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Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten

"Sweet, i'm sure you will like Milk, captain. He's the smartest parrot in the world. See ya." Stella had a wide grin as she walked away from the captain. Milk was a parrot that she had been raising since she was 10, but unfortunately she couldn't bring him with her during the academy years so she was more than happy that she would be able to reunite with him. The girl jogged merrily looking for Vega, she's in a good mood so she was thinking to help motivating the boy to make more ice boxes by melting the ones he had made. Sounds like a good plan. Though when she spotted Vega with Endo, she overheard Vega's emotional outburst about his upbringing and his skills as a mage. Hearing his self-defeatist words made Stella angry, she unconsciously clutched her fists as she barged into their conversation.

"That's the most stupidest question I have ever heard, and I had visited the courtroom plenty of times." Stella stomped on the box of ice Vega had made, leaking just enough mana to slightly melt the ice and left her boots's pattern on it. "I don't want to be lumped together with bollocks like you just because I'm a noble."

"But because you don't seems to have enough braincell to realize what's happening then let me shed some light on you: You are just a sore loser. Your tiny little pathetic brain try to justify your uselessness so you came out with that kind of excuses. 'Oh, I'm a noble so I must be bad at this and that'"
At this point Stella's boots had cut through the ice boxes entirely, but the girl keep pushing her feet downward. "Let me tell you the truth. There is nothing and no one to blame but yourself. So do me a favor and stop being such a crybaby."

After letting all those out Stella seemed to be calming a bit, albeit she's still fuming. She glanced at Endo and Vega briefly before turning back to where she came from while muttering something about being disgusted by weakness. She returned back watching the fight next to Waboe with a clearly much worse mood.

Neon Chilli Neon Chilli don don Master of Lava Master of Lava

Master of Lava

Gods and mortals, fear my fury and my flames!
Endo fumed as Stella went off on her tirade against Vega, mostly because it was ruining the ice mage's perfectly crafted ice blocks. Nevertheless, he just listened to her blowing off her steam, and shook his head as she left the pair. After she was out of earshot, Endo took Vega aside and offered him his take on it.

"Don't listen to her," he sighed. "Our circumstances -- our upbringing, doesn't define who we are today. The only thing that defines us is what we choose to do right now, in this moment." He took a second in between to gather his thoughts. "Once they set foot in this school, a student is a student, and a mage is a mage, and nothing anyone says can change that. Being a noble doesn't make you any better than the other mages here, nor does it make you any worse -- it just makes you different. The only thing that matters is, you made it into the school, you've graduated, and you've successfully landed yourself into a knight group, from what I've gathered. In my book that means you succeeded!"

Endo put his arm around Vega's shoulder to comfort him, as they returned to Vega's ice blocks, and Endo pushed them together in hopes that Vega could freeze them back into shape. He lingered with Vega for a little bit. "Hey, if anyone's giving you trouble, let me know," he spoke up after a while. "But for now, I still have to prepare for my upcoming fight." So he left the young noble to himself as he returned to the main waiting area to watch the fight between Zero and Liru.


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Vega couldn’t believe, as he walked down a hallway towards the restrooms. The events of the graduates area replayed in his head nonstop, not offering any release from this nonstop torment.
I can’t believe it….
That was the first time anyone’s ever confirmed his idea. An idea that’s been haunting him since the day he’s been a mage. He’s always been able to hang, or squeak by, not being amazing enough to be top of the academy like Zero, or Shiwazaki, nor having the natural talent to slack off his studies, like Yahno or Haruka. Vega has always been middle of the pack, yet deep down, he’s always had one singular thought that would occasionally manifest. Stella did nothing but confirm something he already suspected of himself. He reaches the bathroom, staring into the mirror, fighting so hard to hold back his tears.
I’m nothing but a loser…
He stares at his reflection, as he hears the stall behind him open. It’s the mage from earlier, who fought Endo in the first round. Vega couldn’t even remember the guys name. He walks up to the sink beside Vega, and begins washing his hands.
“Hey, you’re that Ice Mage, Vega? Right?”
Before Vega couldn’t even stop himself, he moves, smashing the kids face against the mirror, hard enough to crack it, but not enough force to shatter it entirely. He presses it against the mirror, while he holds his shortsword inches from the graduates throat.
“Here to mock me?! Tell me how great of a match I had?! Tell me that you’re better without being a noble?!”
The grad remains quiet, figuring nothing he says here is gonna calm Vega. Vega can fill his anger building, as he screams at the man.
Vega give no time to answer as he pulls the mage by the hair, slinging him against the wall opposite the bathroom door. The man crashes into the wall, unconscious from the two blows to his head. Vega turns, preparing to leave, before stopping himself in his tracks. He turns around, and kneels in front of the unconscious mage. Vega grabs a roll of paper towels, and begins rolling it around the mages head. It mimics a headband other mages wear. Vega places his fingertips on the makeshift head wrap, as it begins turning to ice.
It will probably be melted by the time he wakes up, but the cold should help soothe some of the pain and reduce swelling.
Vega stands, and walks out of the bathroom, the feeling of shame walking right beside him as they return to the graduates.

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