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Fantasy Rales Character Sheets


Silencer Lucio

Dreaming Melody
1. Once your character's branch out and focus on what they want their powers to be, the previous power must be weaker. I.e their affinity to control Earth/soil/rocks has dwindled to make way for their newfound affinity.

2. Your character may not have powers branch that contradict one another. I.e they have Fire and suddenly now they have affinity for Water.

3. There cannot be more than 2 power branch. Only main and secondary. They may only focus and develop further on one. The secondary one(default affinity) will always be weaker and stays at a default level.

4. No copy type power(this includes voice/face mimicry) no mind reading or control over another's ability, no dark/divine power(those are reserved for the Gods)

5. They must have IC knowledge of what they want. There's no 'oh they can do this now because I said so'. No, I need written proof and logical explanation in the form of roleplay scene and interaction of how they know what they know and can do. As well as written practice of them doing it. All takes time. Remember, one night of training does not overwrite the fact they are inexperienced in magic.

Of course, these apply for all other Wishers character to prevent overly complexing the elemental magic they were bestowed with.

Power list: Limited to make it easy.

Character Sheet:

Real Name:
Name to be used in Rales:
Appearance (both picture and written):
Personal item that were transported along(Important item only, max 2)
Personal Flaws:
Personal Strengths:
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Real Name:
Alice Everleigh

Name to be used in Rales:
Sophia Tudor





Golden hair that reflects off the skin, green eyes which resemble the moss growing off a forest's floor, and healthy ivory skin.

Personal item(s) that were transported along:
A plant encyclopedia
A farming for dummies type book


Personal Flaws:
Alice is unwilling to form close emotional bonds. She's afraid of losing anymore dear to her. Stubborn. She is a very stubborn girl. She rarely gives up on something when she sets her mind to it. While this can be very endearing it has the potential to become troublesome and annoying for others. Competitive, she always has to win at everything. There can be no second or third place.

Personal Strengths:
Alice is a very curious girl. Always on the lookout for new things to learn or understand. She takes to studies easily and absorbs knowledge like a sponge. Gratitude, she has and expresses a deep sense of thankfulness in life after what she's been through. Alice takes the time to genuinely express thankfulness to others and she is grateful for deliberate acts by others, to something big as buying her a present or even something small as giving her a genuine hug.


It was May 11th, 1941, and the London Blitz had just ended. After eight arduous months, it had finally ended. Yet despite how this should have been a happy occasion for many, one lone girl did not share this sentiment. How could she after all she's been there? After all she's lost? Mother and father had perished during the raids. William, her dearest elder brother? No where to be found. She reckons he's probably dead. As horrifying as the thought was it was likely true. Mary-Ellen, her best mate since primary school and her family? Gone. Buried under the rubble of their house when the first waves of bombing started. One by one those she held dear dropped dead around her. Now here she stood. Amongst the battlefield that was once her home. The last one standing. She wanted to escape, get far away from here as possible. This world was a cruel master. It had stolen from her. Her happiness, her life, home. So at night, she wished hard. Wished that she could be taken away. Wished that she wouldn't be hurt anymore. Wished she didn't have to deal with this suffocating pain that burrowed so deep within her.

In a void of white, she was spoken to. The voice was cheery and along with it strange snow fell from above. Purple and blue. Such odd colors for snow. "We call you folks as; Wishers. Congratulations, through the celestial realms and universe. Your wish has reached me." She had about a few seconds to register these words before she was abruptly woken up. Confusion turned to amazement upon seeing the sight of a floating paper before her. Was this magic? Hurridly she read the letter's contents. It didn't take much for her to quickly sign her name down. What did she have to lose anymore anyways? If it was the time before the war had erupted perhaps she might have hesitated in writing her name down but unfortunately, it wasn't.

Unnoticed by anyone, Alice Everleigh had gone with the wind.​
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The Worldwalker, The Heretic, The Pyrokene

Real Name:
Jin Hyun-Ki

Name to be used in Rales:
Kei Kiratani



Appearance (both picture and written):

Long, brownish hair usually tied to a man-bun. Black, monolid eyes. Ivory skin.

Personal item that were transported along(Important item only, max 2):
A golden, Kiratani clan ring
A paint brush


Personal Flaws:
Grown to become indifferent and completely callous at times, Jin is a man who fails to see friendship as a reward itself. Although able to sport a bright and attractive personality, he only does it because of personal gains and selfish intentions. He was only ever loyal to his adoptive family. Now that his family is gone, he seeks only to protect himself and successfully escape their world. When he does love or trust someone, his emotions tend to get in the way of his goal. His love replaces his callousness with anger.

