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Realistic or Modern Starstruck

Sub Genres
Historical, Romance



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They call it "The City of Angels". It's a place where even the most down on their luck can reach unimaginable heights. A place where you have the chance to change your stars, and maybe, just maybe...become a star yourself. Many have tried but few succeed at becoming immortalized on the big screen. Keep on dreaming and you might just make it. Who ever said the sky's the limit?

*** PLOT ***

November 21st, 1939

You are on the stage lots at the fictional Cornerstone Pictures, working on the set of an upcoming movie titled "The Last Dance". It's a love story about a man who becomes "starstruck" by a movie star and falls in love with her. What you're doing there is entirely up to you. Perhaps this could be your big break into the movie business. Unfortunately, Cornerstone is being pushed out of Hollywood by rival companies and is on the verge of bankruptcy. Only the producers know about the money situation, but word is quickly catching on.

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What You're Doing Here:
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