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Fandom Soul Eater: A Fool's Errand [Closed]


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"Come and gather...! We will finally turn the gears of this boring world!!!"

200 years have passed since the Kishin Asura's sealing on the moon. Humanity continued to evolve afterwards, Death City was no exception to this; the bonds between Humans and witches interwined more and more after the actions taken by the last Shinigami, Death The Kid.

Even without the presence of a threat such as the Kishin Asura or the long forgotten war between Meisters and Witches, Death Academy continued to stand, a memo to the existing balance between Human and witches, and a place where young Meisters, Weapons and Witches could gather and grown. Such was the last wishes of the last Death God before he departed, now Death City is managed by the position of Director of the Academy, passed down generation after generation.

"Oh dear me...is that time of the year again." A gentleman said to the multitude gathering at the doors of a certain school "May I be the first person to welcome you to Death Academy, a place where younglings can gather and develop their skills, whether they be meisters, weapons or witches; what unites us in harmony is the duty to preserve what is important for us, our lives and our future...may be this another great year for Death Academy"

However, not everything was going well around the globe. On the later years there have been a drastic increase of suicides and homicides registered in certain countries around the world, that and the increase of disputes between nations created the fear of a big war erupting soon. The rumors of the end of the world was spreading rapidly fast, and the desperate could only seek refuge in rituals, folklore or divine enlightment, but with no God in sight they could only look up and gaze at the stars...


This is an interest check for a Soul Eater RP, the setting always had potential of being fun for a rp, and judging by the previous RP there were a lot of people interested in it, so I am raising this if the spark is still there to join a Soul Eater RP. I plan to follow the same structure of the original setting, with the relationship between Meisters and Weapons, but I plan to add Witches on the mix, so most squads will be of three, a weapon, a meister and a witch.

I will probably make this RP based around stats so there is a sense of progress in the story, like it was with Soul Eater at some point. Sanity will be a heavy mechanic on the RP however, I plan to add a lot of scenarios where the players choice (or the circumstances) can heavily affect the course of the story and the character themselves, High risk and high rewards per say.

I am open for feedback about how you guys want the RP to be more or less, and I will open a Discord if we get enough people to participate in the RP.


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I'd love to be a part of this as a Witch or Meister! Are you intending on letting people claim roles or not?


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Of course!
As long as your characters are students in death academy any kind works. Also the limit of characters is 3-5


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Alright, Discord was created and sent invations to everyone so far.

I will give it one week more to see if more people get interested (while discussing the ideas on the discord as well), then I will set up everything.


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I created the CS and OOC threads. As I mentioned in the discord, I will start the RP as soon as we have a good amount of players to start with. Because we are starting, it is not required to start with a partner, but for the sake of the enjoyement, try to start the RP with a partner!

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