Personal Strengths:
Although as if emotionless, Jin actually still has room to love and trust people. He may be picky with who he chooses to trust and be with, but his words and actions are true when you are his friend. Jin is smart and resourceful, he will seek out opportunities in even the toughest of situations. He is calm even in the toughest situations, and will always seek out the most rational option, if--of course--his emotions and attachments aren't in the way.

Tokyo, 2065. The Kiratani clan, Jin's adoptive family, is on the brink of collapse. Their rising mega-corporation has now seen its fall. The police has already charged them with multiple ties to the Japanese Yakuza, and multiple other family crimes. The head of the clan, Jin's adoptive father, has nothing but one order to the clan members: Run, and hide. His thoughts run back to his guilt, his sins, and his options to escape. With that, he realizes that there is no other way... except to kill himself. If he stays, he'll be tortured and be dead anyway. Overcome by nothing but anger for those that have betrayed his family, all he could do now was wish for an escape. There, in his room, as he pulls his arms away from the ritualistic kimono, as he readies his tanto knife to pierce himself in the abdomen, the void whispers to him.

A voice, a contract, his signature, then he was gone.​
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knows things
Real Name: Dahlia 332aa8d3b9843c34293bae5535018092.pngConrad

Rales Alias: Dahlia

Age: 20

Height: 5'3" (160cm)

Appearance: Dahlia is a pretty-faced goth with short black hair and dark green eyes. Though she has pretty features, most people would find her to be kind of unhealthy due to her being very thin and sickly pale. Her most notable features are the bags under her eyes and the many birthmarks throughout her body, including four in her face.

Personal Items: Glasses

Power: Ice

Personal Flaws: To call her callous would be an understatement. She is distrustful, cynical and manipulative. She mostly sees relationships in a use and be used kind of way, so she finds them tiring and prefers to avoid them if she is able to.

Personal Strengths: She is an amazing actress, liar and manipulator, skills she uses to basically get trough life. Aside from that, she is very analytical, methodical and pragmatic, not letting herself be blinded by idealism and wishful thinking. Also, even though she tries to avoid people, she is very sensitive to their emotions as well as changes around her.

Backstory: How long has it been since her life became like this? She wakes up after another restless night, staring blankly at the ceiling of an unfamiliar room, though calling the situation unfamiliar would be quite a stretch at this point. After a few minutes that felt like an eternity, she manages to fight the heavy weight on her chest compelling her into laying in bed forever, and gets ready for another day like all the others. Wake up, wash herself, dress up, clean, boot up her laptop and rot away in front of the screen until nighttime arrived and it was time to do job once again. She wouldn't call it a fulfilling life, but she was doing the best she could with the bunch of nothing she had on hand, so there was not helping it. It was better than going back, after all.

It was dark once again when her attention was torn away from the computer by a sudden message on her phone letting her know that today would be one of those rare nights where she doesn't need to work, ironically making her day feel even longer than usual. Not that was much of a complaint, really, As she could sleep a little earlier that night. Which was a blessing and a curse, as that would give her nightmares extra time to haunt her... usually. That night she had a very simple dream, a dream where glimmering blue and purple snow fell outside her window, and a strange voice spoke to her "We call you folks as; Wishers. Congratulations, through the celestial realms and universe. Your wish has reached me." as she looked on into the city. She was not sure what it was talking about, but... deep down, she felt as if she would soon be able to get rid of the shackles that bind her to her current life.

And so, she woke up. A little less restless than usual, still under the same ceiling of an unfamiliar room. She goes to leave the bed, finding it a little easier after having some decent rest this time, but stops when she notices something impossibly interesting in front of her. It was a note floating in front of her bed written in the form of a contract promising her a way out. Though she wanted to doubt its contents, it was hard to deny the what she literally just saw with her very eyes. And so, she took the note, washed herself, dressed up, cleaned the house, booted up her laptop and left a goodbye note online for all to see. This time, she had something better to do than to rot away. She took a pen and signed the contract, freeing herself from her life and even the very floor she stood on, falling through it and leaving no trace on the world she just abandoned.

