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Multiple Settings Seeking for partners, mostly mxm or fxf, a few fandoms + loose original ideas!


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Hey! I'm an 18-year-old girl who is seeking for a rp partner. Mostly searching for mxm or fxf pairings atm. I'll add a few ideas/requirements below!

Some things to note:

- You must be 16+. I'm sorry, but as I like to deal with mature content occasionally, I don't feel comfortable rping with too young people!
- English is not my native language, so I'll make mistakes (probably have those in this text too haha), so I don't expect your grammar to be perfect either. BUT I need to understand what you're writing, so your grammar needs to be understandable.
- I don't do asterisks. That's a big nope from me, I will not do it. Sorry.
- I match my partner's writing length; I can write short, I can write long, and we can mix those (for example if there is a lot of dialogue, or the characters are texting, we don't have to force out a whole book about it lol). But if it stays too short all the time, like one sentence, I will lose my interest very fast.
- Let's plan things! We don't have to plan everything, or all the time, but let's discuss where we want to take the plot and if we want to add something. It doesn't need to immediately be all planned out, we can continue planning as we go!
- This is important: PLEASE, please tell me your triggers, things that make you uncomfortable etc. beforehand. I like to add dark themes and issues into my roleplays, but I won't do anything you're uncomfortable with. That being said; you need to tell me what those things are. Communicate!
- We can gladly chat ooc, but I won't force you if you prefer not to!
- As I already said it, but I like to tackle issues in my roleplays , such as mental health issues (but not murderers, rapists etc. I absolutely refuse to rp such characters). BUT it all depends on YOU. If those things are triggering to you, I can drop it.
- But I do like a lot of angst and drama. So much of it. Without it, I get bored easily.
- I like face claims, but they aren’t necessary, if you don’t like them. I won’t accept anime style face claims though, sorry! They just aren’t my cup of tea.

The character I’d like to play will be bolded, if there is a preference

- MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO!!! Had to put the caps and bold bc... I'd LOVE to do a My Own Private Idaho rp!! I doubt I'll get any interest in this but if there is someone out there that wants to rp some mopi stuff, HIT ME THE HECK UP!! It'd be a dream come true. Pairing: Mike x Scott
- Jongens: Marc x Sieger
- Nothing Much To Do/Lovely Little Losers: Balthazar x Pedro, Bea x Ben (I know, not fxf o mxm), Meg x Hero
Harry Potter: Remus x Sirius
- note on this one: It’s been a while since I have read the books, so my accuracy or detail on the Wizarding World might not be so great, but any stuff I don’t remember I will google

Other non-fandom ideas:

- Something set in the 80s. I absolutely love the 80s!
- Boarding school
- A religious, closeted boy x kind of a "bad boy"
- Best friends
- bandmates/ competing bands
- haters to friends to lovers
- small town
- summer romance (A is on vacation in B's home place, possibly family friends who always visit on summer?)
- childhood friends

If interested, PM me or comment down below!

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