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Fandom Sailor Moon; The Eclipse Saga Characters



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So excited to have you all join us! Please follow the character sheet closely and have all of the info that's required. If you can do that on a coded sheet, that's great, but if not no worries!

ROLE (Sailor Scout, Chimera, Human, etc.)
FACECLAIM (Anime Only)
AGE (18-25)
LOYALTY/ALIGNMENT (Good or Evil; Sailor Moon, Sailor Sun, Chimeras, Neutral, etc.)
POWERS (Nature Based, be specific)
ATTACKS (Every magical girl/boy has cool named attacks!)

I believe that's it everyone, let me know if you have any questions in the ooc chat and can't wait to see your characters!


True Black Rose Beauty
NAME: Kasumi Kosinski

ROLE: Sailor Scout: Pisces


AGE: 18


POWERS: Mist Manipulation


Misty illusion: Trick an enemy or enemies into seeing something that isn't there by surrounding the area in mist. ( It's also a perfect way to escape danger. )

Hands of Abyssal Mist: Create a bunch of mist hands to punch, slap, grab, or crush the enemies.

Cloud Surfing: Due to clouds being made out of mist. Kasumi can literally use them to fly around the battlefield, and shoot the enemies with her bow and arrow. She can make more than one of these, so her companions can use them.

Mist Teleportation: Turn her body into a mist in order to quickly move around the battlefield. This mist ability can be extremely hot, so if Kasumi were to go through an enemy. That enemy will get serious burns, and may even die from that. ( Kasumi will use this ability if she really needs to get away from the danger, but the enemy is trying to stop her. )

Eternal fog’s depths: Use the mist to blast the enemies from anywhere. Even spots they won’t except it to appear. These blasters can be extremely hot to not serious depending on what Kasumi wants to do with it.

PREVIOUS LIFE’S PERSONALITY: Princess Pisces was honestly very strange to be around with. She would constantly go to the sun kingdom just to playfully mess with the sun princess or the other zodiac guardians, and then pull out a cake from their bag in order to apologize to them if she took it too far. They would also create strange paintings to give to one of the zodiac guardians or to Princess Sun herself. In fact, the paintings are usually the zodiac guardian in question doing something weird as an animal, or it is a beautiful but weird mess of a painting.
Princess Pisces loves music, but for some odd reason. They would create the most ridiculous songs, and sing it to Princess Sun or the other zodiac guardians just to make them laugh.
This princess has a major sweet tooth when it comes to sweets, and will immediately ask for some if she sees someone, who has a lot of it.

Kasumi is a timid girl, who doesn't have any friends. She is smart, but will easily run away from her problems if it becomes too much for her. It is extremely easy to make Kasumi upset, since she isn't confident about herself or her abilities like Princess Pisces. They still love sweets just like her previous life, but she isn’t confident enough to ask someone for it like her previous life used to do.
Kasumi is great at playing the clarinet, and if you manage to become her friend. She will do her best to keep them safe and happy. They can be a bit silly at times, and doesn’t try to take anything too seriously unless it needs to be. If someone is lonely, Kasumi will approach them with a warm smile, and say hello to them. This girl will use her mist powers to give specific people their alone time if it is needed.

“I swore to protect Sunny’s life with my life, because I want to protect her precious future and her happiness. Her life is more important than mine, since her light will protect everybody from the eternal darkness.” said Princess Pisces towards Princess Scorpio when they asked her why she wanted to become the sun princess’s zodiac guardian.
The royal family of the Pisces Constellation has always respected the royal family of the sun kingdom for protecting them from the eternal darkness of space, so when they heard the news about the sun kingdom looking for a potential guardian from each of the constellations for the protection of their princess. Princess Pisces immediately took that offer, because not only was she curious about meeting the famous royal family of the sun. They were hoping to become a potential friend with their princess.
Princess Pisces was eventually accepted to become the zodiac guardian, because of their determination, strength, and intelligence during the zodiac guardian test. She received the magical item to become Sailor Pisces, and then got the chance to meet Princess Sun herself once the zodiac guardian ceremony was over. However, upon meeting the Princess Sun and the other zodiac guardians. She was confused by this, since nobody told her about the other zodiac princesses wanting to protect the sun princess with their lives. Not to mention, the sun princess herself wasn’t at all what she expected her to be. They thought the sun princess would be radiant, confident, serious, and unapproachable.
After getting used to her new job of the sun princess’s zodiac guardian, Princess Pisces took the opportunity to approach the sun princess in the weirdest way possible. They wrote a silly song about three cats messing around with a dog by throwing strings and fishes at them. The dog got angry at the mischievous cats, chased them, and then the three cats rescued the dog when they accidentally fell into a hole. They ended up becoming friends by the end of the song after they apologized to the dog.
After finishing the song, Princess Pisces gave Princess Sun the song she wrote upon seeing her in the hallways, and then turned around to flee after doing that. She knew that it was going to be awkward if they started a small talk with each other, so they used the song she wrote to kinda get around that. They didn’t know about Princess Sun thinking the song she wrote was hilarious, so they ended up approaching them the next day to ask them what they thought about the weird song she wrote. The sun princess said the song was hilarious, and this caused Princess Pisces to hug them from out of nowhere. They were clearly happy about that, since nobody besides her servants and her mother would laugh from her silly songs or appreciate her paintings.
Princess Pisces then put the Princess Sun down after realizing what she did. They said thank you, and ran off in a different direction, because she can’t hide her happiness from them.
In conclusion to that, Princess Pisces started to slowly talk to Princess Sun and the other zodiac guardians. They ended up becoming friends with each other, and just when Princess Pisces thought her life would be like this forever. The invasion from Lord Mazamaki and the chimeras happened.
It caused Princess Pisces to freak out, because she didn’t know where Princess Sun was during that time. In order to protect the kingdom, and find out where Princess Sun was at. She turned into Sailor Pisces, so she can beat up the chimeras that were in her way.
As the battle went on, things started to look hopeless for her, because there were so many chimeras. Princess Pisces thought she was going to die, due to their sheer power. But she however passed out from the queen’s reincarnation spell.