Text Color: 8B9982
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Archetype of Steel
Real Name: Nikkolaüs Butler

Rales Name: Vincent Vance

Age: 22

Height: 5'4"

Appearance: Nikkolaüs is rather recognizable due to the copper racing stripe that lines the left side of his full brown coiff. He is often seen as rather intimidating because of his deep, hooded eyes; in an attempt to avoid it, he needs to dedicate a distinct level of focus to avoiding sharp looks. He's on the shorter side, but considering his... occupation he's extremely well built; thickest legs in the business ladies and gents.

Personal Effects: Nothing

Affinity: Ice

Personal Strengths: Nikkolaüs is something of a social butterfly, he always seems to know what people are thinking and how to address it. Still, that is often overshadowed by his cunning and wit in next to all situations. However, moreso than anything, Nikkolaüs is often associated with his strong sense of justice; he wants nothing more in life than to help people, no matter the cost.

Personal Flaws: Strong as his mind may be, he tends to let it trap him. His obsession with attaining the perfect outcome of every issue he is faced with lends to an paralytically intense level of indecisiveness. Though, his decision making on a moral level is actually quite quick and determinate; however, there are some who might--well--disagree with his methods.


Nikkolaüs couldn't sleep, he hadn't in a while. He thought it'd probably be best if he actually did something productive with his time, instead of lazing around waiting for his mind to quiet down. So he put on the suit. It was his day off, so Flügel was on patrol already; it'd be fine.

That's what he thought at first.

"Tesla! Hands up where I can see them, your days of vigilantism are over. Let the police do their jobs."

Right. This mess again. They weren't thankful to him, they never were. Some people just don't understand the service that he provides the people of Escape City. Then again, sometimes he doesn't either.

"Officer, please. Look here, I stopped this criminal for you," He pointed to the man on the ground, his tone playful.

"That man is dead. You want to be judge, jury, and executioner, but we citizens of the United States believe in the due process of the law."

"You seem to misunderstand. Four counts of second degree murder, seven counts of first degree murder, and eleven counts of statutory rape. No man has died here; only trash that has been disposed of. You failed to do your jobs in bringing this man to justice. Due process? What of the victims? No. I am here to make sure it has all ended, and if you're in my way then I will see to it that you are not."​

Knight boi


Real Name:
John Leon

Name used in Rales:
James Hensworth






A Caucasian man with long black hair, a quite handsome one too, he has ocean like blue eyes that can be a beautiful thing to observe.


Personal effects: N/A

Personal Strengths:
A great leader and role model, he’ll fight to the very end no matter what and quite mature, made to be a leader and a strong man.

Personal flaws:
John can form a relationship quite easily often seeing that as a special relationship and see them as a great freind, which can be used, he is also quite soft when alone.


Kaito grew up in the lower class of society, his father was a man who was in debt from gangs, and a highly active alcoholic, he constantly beat both Kaito, and his little sister, Anna. His mother was a woman who worked the streets often selling herself for an amount of money given by men who were desperate, though when his father bought the woman, she had gotten pregnant and claimed the twins were his, who constantly denied it until he was called into court and found out the twins were his. Therefore, for his childhood he was beaten constantly, though he did try his best to protect his twin sister at all costs who constantly tried to take the blame for her mistakes taking accountability for her. He always wanted her to have the best possible life and love her best, get a kind husband and have money and joy. He didn’t care much for himself, often feeling pathetic and useless when he couldn’t protect her and had to watch her crying and treated like absolute garbage. That was until the night he would change everything. During the night his father had gotten drunk as usual and walked into the living room where the two slept, and started to blame his problems on her, using his belt to abuse her repeatedly, even breaking a bottle a slashing her with it, then all of a sudden he felt a wave of anger as he tried to hit and get him off using his fist with him slapped away, that was until he grabbed a glass hard and repeatedly stabbed the man in the neck. He had killed his own father. Later police were called, and they discovers the body with the little girl crying into Kaito as he looked emotionless and scared as he held onto her. Though the two didn’t realize that the first cop on the scene would become their adoptive father.

Though sadly that was not the end for poor Kaito, Anna had been traumatized from her big brother killing her own father and she always wanted to be as far as she possibly could from him, which broke kaito’s heart, his own sister was afraid of him. Once they were adults and in their own she had begged him to never see her again and just to leave her alone.
Kaito was currently sleeping until he had woken up from a strange dream of sorts, it got even weirder when he saw a piece of paper right by him.

“That wasn’t there before.”

