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Fantasy Realm of Sanctity

The Regal Rper

Mad Scientist

  • Once upon a time the world was a better place.

    That world was called, the Forgotten Era.

    It was eons ago, at some point, on some day, in a date lost to time and in period unknown to us, that before this great historic event, life was different. Before the Darkest Time, few historic notes say that there was a lot more different than could be possibly imagined.

    There were no such things as creepy horrors in the night.

    Or evasive terrors of the day.

    Technology was leaps more advanced, and new discoveries were made everyday before things were different. Before Monsters, before a taste of true chaos-- life was different. Different but good. That lost time, is what we call the Forgotten Era, and that moment of change is what we call the Darkest Time.

    No one truly knows what exactly happened that day, as most well kept historic records that still remain often can be described as a unknown language or impossible to decipher or explain. For eons the Dark Ages held the globe in a inky blotch filled with the collapse of civilization and end of peace. Empires fell, civilizations vanished, and technology decayed on a global scale. How long the Dark Ages lasted varies from centuries to millennia. It could've been 600, 700 or 800 years, or it could've been 2000 and beyond-- but what is known is that when the Darkest Time began and the Dark Ages started, it began with the appearance of Three; Monsters, Amyr and (in some popular theories) Sila. These three played pivotal roles in the Dark Ages, and would seal their fates in the actions each took as a whole.

    Monsters wreaked havoc, Amyr and Sila created confusion, and for a time the world fell into a sea of turmoil.

    During these times, every day was a struggle for survival, and every other day presented its own new challenge. Monsters grew in numbers and spread across every platform of the globe, going from land, to sea, to sky. And while the threat of these monstrous beings forced many of races and species to work together for a temporary time the presence of Amyr and Sila, did nothing more than spread confusion and doubt.

    While our best fighters went to handle the threats that Monsters posed, we also fought against the Amyr and Sila, fearing what we didn’t understand, without realizing that just like us- they too fought against the dark entities as well.

    Our one shining light in those times of blood and misery, were those who had been blessed with power. Those who had been graced with Qin.

    With the power of Qin we were able to survive. Those blessed with power beyond the normal were our greatest treasures of all. Conflict in the Dark Ages was marked with the rise and fall of Aura Users just as the fluctuation of Monsters rose and fell. For every one person that went with Qin, we saved ten men in their place. Countries across the world rekindled new beliefs based on these super powered individuals, and for a significant pass of time the Dark Ages raged like a roaring inferno till they became nothing but hushed embers. In the final years of the Dark Ages, so many lives had been spent, so much had been sacrificed, but at the same time much with Ll those sacrifices, a chance at a better life was earned.

    Three hundred years ago, the globe entered the Era of Progress. A period of time marking when the whole world had achieved a level of stability. Society and civilization, technology and international trade had begun again. And it started with the new countries that had formed or been born from the remains of the Dark Ages.

    Now 300 years later, the world and those with the power to face it, face new challenges ahead.

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Yuppp sorry about that, we sort of built on a reboot that ended up taking in a life of its own, we’ve been planning for a good month and change now. So take you’re time, we’re planning on working around the players this time, certain parts have yet to even be put up just yet (but have been discussed in the discord). Don’t let it intimidate you though and we’re always around to be questioned~


King of Smols
Amyrs are monster based while Silas are animal based.

Human slime = Amyr

Human dog = Sila

Dragon Person = Amyr

Cat Person = Sila

Correct me if I am wrong @The Regal Rper


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Their descriptions in the races have them both with monster stuff going on.

From Amyr:
Mali-Blood: Also known as "Bad Blood", are Amyr that descend from Monster Heritage. Strictly speaking they are any Amyr that descends from a single Monster parent and a single parent from any of the other species mentioned.

From Sila:
Amaldic-Blood: "Cursed Blood", is the term given to those who descend from Monster Heritage. Amaldic's are those who strictly descend from one Monster parent and one parent of any other species.

The Regal Rper

Mad Scientist
Those terms just generally describe the heritage. Doesn't really do much else than that.

Its akin to the Harry Potter concept of a Pure Wizard and Half-Blood wizard in that context.

So the previous examples would still apply.


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Part of the difference comes from their genetic makeup. Amyr have two forms they can shift between (a more monsterous/demon one, and a more human ones); Sila however have one form and their skills come from using their senses. While both can come from monsterous origins they aren’t necessarily the same.


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Awesome feel free to jump on those links :3, one will take you to the ooc which exists only as rpn dislikes us posting discord ooc links. All in character will be done in rpn though

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