To be the gift one in the Kosinski’s family is nothing more than a nightmare for Kasumi, because her parents’ expectations of her to work on a false dream of being a dentist rather than to do something she would enjoy doing in her life. This resulted in her having no time to focus on making any friends, and even when she does have some free time. Kasumi would spend her time playing on the clarinet instead of doing fun things.
At her school, Kasumi would receive the second highest grade during their tests. It would result in people gossiping about how much of a nerd Kasumi is, and this didn’t get any better once the magazine situation had happened. In fact, that was honestly a big mistake for Kasumi.
The reason for that is, because of how the girls at her school would react to that. They literally wrote loser and freak on the magazines they purchased, and would say that she doesn’t deserve to be on the front cover of the Trinity Zone magazine.
As for her family’s reaction, when it comes to the test grades. Her parents would be upset at their daughter not getting the first place spot, and would rip those test sheets in front of Kasumi’s face for being a disappointment.
Meanwhile, her parents yelled at Kasumi when they found out about the magazine situation. They didn’t approve of Kasumi doing anything that isn’t related to being a dentist or the clarinet in her room. This caused Kasumi to snap from the pressure from her parents. She yelled at her parents, and then went to her room to cry from their loneliness.

VIRTUES: Kind, smart, compassionate, and creative.

VICES: Timid, sensitive, and escapism.

FEARS: Abandonment, Be in a dangerous situation, and Spiders.

EXTRAS: Someone asked Kasumi to take some pictures of her for a few magazine covers, because they thought her beauty would fit with the winter theme. She accepted their offer, and ended up being the talk of the town for a while.
Kasumi does have a older brother named Michael, and he is the family's golden child.
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sailor sun
  • Akari Suzuki

coded by weldherwings.
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knife prty
Saika Shidou, Sailor Leo

  • ROLE // Zodiac Guardian
    FACECLAIM // Irina Jelavic (Assassination Classroom)
    AGE // 20
    LOYALTY // Good; Sailor Sun
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True Black Rose Beauty
NAME: Mazamaki
ROLE: Lord Mazamaki
AGE: 20
POWERS: Wish granting, and Corruption Manipulation
Wish Maker: Mazamaki has the power to grant someone's wish, but he can manipulate the wish to make something that wasn't supposed to happen to appear. His favorite targets are those who feel lost in their life.

Corruption Sword: This sword is made out of pure corruption from Mazamaki's heart. He uses this to strike his enemies down, and if the sword leaves a cut on them. It will eventually corrupt them to the point of them being under his control.

Corruption Teleportation: This guy can teleport by using his corruption to quickly close the gap on his enemies.

Corruption Missiles: Fire a bunch of corruption missiles at their enemies, and it can still corrupt them if they are hit by it.

Corruption Clones: They can create clones from their corruption in order to attack their enemies like a mini army. They aren't safe, because these clones can affect them with the corruption by using the owner's attacks. However, they aren't as powerful as Mazamaki himself.

PERSONALITY: Mazamaki hates everybody besides the Chimeras equally, because everybody in the universe gets to have a happy life while he has to deal with harassing all of their negativity. He wants them to suffer from the same pain he has been dealing with for years. Even if that means killing all life in the universe.
As for the Chimeras, they are used to dealing with him, and wouldn't dare to betray him. To betray him would be a death sentence, and it will make him more angry than usual when that does happen. Mazamaki is usually seen with a neutral face around the chimeras, because he doesn't hate them as much as everybody else.
He especially hates everybody, who is from the sun or moon kingdom, and will do anything in his power to destroy them. Even if that means dragging their friends and family into danger, because he wants them gone permanently.
They don't understand any of the positive emotions, because the ancient chimeras didn't create him to experience those weak emotions. However, he is smart enough to think for himself.

