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My first idea is the heroes stopped Salem's plan to end the world but something unexpected happened after words by unknown causes(or we can come up eith a reason) Grimm began to evolve becoming Huminod stronger and smarter and jn a few years they become the dominant species on the planet theh took over thr cities and have their own society living in houses and other stuff and veiw Humans and Faunus as nothing more then aninals and vermin who grimm hunt or use for other things.

now Humans and Faunus live in the wilds in groups or alone trying to stay alive years after this happened some trying to find a way to fix things while others have given up.

i have a OC who's Ruby and Jaune's son id like to use in this i think it be interesting to have a character who's only ever known this way of life.

so thinking Ruby and Jaune are leaders of a camp or live alone.

we can discuss more details i have some idea of what could happen if your interested.

My 2nd idea is a a universe where Humans and Faunus's roles are reversed Faunus are the more dominant species while Humans are looked down abone thinking like Blake would be the rich one here.

either Humans live like Faunus in the main universe did or maybe its worse for them and Humans are seen as basically animals and are forced to live in the wild or something.

thinking we'd explore the main characters in this world either at the ages they are in the show or as adults having lived longer lives here and have kids like the OC I mentioned earlier.

we can discuss who plays who and stuff if interested.

or maybe its like the JLXRWBY movie where they wake up in this different world but thinks its normal for a bit before starting to remember things.

My last idea has spoilers for vol 9 so if you haven't seen it yet be warned

My idea is Ruby finds Jaune before he gets sent back in time and ends up getting sent back with him and being stuck here and going through what happened in those years that happened in the show they start to give up on finding a way home and live together for years and have a kid and a few years later The others find them and they'd have to convince them they have to go and try to find a way home

we can add to this if you're interested and we can discuss who plays who although if possible I would like someone to be either Ruby or Jaune

Then we can each be one of the other team RWBY member you can have first picks I'm not picky.

Ruby and Jaune's kid is a next Gen OC I have and thought it be a interesting idea having a character who has only lived in the ever after and has been told stories of remnant like they are fairy tales.

I was thinking like in the show they would find a way home Ruby and Jaune De age like how Jaune did in the show then we can do different stuff from there depending on what you want either have the reunite with the others or a time skip to like a bit after they best Salem so we don't to try and think about how that works or a bit of both.

And I know someone will ask if you want to use your OC in this I would like it to make sense like they probably wouldn't be in the ever after stuff unless you can somehow make it make sense after that stuff they'd probably work better.
We can discuss that if your interested and also want to use a OC.

please note be more then one character in these so its fair and don't expect me to reply with like 5 sentences i don't reply that long.

So if interested let me know which idea your interest in

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