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Not a single star could be seen on the endless sea of ebony above. Thick ribbons of smoke blooding out everything behind it. Instead ash and soot mixed with freshly falling snow. Behind her the city she was fleeing burned. Towering flames seem to dance as they tried to reach the endless night sky. Panic, screams and fighting echoed all about as they melded with the crackling roar of the blazing inferno that was once her home. Still, she couldn't stop. It wasn't safe.

It was hard to hear her feet pounding against the frozen earth as her heart thundered in her chest. Only a thin gown and shawl to keep her warm as she fled the warring scene behind her. Cishara had just settled down for the night when the attack started. A small band of rebels looking for something. But that was all she got out of the yells and screams around her. By the time she had fully come too, her little house was on fire. Tangled strands of cinnamon hair clung to the sweat on her ivory rose skin.

A sob escaped trembling lips as she ran on. Forcing her legs to keep moving. Even in the cold. Especially in the cold. Last thing she needed to do was stop for a good cry. Although, stopping for something more to wear could have been helpful. If only she had thought of that at the time. Her thin garments and slippers didn't offer much protection and were already soaked through. "Why?" The single word shuttered between chattering teeth. Already she could feel herself slowing. "Keep going." Cishara huffed. Trying to will herself to keep moving forward. However everything was starting to become blurry. It was getting hard to breathe. Before she knew it, the ground spun up to hit her in the face. Unable to move any more, everything went dark as the snow continued to fall. The last thing she could remember was the sound of crunching snow as someone approached.
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Caramel eyes fluttered open with a sharp inhale. "Where?" Cishara muttered as she tried to recall what happened. The last thing she remembers were ribbons of raven hair waving in the light breeze. The pale moon finally peaking out from behind the smoke and clouds. Making the glowing snow and ash look like falling blossoms out of season. "There was a-" Before she could finish the thought a voice rang out.

"You're awake." The deep timbre of his voice was unlike anything she had ever heard before. "I was beginning to wonder." The disembodied voice added. "What do you remember before passing out in the snow?" He finally came into view holding a bowl in his hands. Easily standing more than 6ft. Long black hair pulled back in a smooth ponytail.

"Who are you? How did I get here?" Cishara asked, pulling the blanket up under her chin in the process. After all, he was a stranger. Didn't know anything about him. Just that her town was under attack.

He chuckled before dropping to one knee. "Going with all the cliches are we? You must have been hurt worse then I thought." Reaching out to place a hand to her forehead as he spoke. "At least the fever is gone. Think you can drink some broth?"

Her cheeks burned as she felt the heat of his hand against her skin. His nonchalant demeanor taking most if the bluster out of her sails. All She could do was give a nod to his answer. Her stomach sounding off at the prospect of food of any type. Shifting on the bed, Cishara sat up to take the bowl from him. Sipping the broth slowly.

"To answer some of your questions, I was on my way to Emelle when the fighting started. The streets erupting in fire as scream's echoed all around." He paused before looking to the girl that sat there listening to him. "I tried to find the person I was there to see. But his shop was already destroyed with no signs of if him. So I started to leave. That's when I spotted you." He paused to see if she was following still. Or if she was too enthralled with the broth to pay any attention to him. "An arrow was sticking out of your shoulder. You were clearly freezing as well. Didn't think you would last long like that. Sure enough, you passed out before getting to someplace safe."

Cishara frowned as she listened. Not remembering the arrow. If he was new to the area then where were they staying? Questions she wasn't ready to ask yet. "Does my savior have a name?" Finding out more about this man first was the wise choice. "Where are we if you were just passing through?" She added. The question came sooner than she planned but it just slipped out.
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I am interested in space pirates/cowboys drop me a DM please if its still open :)
"What's going on?" Colette asked as she put the last stitch into the hem if the noble's dress. Her long caramel hair was pulled back into a lazy bun with stray tendrils flying every which way. Her simple tailors garb equally a mess with pins and thread hanging off her tan sleeves.

"I'm not sure. Sounds like a tiff of some kind. Worry not about the ongoing of others affairs. Worry about your job and finish this already." The woman hissed, less then pleased at the time it was taking to get the job done. "I shan't look like, well you, when I am presented to court and king toda.." Her words were cut short with screams and shouting. The sound of metal clashing and body shuffling echoed just outside the door.

As something or someone slammed against the wall, both women yelped in fear. Colette rose up. She wasn't the tallest in the room only standing 5'3. Paired with the way her clothes hung from her body, it was easy to see the young woman had missed a meal or two. "It's more than a squabble my lady." Trembling words were hardly audible as she moved to place her scant frame between the woman and the door. An oversized pocket swallowed her hand as she reached for a pair of her sharpest scissors. Goose bumps quickly spread across ivory skin as she tried to keep the onslot of fear in check.

A few more clashes was heard, then a thud and something being knocked over. Soon an loud cry rang out then silence from the other side of the door. As the door started to open, Colette struck out with shaking hands. Did they know she was there to kill the king? Were they after her? Large gantlet cladded hands grabbed her wrist in a vise like grip, stopping her feeble attack.

"We are under attack. The King is dead. We are evacuating the palace." The armored man said. His eyes locked onto the tailor before slowly letting her wrist go. Shifting to speak with nobility in the room. "Take the west most wing. It's the safest last I heard."

The two didn't hesitate to flee while they could. Quickly making their way to the stairs in the west most section of the palace. The coppery smell of blood hung thick and slowly mixed with the rising aroma of smoke. Shouts and combat echoed all about. Just as the two made it to the top of the stairs, a hand was placed soundly on Colette's shoulder. "Your a tailor, right? I know you aren't a doctor but think you can sew a wound shut? The medic was killed."

Fear filled eyes widened as she looked at the blood soaked man before her. They did know? They had to know she was planning to kill the king herself. However the job was already done it seemed. She hadn't told anyone her plans, so how would they know? Slowly she nodded yes. "I um can try. Not something I've done before. can't see how effective it would be"

The other woman protested but finally relented when she realized there was no choice in the matter. Colette was even more scared as she was brought to a room full of wounded from the uprising. "The new king was every man tended to. Do you best not to let a one die." Wide eyes she looked about. Being a tailor was only a cover. She had picked up a few things from her father who was a tailor. But she wasn't the best. Sewing up flesh wasn't the same as sewing up clothes. Slowly she nodded as she was brought to the first man to be tended to.

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