HIS BACKGROUND: There once was a young boy named Mazamaki, who is from a far away solar system called Misteria. He was created on an asteroid called Sutheitov by the ancient chimeras, because they wanted to create a dark god, who would destroy the whole universe. Although, he didn't understand why they were like this at first. Mazamaki knew he should listen to them, since they had created him for an important reason. Their life on the asteroid was peaceful despite him never knowing what the ancient chimeras would do when they weren't around. When they were there, they would teach the young Mazamaki about magic, the history of their people, how they were forced to live on this horrible asteroid, and etc. This is when the chimeras realized how dangerous Mazamaki's anger is, because the little boy, who was the universe's negativity sponge, got so angry at what he was told from the chimera teachers. They literally destroyed everything in the room by firing his unknown corruption missiles everywhere. The chimera teachers were extremely lucky, since they immediately ran out of the room before Mazamaki's anger would explode.
Upon this news reaching the retired lord of the ancient chimeras, they had a smile on their face. The retired lord of the ancient chimeras: Zindo had expected for a situation like this to happen sooner or later, since he knew about Mazamaki being a ticking time bomb. After all, he knew about the real reason for Mazamaki's creation. That boy was created to be a powerful weapon in order to destroy the whole universe.

By the time, Mazamaki had become an adult. He learned the real reason for his existence, and mastered his wish granting and corruption manipulation. Zindo even passed on this title of being the lord of the ancient chimeras to him, and told them to never show his enemies any mercy. They don't deserve it, and they need to suffer from having to deal with managing Mazamaki's corruption with their powers, and for their barely uninhabitable condition on the asteroid before Mazamaki's wish granting power appeared.

Eventually, Mazamaki managed to handle his new role as the current lord of the chimeras, and would cause chaos on the other planets just as the retired lord would do.

After many years have passed, Mazamaki and the chimeras have destroyed a bunch of planets. It wasn't long until the Sutheitov asteroid would find their new victim, because it would automatically hurtle towards the sun kingdom. Upon landing, Lord Mazamaki made his grand appearance, and walked towards the sun queen in an elegant way.
He didn’t know if they scared the innocent sun queen with his emotionless presence, but he didn't care about that. All Mazamaki cared about was to destroy the sun kingdom by using her wish against her.
He told her about hearing her wish, and said that he would grant it. However, the sun queen was being stubborn about the whole wish thing. This caused Mazamaki to use the insisting method in getting what he wanted from the sun queen by saying sweet words into her ears like how the wish will save her beloved kingdom from danger.
When the sun queen took the bait, Mazamaki immediately used his wish granting power to twist the good wish into a bad one. Despite the sun queen's pathetic attempt to try to stop him and the chimeras, it was too late for her to do that now. They successfully moved the sun to cause the first eclipse, since Mazamaki knew it would cause the most damage. He then gave the chimeras a nod, so they would automatically attack everybody in the sun kingdom without saying anything to them.

Shortly after the genocide was over, Mazamaki walked over to the fallen sun queen's body to spit on it. He then said that a pathetic person like her isn't worthy to be a leader, because you needed to make a wish to save your precious kingdom. Mazamaki and the chimeras headed back to the Sutheitov asteroid after successfully finishing their mission to cause chaos on this new victim.

3-5 VIRTUES: Intelligent, patient, manipulative, and powerful.
3-5 VICES: Doesn't understand positive emotions, his anger is destructive, shows no mercy towards his enemies, and he hates everybody.
3-5 FEARS: Having to experience the unknown positive emotions, betrayal from the chimeras, the possibility of any sun or moon survivors coming after him, and not being in control of the situation.

Mazamaki likes to eat gummy bears, smores, salads, and any fancy meals from his chimera chefs. In fact, he secretly likes to eat anything that is delicious, and would wish for it to appear when he is in his room.
He likes to drink chocolate milkshakes, and might say yummy to himself in the most emotionless way possible.
They are excellent at their swordsmanship, and he does know how to create a fair fight. He just chooses to be unfair when fighting against his opponents or enemies, so he would get the advantage.
Mazamaki has an alien fox plushie named Ms. Periwinkle in his room, but he doesn't talk about that.
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FACE CLAIM: Chitoge Kirisaki From Nisekoi


POWERS: Healing, Combination Attacks,

ATTACKS: Moon Healing Activation: Moon Blade Attack: Combination Attack with Sister: Moon Healing Tears

PERSONALITY: Mika is for the most part an introverted and quiet individual. Enjoying fading in the background but when push comes to shove she can place on a smile and entertain. She enjoys others being happy and often puts her sister far before herself at times. She often gives up on herself or anything that challenges her easily. Making it a bit difficult to handle being a scout.

PREVIOUS LIFE: Mika, in her past life, was often kept to herself. Her very existence was an act of kindness and a miracle. Her father had discarded her mother and herself to live a life of solitude within the moon palace. At times, this was a blessing, but it made them both feel outlasted. Mika's mother has been betrayed not only by her lover but also by her very blood, the sun princess. Though she tried her best to be a good and well-intentioned mother, the bitter jealousy and pain from the abandonment of two people she so admired ate away at her soul. Mika was a first-hand witness to this. Her mother was a beautiful and buoyant ray of moonlight. However, she faded quickly and became easily manipulated by the shadows of darkness. Mika being just a child, felt confused and alone. Where did she fit? How did she belong? Mika was the closest to her first cousin; even though it was shrouded in secrecy, they had a strong bond. Almost like they were twins? Mika also gathered some comfort and guidance from her supportive scouts, who helped the moon princess raise her child. They were teachers and companions. Some of them are not much older than Mika herself. Relatable. Some of the constellation royalty became her favoured acquaintances as well. It often took a layer of secrecy not to reveal her true identity.