He said to himself no taking to anyone in specific but himself. As he grabbed the paper and zoomed his eyes in, it could be read as some sort of contract? A fantasy world? Now this was confusing or maybe he was just dumb. Most likely the last one, he laughed as he signed the piece of paper in a flash thinking this was one his sisters sinister pranks on him. Though as he read more and more something was a bit strange, this contract will be the answer to his wishes and begging to leave the world, perhaps it was some sick joke but he would take this chance .He began to dug deeper into his mind.

He wanted to leave this world, he hated himself for too much for what he did to poor Anna, why did he even kill their father? For what? Freedom? To escape the abuse? And for what, just for her to be scared of him and beg him to leave so she can finally be at peace? This awfully tortured him, he couldn’t live with himself if his own beloved sister hated him. He wanted to leave this world.

This world is dark and corrupt, people like me are destined to be nothing in our life, always looked down by people in the higher parts of society, I would want to live in a world where I can have a second chance for myself and relive my life! I don’t want to grow up where I had an abusive father who beat both me and my innocent sister, I just want to live in a world full of fantasy and adventure.

But in a moments notice, he was then sucked up into an avoid unaware that he has just signed his life away and transfers into a world unknown to his imagination, and he wasn’t going to be the only one who had signed this apparent,’contract’ of sorts.

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The Moosic Man
Character Sheet
09246e4a2d71d0bee195d5b06d5598cb.jpgReal Name: Alisa Spears
Rales Alias: Corrina Nee
Age: 20
Height: 5'7
Visual Appearance: Credit to Elran02 on Twitter.
Written Appearance: Long blonde hair falling down to her lower back, usually tied back with a ribbon or tie of some sort, emerald green eyes with flecks of gold towards the pupil.
Personal Items: An Emerald laden Ring.
Power: Earth
Personal Flaws: Due to her parents neglect, Alisa has an inferiority complex which tends to her soft spoken nature. Her common social skills are lacking, often causing misunderstanding when trying to make friends. While not necessarily naive, she considers herself a follower, trusting that others will make the right decisions for her often to her own detriment.
Personal Strengths: While her parents may have lacked in affection, they didn't slack in her education. When she isn't being humble or putting herself down, Alisa is very smart, particularly when it comes to business management. She has an eye for detail and is good at navigating with the upper crust of society. Though quiet, she enjoys being around other people even if she's bad at showing her emotion. She wants to make sure people get along.
Backstory/Personality: Spears Technologies, the largest tech conglomerate in the western hemisphere, well known for having their proverbial hand in almost every corner of the market. The two men behind the operation, Lawrence and Matthias Spears, are known the world over for having built their empire from the ground up into the giant it is today. Though only a few people have met or even heard about their daughter, Alisa. Adopted at the age of 8, Alisa has never actually spent that much time with her fathers, and what little time she did manage to spend with them more often started and ended in a board room meeting than it did in a park or around the dinner table like any other kid her age. Traveling all over the world just to attend another meeting didn't mean much to a kid who just wanted to be normal. Alisa was mostly raised by her nannies until she was old enough to live on her own. Pretty much everything was paid for by her fathers, so she was never left wanting for anything, but if you can just have whatever you what at the drop of a hat, what's the value of it all? What does it matter?

As Alisa grew older and the years had passed by, everything had simply become more dull. She was attending university, though even that aspect of her social life was void. She never socialized with people her age due to her upbringing, and her parents were to busy to take care of her. The few dozen times they did manage to come and visit her felt the same as the business meetings she'd been all too accustomed to.

"I assume your stuides have been going well?"

"Yes father."

"Good to hear. Matthias and I will be sure to send you the latest release of our holo-screen by the end of the month. If you could, send us a review of it through the usual channels. It's sure to help in your schooling."

"Of course father."

Though even those small interactions began to wane in frequency.

Another day passes.

And another.

And another.


The somber void of her everyday life was about the drastically change however. Walking through the city streets back to her apartment something shot through the corner of her eye. Looking up towards the sky out of instinct more than curiosity, a falling star had crossed through her vision. She paused in the street for a moment to think.

"A wish huh?" She said under breath.

A wish to be wanted, a wish to feel something... A wish to escape this monotony.

The sound of car horns blaring brought her back to reality. The walk signed had already turned. She hurried onto the other side of the road, offering an apologetic look to the motorists as she did so.

"How ridiculous..."

Turning the key back into her apartment she wanted nothing more than to lay down, immediately drifting into sleep as her head hit the pillow. She hadn't dreamt in a while, but this night was different. She was surrounded on all sides by a white void. It was surprisingly warm and began to fully envelope her as glimmering purple and blue snow lightly fell around her. A strangely cheerful voice began to speak:

"We call you folks as; Wishers. Congratulations, through the celestial realms and universe. Your wish has reached me."

