Endo's was a display of strength. Endo was one of the four people Liru wished to avoid in the tournament, and after witnessing his transformation, he was firmly established as one of the four. It was a spectacular fight, and Liru couldn't take his gaze away from it. Each strike the couple exchanged was returned tenfold by the other, the display of talent and magic was stunning to witness, causing Liru to struggle to come up with a strategy to counter the two, and while he did come up with some ideas, they all fell short. "That was a hell of a fight." Liru stated clapping entire time.

After Endo's bout, Liru stood up and felt a searing ache down his right side, precisely where he was hit during his first fight. After watching the following two fights and putting no pressure on it, he had forgotten about it, but it was evident that the wound was still there and would give him problems. As this agony surged through Liru's body, he softly placed a palm on his face, it was almost like a light bulb went off above his head. He could always seek medical help. Liru was trapped in the idea that he had to fight through his injuries, but he didn't, and by watching the next two fights, he had squandered time being healed. Before leaving, Liru heard a older mans voice begun boom out towards the graduates.

That man turned out to be Waboe Shrouda, the captain of the phantom blades and one of Morwhup's most well-known fighters. Liru held off on leaving until he had finished speaking, but most of what he said was what Liru had already intended to do. He understood it wasn't about winning or losing, but more about impressing one of the captains, and that's exactly what Liru planned to accomplish. If Waboe was still there when Liru returned, he planned to speak with him, but first and foremost, he needed to be treated. "I'm gonna" Hearing Yahno yell to Zero Liru simply decided to shrug and leave his seat; he was about to inform Zero that he was going to be treated, but it appeared that some of the younger graduates wanted to speak with him, so Liru departed silently, shame he wanted to congratulate Yahno on his victories as well but not wanting to waste any more time he decided to do it later. It was off to find a healer he went, unless he got stopped then he wasn't going to make it very far.

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She wanted the king to give her medal, however useless the thing actually was. That or for Blue Dragon to recruit her, it would be ideal for her.

Stella entered the arena for her next match and looked at her oppomemt in the eye. This time it would be Yumi Asakusa. The girl was only as tall as Stella's shoulder and she's also known to be one of the least flashy mage, her fighting style looks like any regular martial art. However, everyone had witnessed how she downed her previous opponent in one hit with that vibration magic so distance would be precious against her. Also, she's mute.

"..." Yumi bowed repeatedly at her, as if apologizing before the beating even started.

"You..." Stella pointed her finger at her opponent, at this phase she usually would comes with a few lines of insult but she didn't know what should she throw at this one. Insulting someone who couldn't insult her back feels unfair, and mocking Yumi for being mute would be below tasteless. "I won't lose to you."

The referee signaled the start of the fight and Stella wasted no time to conjures her flock of fire birds. Yumi immediately charged at her, her metal staff extended forward but Stella blasted her away with an explosion from her palm.

"Fire rain." Stella's fire birds dived straight towards the ground below them. Shrieking loudly as they exploded and lit the battlefield ablaze. Yumi was obviously having a hard time navigating the arena without getting singed meanwhile Stella walked casually just to keep her distance. Occasionally she would raise her hand to conjures another batch of fire birds, which would then relentlessly launch themself at her opponent. Yumi was only able to partially block the onslaught by spinning her metal staff over her head, but the explosion still wounded her body and her hands looks quite charred.

"I can do this all day, you know." Stella sent another batch of exploding birds. She had Yumi in a locked position so Stella should be able to win this by simply wait her out. However, Yumi suddenly stopped defending. Letting herself got hit straight by the explosion all while throwing a single iron ball straight towards Stella. No one expected a ranged attack from Yumi so Stella thought of nothing as she raised her hand to block the projectile with the metal bracer hidden beneath her jacket. The moment the ball hit her hand, she felts massive tremor coursing through her hand. It's like she just did a handshake with a giant, and almost got her hand ripped off.

Stella yelled in pain and her right hand had gone numb from the shock. Yumi was already in bad condition but it seemed to barely affect her speed as she rushed towards Stella and launched a quick strike at her abdoment. Stella felts like some of her organs just turned to mush from that attack and blood started flowing out of her mouth, but she forced herself to quickly got back on her feet and unsheathed her saber, the blade glows molten red after she applied a spell on it.

