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saving people. . .
I’m currently rewatching and am almost done season seven - I’ve seen up to the end of nine, so no spoilers! I don’t really wanna start writing until I’m all caught up (mostly because my oc being finished depends on it), but I’d love to plot and talk about character development and literally just have some nice ooc chat if you’re down. I know this thread is pretty empty and literally looks SO sucky; I'm just trying to get something out fairly quickly so it can exist while I sleep.

about me;
  • I’m a junior in college studying library science
  • I work part-time
  • My schedule is pretty empty at the moment
  • I write multi-para responses
  • I’m advanced literate
  • I could plot for *ages*
  • I play any gender/sexuality
about you;
  • Please be literate
  • You can take your time replying : )
  • Plot with me
  • Play any gender/sexuality
  • Like playing multiple characters and storylines
  • Be able to provide a writing sample


. . . hunting things

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