REINCARNATED LIFE: Mika wears many masks as a necessity to survive, having a sister who is a famous idol and a mother consumed with that. Growing up had its mixture of complexities. Even though it was a blessing to have a talented sister who could bring in a steep income, that helped provide Mika with anything and everything she wanted. Although, she would toss that all in a heartbeat to have her parent's genuine affection and attention. Never feeling adequate, she often didn't try her hardest in school and often slacked off in many areas of her life. Sometimes, not show up to classes at all and sneak out of the house for days. It wasn't that she despised her parents or her sister. How could she? It was just that the gravity of feeling like a shadow deflecting the light of Akira, the most crucial ray of sunshine in her life, was unbearable at times. So, like a shadow, she would fade for a while but always come back. She never graduated high school but opted to drop out and find her way instead. She keeps a pretty steady income as a temp for various agencies. It was actually at one of these agencies she met Ryuji Takasu. An innovative and put-together young man. They met when she worked as a secretary for his independent app company. Ryuji and Mika soon became very close, and he started encouraging her to finish high school and reach her dreams of being a teacher one day. As odd as it sounds, that had been Mika's dream since she was four, but she never thought she had the brains or willpower to follow through. So Ryuji became her support system, and eventually, she started dabbling in the night course with his encouragement. Though complexities arise again as Mika discovers she is a sailor moon, Ryuji might be sailor Virgo. She couldn't help but feel her sister was once again encroaching on something that was her own. But, his mission and duty are to protect the sun, and she returns to being just a shadow. Feelings brew strongly beneath that serene smile, and Mika is afraid one day she might break. (edited)


To help further conceal her appearance her hair is transformed up and out of her face. A mask and cape help her to further conceal her features from others and the cape helps her with agility and her natural nimble side.

Three Vices: Her close feelings for sailor Virgo being his best friend, her conflicting feelings she can't control, her sister being a public idol
Three Fears: Losing people she cares about, Not being good enough, Failing as a sailor scout,
Three Strengths: Her ability to go with the flow, her resiliency, her ability to hold her tongue

Lunar Bunny

Space Cadet
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)


✦ Merikh

─★ Chimera Helper

─★ Asura from Onmyoji Arena

─★ 25

✦ Evil; Chimeras

POWERS Fire/Smoke Manipulation


Solar Blitz

─★ Infuses himself and a weapon with fire energy that increases his speed while granting his weapon the ability to burn those it comes in contact with. His footsteps leave behind a smoldering trail.

Retribution Aura

─★ Creates a small fire vortex around himself that, when released, may cover a small area in a fiery blast.

Smoke Mirage

─★ Conjures a look-alike made of smoke that can attack but can't use any of Merikh's abilities. The illusion explodes from one hit.




✦ While he had always been serious, Merikh’s disposition has changed into something cold and callous, nothing at all like he was before. Any shred of warmth or lightheartedness appears to have vanished, replaced only with contempt and sardonic smiles. To those who knew him well in the past, Merikh may come across as a twisted copy of the person they once knew. In fact, Merikh has no recollection of his former self, the scouts or even the sun princess-- at least directly. Buried somewhere deep inside traces of the past still linger and although his loyalties lie with Lord Mazamaki now, this does not make Merikh a mindless follower.

✦ Protective
/ Brave / Loyal

✦ Arrogant
/ Stubborn / Mischievous




─★ Merikh spent his formative years an orphan in the sun kingdom. He survived the streets alone until he was noticed by a member of the castle guards who, recognizing his potential for combat, recruited him into the queen’s army. From there Merikh quickly scaled the ranks, eventually earning himself the position of royal guard. This decision was not without contention of course. Although many could vouch for Merikh’s displays of good character, honor, and dedication as well as his skill as a soldier, others called his background into question, arguing that someone of his ilk couldn’t be trustworthy. After much back and forth, it was finally agreed that Merikh would be appointed the personal guardian of princess Akari, to the displeasure of some in the court.

At first, Merikh was cordial but professional, unwilling to reveal much about himself. This somber attitude wasn’t destined to last however as the princess made it her mission to break him out of his shell. Like a stone beaten by the ocean tide, eventually princess Akari’s cheerfulness and playful teasing eroded his composure. Before long the two were constantly whispering and holding back laughter throughout the day, both feigning to be attendant to their duties.

Merikh disappeared the night Lord Mazamaki attacked the two kingdoms. Some believed he had been slain; others claimed that he had betrayed them all. Whatever happened that night all those years ago one thing is clear-- Merikh is an enemy.