"Now, let's just hope the doctor can regrow a cauterized limb." The fire mage slashed downward at her opponent, which immediately blocked it with the staff. Yumi was shocked when she felts her staff got heated very quick and then got split in two.

"Clean cut, heh. You are next." Stella launched another slash. This time Yumi didn't intend to block. Stella had been swinging her sword with her left hand so her swings were clumsy, the short girl used one part of her staff to parry away the slash attack while she leapt and hit her opponent's head with the other one.

The result was rather... ugly. The vibration from her magic leave Stella's veins bursted out and part of her skull crushed. She was downed and immediately carried to the clinic. Meanwhile Yumi looked terrified of her magic, she didn't even react when the referee declared her the winner.


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Zero Yakimura.

E8E9ED44-AE49-485B-B583-1EAC89EBBF35.gif“ Now don’t get ahead of yourself.” he said scoffing at Liru’s comment “ And don’t expect me to take it easy, no holding back!” He said a smirk on his face before turning back to the fight.

Zero stood arms folded watching the grotesque altered form of Endo pummel the face of Haruka to near death, awkwardly getting him riled up.Endo sure did surprise him, if he were to ever be able to control that form completely, he would be nearly unstoppable. “Hey Liru I hope you’re ready for our bout, these fights have made me a bit upset that I wasn’t capable of showing my true power. “ he said being interrupted by the loud voice of Waboe explaining the purpose of the tournament and his position among the knights.

Hearing his name called followed by a questionZero turned to see yahno and a few other students, “ well the only captains thatve expressed interest in me is the Eagles, Purplemist and the Bearcats, I haven’t made my mind up yet of the captains ive talked to a couple only seem to be interested in the Yakimura clan secrets so I’m still undecided plus I still have some showcasing to do. What about you yahno, I’m sure you have some decisions to make yourself? he said turning to where Liru previously was but obviously currently wasn’t, then walked towards the group of the other graduates. Hearing the names called it was the staff girl Yumi, and Stella the fire user from earlier.

Looking at the fight he admired the tenacity of the girls, both seemed deadset on killing the other until one was practically singed and the other with near mortal head injuries ” between the girls match and Endo’s I don’t know who’s cranked the bloodlust up more, but just like the crowd I am loving it.” it would be long now until Liru and him will be called.

coded by natasha.

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Despite the skill and mana Yumi Asakusa has Waboe didn't see her getting very far as a magic knight. Being unable to speak is a massive flaw, it's incredible she reached the tournament. The Stella girl however was a mixed bag. Without having a conversation Waboe could guess she had a issue or two with pride.
Her offensive fire spells are at a suitable level however, Waboe went to have a look at how the healing team would work on such a devastating wound.

The captain of the Purple mist Sharna o'Furk and the Grey swords captain Patrick Dylan were also waiting to see if she Stella would survive. "O'Furk, Dylan... I expected you here Patrick but Sharna? Figured you would be after strapping young men or girls like Haruka Xight."
Patrick Dylan left with only a grunt but Sharna faked a giggle. "imagine my surprise when Waboe Shrouda actually attends a graduation tournament? I always assumed you would run around with a team of five forever"
"Well I figured if my small team of five is under your mob of what... thirty? I'd only need one or two more graduates to overtake your ranking"
Sharna shut up as she realised Waboe was mocking her. "The purple mist is ranked higher than your blades Shrouda, I think you'll find any who are gifted a invitation will join me over you."
She left in a huff with Waboe calling out "just the horny ones luv!"
Helen Barrot came to the door "I'll tell all the graduates on the brink of death to come see you ok shrouda?!" She was stressed and no one could blame her.
Waboe left with a nod.

