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Fandom Rex's 1x1 Search | Rainbow 6, Detroit and more!

The Chancellor

Technical Entity
Hey guys! I'm really into certain fandoms right now, so I'm putting this out! I don't want to ramble so I'm gonna make this quick and easy.

Third person paragraph, 2-5 paragraphs per post. I don't have particularly high expectations since my muse is also sometimes low. I cannot guarantee that I can consistently match upwards of 5 paragraphs per post nor do I expect a lot. I am okay with OCs for all fandoms and will play canon too. I do not like romance, but I'm okay with eventual romance if that's just what happens.

Fandoms: (Bolded for most preferred, italicised for OCs preferred)
Rainbow 6 Siege, Team Fortress 2, Borderlands, Left 4 Dead, Detroit: Become Human.

I'm also open to original plots (though not preferred), and I have my own OCs who are available for plots. None of them are available for romance.
Rexcaliburr on Toyhouse
Note: I am not playing Sparkshot, Scarab (robot), Cyberpass, or anyone in the God Wars or Salem's Future folders. Everyone else is acceptable and can be used in any fandoms or verse.

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