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Fantasy Research, Papers and Dragons [character thread]

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A Private RP
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[div class=highlight]Age[/div] 26
[div class=highlight]Birthday[/div] March 3rd, XXXX
[div class=highlight]Hometown[/div] City of Queensland, Kingdom of L'aventale
[div class=highlight]Lineage[/div] Marquis House of Sozark of the Kingdom of L'aventale
[div class=highlight]Personality[/div] Anna was a pretty cheerful girl, until the toll of L'aventale Academy drained her of enthusiasm. A general sense of laid-back, sleepy, tiredness permeates her, further induced by Laqeum University's classes. She has a sharp mind and is kind to most, though with the constant pain of academics, she's become somewhat impassive. When she's well rested, Anna becomes quite cheerful and somewhat silly. Unfortunately, with how demanding her position is, she's lost almost all of it, except for the silliness, which is expressed through her thesis work. Most of her stress is relieved through her hobby of archery [/div] [/div] [div class=box] [div class=subtitle]Backstory[/div] [div class=scroll] [div class=highlight]Background[/div] Anna is the 3rd daughter, 5th child of the Marquis House of Sozark. Due to her position in the family, no real responsibilities were placed on her. In fact she was doted on by her family members instead as the youngest. Likewise, her parents made no plans for her to be married off, so they gave her lots of freedom. She was taught the basics of nobility. Taught by her older siblings, she ended up gaining a knack for magic and archery. Further supported through the L'aventale Academy, she went through primary and secondary school gaining more skill in both fields. At her graduation, she decided to continue academia at Laqueum University to gain skills to support herself in the future, despite having bitter experiences in academia. [/div] [/div] [div class=box] [div class=subtitle]Academics[/div] [div class=scroll] [div class=highlight]Class ID[/div] P34A001
[div class=highlight]Student ID[/div] S404452
[div class=highlight]Major[/div] Invocation Theory
[div class=highlight]Degrees[/div] Arcane Theory M.A.
Enchantment Engineering B.S.
Runic Engineering Minor
[div class=highlight]Research/Dissertation Topic[/div] Exploration and Possibility of Invoking Anchorless Runic Magic; Sidestepping the restrictions of Runic Magic's Medium by using raw magic power as a medium instead.
[div class=highlight]Occupation[/div] PhD Student
Professor's Assistant
[div class=highlight]Advisor[/div] Dr. Arthur Crowe [/div] [/div] [/div] [div class="content Ability"] [div class=box] [div class=subtitle]Personal Power[/div] [div class=scroll] [div class=highlight]Magical Specialties[/div] Runic Engineering, Invocation Magic, Enchantment Blessing
[div class=highlight]Abilities[/div] Wind Magic, Archery, Research, Cooking, Self Defense, Nobility Manners, Dancing, Sleep Deprivation, Mounted Archery, All-Nighters
[div class=highlight]Preferred Weapon[/div] Bow and Arrow [/div] [/div] [div class=box] [div class=subtitle]Familiar[/div] [div class=scroll] [div class=highlight]Name[/div] Fioravanti
[div class=highlight]Rank[/div] S
[div class=highlight]Specialty[/div] Defensive/Mount
[div class=highlight]Personality[/div] Fioravanti is a generally lazy, hungry, and easy going lizard. He usually bothers Anna with requests for food and pats. He likes to sit on her shoulders when moving around, claiming "I carried you, so it's your turn now!" He takes care of Anna by forcing her to relax and focus on other things during her studies.
[div class=highlight]Abilities[/div] Mega Evolution (Land Dragon), Earth Magic, Sitting on Shoulders
[div class=highlight]Familiar ID[/div] F404452 [/div] [/div] [div class=box] [div class=subtitle]Inventory[/div] [div class=scroll] [div class=highlight]Meal Card[/div] Assorted Western Nations Menu
[div class=highlight]In Dorm Room[/div] Books, Pillows, Bullseye Board, Latest L'aventale Fashion
[div class=highlight]On Hand[/div] Wallet, Bow & Quiver, Magitech Pocket Watch
[div class=highlight]In Bag[/div] Notes, Notepads, Hunting Knife, Pens, Snacks for Fioravanti
[div class=highlight]On the Way[/div] Vigil Potion
[div class=highlight]Wishlist[/div] More Funds, Sleep, Dragon Scale Dust, Another Bow crafted by a Master Artisan [/div] [/div] [/div] [div class="content Research"] [div class=box] [div class=subtitle]Topic Description[/div] [div class=scroll] [div class=highlight]Thesis Title[/div] Exploration and Possibility of Invoking Anchorless Runic Magic; Sidestepping the restrictions of Runic Magic's Medium by using raw magic power as a medium instead.
[div class=highlight]Author[/div] Anna Sozark of the Marquis House of Sozark of the Kingdom of L'aventale
[div class=highlight]Related Fields[/div] Runic Magic; Invocation Magic; Arcane Theory
[div class=highlight]Proposed Layman Title[/div] Ex Manam Magica; Anchorless Runic Magic [/div] [/div] [div class=box style="flex: 2.25;"] [div class=subtitle]Thesis Excerpt[/div] [div class=scroll] [div class=highlight]Excerpt[/div] At this current moment, the two most popular magics are Invocation Magic (Ex Orationem Magica) and Runic Magic (Ex Scriptem Magica). Generally Invocation Magic is seen as a weaker magic with greater practicality and speed, requiring only speech and concentration to activate. On the other hand, Runic Magic is seen as a more powerful magic, requiring accuracy and usable materials to activate, but with a much larger repertoire of usable magic effects. The pros and cons are obvious between the two, however with the current state of magic, applications of Runic Magic would become contests of speed drawing, while Invocation Magic would only be limited by how many poets are chanting every possible combination of words there are in our language. I propose a novel solution, Anchorless Runic Magic.

Runic Magic at its core is a set of drawn instructions that dictate the direction magic should take. Likewise, Invocation Magic, though often treated as a request to the world of magic itself, is also a set of instructions. I believe that we can invoke a rune through a similar speech, but instead of directly requesting for a miracle, we give the verbal form of a rune. Runic magic already has a well establish set of primary, secondary, tertiary, and quartenary systems determined by their ley points. We can dictate these runic systems ourselves. However this is all useless if in the end we just make a normal rune.

In fact, we miss a fatal point. By using Invocation magic, we can use raw magic instead of a material. As such we can take advantage of magic and build our rune in three dimensions; We are no longer constrained by the surface of an object, but by our own abilities instead. Just as a circle can be translated into a sphere, our runes can be formed in space, where the orientation of the ley points in space determine the positioning of a runes subsystems. Effectively, we could determine an origin point in the middle of the air, draw magic circles and rings and points around it using raw magic, and invoke high level unexplored spells using only our voice. [/div] [/div] [/div] [/div] [/div] [/div] [/div] [/div]

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