Yahno felt a tad annoyed at Zero's answer. To already have three out of the top five come sniffing about, why hasn't anyone come to him? "hah dunno, suppose I'd look good in any colours... I might even start my own group... shame gold is taken cause I'd have formed the golden winds. Actually I have it, the perfect name for magic knights. Stardust warriors..."
Noki was the first to give his opinion "crusaders sounds better"
" that does sound better... I still like golden winds, or Soaring Heights as a name"
I post to move it along, I think there's only two or three more battles to go right?
Endo vs Yahno
Liru vs zero
....vs..... I might be a bad gm


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Vega can feel his emotions getting the better of him as he watches each fight, one after the other. The brutality seemed to increase with each round, and every single time he felt the urge to jump out there to stop it. Waboe grabbed Vega a few times, stopping him from leaping out into the arena. Doing so could disqualify the two fighters, and it would practically guarantee that no magic captains would even consider recruiting Vega. Despite knowing this, the thought crossed his mind over and over. The feeling rose up once again, after watching Stella get her skull cracked like a egg, and Vega had to take a physical jump backwards to stop himself from attacking Yumi.
What’s wrong with me?! I don’t even know that girl?! Why do I want to take up for her?!
He suddenly remembered what fight was coming up, and he instinctively clinched his teeth together.
Endo vs Yahno….
For Vega, this would be like watching his childhood heroes go to war with each other. Both of them remind him so much of the same people who inspired Vega to become a Knight in the first place. Endo reminds him of the elder son of the noble, and Yahno reminds him of the youngest. Vega started pacing, knowing the time for their battle would come.
Please…don’t let this get out of hand!!
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Endo eventually woke up, surprisingly not in pain. Those sedatives Haruka gave me really helped, he joked to himself as he sat up on his hospital bed. "Now, now," Helen Barrot, the healer, came up to him and tried to get him to lie back down. "You shouldn't sit up like that so soon. You lost quite a bit of blood out there, you need your rest so your blood and energy can replenish." Endo shot her a Yeah, whatever look as he rolled over onto his side.

"Endo..." Helen began.

"Yeah?" he responded, without even turning to look at her.

"As soon as you recover, Waboe Shrouda wants to speak to you."

"And who would that be?"

Helen stared at the young man, disbelief in her eyes. "Have you seriously not heard the name?"

"No, I'm sure I've heard it, just too tired to remember."

"Well, simply put, he's the one who carried you in here."

Endo sat up in the bed again, to which Helen responded by immediately pushing him down. "Wait no, I have to go see him."

"No, please do get your rest."

"Yeah, I should get some rest."

He let himself drift off for a while until he felt relaxed and energized.

Endo had no idea how long he was out for, but by the time he left the hospital wing of the arena, he could tell there was some small talk building relating to his upcoming fight with Yahno. Yahno? They couldn't be serious. So he moved to approach Yahno, wondering what the hell was going on.

As he did so, he was stopped in his tracks. "Wow, you were absolutely amazing out there!"

He froze and turned around. It was the voice of Bakuto, whom he had fought in the first round.

"Oh, uh, thanks," he found himself responding.

"How did you do that? Having an elemental form is really epic, and I want to learn to do that someday!" Endo could tell from Bakuto's tone of voice that the young lad was a bit over-eager. "Also how'd you stay up that whole time Haruka was bombarding you? And how'd you suddenly turn the tables? You were so awesome!"

Endo shrugged. "We'll talk later," he told the young aerokinetic.

Bakuto looked a little disappointed, but he reluctantly agreed, and they parted ways again.

After a few minutes of searching, Endo finally found Yahno, who was conversing loudly with some of the other students. He grabbed the young electric user by the shirt collar and raised him a bit off the ground so that they looked directly into each other's eyes. "Look, I just got myself fixed up and I'm too tired for this, can you tell me what the fuck is up with these match-ups? I thought my road to the championship would be an easy one, and yet Haruka comes along, yet you come along, and ruin it for me." His anger is evident in his eyes, which have lit up a bit more furiously. "Whatever, I'll beat you up anyways, just like I did with Haruka. I've got my eyes on the Dragons, and your puny little ass isn't gonna get in my way."

As soon as Endo had let out his frustrations, he loosened his grip on Yahno's collar, and turned just in time to see Waboe standing over the both of them. "Shit," he muttered under his breath as the older man sized him up.

