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Fandom Shady Crew - A roleplay where you live life as a member of Team Skull

Just seeing if anyone would be interested in rping slice of life stuff in the Alola region of the Pokemon verse. At the moment, we are a group of three and have a Plumeria, Guzma, and an OC that is newly recruited. We would like to write things from the Team Skull perspective and have others join our gang. Once we've got a good group and have gotten to know each other, we might transition from slice of life to something more adventurous.

That being said, we would absolutely love to find a Gladion. The OC that is newly recruited had been sold off to Team Rocket by her parents. She was a runaway experiment of theirs that has the ability to communicate with Pokemon. She has since become weary of humans and is in the process of learning to trust the gang that has taken her in. We figured Gladion, having rescued an experimental pokemon from a lab and having befriended it, would be a good influence on her.

The three of us are above the age of 25 and really enjoy writing. We're fairly active and communicate a lot whenever one of us can't be around. We would like to find others that are like ourselves, fairly active, good at communicating, and at least 18 years of age. If you are at all interested, please send me a message so we can discuss further!

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