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Fantasy Rediscovering The Forgotten (Fantasy, MxM)


Yiling Patriarch
All characters are (18)+Tags: Romance, Fantasy, Fantasy Medieval, Hurt/ComfortWhile romance will be a big part of this plot I don't want myself or my RP partner to have firm stances regarding 'top/bottom'. I don't like the one-sidedness of that, personally.Secondly, I would really like my RP partners to write somewhere between 3-6 paragraphs, or 300+ words. I also prefer writing in 3rd person. No offense to anyone who identifies or enjoys 1st or otherwise, I just get extremely confused when trying to write or read in that POV.
Lastly, I just want to clarify that these plots are MxM (MalexMale) only.


Millenniums have passed for my character. He lives on and on, loneliness never fading. A forgotten God. The power of Life and Death at his fingertips, yet somehow he’s been long forgotten by anyone. True, creatures- Elves, Fairy, Giants, Goblins, Demons and Angels, prayed to their own God’s to help them but him? No. Taosjun was not a name that fell from anyone’s lips any longer and so he was alone…

Your character is a God as well, but one who hasn’t been forgotten and who like the Mortals forgot about my character’s existence. But now the other God’s and Goddesses are arguing, a war is brewing among the deities. Sides are being chosen and the Mortals below will die in this foolish war. Your character doesn’t want this though and hears about a ‘dead’ God from one of their Mortal followers, and knowing the God’s don’t die but can fade, decides to go find this once powerful being and see if they can help stop this bloodbath before it even begins.
I do find myself really liking this idea! Playing a God is something I have wanted to do for a while now. If you're interested, feel free to DM me, and we'll work out the details.

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