✦ Main weapons are swords and spears which are conjured from fire magic. His weapon will shatter if discarded or if he falls in battle.

✦ Occasionally listens to Akari's music on his downtime.


Local Queer
NAME: Arisu Nyoko
FC: Saki Tenma (Project Sekai)
ROLE: Sailor Scout: Sailor Capricorn
AGE: 19
Weapon Conjuration
As Sailor Capricorn, Arisu has the power to manifest any weapon she sees fit for the situation. Whether it be a mace, battle axe, or throwing star, she’s always ready for for battle.
Furious Flail
Summons a spiked flail, lashing it violently at the enemy

Armory Assault
Summons a storm of various weapons to attack the enemy.

Hammer Quake
Summons a large hammer, smashing it into the ground causing a poweful earthquake.

Naginata Noble Slash
Summons a Naginata, slashing violently and sending energy waves towards the enemy.

Arisu is very helpful, kind, and loyal. She’s always there for a friend in need and will always help where she can. However, she can get very competitive and can come off as clingy at times which often causes people to be driven away from her.

Princess Capricorn spent most of her time doing public events such as speeches, festivals, etc. She made it clear that she put her people above all else. She was often regarded as the most benevolent ruler of them all. When the day came for the Zodiac Guardians of the Sun Princess to be chosen, most didn’t expect her to step up.

It was a tough decision, putting her royal duties aside. But if it was to protect and possibly befriend someone from the family she looked up to so much, she knew she had to take it. She was chosen because of her determination, loyalty, and compassion.

After only a few weeks on the job, she had already made close bonds with the princess and the other guardians. She would always propose the idea of picnics or tea parties, anything where they could all just sit down and chat or something. She felt like this was her true destiny, until it all came crashing down.

The invasion came, Capricorn along with the other guardians did their best to defend the princess. Despite her efforts, Capricorn was severely wounded during the battle. As she felt like slipping away, she saw them. Her friends, the princess, everyone. And before she could get up to keep fighting, the reincarnation spell was cast.

Arisu was born to a wealthy family with a long line of professional fencers. She started her lessons when she was young, and though her father would often push her a bit far she had a good upbringing. She had many friends, went to a really good school, and was overall pretty popular among her peers. She even competed in competitions and won awards for her skill.

Despite this, she still felt empty somewhere. She felt like she had everything handed to her, and felt bad for those less fortunate than her. To fill this emptiness, she started to do volunteer work such as helping out at soup kitchens and organizing food drives.

She founded a volunteer group called The Gold Knights which quickly grew. She became known not only for her status as a fencer, but also for her work helping people in need. She now attends college, and runs The Gold Knights during her off time. She feels good about what she’s doing, and is confident that she’ll keep at it forever.

Loyal, Ambitious, Compassionate

Competitive, Prideful, Clingy
Spiders, Heights, Being useless
She’s allergic to hazelnuts
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Goth Wonder Girl ☾

NAME | Katori Beaumont
ROLE | Sailor Venus

AGE | Eighteen
LOYALTY/ALIGNMENT | Neutral Good, Sailor Moon
POWERS | Chlorokinesis; the manipulation of plant-life, Psychometry; the psychic ability to perceive residual information

First | Rose Lariat; materializes a corporeal vine lariat, spiked with rose thorns
Second | Vile Reflection; summons a mystical silver mirror that can reflect attacks
Third | Flower Shot; crimson and green colored thorns pierce into foes
Fourth | Garden of Restoration; many different flowers sprout from the earth, forming a patch of healing
Fifth | Wrath of Nature; large mystical vines emerge from the earth to strike foes

PERSONALITY | Katori is a relatively amicable girl, who enjoys socializing and making friends. She is a bold individual who exudes an aura of compassion. A bit of a drama queen at times, and stubborn to a fault, Katori cares greatly about her appearance and can come across as vain.

PREVIOUS LIFE | In her past life, Princess Venus was the capitalistic proprietor of a spa located in the Moon Kingdom; called The Blooming Crescent. Everyone from the Moon and Sun Kingdoms came to enjoy the opulent beauty of an entirely floral interior, spending celestial currency on nothing short of; healing massages, enchanted makeovers, and scorching mud baths.

Being the CEO of The Blooming Crescent, made Princess Venus very wealthy. The girl did not know work, and often only made decisions for the business. Little is remembered of this lavish life, although at a certain point Venus grew bored of only making decisions and when she was offered the position of Sailor Guardian of the Moon Kingdom, she couldn't refuse.

REINCARNATED LIFE | In the countryside of Japan, Katori was born to Chitose Kutsuki; a shrine maiden belonging to the house of the decayed tree, and Atticus Beaumont; a French investment banker who took an interest in Shintō, who spent one summer traveling in Japan and decided to stay at the temple of she who invites. He fell in love with the priestess who lived there and moved to the country. As it was required of Chitose to remain at the temple, eventually its inhabitants grew from one, two, and finally three.