Alisa shot up from her bed sheets in a cold sweat, unsure of what had spured her on. She took a moment to tie the hair out of her face before heading to the bathroom to wash her face. Something felt strange. She decided to quickly look around her apartment, though she didn't know what she was looking for. At least until her eyes settled on her balcony. There was a strange purple and blue light emanating from the outside of the windowed door. Sliding open the door, the chill winter winds fluttered past her as a piece of paper floated directly in front of her face. It was a contract of some sort. Reading through the script on the page she initially just laughed at herself.

"Either I'm still dreaming... or I've really just lost it."

Though the more she stared at the contract the more she felt compelled to it. Whether it was the contract itself or just her subconscious doing it, she reached out and began to sign her name on the page and as soon as the last letter was signed and she took her pen off the page, the ground beneath her opened up, swallowing her into the escape she had wished for.


Edgy time over, now for ice cream
Real Name: Mir Shin
Name to be used in Rales: Renfield Morris
Age: 22
Height: 172cm
Appearance (both picture and written):
CamScanner 01-03-2022 05.48.jpg
Slightly dark ivory skin tone, black eyes. Around average height, mediocre body proportions. He is far from the looks of a protagonist. He has a stout body with strong bones and fair amount of muscles. He keeps his black curled hair short.
Personal items:
a thick, long scarf for draping around his neck, along with a long piece of cloth used as a mask(which is your average dental mask changed to fit the new world)


Personal Flaws:
-Low self esteem, lacks the guts to be a leader/do something on his own with confidence
-He's easy to give up on fights he don't see any possibilities in winning-he'd rather live another day to pick a fight his size. Combined with the lack of confidence, he would see most fights as hopeless. Alone, at least.
-He has a sadistic side, that can sometimes get out of hand.

Personal Strengths:
-Resilient, stubborn in other words. He can keep up at doing his job as far as he can.
-He keeps a positive attitude for others around him.

Mir was born to a family of a mother, a father, and an older brother. He grew up in a neighborhood where education had a strong side of competition, and was expected to be as good as his parents were. His parents graduated one of the top universities, and expected him to do the same. He was given limited freedom of choices throughout his life, and was encouraged to choose his own way of studying.
Against his parents' expectations, Mir only noticed one clear thing as he grew up. He'd never meet the expectations people around him had. With the friends he made and his family, he was almost always overshadowed by someone in something. He was, to himself, by all means mediocre. There was nothing he found exceptional affinity within himself, though he could name a few things he sucked at.
Naturally, his discovery and the followed negative mindset didn't help. Grades started dropping as he went in high school, and at the SAT he got a grade that he found to be subpar as far as he interpreted his parents' reactions. He retook the test twice, only to get lower grades with each attempt. He wanted to improve, but in the inside he was tired of everything. Tired of trying at something he never saw hope in, tired of being pushed around. Mir called his parents for a long talk.
Life became a bit awkward afterwards. His parents did not agree to admit that he was far below their expectations, and the talk ended in raised voices. Mir crawled into his room and spent most of his days in the dark daydreaming away, hoping he was somewhere else, where he was capable of something. Then he heard a voice. An offer.
He had no reason to refuse.

Mir lacks confidence in himself. He half-heartedly takes compliments or consider them as a white lie said just to help him feel better. To an extent, he refrains from observing his own reflections-on glasses, surfaces of water, most of the times. Which is why he usually keeps a scarf with him, drape it around his neck and cover his face with a mask. He hardly covers his face when he's alone, but tends to hide it when he's around people.
While Mir is fast to give up on hopeless struggles, he tries his best to take on tasks he deems doable. It is a quite odd(in some perspectives) characteristic he developed, through the long years of studying. It was a viable strategy especially in exams, to get the best results he could pull out of himself. It became a sort of a life motto afterwards, and was used to drag himself through the life.
Seeing no much good in himself, Mir turned his eyes to people around him. Forever used to being overshadowed, he learned to be positive for other people, seeing the good in them as he knew everyone was always better at something compared to himself. He wants to be as good as someone one day, and to be meaningful to others. But in return, a strong sense of envy and inferiority took place deep in his heart, and brewed a twisted sense of sadistic and violent part of him that he is afraid to face.


