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Multiple Settings RP Partner Search - Plots, Fandoms, Pairings and Prompts

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Harry Potter, Historical, LGTBQ, Magical, Multiverse, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life, Super Powers, Supernatural


Saving people, hunting things, the family business
Welcome to my partner search,
Really been feeling like getting back into rps
to the rps I have put on hold so far, feel free to contact me if you want to continue it or do another : )

Rules and Preferences

Became a very straight to the point list , I am more chill in chat I promise : ) Please read though
🔸 I am 18+ and would like that from my rp partners as well
🔸 I have no limits to replies, but I do love writing literate, and will often do this if I am inspired
🔸 I like having a main plot that dominate the rp and have a subplot of romance
🔸 My timezone is GMT+1
🔸 Please contact me via PM and with an intro about yourself and what you would like to play
🔸 I will play any pairings: MxF, MxM, FxF (that said, I might have cravings for a specific one at different times)
🔸 I will play any genders/orientations...etc
🔸 Any lore, backstory, character development and universe is not set in stone, even if I made the original plot feel free to add your ideas about anything at all


✨ Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Marauders
✨ Hazbin Hotel
✨ The Binding (book)
✨ Avatar the last Airbender
✨ Marvel (
only with a good idea)
✨ Haikyuu!

Feel free to ask me about fandoms as well


⭐ Unwilling "chosen one" x The one who wanted to be the "chosen one" who is now forced to be sidekick
⭐ Vampire x Werewolf
⭐ Serial killer x unknowing Policeman
⭐ Wizards Apprentice x Knight
⭐ Average Joe x Freeloader who crash at his couch for free because he can
⭐ Vampire/Werewolf/demon x person they have just turned
⭐ soulmate x other soulmates best friend who wasn't suppose to be the one at all
⭐ Dreamer x Realist/pessimist
⭐ Soldier x Soldier
⭐ Low-born x Aristocrat
⭐ Movie-star x fan

sorry, don't have a bunch of them here yet : )

Everything You Seem to Be
fantasy - magic

Only a few people in the world are magically gifted, and it's a beloved art that will automatically give you a one-way ticket to the capital where you will work for nobility- and royalty.

Muse A lives in a small village and starts showing magical abilities, so they are immediately urged to find a mentor and pursue magic. They are send to study under Muse B outside the capital, and expect to see an old person who will give them advice about life and magic. That notion grows as people start telling them stories about Muse B: the youngest wizard, the best wizard in the war, a prodigy and an influencer to the king himself.

Instead Muse B turns out to actually be much younger than Muse A thought, and also with a very different personality. Furthermore, they seem to think Muse A is just there to be a personal servant.

More to Come...


- A town where everyone is suspicious of newcomers
- The new house is haunted
- You apply for a shared house in a new city because you have little money, but its apparently owned by a rich person who felt lonely and the apartment is stunning
- A new job in a new city
- Pulled into an adventure by a prophecy
- world where everyone are supernatural and humans are rare
- angels at war with demons
- attending the strangest club at uni for credits
- accidentally becoming a drug dealer
- Punishment for stealing at a store end up being working there
- picking up a hitchhiker
- getting three wishes
- meeting a real vampire at halloween
- person keeps coming to a store just to talk and never buying
- tired of boring life, and takes a huge leap of faith into unusual job


❤ Something Supernatural / Fantasy
❤ MxM pairing
❤ soulmate x other soulmates best friend who wasn't suppose to be the one at all
❤ Everything you Seem to Be

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