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Waboe held back laughter "Thats not a good look there" The captain commented with a hint of concern.
Yahno had a grin aswell as a sharp boomerang at Endo's throat as quickly as the aspiring fire knight had lifted the young man. With a sharp edge yahno forced the tired angry man to back up. "i don't know how it looks beyond spitfire here being scared of me. Have pity boss Shrouda, I feel the same way believe it or not... I dont know what id do if i had to fight Katy Naza, I'd try probably try and surprise her in a stupid effort to scare her... cause that's the only girl who I've seen that's frightening in the last two years..."
With a bright empathetic smile yahno put his weapon away continuing
"I forgive him Boss Shrouda, for all living creatures swell big and make noise in their last ditch efforts against a better hunter"
Yahno wiped his brow as if a heavy weight had been lifted. "you know I think I could beat Naza..."
"enough, listen here"
Waboe snapped his fingers in the air as if calling dogs to attention...
"Really need to reign in your horses, as you can currently see..."
Waboe motioned with his arms around where he and the graduates were.
"...I'm the only captain looking to tolerate you renegade dumbasses, and frankly I'm not sure you two would be worth the effort... "
The captain glared at Endo and Yahno before smirking and chuckling
"what then? Share what's funny"
Yahno scoffed unsure how to feel about the news that was just dropped.

"Its just funny... Ya both think your the same cloth as those blue dragons? Well ya damn well lucky to have one more fight left cause I know how those captains think. They look at you two and see trouble they don't wanna deal with. At best your seen as impressive tricks. You got one last chance to impress the fools out there but more importantly you have one last chance to show me why you two would be worth the effort it'd take to remember your names."
Yahno coughed awkwardly not used to being scolded "thank you for the advice boss Shrouda... kinda wish the fight was now cause I'm really fired up after that you know? Now we gotta wait and im already not in the same mood..."
"well get in the mood by watching your betters, I think the next two will get a invitation to the blades"
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Vega stands off to the side, watching Waboe scold the graduates. He can’t help but notice the commanding presence of the captain. He’s heard stories, of course, but they’re entirely different from the actual thing.
This guy is gonna be my captain…I’m going to be a magic knight!
Vega looks towards his left, where he sees the fire mage approaching him, smiling and waving. It’s the same mage who defeated the peasant. Vega smiles back, approaching the fire mage.
“You’re that ice mage, Vega. Correct?”
“Yeah, you had an amazing run in the tournament so far!”
He starts laughing, appreciating the compliment.
“My name is Shiwazaki, and I appreciate your kind words.”
He holds his hand out, and Vega takes it, giving a light squeeze. In a flash, Shiwazaki delivers a quick kick to Vega’s knee, causing him to drop onto his other.
“Don’t start thinking we’re friends, you silver spoon scum.”
Vega can’t believe what he’s hearing, looking up at Shiwazaki, a mix of fear, and hurt, the feeling of betrayal hanging over him.
“But…but what you said…what you said to that other peasant.”
Shiwazaki smiles, but his smile doesn’t hold any of the same kindness from moments earlier.
“Did you think I said that stuff for you? To make you feel better? I said that stuff to earn some extra points with the captains. The tournament isn’t even over and I’ve already been recruited to the Eagles.”
Shiwazaki begins chuckling to himself.
“You can cling to this pipe dream of becoming a magic knight, but always remember your nobility got you here. Not your skill, your talents, or your smarts. You’re only here, because you’re a noble.”
He releases Vega, walking away, looking back to glare at Vega before disappearing around the corner. Vega sits there in stunned silence for a few minutes, before Waboe finally returns.

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The Lord of the Uneaten

Stella woke up on the clinic bed with a severe headache. It took her some time to gather her bearing and looked at the Helen Barrot who was also tending to another patients. What happened? How long had she passed out?

"Did I win?" Was what Stella asked. The doctor only raised her eyebrows curiously before giving her a dry answer.

"No. The concussion must have messed a bit of your memories but you should be fine. Oh, and there is still a bit of scar on your head. Come to me tomorrow if you want to get it healed, right now I meed my mana for more important wound."

Battle scar? She always wanted something like that so she was a bit too eager for it and looked at herself in the mirror. It's true, there's a web-like scar on the left corner of her forehead where Yumi hit her. She could easily hide it with her bangs or just put it on full display for a more badass appearance.

"This looks pretty rad. Can I ask you to smoothen this part while making this part looks a bit rougher?" Stella asked while pointing at several parts of her new scar. The doctor only rolled her eyes at the graduate's request.

"Listen. I'm a doctor, not a tattoo artist. If you want someone to shape your scar then you should look for another healer."

"Fair enough."

"And Waboe Shrouda wants to speak to you."

"Phantom Blade? Cool. How about Blue Dragon? Anyone from there asked about me?" Stella looks obviously disppointed when the doctor only shook her head.