It's a pirate's life for me, savvy?
Real Name: Charlotte Davies
Name to be used in Rales: Ifera Owen
Age: 21
Height: 5'6"
Appearance (both picture and written): She is a mostly slim, pale coloured girl who really likes wearing clothes or accessories that look unusual. Can you guess what her favorite color is?

Power: Water
Personal Flaws: Charlotte can be easily carried away by her emotions making her quite naive and passive, she doesn’t like taking matters into her own hands and say “no” when she feels as if she can’t.

Personal Strengths: She can be protective of the people she cares about no matter what others think, she is always supportive and likes giving advice. Violence is a last resort for her and will only fight if there’s no other option.

Backstory/Personality: Charlotte was born in a rich family, her father owned a big company and both of her parents rarely gave her any attention other than when she did well or badly at school. She always felt jealous of the other kids, seeing them with their parents having fun always made her emptiness felt. She would study hard to gain at least some form of affection from them but it only made it worse for her.

One day, she returned home with a bad score on a test she had forgotten about. She attended a university her parents chose for her. Her father looked at her in disappointment. He scolded her then walked away to make a phone call which she overheard.

“. . .I need her to be good enough to lead the company, that’s all.”

Her eyes had gone blank. She walked to her room and fell on her bed looking at seemingly nothing. She didn’t feel like wanting to study anymore, she just wished for a place to call home, to be accepted for being herself.

I suppose this is what I truly wanted this whole time huh?

With such thoughts in mind she slowly drifted off to sleep.

Once she opened her eyes again, she noticed a letter beside her. Upon reading it her expression grew with life. “I’m not sure what this is all about but, here goes nothing.”
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Henry Ferris

A thousand steps is progress. As is one.
Native American 2.jpgReal Name: Atira Moon-Eye

Name to be used in Rales: Yarrow

Age: 22

Height: 5' 4"

Wiry build with clay colored skin. Earthen hair and verdant irises. Petite yet calloused hands.

Personal items:
Herb pouch, and a spearhead amulet

Power: Wind

Personal Flaws:
She's emotionally and physically distant with people until they proven that they can be trusted.
Also slow to adapt to new ideas when the old ways still work.

Personal Strengths:
Her nomadic tribal lifestyle growing up has led her to be fairly confident in herself and skills.
Very organized and observant of her surroundings.

Growing up among a small tribe that roamed the Great Forest of Hernesta, she and her twin brother were expected to contribute at an early age. It was a tentatively peaceful childhood, as she and her sibling shared their duties before disappearing into the green woods play and explore. Even after their coming of age, and their roles in the tribe were decided, they'd remained as though they were two halves of the same whole. She would be mostly staying with the camp, and learning the skills needed to help maintain the tribe's survival. Her brother was to follow the footsteps of their father, their best hunter.

While trading and communicating with other tribes was a rare and necessary event, it was one that Atira rarely took much part of. Until they met up with a much larger tribe. The chieftain's son of this tribe had caught a glimpse of Atira and wanted to make her his wife. While she had little interest in the man, it was agreed that the two tribes would spend the winter together. It was the longest winter of her life, one that she decided was better spent working on a new bow for her father than entertaining her suitor.

However, with spring fast approaching, the larger tribe's chief would succumb to a mysterious illness, leaving his son to take the reigns. Even after gaining a position of power, Atira made it very apparent that she had no interest in the new chieftain, enraging him. When the young chieftain lashed out to strike her, it was her father who interceded. Then came the rumors, the lies, and just as Atira's tribe was about to set out, the accusations.

As tense as it was, the chieftain of Atira's tribe assured them that he'd clear the air of these allegations. He would disappear without a trace that very night, and the young chieftain would use this disappearance as proof of guilt. Knowing that nothing good would follow, Atira's tribe fled. Outnumbered and still reeling from the loss of their own leadership, it wasn't long before most were captured. Atira's family proved to be a more difficult catch, as their combined skills kept them a step ahead for a time.

Days became weeks, and still they ran. Eventually, a slip up would require the sibling's father to stay behind, to buy time for their desperate escape. It would become for naught, as several days later, they were cornered against a cliff-face. She and her brother tried to fight back, but their escape had left them barely standing, and easy pickings for the young chieftain and his newly won bow. The last of Atira's tenacity was killed and left to rot with her brother.

Beaten and bloody, Atira dipped in and out consciousness as the young chieftain hauled his prize back. Her father and brother's last moments haunted her waking dream, only to be slowly overcome by visages of strange creatures, and fantastical displays performed by unfamiliar spirits. These odd dreams would allow Atira to escape the reality of her impending demise.

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