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Futuristic Sharing Arcadian Nights [A Cyberpunk RP]

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Adventure, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, LGTBQ, Slice of Life



Arcadia was said to be utopia that we all wanted, once a lowly archipelago in the pacific became the landscape for one of the most ambitious projects of the 21st century. Following decades of war and economic recessions, a new place was made to be an escape from the cemented hegemony of the world. A place of opportunity, liberty, and prosperity. The Arcadian Group, a conglomerate who have faced near extinction from being bulldozed by their competitors in the market, this new utopia would make or break them and the mad bastards based in Silicon Valley did it. After advertising the project for 30 years, in 2024 it was done. Millions upon millions of jobs provided by Arcadia have incentivized hundreds of thousands of people to move from North America, South America, East Asia, Oceania and Russia forming a huge multicultural society held together by Arcadia. As more and more people moved to the islands, it became clear that Arcadia was bound to be more than a simple company town as multiple democratic movements demanded sovereignty, and after gaining international attention, Arcadia couldn't risk suppressing this movement and so Arcadia became a country recognized by the United Nations and granted recognition, henceforth known as the Arcadian Republic. With Arcadia becoming its own sovereign representative democracy. But now that Arcadia technically didn't have claim to the island, many corporations decided to step in and take advantage of the new young nation.

The Corporate War for Arcadia

Besides Arcadia there were four other conglomerates who had their sites on the archipelago including, the Huabei Development Corporation, the Komeiko Group, Australian-Pacific Industries, and Rio de Plata International. At first they started their operations on the island without any sort of pushback, but as each company many their presence more and more known, tensions started to boil over. What first started out as industrial espionage, became industrial sabotage, which turned to full scale war. Using their own militaries, to fight for control of the island. Needless to say it didn't matter who won. The corporations threw all they had at each other, which lead to their assets and resources draining, and the islands facing wanton destruction and mass displacement all over the archipelago.

The United Nations took notice and sent a task force spearheaded by the European Union to end the hostilities, by force if they had to. When the UN arrived, the corporations had made the island uninhabitable and the militaries of each corporation was diminished entirely that they couldn't continue fighting and the war had drained all their assets. While the UN remained in Arcadia to oversee relief and peacekeeping efforts, all five corporations, including Arcadia had dissolved.

The Crumbled Paradise and the Reconstruction​

When the war ended in 2031, Arcadia was left in ruins. Gangs began to form and those that were once considered everyday goods were now luxuries such as food, water, clothes, blankets, and shelter. In the span of only a decade, the new utopia of the world was reduced to rubble. Gangs ruled the remains and found themselves clashing with UN forces and militia groups who attempted to pacify the island and return to normalcy as soon as they could. Millions of people displaced were living in the ruins or in the cramped UN relief camps. It didn't matter where you were though, Life on Arcadia was hell. But still, people persevered. They were given the option to move to other countries as refugees, but some people couldn't handle leaving the only home they knew. For almost everyone, Arcadia was their home. They couldn't imagine life being easy in a country they had no familiarity left and so people stayed, coping with the difficulties they had.

By 2040 The island became inhabited with walled cities, separating civilization and the savage. Normalcy began to return but ever so slightly. There was a huge divide between those in the walled cities, and those outside of them who have formed smaller townships and municipalities free of jurisdiction from the growing presence of urban civilization. A few skirmishes between groups of these two factions would happen over the islands resources but the UN remained to keep any sort of full scale conflict from breaking out again.

Arcadia 2060


In 2056, the UN left and Arcadia was restored. No longer to its former glory but restored nonetheless. The walled cities merged to reform the Republic of Arcadia and had attempted to merge the rural areas, however this was in name only. Thus the archipelago was divided between two main cultural groups. Insiders and Outsiders. Insiders descended from those who grew up in the walled cities, comfortable with urban life and the luxuries they had. Outsiders were descended from those who forged their own lives outside of the relief effort, fighting for their own survival. Instead of living in dense urban centers, they remained on homesteads, townships, and municipalities. Technically both groups weren't politically recognized and all were suppossed to conform to Arcadian law, but the law was enforced more on the cities, the Outsiders managed well on their own. Local companies started to flourish with some smaller corporations from all over the world expanded into Arcadia seeking new opportunity. Life returned to normal finally.

And this is where we come in. We lived through the Corporate War as children, our families taken from us until we were brought in by an Insider during the Reconstruction period. We called her Mom. We didn't know her name, except that she was really wealthy and had a penthouse reserved for all of us. We flourished thanks to her support, chasing our dreams wherever they took us. When some of us were old enough, she disappeared and looked after each other. We just heard from someone that Mom passed though, we knew from the letter of inheritance. She left us with 10,000,000 Euros and now we're back where our lives restarted. We didn't know what happened to her but things are starting to get weird. Rumors are that the Arcadia Group is back, the gangs are getting restless, and relations between the Outsiders and Insiders are getting tense. Whatever happens, we have to stick together.


Hello! Thanks for making it this far and welcome to Sharing Arcadian Nights!! The concept of this RP has relations to that of Umbrella Academy with a cyberpunk twist. Our characters are a group of afflicted youths who suffered from the results of the Corporate War and/or lived through the Reconstruction Period. We'll be working together to stop Arcadia from falling into chaos (or let it fall) and have many antics along the way. So first a few ground rules.

- Discord is a must that we will use for OOC and plotting.
- The quantity of words in your post should mainly be between 1-3 paragraphs.
- There will be mature themes present like mental and physical trauma, violence, and swearing (all under the confines of RPN guidelines).
- No age cap, my expectations rely mainly on quality of posts and being able to handle the themes in this RP.
- Players can work together to contribute to the lore of the RP, creating events, locations, NPC's, etc.
- Activity is a very blurry topic to cover, and I myself have a habit of ghosting. If you can, please be sure to post at least once a week.
- POC and LGBTQ+ characters are encouraged.
- Realistic FC's only.
- This RP isn't focused on romance but you can plot romance between characters if you wish.
- There is no character limit, you can have as many as you think you can handle (:

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Wow! This roleplay looks great! I definitely want to join! The lore looks great, the concept is exciting, and everything about it seems fine to me. I’m hooked!


Wow! This roleplay looks great! I definitely want to join! The lore looks great, the concept is exciting, and everything about it seems fine to me. I’m hooked!
Definitely interested!
Hoo boy an Arzee Story, this'll be a great return to the site. I'm interested.
This looks pretty good, I have a few ideas
I think I want to join this RP.
Very much interested!
Interested. I can go for a cyberpunk rp.
The server link is posted, hop on in !!

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