"Patrick Dylan and Sharna O'Furk also seemed to be interested in you. If I say so myself."

Purple Mist and Grey Swords, huh. It seemed that not only the graduates were competing to be recognized by the captains but the captains were also competing against each other to get the graduates who caught their attention. Interesting. She was aiming for the top so Purple Mist and Phantom Blades would be her best bet, but Purple Mist has her brother already...

"Iamfeelingbetterthankyou." Stella rushed to the exit and wandered around the place until she found Waboe with the other participants.

"I accept your offer, captain. I will become a great addition to Phantom Blade, just you wait for it." Stella strike a conversation with a confident answer. "Ah, but can I bring a pet to the HQ?"

Neon Chilli Neon Chilli
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Just a bottle of chilli standing in a ghost town
Waboe blinked twice at Stella's confidence and question. Though in a way she showed a willingness to jump head first without questions and was most likely stubborn enough to stick with it after making a decision. "sounds great, pets can be allowed but I'll explain the rules and what I expect from recruits when everyone i invite is assembled. For now I'd say just stay about here in earshot watching the fights or joining Vega in making a box of ice"
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If the last part was a joke or not we shall never know. Though the arena was now cleared and waiting the next graduates to enter. Noki and a few others had backed away from Endo and Yahno but the younger of the two seemed relaxed after the confrontation, "you beat haruka so I have to give you respect for that... but don't think bursting aflame will stop me. If your close enough to burn me then I'm close enough to seal you" With fierce eyes and a confident smirk Yahno stood against the wall waiting for the match to come.
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Noki and some others were talking about the upcoming bout....
"The next guy up makes his own weapons outta mana right? Ive heard stories about people like them way back"
Noki nodded "yea but If I was betting I'd go Zero over Liru... zeros not busting anything savage like Endo but he's fast."
"Yea but who did you think would win out of Ohm and Shang?"
"True... I thought it was gonna be a long one with Yahno losing"
A exhibition of skill is sure to be on display with the next combatants.
Top11 Top11 BBHawking BBHawking y'all post when your ready,
Everyone else is free to interact with each other and shit-post with other npc graduates if you so feel like it

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Endo hissed at Yahno as he answered for him. "Scared?" he spat defiantly in response. "I'm not scared! In fact, I'm more than ready to face you, or anyone else... even Naza." He scowled at Waboe as he spoke their top classmate's name.

He listened to the Phantom Blade's tirade as he scolded the two, then spoke up after Waboe was finished. "What...? How am I not cut out to be a Blue Dragon? You saw me out there didn't you?--" then realized what he was trying to say. "Oh. Well I won't fail. I'll be sure to defeat this arrogant little bastard and get the Dragons' eyes on me. You can count on it," he grinned as he stared at Yahno.

After Waboe left the two to muse to themselves, Endo stepped a little bit away from Yahno to also watch the fights going on in preparation for their fight not too long after. As the young lightning knight sassed him, Endo just rolled his eyes, and said "Yeah, whatever. Show me some new tricks, you probably have some of those." And he stood up and started producing small flames and dancing them around his hand as practice for the upcoming fight. But Endo soon grew tired of Yahno's smirk and stare, and went instead over to Vega. "Whatcha doing?" he asks as he sees the young noble making a block of ice.
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Vega freezes, metaphorically of course. This was the first time he’s ever spoken to Endo, so he was feeling just a little intimidated. The confidence he felt earlier was on its last leg after the Shiwazaki incident. Vega speaks his voice shaky.
“Endo, what is your opinion on nobles?”
Vega stops making the block of ice, like Waboe requested. Vega couldn’t tell if Waboe was joking, so he began making it regardless. He stands, taking a step forward, and him and Endo stand practically toe to toe. Vega looks upwards, his eyes meeting Endo’s directly.
“Am I less of a mage because I had a good upbringing? Because my family wasn’t dysfunctional? Because I never worried about food?”
Vega can feel his anger rapidly growing, and the volume of his voice grows as well. He’s been dealing with this for his entire life. Being a noble has plenty of perks, but it practically puts a target on your back. Every other mage wants to prove they’re better than the nobles, despite social status. Vega’s sick of it, sick of it all.
“Do you have the answer for me, Endo?!”
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