As Katori aged and lived, it did not come to her mother's surprise when she would touch objects or people—she could tell others things about what she touched. The Kutsuki Family was a house of priests and priestesses, so when Katori showed signs of a psychic ability often referred to in the modern day as psychometry, Chitose was filled with overwhelming glee. Atticus, the Frenchman who this was all new to, held an air of slight trepidation.

It was only natural that Katori became a maiden of Izanami; the death goddess, in her family's worship.

VIRTUES | Affectionate, Eccentric, Courageous, Resilient
VICES | Vain, Dramatic, Holds Grudges
FEARS | Pyrophobia, Losing Touch with Spirituality, Germs

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A walking dumpster fire

Seiya Arai

Sailor Sagittarius

Full Name

Seiya Arai


Open to having one given








December 13th



  • hair

    Seiya's hair is black but can sometimes be seen with blonde either in the under layers or a patch of it somewhere for contrast. It's a bit on the long side, hitting his shoulders, and sometimes can be longer. It's layered and sometimes he will pull it up in a half ponytail out of his face.


    Eyes are blue with a mix of green in them.



    body mods.

    He has his ears pierced and you can see him with green emeralds hanging from them.


    Howl Pendragon - Howl's Moving Castle

♡coded by uxie♡

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Wishful Dream

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NAME: Carnelian. (Carnie for a nickname.)

ROLE: Chimera Helper


AGE: 19

LOYALTY/ALIGNMENT Evil currently; Chimeras, lord mazamaki.

POWERS: Fire Magic.


💚 Green Fire Prosperic Chaos 🔥
This attack channels the power of green fire. Carnelian is engulfed by these green flames and projects them outward and a barrage of flame blasts. These flames leave a Green mark upon the place of contact, but doesn’t set the target aflame. These green marks will disappear over the course of a day. They will however feel there will be spontaneous burning feelings as it remains on them. This attack is perfect for attacking a group of enemies, as well as causing destruction.

💙 Tranquil Blue Fire Fang 🔥
Channeling the blue flames, this attack mixes both fire and cold temperatures. These flames can reach temperatures as cold as touching ice. Carnelian created this attack purely to confuse the enemy as usually flames aren’t cold.

🔥 Flame Camouflage 🥷
This spell utilizes flames that spark at the feet and travel their way up the body. As they do this, they cloak carnelians body and make her invisible for 2 post orders.

🔥 Flame Comet☄️
This attack surrounds cornelian in red flames that take the form of the sphere. This enables her to fly and rush around the area, if it collided with something with high density, it can cause an explosion.


Carnelian has a slick yet playful personality. She enjoys being chaotic, and surprising others with her chaotic self. Carnelian enjoys a good challenge, which can lead to her biting off more than she can chew. She can also be passionate at times, which makes sense, given her fire abilities. Nothing is more aggravating to her than harmful lies like cheating on someone, pretending to be someone’s friend for the wrong reasons, etc. She is loyal to those she considers friends, and when they need her, she will be there for them. Despite her sinister appeal, carnelian is actually a nice person to be around, that is if your on her good side (it’s a different story when your on her bad side). Carnelian seeks the adrenaline rush, which can lead her to doing video games, going to clubs, sports, or crazy stunts. She has a lot of energy, and when channeled, she can do anything. This leads her to having a great determination. She also enjoys toying with her enemies.


In her beginning carnelian was only 1 of 2, a twin to be exact. These twins originated from the territories of the Gemini kingdom, the kingdom represented by a set of twins. Carnelian and her twin brother were incubating peacefully, in the gorgeous universe. However…fate was cruel to them, separating the twins from birth. As her brother found his way to the sun kingdom, carnelians path led her to a more darker place. Before she became conscious, the stars guided her to a place of darkness, an asteroid, ruled by an alien race, the chimeras. The ruler of the chimeras, lord mazamaki, ended up adopting the orphan girl, turning her into one member of his loyal legion of warriors, the Chimera helpers. Though there was a catch to this. Somehow, some point in her time there, carnelian was cursed by lord mazamaki, a curse that compelled her to be his loyal subordinate. Growing up with the chimeras, and lord mazamaki, taught carnelian how to use her fire magic, a magic that came naturally for her. But this was not all, carnelian would also adopt the sinister attitude of the chimeras, lusting and striving for power. However, no amount of power could remedy the feelings she had, the feeling like someone was missing, like the other half was missing. This never made sense to her, but it would always remain deep inside.

One fateful day, carnelian heard a prayer, a wish, from someone in the distance. A lonely heart aching for healing, it radiated off the queen who caught the attention of lord mazamaki. The same queen who would unknowingly seal the fate of her kingdom. Carnelian, like the other chimeras, assisted in destroying the sun kingdom, sparing no one from their wrath. Finally, at last carnelian could unleash her chaos upon something, the sun kingdom had so much to destroy, it seemed like her own personal playground. However, one was spared, one man, who one taken in by lord mazamaki. A man named Merikh. Carnelians feelings of missing another half was now remedied. She wasn’t in love with the man, but he somehow felt familiar to her, like she knew him somehow. He was a mystery she desired to unravel.


