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Multiple Settings Searching for a long time rp friend (BG3 or original plots)


Lover of the occult and everything strange
Roleplay Type(s)
December, January and February are annoying cold months so i am in need of more fantasy and romance (roleplay) in my life.

A bit about me.
25 year old
If you want to do MxM, you will find a friend in me, but i am open to other parings
I am easily overwhelmed so i prefer to rp between 200 and 600 words. (But willing to do more if talked about in ooc)
I am ghost friendly but i will be a bit sad if it happens.

I am craving more BG3 in my life, we can just play through the plot and double up with oc’s, have our own oc’s fall in love in this setting or form a set with everyone’s favorite bear.
Or, we can just use the existing cast to make our own love story happen between everyone.

And if BG3 isn’t your thing,
Take a look at my collected prompts, starts and little ideas.
see if something catches your interest

(These are in ‘I’ statements but i always rp in third person)

Your father has conquered my father’s land and I can either marry you or die, well, I’d like to keep my head where it is, thank you, but don’t think I’ll ever love you.

I’m a prince and you are a barbarian, they say I have to marry you for peace, god, you don’t even speak my language, go away, you animal.

I’m the youngest of three princes and you were supposed to ask for my oldest brother’s hand, but you asked for mine, what the fuck, also my brothers now hate me, thanks.

When you said you wanted to marry me, I didn’t imagine I’d become a part of a harem, but it’s fine, I’m still determined to become your one and only, no matter what I have to do.

My father organized a tourney and said whoever wins it wins my hand, you entered it just to annoy me but the rest of the knights were shit and you won it all, now we are both fucked.

A and B are both chosen by the king to kill a dragon. As they train, a mutual hatred grows and they decide to turn the quest into a competition: whoever kills the dragon by themselves wins. But after they train and begin walking a long way, they begin to bond and care about each other. (Bonus points if they adopt the dragon instead of killing it)

A grew up in a family of hunters, specializing in hating and hunting fantasy creatures. B grew up in a family that swore to protect those same creatures. A and B clash over the livelihood of these creatures, but discover that they have more in common than they thought.

A prophecy states that a chosen one will save the land from ruin. Since they were born, A and B’s parents were convinced that their child was the chosen one. A and B grew up in competition with each other, eagerly trying to prove their worth. Now it is time for them to set out and fulfill the prophecy, where A and B learn to see past their competitions.

A and B are suitors competing for the hand of a member of the royal family. Over their countless trails to prove themselves worthy, they end up falling for each other.

Muse B has been captured by the pirates and only narrowly escapes being killed. Instead, he has been kept captive under the orders of the captain, Muse A. The more time he spends with the pirates the more he notices something is wrong and gets closer and closer to finding out the motive of the dreaded pirates.

Two mercenaries are hired to retrieve an heirloom of a man. A black dagger with silver edges and a golden handle. They both work together to acquire the dagger, only to find out that the man who stole it in the first place was the dark wizard 'Merth.' The item cursed the both of them and they must search the world for the cure to the dark curse before it consumes them both

In a school full of magic, a school body president is chosen as well as the vice president. They are seen as the most powerful students in the school, each with their own unique ability. Muse A, the vice president, who has always excelled in both magic and their studies flew through school with a breeze, getting straight A's and never being beaten in strength. That was until they were placed beside Muse B. Not used to the feeling of losing they begin to detest Muse B blindly, always trying to beat and overcome them but they never seemed to be able to. Now Muse B hadn't been without their hardships and struggles and had fought their way to their position though they try to make it seem like they don’t. When magical students within the school start going berserk one at a time, it becomes the President and Vice President job to defeat the Rogue students and to find out what's making them act the way they are.

Viking AU - Person A is traded to the Vikings for safe passage and is subsequently married to the jarl’s oldest child, Person B
Pirate AU - Person A’s crew raided the village and their cut of the booty is a locked chest. With Person B inside.
Fae AU - Person A’s hapless parents promised them to the Fae King (Person B)
Fae AU - The Fae King (Person A) tricks Person B into eating something in Faerie.

“I thought you meant something different when you suggested a sword fight”
“I’ve been training my whole life for this. I will not let you show up and take it away from me!”
“Two days ago, you had a blade to my throat” “Shut up and keep kissing me”
“Why are you… trying to escape?” “I’m not about to stay here and get married to someone I don’t know! They could be horrible! Kick puppies! Eat the cookie before the cream!” “Well I’m not that bad, thank you very much, but I get your point.”
“This is only a political alliance. I still very much hate your guts.” “Sure. Try looking less in love with me next time you say that, though. It’ll be much more convincing.”
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Hi there! Would love to discuss an RP either in the BDG3 universe or an original. Some of your prompts are great!

I'm 27 with about 15 years experience writing MxM pairs. I'd really like to work with my TAV. I'd honestly love to have a long time rp partner and we can switch up direction depending on where the story is going and what our mood is or maybe do multiple small stories, I'm up to discuss. I'm a big DnD fan and can work with all fantasy settings.

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