Planet earth is open for the taking, a planet full of resources, and a new playground. Lord mazamaki has given the chimeras permission to cause chaos on the planet, as much as they can do. It was like handing candy to a child for carnelian. Once again she had the chance to cause more chaos and destruction, however, would she find the sailor guardians who now protect the planet? Only time can tell.

Determined, loyal, Fun-Loving, Dependable.


Mischievous, destructive, Apathetic to her enemies.


Loosing those she cares about, being backstabbed, never finding intimacy.


She has trouble burning down nature as she sees it as a beautiful thing.


The senpai who noticed
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NAME: Briallen Alexander
ROLE: Sailor Cancer
FACECLAIM: 1655133231750.png

AGE: 23
POWERS: Water manipulation

ATTACKS: Aqua Dome: A large dome of water forms over those around her to offer a shield from ranged attacks
Sea Breeze: Revitalizes her allies, healing their wounds and boosting their stamina with a refreshing, salty ocean breeze
Melodious Maelstrom: Sailor Cancer performs a series of spins which generates a whirlpool beneath her foes, trapping them in place

PERSONALITY: Briallen is that girl that everyone turns to for advice and to vent their feelings, but rarely does she say what is on her mind. She feels a deep empathy for others, and it often colors her judgement. Ambition is foreign to her since she would rather see others happy and thriving than focus on herself. She's the girl that everyone has seen and spoken to yet no one really knows. When it comes to friends, Briallen is exceptionally loyal. Once permitted into her inner circle, she will cling with white knuckles to that friendship and do anything and everything to keep it. She's quite insecure, and sometimes she makes rather rash decisions based on her gut feelings rather than taking the time to really think things through.
PREVIOUS LIFE: Briallen hailed from the Cancer kingdom once upon a time as the youngest of four princesses. The court was a rather informal affair with an open door policy for the royal audience chamber so that even the peasants could have their voices heard. Everyone was important in the Cancer kingdom, the royalty understanding that they wouldn't have anything if it weren't for the peasantry doing their tasks. Since she was the youngest, Briallen didn't really have any duties to speak of. Oh, sure, she had tutors to make sure that she was a well-learned woman, but Briallen was permitted to pursue her interests without anyone troubling her.

That was until she was called to be a guardian for the princess of the sun. Briallen's first reaction was, 'Why me?' since she had older sisters who would have surely been far more capable than she at such a task. Still, she couldn't refuse a request when so politely offered, and it wasn't as though she had much of a life to give up. What could possibly go wrong?

REINCARNATED LIFE: Briallen was born to an American Airman who was stationed at Misawa Air Force Base in Misawa, Japan and a Japanese lady that he met while stationed there. Briallen's mother, Yukiko, readily agreed to travel with her husband as he was moved to a few different stations. Rufus Alexander really loved his time in Misawa, and so he moved the family that now included a young Briallen back to Misawa so that he could work at the air base as a civilian. The constant moves made having friends difficult for Briallen, but she did her best to adjust and put her best foot forward. She tended to go out of her way to approach people and have conversations, anything to keep the gnawing loneliness at bay. She had discovered a love of dance and found that it was a wonderful constant in a life that kept being changed dramatically. Rufus and Yukiko supported their daughter's desire to pursue dance and theater, her parents often attending events that she participated in. Her father could be a little embarrassing with his enthusiasm, but it never failed to make her smile.

Briallen made a decent mark in the local theater scene, but she wasn't satisfied with just that. There was still so much she could learn to hone her craft, so she pursued education in Fine Arts. Both at the events she participated in and at her school Briallen drew a bit of attention from the young men. It always led to a rather awkward encounter since Briallen didn't want too offend anyone or hurt their feelings in any way, but she just didn't find any of the men attractive to her in the least. Instead, she was much more drawn to her fellow female dancers, but she completely choked before she could ever so much as utter more than a stammered compliment to them.

Virtues: Briallen is loyal to a fault, empathetic, and generous much like her father.
Vices: She jumps to conclusions quite often, trusting her gut rather than what logic would dictate, complete doormat when met with a much more domineering personality, quite passive-aggressive. Definitely the kind of person to leave snarky post-it notes. Once you're her friend then she can be a bit smothering and has difficult time understanding when to back off, immediately assuming that she did something wrong rather than her friend needs to breathe.
Fears: Disappointing her family, losing her friends, spiders. She would rather jump out a three story window than be next to a spider.
EXTRAS: The quickest way to Briallen's heart is through sweets. What, she burns off the calories so what's the big deal?

Wishful Dream

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NAME: Alana DawnRose

ROLE: Moons lover


AGE: 19

LOYALTY/ALIGNMENT: Sailor scouts, but sailor moon most definitely.

POWERS: Energy manipulation, Psychic Senses.


⭐️Starlights scornful fang⭐
This attack is basically an energy beam. Alana will gather her energy and unleash it as a powerful beam willed with the intent of striking down the enemy. However Alana must have her mind fully set on attack without hesitation, if there is hesitation, the beam will be weaker then normal or may not even work.

🟣Divine Protection🟣
This spell utilizes purple energy and forms a dome shield. Alana powers The shield is powered by the intention and desire to protect herself aswell as others.

🪶 Blessing of the feathers 🪶
Blessing of the feathers is a non-offensive spell, instead it’s more of an enchantment. This spell coats the casted in a gentle divine white glow, and grants the person the power of flight.

🌠 Fly with the stars 🌠
Another non-offensive spell, this spell like blessing of the feathers, grants the power of flight. However this spell is casted upon Alana herself. She is coated in yellow energy and is capable of flying as fast as a shooting star.

❤️‍🩹 Healing Vibes 💚
This spell is a healing spell. Using the power of healing intentions, Alana can use this spell to coat others in a green energy. This energy will heal the person of their injuries. However depending on the severity of the injuries, healing may take longer or may not even work at all.

PERSONALITY: Alana is a balance of masculine and feminine energy, making her fluent in both mannerisms. Since she is a balance of masculine and feminine, she is in turn strong and independent, yet also sensitive and thoughtful. She is careful on how she communicates, which often leaves her taking a moment to collect her thoughts and choosing her words carefully. She does this so her point gets across the way she wants it to and not leaving room for mis-interpretation. Alana has a good morality and fair judgement, making sure she respects others and respects their rights. She is fair to others, and won’t trample on them. Alana also believes in love is love, and respects others identities. She bares no prejudice towards others identities. She only condemnes others who wish to harm others based of unjust Negativity.


The universe, such a vaste place, full of unique places and marvelous things. Some life forms may have originated from planets, stars, nebulas, etc, the list could go on. However, this story revolves around a tribe of magical beings born within a comet. These people traveled throughout the universe, visiting several star systems, planets, galaxies, etc. among these people, was Alana. Growing up, Alana had the blessing of seeing several creations of the universe, learning several important truths and values of life. This tribe often stopped at celestial bodies, exploring them and enjoying their unique structure and features. one of these planets, was earth, a planet rich with life. Earth was different, it seemed lush with life energy, vibrant with positive vibes, it was alluring to the cosmic travelers coming across it with their comet home. It wasn’t a hard decision, the tribe easily decided to settle on the planet for alittle while. the cosmic travelers Drove the comet into earth’s atmosphere and turned it into a cloud, this was so they could blend in with the planet and still travel around to cite see. The tribe decided to depart, however Alana stayed behind with there home. Alana did admire earth, but her interests lied somewhere else, which was the moon. Something about the moon drew Alana in, like something was waiting for her there. Something important. It was like the universe urged her to travel to the moon, to explore it, So, she did. Alana would travel up to the moon, feeling it’s gentle lunar energy was like diving into the ocean. It was different gazing upon the earth from the moon, but it was nice, almost like it was a bird on a pirch, Watching life go by. Alana found something that she believed drew her in, a kingdom, a moon kingdom. Alana had seen several kingdoms before, all were unique in their own way, yet this one, seemed different. It was most definitely the source of the calling she felt to the moon. She wandered about the kingdom, trying to see what was calling her there, however she found nothing. Nothing seemed to be the reason of her calling, so she eventually decided to give it a rest for now. Once she made it back to earth, she had a vision, a vision of destruction on the moon kingdom. Worried about the vision, she informed the leaders of the tribe. Considering the safety of the tribe, the leaders voted to flee the planet, however Alana couldn’t leave without warning the moon kingdom, so she flees to the moon kingdom to warn it. However, she was stopped by an evil alien being, known as a chimera. Alana had no idea what this being was, but the energy around it was malevolent, indicating that it was bad news. The chimera had been scouting the area, assuming that Alana was apart of the 3 kingdoms, they decided to launch an attack. “The little star has strayed to far from the group, to bad it will be the death of you.” Spoke the chimera, who unleashed their magic upon the girl. However Alana protected herself with divine protection, yet once the spell faded, the chimera shot an attack at Alana, striking her down, and sending her back to earth. As Alana descended down to earth, she fell unconscious. Fate ruled that Alana wouldn’t die at this moment, and guided her falling path to a place on earth that was most mysterious. The Bermuda Triangle. Alana landed in the triangle, falling deep into its waters, where she would sleep and heal over the years.


Time has now flowed by, how long though, is uncertain to most. Alana has awoken from her slumber, now healed, but everything is new, different even. Alana can’t remember anything, she doesn’t know who she is or where she came from. However she somehow still remembers her magical abilities, likely due to her psychic abilities giving her information about her magical abilities. But now she’s desperately trying to fit in this new world, a world she does not know. She’s managed to use her abilities to help her get a secure home, cloths, and food, but the question still remains. Who is she? And where did she come from? Only time can tell what happens next.

3-5 VIRTUES: Fair, thoughtful, respectful.

3-5 VICES: Gets Paranoid, May keep her troubles to herself, can burn herself out.

3-5 FEARS: Things going wrong, loosing those she cared about, things that make her paranoid.

EXTRAS: I did this in a rush, so the back story may seemed rushed and have holes in it.

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